Ford Stereo Wiring Color Code

If you have recently acquired an aftermarket car stereo and looking to install it in your classic Ford car or truck, then you’ll need to have the basic knowledge of the Ford stereo wiring color code. You may also want to get a wiring harness to enable you to tap into the existing car wiring harness without having to alter or modify the factory wiring.

The wiring harness also makes it easy to remove your Ford factory radio and replace it with an aftermarket unit within the shortest time possible while allowing you to minimize installation-related errors.

When installing a new aftermarket car stereo, you’ll only need to match the color codes of the wiring harness with that of your new stereo. Often, your new color stereo will include a wiring diagram that specifies the function of each wire color as highlighted below;

Ford Stereo Wiring Color Code

Color codePolarityUse
Red+12 V accessory lead that requires the key to be in position for ignition.
Yellow+Constant 12 V lead that is used to connect the car stereo to the power source/battery.
BlackThe black wire hooks to the chassis ground. Once attached, this wire helps you to ground our car stereo.
Orange+This is the Illumination lead. Once connected, it delivers a constant 12 volts when you switch on the lights and 0 volts once the lights go off.
Orange/white stripe+The orange wire with a white stripe serves as the dimmer lead. Once attached, this wire allows you to adjust/dim the lights using the dimmer control switch.
Blue/white stripes
+The blue wire serves as the power antennae lead. You can use this wire to turn on/off your radio or any other audio source.
The blue wire with white stripes is basically the remote turn on lead used to turn on the factory amplifier.
Grey+Right front speaker lead for the positive terminal
Grey/ black stripeRight front speaker lead for the negative terminal
White+Left front speaker lead for the positive terminal
White/black stripeLeft front speaker lead for the negative terminal
Purple+Right rear speaker lead for the positive terminal
Purple/ black stripeRight rear speaker lead for the negative terminal
Green+Left rear speaker lead for the positive terminal
Green/ black stripeLeft rear speaker lead for the negative terminal

Note: Some vehicles may include additional wire color codes that are not included in the table above. As such, we recommend you consult your installation manual to enable you to match your color code correctly. Other common wire color codes include;

  • Light green—For parking brake
  • Brown wire—For audio mute. This function is rarely used in most car audio applications.
  • Violet/white—The wire is used to trigger the reverse gear

Ford Stereo Wiring Diagram

Aftermarket Vehicle Harness Connector

Tips for Wiring Ford Car Stereo

Installing an aftermarket car stereo is not for the faint-hearted, but provided that you’re good at following instructions, then you should be able to have the system up and running within no time. Here are a few tips to get you started;

  • Always ensure to follow safety practices when installing your car stereo. Also, whenever crimping your wire, ensure to use the recommended crimping tool to avoid damaging the wires. Also, remember to disconnect the battery ground before you begin to connect your car stereo components.
  • Always remember that it is critical that you find a way to install your new radio in a manner that will allow you to access it easily if needed.
  • All wires need to be soldered to ensure tight connections, and to minimize the risk of accidental shorts. You can also use crimp connectors to join the wires together, but you also need to ensure that they are insulated.
  • If you’re not electronically inclined, consider getting someone with car audio experience to do the installation for you.

Parting Shot!

We now believe that the above Ford stereo wiring diagram will guide you through the installation and help you solve common Ford car stereo problems. The good thing is that the wire codes displayed above are consistent with most aftermarket wiring harnesses, so finding one that is compatible with the make and model of your Ford vehicle should not be a hassle.

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