Best Double Din Head Unit in 2023: Top 12 Picks and Buying Guide

A double din head unit, popularly known as 2-DIN, is basically twice the size of a single din head unit, which means twice the power, features, and performance. Both head units have the same width, but a 2-DIN has twice the height of its single din counterpart. Also, a double din head unit includes a larger touchscreen, more storage space, and advanced connectivity.

The best double din head unit is packed with a nice assortment of features and modern visual appeal for user convenience. Plus, with the additional safety features, there are not many things you can’t do with a double din car stereo, not forgetting the sleek and stylish design of most units.

Ideally, you’ll need to take the measurements of your faceplate to determine whether you need a 2-DIN car stereo or a single din unit. As a rule of thumb, single din head units can only be replaced with similar single units. However, if your car model has a double din unit, you have the option of replacing it with a double din radio or a modern 1-DIN stereo.

Comparison Table of Best Double Din Head Unit

1. BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B- Overall Best

This radio head unit will ensure that you’ll enjoy your music and movies when traveling. It is equipped with a great visual display and a touchscreen monitor that works great, especially during calls. Also, with this head unit, you can play control music apps such as Spotify and Pandora as well as customize your sound using the built-in Preset EQ.

BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B Car DVD Player-Double Din Review

  • Improved Bluetooth connectivity: Everything about the BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B is wireless. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to make and receive calls hands-free without any distraction. It also allows you to play and control music from various music apps, while the built-in microphone allows you to hear the person on the other side flawlessly. It also comes with a wireless remote control to allow you to access important functions right from the palm of your hand.
  • Media playback options: Another key highlight of this double din head unit is its media playback options. You can watch your videos from the DVD player or listen to your favorite jams through CD and other audio alternatives using the USB/SD ports. Other than this, you can also tune a range of AM/FM radio stations for up-to-date news, music, and more.
  • Inputs and outputs: The steering wheel interface is one of a kind, and it allows you to manipulate the existing function on your car steering wheel to your liking. Additionally, the BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B backup camera allows you to reverse safely, but it is sold separately. Additionally, the pre-amp outputs let you connect your speakers and subwoofer, while the video output makes it easy to add an extra screen to improve viewing.
  • Built-in preset EQ: The equalizer functionality allows you to customize your music the way you want to hear it. In addition, its digital touchscreen TFT widescreen display panel offers an innovative graphic interface for a majority of the head unit’s controls and functions. Furthermore, the ID3 tag is a convenient feature that allows you to store and display audio files with additional data like track title, artist, album, etc.


  • It is hands-free
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Built-in microphone
  • A wireless remote control is included with all control keys
  • Lasts long


  • Design ergonomics are not the best
  • Sometimes the screen is not as responsive


The BOSS Audio Systems BV9358B is easy to use, the wiring is straightforward, and it looks great. You can easily pair your unit with a mobile phone, plus the call quality and the microphone level are spot on. Overall, it is the best double din head unit for sound quality, and it is a good option for just a few dollars.

2. ATOTO A6 Double Din Android Car Navigation Stereo

ATOTO runs on Android 6.0, which much newer and superior to other android radios. The screen is far much responsive, and it offers excellent viewing angles. Also, it boots instantly even after sitting for several days, plus the design is well thought off. What’s more, it auto connects to Wi-Fi, and it has plenty of inputs and outputs to customize your sound quality.

Reasons to buy ATOTO A6

  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity: ATOTO 6 comes with dual Bluetooth chips inside to allow the unit to connect to multiple Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bluetooth 1 uses A2DP streaming to make hand-free calls, synchronize contacts and records, and synchronize media ID3 data. The Bluetooth B2 (BT2) allows you to transfer files from the radio to your phone while enabling you to connect to OBD or BT gamepad.
  • Reliable and stable Android Marshmallow OS: ATOTO 6 features the widely used Android Marshmallow OS making it one of the most highly reliable car stereo systems. It is optimized for better performance in a variety of vehicles, plus it fits perfectly, so no trimming/sizing job is required. It also uses an external Wi-Fi antenna to ensure good Wi-Fi signal reception and to prevent signal interference.
  • Versatile connectivity: This head unit is designed with a built-in EasyConnect app that enables the operator to display videos and audio from phone to ATOTO screen using the USB port or Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, the reversing camera input allows connection to any backup camera that is fitted with a standard video signal out, i.e., the RCA interface.
  • Easy operation: ATOTO A6 is easy to operate and control. It features up to 23 functions that you can use time and again to customize your audio experience. Further, it comes with pre-installed Google Maps, so you can download offline map data when you need to navigate without the internet. Additionally, you can download and install other navigation/map apps from Google Play Store.


  • Low cost but good quality
  • Best double din unit for Android
  • It’s easy to set up
  • Wi-Fi connection is fast and reliable
  • Amazing screen


  • The screen protector is not the best
  • Headrest video output option is not available
  • It does not have built-in Android Auto; you’ll need an Android Auto adapter for the Auto function


ATOTO A6 is a great aftermarket head unit with quality built-double-din sizing. The camera and steering wheel controls work great, Wi-Fi performance is good, and it is definitely one of the best Android radios out there.

3. Alpine iLX-W650 7″ Mech-Less Receiver

The iLX-W650 is one of Alpine’s higher-end units with intuitive controls that are very responsive. The interface is great, the sound quality is clean and capable, plus it comes with an impressive internal amp. All you need is to plug everything in, connect and set up your devices with a couple of clicks and everything just works fine.

  • Digital media receiver: Alpine IlX-W650 is a perfect car stereo for those who want a simple head unit, yet very powerful. It plays music from smartphones, USB drives, among other digital media sources. It is also equipped with AM/FM tuner, but it does not support CDs. However, you can connect to external players such as iPhone to stream your music.
  • Shallow-mount design: The shallow mounting design is a big space saver, making this unit one of the best car stereos you’ll find. Additionally, you can run several accessories simultaneously without cluttering the space behind your stereo. This includes GPS antennas, backup cameras, among other accessories that are mounted on the chassis. Also, cable management is excellent, so you should not have any problem with extra wiring.
  • Touchscreen swipe controls: The best part of this digital media car head unit is the incorporation of touchscreen technology to make everything easier. It is also designed with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to make things like Google Maps, Waze, or Google assistant easily accessible, thus ensuring safe driving. This means you can play music, navigate, receive calls, get directions, and more without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Hands-free control: As mentioned, this car stereo allows you to access most apps through voice commands. Installation is also pretty straightforward for anyone who wants amazing sound quality quickly in their car, and it also looks cool. Besides, its slim and compact design makes it easy for you to install your system in space challenging dashes.


  • Compatible with Apple Carplay
  • Super responsive touchscreen
  • Best user interface head unit
  • Great Alpine quality sound
  • The unit is easy to install


  • It is priced
  • It does not play CDs
  • Not equipped with HD radio, but it is a great stereo for the price


If Android Auto/CarPlay is a must-have, then this Alpine head unit won’t disappoint. You’ll get good sound quality and functionality for less than what most companies are currently offering. We liked the idea that it has wired backup camera inputs, plus the Bluetooth and Android Auto works perfectly.

4. Pioneer MVH1400NEX 6.2 inches B07951J34N- Best value double din head unit

A review of top-quality double din car stereos cannot be complete without the Pioneer MVH1400NEX B07951J34N. Pioneer is a leader in the audio world, and this model offers nothing less. It has a lot to offer, from the great user interface to Bluetooth, great design, and super responsive touchscreen, and the list goes on and on.

General features

  • Digital multimedia receiver: This car stereo has incorporated touchscreen controls, and it can be connected to external devices to display all forms of media. On top of that, it is equipped with AM/FM tuner, and it is compatible with a range of vehicles (fits double-DIN, 4″-tall, dash openings). Additionally, it comes with high and low pass filters as well as subwoofer controls.
  • Built-in Bluetooth functionality: This head unit has integrated Bluetooth for the audio stream and wireless connection to your phone and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Additionally, it has a microphone that is wired at the back of the stereo, so you can make and receive phone calls wirelessly, especially when driving. Furthermore, you can access Pandora, Spotify, among other audio streaming media.
  • Great smartphone connectivity: The MVH-1400NEX is equipped with Apple Carplay to ensure as least distraction as possible while driving. It provides a simple and safer way to listen to music, make calls, use Google Maps, and even access text messages hands-free. Further, it has a 13-band equalizer, and it offers voice recognition for selected Android mobile phones.
  • Excellent display: This Pioneer head unit features a large Multilanguage display to offer you clear videos and a better viewing experience. It is large enough, so you don’t need to strain your eyes, plus it has adjustable brightness to enhance your road vision. However, it is not Android Auto capable, but the stereo offers absolute value for what it costs.


  • Effortless installation
  • Hands-free operation
  • Large and great display
  • Great performance with the Apple CarPlay
  • Fits flawlessly in almost all cars


  • It is quite pricy but worth it
  • Few issues with screen responsiveness


If you are looking to upgrade your outdated stereo with a reliable aftermarket sound system, the Pioneer MVH1400NEX B07951J34N is a great pick. It is a great digital receiver, with all the necessary features found in bigger head units.

5. Hikity 10.1 Inch Android Car Stereo

Hikity Android car stereo offers exceptional sound quality, and it is one of the best buys on the market. It provides additional hook-ups for the sub, amplifier as well as the USB port that you can use to play files from different media sources. Some of the features that set this unit apart include dual USB input, Wi-Fi connection, and it is the best double din head unit with navigation.

Other features and specs

  • Android car radio: This car stereo uses the latest Android operating system that allows you to run multiple programs at the same time. Additionally, it is equipped with 1GB RAM and 16GB flash memory to ensure a seamless and faster response. Also, it features a huge, high-quality 10.1-inch capacitive touchscreen that offers 1024×600 resolution for better and more precise viewing.
  • GPS navigation and built-in Wi-Fi: A built-in GPS head unit is the safest way to get directions without the added frustration of having to carry a portable navigation unit. You can connect to the Wi-Fi and use an online map to navigate or download Google Maps for offline navigation. In addition, it uses Bluetooth with A2DP to allow you to play music, access the phonebook, and make hands-free calls.
  • Original steering wheel control: The head unit supports original steering wheel remote functions, making it even more convenient to control your system when driving. However, this function does not work if your car requires or is equipped with a CAN bus. On top of this, it includes a waterproof night vision camera that projects the rear-view automatically the moment you engage the reverse gear.
  • Digital FM Radio: The model features a digital radio with a wide-bandwidth broadcast range, i.e., FM range of 87.5~108MHz. It offers a total of 18 preset stations, and it is extremely efficient when compared to traditional AM/FM broadcasts. Furthermore, this double din car stereo supports Mirror Link for Android 5.1 and above and iPhone 7and below.


  • Looks great, works well
  • GPS and camera are self-explanatory
  • Decent sound
  • Installation is fairly easy
  • Great price for what it offers


  • Non-detachable screen
  • Professional help required for the installation process


Hikity is known for great sound, easy connectivity, reliable performance, and this head unit is nothing short of that. Other than performance, it is a great-looking head unit that is easy to blend with the interior of your car.

6. Corehan Double Din Android Car Stereo

The Corehan is based on Android 10 operating system for the best entertainment experience. The Android car stereo has a built-in navigation system, rear-view camera input, and it supports steering wheel controls. What’s more, the unit comes with a pre-installed EasyConnected app for connection with Android and iOS devices.

Key features

  • Multimedia car stereo: The head unit is fitted with a 7-inch big screen that projects video output to your headrest monitors. It accommodates several channels, including a micro SD card, USB drive, and Bluetooth that you can use to connect to various music and video resources. Additionally, it supports Mirror Link, so you can connect your Android or iOS devices to your car’s built-in infotainment display.
  • Great appearance design: The head unit comes in a baking finish panel to fit different car interiors. It is also equipped with five physical buttons with a greater sense of touch to make the operation much easier. Additionally, the baseboard is compatible with plenty of aftermarket double din mounting frames that measure 6.8×3.8 inches to 7.4 inches.
  • Split-screen feature: This Android head unit gives you the ability to run two programs on the screen at the same time. However, some third-party apps may not work when using the split-screen feature. Further, it supports Google Play Store, meaning you can download more apps from the store to expand your functions and achieve a richer car experience.
  • The GPS navigator: The head unit allows for both online and offline map navigation using the built-in GPS module and the external GPS antenna. This implies you can drive to your destination even without a mobile traffic signal, and the best part is that it supports most navigation apps from Google Play Store. The unit runs smoothly without hitches, plus the company offers detailed instructions on how to install a din stereo.


  • Universal fit for most of the car models
  • Android head unit
  • Pre-installed apps work great; you can add other apps if you don’t like the pre-installed ones
  • Bluetooth connects perfectly
  • Outstanding features at the price point


  • The unit is somewhat slow when loading apps, but this is considered a minor hitch
  • Some of the required accessories are not included in the package


This modern in-dash car unit provides unrivaled car entertainment and information to the car occupants. It is a step up from the OEM stereo that came with your car, plus it is one of the best double din head units under 200. Besides, the built-in mic works quite well for calls.

7. Kenwood Excelon DMX706S

Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is a modern car receiver, and it does everything it is designed to do perfectly. The Android Auto launches pretty quickly, and the sound quality is as you would expect from an Excelon unit. Setup is straightforward as long as you have the correct wiring harness in your vehicle, plus you can play music from smartphones, USB drives, and other digital media sources.

Kenwood Excelon DMX706S quick review

  • 6.95″ resistive touchscreen display: The Kenwood Excelon DMX706S is equipped with a large resistive touchscreen making it a great complement for your trips. Another great feature is the ability to play MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, and FLAC music files. What’s more, its shallow chassis design makes installation in most dashes less of a challenge.
  • Voice-controlled interface: The head unit was designed with safety in mind by reducing distractions and helping you keep the eyes on the road. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide an easy way of using your smartphone in the car to facilitate safe driving. These functions allow you to access virtual assistants such as Siri to listen to music, get directions from google maps, make calls, send and receive text messages, and more.
  • Loads of media sources: This head unit allows you to connect up to five Bluetooth devices simultaneously, so your family and friends can take turns and stream music of their choice. Additionally, it offers plenty of music options through high-res audio playback and other music service options. It also supports third-party navigation apps such as Waze and the latest Android OS version, i.e., PIE and higher.
  • Audio and Visual features: This digital multimedia receiver features a 13-band graphic to fine-tune your sound just as you love it. It also includes Kenwood Drive EQ and a digital signal processor to compensate for the road noise so that you can enjoy your favorite music to the fullest. On top of this, it supports Google Assistant when are using the Android Auto function.


  • A solid unit for the money
  • Sound quality is top-notch
  • All apps work solidly
  • Smooth interface and easy access to the EQ
  • The touchscreen is flawless; quite responsive


  • It is not cheap
  • You might need professional help with camera installation


When it comes to sound quality, Kenwood never disappoints. The Excelon DMX706S is one of the most popular double din stereos, and it is packed with attractive features in an attractive package at an attractive price.

8. Jensen CMR270- Best low-budget pick

This digital medial receiver from Jensen is great for budget users. It offers excellent connectivity options, so you should be able to connect to several devices flawlessly. Access to various functionalities is much easier, while the AM/FM tuner helps ensure that you never have to miss your favorite radio stations while driving.

Features of Jensen CMR270

  • High-resolution touchscreen: This double din unit comes with a large 7-inch LED/LCD touchscreen. The large display provides you with an enjoyable and comfortable viewing while making it easy to use the receiver. You can access all favorite content and navigate all important features and tools within fingers’ reach. It is a cheap double din head unit, but it gives you the best in terms of performance and easy time when working with it.
  • Ease of use: The head unit is designed to take your entertainment experience a notch higher, thanks to the voice assistant button. This voice activation button allows you to activate Siri or Google Voice Assistant on your phone to enable you to stay connected without lifting a finger. You can use voice command to play music, podcasts, or navigate to any destination. Furthermore, the car stereo is equipped with both the front camera and backup camera RCA input as a safety standard.
  • Upgraded Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth technology is designed to pair easily with most Bluetooth devices while allowing you to make and receive calls wirelessly. You can play your favorite music using various options, including Bluetooth, USB port, MP3/WMA player, and more. Additionally, the AM/FM tuner offers up to 30 preset stations to improve your in-car experience.
  • Super slim mouth depth: This double din car stereo features a super slim 2.3 mount depth for ease of installation. It is specially designed to fit a wide range of dashboard cabinet designs and car models. Additionally, the included front panel USB input provides a convenient way to keep your phone charged during long drives. Other front-panel inputs include 3.5mm AUX, micro SD, as well as numerous outputs to expand your options.


  • A good alternative to expensive units
  • It supports USB charging
  • Easy to install
  • It has a super slim mount design
  • No wiring or mounting issues


  • Sound quality could be improved
  • No video playback
  • The backup camera is sold separately


Jensen CMR270 is a good budget radio with a range of features that are easy to see and use. The sound is super clear, while the Bluetooth and USB interface allows you to play media from your phone effortlessly. Equally important, the rear-view camera works without delay making it a great addition to your vehicle.

9. Sony XAVAX1000

This Sony head unit checks all the boxes for sound quality, ease of use, and more. The interface is simple and easy to use, unlike most aftermarket stereos. The Apple CarPlay works seamlessly and effortlessly, and it offers a more customized sound. Our favorite feature is the volume control knob that makes volume and sound control more manageable.

Sony XAVAX1000 quick review

  • Clear and responsive touchscreen: The XAVAX1000 is equipped with a clear 6.2-inch full-color touchscreen that allows you to access everything you need quickly. Rebooting time is two and a half times faster than most models, so you can get your system up and running in no time. Also, the impressive tuner makes it easy for you to enjoy and choose the radio station you want to listen to.
  • Intelligent voice control: The Apple CarPlay function makes it easier for you to use your phone while driving. You can make calls, get directions, play music, check emails, all on your car’s in-built display. The EXTRABASS feature adds depth to the low-end power, and it is not overpowering like with other models, but it will give you a good punch when needed.
  • Diverse customization options: The multiple customization options let you enjoy your music just the way you like it. Further, the built-in amplifier offers 4 x 55 W amplification for advanced signal processing. This helps remove interference to make your music clearer and detailed, even at high volume levels. The unit also is designed with an ergonomic rotary dial for volume control and sound control menu.
  • Straightforward installation: The Sony XAVAX1000 is compact and smaller than conventional double din units to make its installation much easier. Despite its small size, it offers a double din display, and it saves a lot of space for wiring and placing accessories behind the display. Furthermore, if your car is fitted with a rear camera, you can view its feed via the screen to help you reverse safely.


  • Great Apple CarPlay stereo
  • Voice control operation
  • Rear-view camera for safe parking
  • Clean sounding media player
  • Solid build


  • The car stereo does not support Android Auto
  • The screen is somewhat small


Sony XAVAX1000 is a great stereo for Apple users or those who just want Bluetooth connectivity for audio. It is good-looking, and it offers an affordable way of upgrading an old car stereo with some modern tech.

10. Binize 10 Inch Double Din Android Car Multimedia Radio

This stereo has features that can only be compared to that of your smartphone at it is one of the best Android systems on the market. It is a multifunctional car stereo, and it is built to deliver unmatched sound quality and performance. Additionally, it supports a range of connections and inputs such as Bluetooth and USB port, which gives the user a range of media options to choose from.

Main features

  • Wonderful visual experience: The unit is fitted with a huge, high-quality 10-inch touchscreen with 1021 x 600 high resolution to give you a clearer viewing. It features a capacitive screen, so it is far more sensitive to touch than resistive screens that rely on pressure. The screen also supports HD video playback while providing an improved light transmission rate.
  • Bluetooth music control: The Bluetooth function supports music streaming and hands-free calling for safe driving. Additionally, the inbuilt microphone allows you to make clearer calls, and it allows for additional devices to be connected. Also, Binize units offer the best Wi-Fi reception, so you can download music and browse anything without limitations.
  • Built for convenience and safety: This car stereo supports steering wheel control to allow you to remain in control of the infotainment system without taking your hands off the steering wheel. You can use the steering wheel to switch songs, adjust the volume or even change radio stations using the buttons on the steering wheel. What’s more, it supports rear-view camera input for parking convenience.
  • Precise navigation using built-in GPS receiver: With this unit, you can easily access a range of online maps, including Google Maps, Waze, and many others. Using the online maps will help ensure you don’t get lost even in the most remote places. It is especially helpful to those who travel to areas with limited network coverage. Additionally, with the dual zone function, you can run two functions concurrently, meaning you don’t need to switch off your music while navigating.


  • Supports backup camera
  • The screen is highly responsive; same screen as a smartphone
  • Camera input cable is included
  • It fits perfectly; it doesn’t require cutting or trimming
  • Multiple live wallpapers


  • The camera is not included in the package
  • It is not compatible with Samsung phones


This Binize unit has an amazing set of features for your car, including backup camera input, FM radio tuner, and it one of the best Android double din head units. With this car stereo, you get decent sound quality, and bass is never lacking.

11. Dual Electronics 7″ Double Din Mechless Digital Media Receiver

This 7-inch double din comes with all the features you would expect from a high-end car stereo. The screen is very responsive, plus the installation is pretty straightforward. Besides, it offers diverse music streaming options and multiple sound inputs and outputs to enable you to create a custom speaker system to match the music you like to play.

Features and benefits

  • Large LCD display: This digital receiver is fitted with a 7-inch LCD display with easy to read and select options. In addition, its graphic interface is improved for ease of use and a better user experience while keeping all our favorite media within fingers’ reach. This unit also excels in sound quality, and it supports various music playing formats.
  • Improved compatibility: The head unit supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it easy to integrate your Apple products. These functions will allow you to stay connected while driving by integrating your phone with the infotainment system. Besides, connecting your phone to your car stereo offers the driver both safety and convenience.
  • Wireless connectivity: As a driver, you’ll need a double din stereo with wireless connectivity to allow you to stream music or make calls without requiring a cable. This unit comes with built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming, and the best part is that you can connect multiple devices at the same time. Additionally, passengers in the back seats can also change the playlist using their phones or tablet.
  • Multiple media connections: This double din head unit allows you to access multiple media sources such as the USB port, radio, and more. It allows for direct USB control for iPhone and iPod, and you can use the USB port to charge your phone. Furthermore, it features a slim mount design that makes installation across various vehicles effortless.


  • USB charging
  • Best Apple CarPlay stereo at the price point
  • Quick installation
  • Inexpensive
  • The screen is very responsive


  • It does not include an inbuilt GPS module


If you are looking to have the best sound quality, with a user-friendly interface and excellent display, then you may want to consider this double din player from Dual Electronics. The good thing is that you can adjust the display angle and customize the display digitally for the best user experience.

12. Eonon 2023 Newest Double Din Car Stereo-GA2187

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The GA2187 is a great stereo for the price, and it works great on a range of vehicles. All inbuilt and installed apps work great, and the picture quality is also outstanding. It also offers a large display, so you’ll be able to see who is calling, and it also makes it easier to do anything on the stereo. Besides, you can add a rear-view camera to provide a better rear view when parking.

Quick review

  • Built-in CarPlay: If you have iPhone 5 and above, you can use the Apple CarPlay function for navigation, making calls, and more with just a simple voice command or a touch. It simply takes the functions of your phone and puts them in your car stereo display to help you remain focused while driving. However, the system does not support Android Auto, but you can purchase the A0585 dongle if you need to use the function.
  • 10-inch IPS HD full touchscreen: This car stereo features a giant 10.1 –inch IPS display that offers true-color pictures from just any angle. In addition to this, the big screen makes everything clear, and it lets you customize the layout and background to make a personal statement. Also, it is quite responsive, so you can enjoy a full fingertip operation while using your unit, just like your smartphone. .
  • GPS navigation: The car stereo allows you to use online and offline maps for incredible convenience during navigation. You can also get a map card to help with the same. It also lets you run navigation apps such as Google Maps, Waze, for precise driving directions. Other than this, the radio function offers up to 30 preset stations to keep you entertained in every aspect.
  • Powerful Android 10 system: This unit uses the Android 10 operating system that allows you to take advantage of countless apps from music apps, games, etc. You can download the apps by connecting to the Wi-Fi, or you can purchase a 4G dongle. Further, it supports 4 x45 W maximum output power to give you a fuller and more realistic sound.


  • Universal double din unit
  • Fast boot-up
  • Supports backup camera
  • The screen is removable
  • Quality build


  • The backup camera is sold separately
  • It does not support DVD/CD


Eonon is one of the best models on the market right now when it comes to double din head units. The GA2187 level of customization and connectivity can only be compared to that of more expensive units, making it one of the best double din head units in 2023 and beyond.

Selecting the best double din head unit

Now that you have an idea of the best-selling head units, it is time to consider getting one for your ride. The best head unit will not only offer a performance upgrade but also allows you to integrate various devices, including mobile phones, music streaming, and remote control apps, to offer expandability over factory setups.

Here are important factors that you’ll need to consider when buying a double din head unit;

I. Power

The power handling capability of the head unit is going to determine the amount of power sent to your speakers—the more power, the louder the sound, and vice versa. More power output also helps ensure less distortion, even at higher volume levels. However, ensure that the Peak and RMS power of the head unit matches that of your speakers. Connecting a powerful head unit to average rated speakers won’t produce great results.

II. Capability and functionality

A double din head unit offers more advanced features to ensure that it can handle more than just a car radio. A majority of them use upgraded versions of Android operating systems to improve the overall performance of the units. Also, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, you no longer need additional wires to connect to audio to enjoy your music. Other features include 4G connectivity, USB, SD, and HDMI ports to offer the best entertainment experience to the users.

III. Aesthetics

The head unit is designed to be the centerpiece in the dashboard of your, so its looks might be more important for some people in addition to a great user experience. Head units come in different forms and designs, with some featuring adaptable color lighting, interchangeable background displays, and a smooth finish to fit any car interior. Besides aesthetic appeal, you may want to determine compatibility with your car model to help you choose the features and design that is perfect for your car.

IV. Safety benefits

Other than the entertainment features, double din head units offer safety features that help detect any problems. This includes features like camera options, recorders, theft protection features, steering wheel control, and more. Some models may have additional features such as TPMS and the OBDII scanners for security purposes and to help you have a good understanding of your car’s performance.

V. Ease of use

The head unit usability and ease of installation cannot be overlooked when finding a head unit for your car. A user-friendly double din head unit allows you to make customizations while enabling you to manipulate your car audio system without much distraction. Whether you need voice control or a touchscreen, the interface should give you the freedom to do so. Ideally, double din units are perfect for both experienced car audio enthusiasts and average listeners looking to upgrade their car audio system.

Final Thought

Double din car stereos are becoming the norm of the day, and the good thing is that they are a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from. Most factory car stereo systems are not designed to handle modern-day entertainment needs, so you’ll need something to keep you in touch. The best part is that modern head units offer a universal fit, so your car model should not be an issue.

The best double din head unit runs a complex operating system such as Android to allow you to navigate many features and applications. Keep in mind that although double head units offer much more screen display, they do not necessarily have better sound quality than single din head units. There are plenty of great single din head units out there, so choosing one stereo over another is a matter of personal preference.

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