Best Vintage Speakers: Experience Great Sound Quality in Style

Well-engineered vintage speakers provide unique value. First, they perform better than cheap modern speakers. Individuals who prefer to use these speakers are usually keen on quality and class. Brands have so far not let down this segment of their clientele, as evidenced by the array of high-performance vintage speakers on the market.

Secondly, vintage speakers are an additional piece of art for any space that has an old-fashioned touch to the furniture and interior décor. Amidst other items in an antique-styled space, a vintage speaker fits perfectly, whether placed on a table or shelf. Its presence introduces a special, relaxed, and nostalgic atmosphere, which makes the space a great hideaway from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

If this is the kind of experience you want to have in your home or add to a bar area, the comparison table below gives an overview of 10 high-performance vintage speakers. Below are detailed reviews of each speaker. Ultimately, this well-researched guide offers you the most important information you need to select the best vintage speaker for your space and listening needs.

Comparison Table of Best Vintage Speakers

1. Marshall Stanmore II

Of all the speakers in the Stanmore’s Marshall Series, the Stanmore II is the most versatile. It’s your perfect stay-at-home vintage speaker for the standard room size. In addition to filling the space with clean and precise audio, it achieves a laid-back look for your room.

Main Features

  • 3 class D amplifiers: Production of high-quality sound doesn’t get better than through the powering of two 15-watt amps for the tweeters and a 50-watt amp for the sub. The separation of amplifier power allows each amp to remain dedicated to a specific driver type. The result is high-performance sound from each of the components and a precisely unified overall sound from the small vintage speaker.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm aptX for seamless wireless play: Experience the best of wireless mp3 play. Marshall has gone for advanced technology to make the Stanmore II one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can find. Besides, the speaker can connect to audio sources via Qualcomm aptX. This wireless connection option gives you more versatility in terms of the devices you can connect with your speaker.
  • Sound controls: Easy-to-use analog audio controls on the speaker allow you the freedom of customizing your listening experience. For the tech-savvy, however, there’s a digital way to do this – using the Marshall Bluetooth app. With the app, you don’t have to keep moving up and down to use the manual sound controls on the speaker. You do it simply and quickly from the comfort of your listening position.
  • Multi-host functionality: If you have two Bluetooth devices, Marshall offers you the convenience of connecting both devices. Thus, you can shift between audio sources quickly without having to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth every now and then. Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 30 feet.


  • The Marshall design is well-thought-out for a classic vintage look
  • Good amount of bass that remains hearable even when many people are talking
  • It’s compatible with Alexa
  • Sturdy build
  • Handy controls for adjusting the volume, treble, and bass


  • No battery; only works plugged in
  • Shuts off automatically after 20-30 minutes of inactivity


Despite the fact that you cannot take this vintage speaker outside to wherever you like, it’s an awesome choice for the house if you care about clean and clear wirelessly sourced audio.Let Marshall Stanmore II vintage speaker complete the look of your room while fulfilling your audio listening needs.

2. ClearClick Vintage Retro Style Speaker

This cool-looking impresser is essentially a 2-band radio with Bluetooth connectivity. While you get mesmerized by its authentic 1930s look, it locks in AM and FM stations very well to keep you in sweet nostalgia throughout every listening session. What can this distinctively antique radio/BT speaker do?

Features and Capabilities

  • Handmade, wooden construction: ClearClick knows the real meaning of going way back in time. The company has used real wood to build this small radio-cum-speaker in a design that appeals to anyone who has an eye for wooden, vintage accessories. If you are searching for something that can enhance a truly antique feeling to your home, this speaker will not disappoint.
  • Convenient front knobs: This speaker is loved by a wide variety of users, including the elderly. Its simplistic operation interface consisting of front knobs makes it easy to operate for non-techy users. If you have an elderly loved one who needs a radio, this one will fit the bill. It’s also very light (4.54 pounds) for easy portability.
  • Powering: The radio requires a wall electrical outlet to function. Manufacturer specifications indicate that it uses a 110V USA/North American power plug. The power plug is built in, so you’ll only need to plug it in and start playing.
  • Flexible and lossless Bluetooth connectivity: Unlike some Bluetooth speakers that refuse to work with particular devices, this ClearClick antique speaker quickly connects with almost any Bluetooth-enabled phone, tablet, or computer. However, note carefully that you can only connect one device at a time. ClearClick did not include multi-connectivity capability.


  • Perfect gift for seniors
  • Unique antique design with a genuine wooden finish
  • Produces crisp audio
  • Efficient Bluetooth connectivity
  • Radio locks in well through analog tuning
  • Firm, easy-reach knobs


  • Lacks an AUX input so it connects to audio sources via Bluetooth only
  • Some users find it too small to meet their expectations


This ClearClick vintage speaker and AM/FM radio manages the ideal balance between looks, sound, and ease of use. Of course, you don’t expect loud sound from it. What’s certain is that it will give you nice radio listening experiences, and it’s a great Bluetooth receiver as well.

Transport yourself back in time with this old-fashioned speaker from ClearClick.

3. Greadio Vintage Speaker: Best Battery-powered Vintage Radio

Through articulate craftsmanship and tech expertise, Greadio has managed to bring back the 1950s radio and music listening experience. The only difference between this vintage radio/BT speaker and those of the golden age of music is the addition of a reasonable touch of digital operability for your convenience.

Attributes of Greadio Vintage Speaker

  • A complement for your hardwood furniture: Within any hardwood furniture setup, this stylish speaker fits perfectly like a piece of artwork. Some users like the speaker primarily for the elegant build while those used to elegance love the warm, old-style feeling it exudes. Place it on a shelf, desk, table, or anywhere and it’ll blend seamlessly with your classic furniture.
  • Compatibility with audio sources: This vintage speaker works with devices that have Bluetooth 4.2 capability. It maintains a strong connection over 33 feet. Thus, you can play your favorites from your phone, tablet or laptop as you do other tasks around the room. In addition, the speaker is compatible with MP3 players and TF cards.
  • FM Radio: Do you love radio shows? This vintage radio will impress you with its strong FM radio reception. It plays FM frequencies from 87 to 108 MHZ. Unfortunately, you cannot listen to AM frequencies with it.
  • 1100mAh built-in rechargeable battery: Greadio purposed to set this radio/Bluetooth speaker apart from the competition by making it portable. Unlike may vintage speakers that only operate plugged into power, this one comes with a long-lasting battery. After charging it to full capacity in 4 hours, the battery can give up to 9 hours of uninterrupted play.
  • Bass enhancement system: Expect a surprisingly loud and rich sound. It’s intriguing how Greadio managed to squeeze a highly efficient bass enhancement system in the small unit. 5-watt amplifiers are behind the speakers’ ability to process loud audio without any distortion.


  • Takes you back to the good old days of analog FM channel surfing
  • Stereo-rich sound
  • Unique retro design that fits both formal and leisure occasions
  • Connects quickly to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Dial lights illuminate the space with a warm glow
  • Comes with a velvet bag


  • The radio is very sensitive to interferences
  • It’s too small for people who want something that’s easily visible


This small entertainment wizard is a perfect choice if you want a small radio for an office desk. It also fits home applications, whether indoors or outdoors.

Try this Greadio gem to experience the best digital audio technology in a retro classic wood-crafted vintage radio/BT speaker.

4. Toshiba TY-CWU700

The TY-CWU700 looks cute at the end of a wooden table in the living room, kitchen or fireplace. Among the things you’ll like most about it is great build quality. Knobs are solid and tune the volume or radio channels accurately. Moreover, it has more compatibility features and capabilities than most competing vintage speakers. Let’s explore these features.

Toshiba TY-CWU700 Features

  • Elegance meets use versatility: The TY-CWU700 doesn’t impress you with looks only but also with its ability to play music from a wide array of sources. You can stream music, podcasts, and internet radio wirelessly via Bluetooth. Also, a USB port and an AUX input are included in the design for MP3 playback.
  • FM radio with manual and auto scan: Manual scanning allows you to search FM channels every time you want to listen to the radio. On the other hand, auto scan lets you find up to 30 pre-set stations quickly. To enjoy this radio tuning convenience, you have to set your favorite channels for a one-touch recall.
  • 30-watt, 2-channel stereo system: You are probably wondering how this compact unit manages to give out ear-pleasing sound. All thanks go to its 2-channel speaker system. Rated at 30 watts (15 watts per channel) power output, this system is quite powerful for its size. You are assured of great sound volume that fills the entire room with well-balanced sound.
  • Remote control: Toshiba knows that having a remote in hand offers an easier way of controlling the playback. Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax to let your mind and soul get soothed by sweet melodies. It’s during such times that you’ll appreciate the convenience of having a remote control by your side.


  • Connects to almost all Bluetooth devices including Samsung TVs
  • Programming FM radio is super simple
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Remote works like a charm
  • Excellent stylish design with keen attention to detail


  • Preset EQ settings go to the extreme treble and bass so you have to adjust the sound every time the sound you are listening to changes
  • FM radio tuning is through the remote control only; no knob volume control
  • Lacks AM radio


Classic appearance, ease of use, and good sound quality are the most attractive attributes of this Toshiba antique masterpiece. It promises you memorable radio, Bluetooth streaming, and MP3 playback moments at home.

Consider Toshiba TY-CWU700; a small vintage speaker/FM radio that packs excellent versatility and sound performance.

5. TEWELL Retrorock Computer Speaker

Inbuilt computer speakers don’t care about reproducing sound with fidelity to the source. Maybe your computer’s internal speakers always push you to the edge with annoyingly weak sound. You don’t have to let this happen while TEWELL has availed an inexpensive vintage-style speaker that can connect to your computer as well as other devices.

Highlights of TEWELL Computer Speaker

  • 2022 technology meets 1940s build design: Like many leading brands of vintage radio speakers, TEWELL has spared no effort in balancing modern sound production technology with old-fashioned looks. Thus, you are sure to have a great-sounding unit that fits well in spaces where you want to add a little old-school to the décor.
  • Powerful speaker system with boosted bass: The speaker’s sound reproduction system consists of drivers with 24-watt power output. Marry this power with a wooden cabinet that has an integrated Bass Reflex System. You get powerful audio characterized by clean and tight bass. Your movie-watching, gaming and music-playing experiences will be more enjoyable.
  • Strong and stable wired and wireless connections: To enjoy wireless audio streaming, connect the speaker with any Bluetooth V4.2-enabled device over a connection range of 33 feet. You can as well explore other playback options afforded by the 3.5mm audio input port, including wired connection to the computer, turntable, projector, and MP3.
  • Ease of use: Retrorock provides easy ways to control your music – the captivating gold toggle switch and volume knob. These retro-style switches are not flimsy like on some vintage speakers. They turn smoothly and lock in your desired sound adjustments.


  • Nice, equalized sound with clear and deep bass
  • Tested for vocals: zero distortion even at the highest volume
  • Very rich look in the front
  • Synthetic leather finish on the top
  • Rubberized feet for unit stability


  • Lacks FM radio
  • Works plugged in only; not portable


Evidently, the Retrorock model is one of the most innovative Bluetooth speakers designed by TEWELL. It also ranks highly among best vintage speakers across the market. The hallmarks of its competitiveness are clean high trebles, clear lows, and a life-like mid-bass.

At its highly competitive price, this DEWELL Bluetooth retro speaker provides great value for the dollar.

6. Rerii Handmade Vintage Speaker

Whatever you missed in the plugged-in, FM-only Bluetooth speakers you’ve met so far, this small Rerii portable speaker has it. A warm-colored, handcrafted, Walnut construction embodies clear and crisp audio delivery. With its exquisite looks, it can complete the vintage-themed appearance of any home or work space.

Main features

  • Built-in rechargeable 2200mAh lithium battery: If you are looking for a small Bluetooth radio speaker that can keep you entertained indoors and outdoors, you’ve found it. This excellent performer comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for a week as a radio and up to 15 hours playing audio wirelessly.
  • Reliable AM/FM radio for daily use: Listen to your favorite talk shows and jamming hours anytime and from anywhere. Users have praised it for good radio reception. Noteworthy, you can keep the enclosed micro USB cable connected as it functions as a good antenna for flawless FM radio.
  • Wired connections: In case you don’t want to or cannot pair the speaker with Bluetooth, you can use an AUX cord or USB cord to connect it with compatible devices. Cable connections usually provide stable audio transmission, which translate to high-quality sound delivery. The connection options also offer alternative ways of using the speaker with devices that lack Bluetooth support.
  • Sensitive touch controls: Discreet touch controls on the forward facing side of the unit make it easy to maneuver different sound controls. You don’t have to flex your finger muscles to turn difficult knobs. Besides, the controls give the radio/speaker a good visual impression, together with the battery level LED indicator.


  • Impressive high definition stereo sound with tight and strong bass
  • Fast-pairing Bluetooth 4.0 system
  • Rugged wooden exterior makes it more esthetically pleasing than plastic or metal speakers
  • Compact and battery-powered for portable entertainment
  • Wide and smooth frequency response


  • Bluetooth connection range is short


This stereo capable Bluetooth and FM receiver is a champion in its own rights. It manages the loudest undistorted volume, has great battery capacity, and outstanding FM sensitivity.

Choose Rerii handmade battery-powered speaker for phenomenal audio output and an authentic vintage vibe.

7. Pyle PUNP34BT Vintage Speaker

Pyle is a well-known brand in the audio equipment industry. The company boasts a wide variety of award-winning speakers and subwoofers. This vintage speaker packs highly competitive features to ensure you get the best modern audio technology in style. Top on the list of important things to note about the PUNP34BT is its diverse ways of connecting to audio devices. Explore more about it below:

Features and benefits of Pyle PUNP34BT

  • Dualbuilt-in stereo speakers: The elegant retro-inspired receiver houses two speakers that are optimized in design for balanced playback. Expect to enjoy an immersive music listening experience. Whichever music genre you listen to, dual speaker configuration promises you a well-balanced performance across the frequency range.
  • AM/FM radio with retro styled dial: The PUNP34BT’s design includes fine vintage-style details. The radio dial is one of the features that enhance the elegance and old-fashioned feel of the radio’s carefully crafted exterior. Be sure to be taken back in time by the looks while the sound output reminds you of Pyle’s leadership in applying modern audio technology in its products.
  • Audio inputs: The speaker’s Bluetooth compatibility allows for robust connections with most of today’s Bluetooth-enabled devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, computers and laptops. The connection range remains stable within a range of 30 feet. In addition, the radio/speaker features an AUX port for MP3 as well as ports for connecting USD flash drives and SD memory card readers. These connection interfaces offer you varied ways of listening to audio files.
  • RCA (L/R) output: When purchasing audio equipment, it’s always good to think of how the new equipment might integrate with other components of your home entertainment system. The PUNP34BT can be connected with external speakers via the RCA output connector jacks. This capability would be particularly helpful when you want to listen to your audio pieces from bigger speakers that lack Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Hassle-free audio adjustments: Pyle has tried its best to maintain an old-fashioned touch in the design of this radio speaker. However, it hasn’t done so at the expense of operability. A simple front panel button and rotary control center allow for easy sound output adjustment.


  • High-performance dual speaker system
  • Can connect with external speakers even if they are not Bluetooth-enabled
  • Modern high-tech features
  • Fills the room with crisp stereo sound
  • Favorable price for all the value it offers


  • Intimidating flashing light especially if you are listening to radio with room lighting off
  • Doesn’t transmit Bluetooth to other speakers


The retro-styled Pyle radio and Bluetooth speaker receiver fills the room with dynamic sound. It can function as a simple radio system and also as a center piece of a bigger home sound system.

Let Pyle PUNP34BT add flare to the appearance of your room while offering you versatile audio playback options.

8. Owlee Scroll

The unique vintage leather design of this wireless speaker catches the eye. On further interaction with it, we were amazed to know that it can work plugged in and also using battery power. Besides, Owlee has used advanced technology to achieve an immersive sound coverage in a compact speaker design. What’s more?

Attributes of Owlee Scroll vintage speaker

  • 3D Sound Technology: Over the last few years, we’ve witnessed mind-blowing sound technology in action. 3D technology is part of the revolution happening in the industry. It enables engineers todesign small speakers with high sound performance capabilities. Thanks to it, this Owlee vintage speaker manages to deliver a 360-degree, full-range, immersive listening experience.
  • 20 Watts of power: The Scroll plays music with oomph and vigor thanks to its powerful dual passive bass radiators. You’ll be able to enjoy up to 9 hours of continuous play before the battery starts to complain. Many users love it for its portability. You can always charge and carry it with you on a family out day.
  • Outstanding connectivity: Bluetooth compatibility is almost obvious among the variety of vintage speakers available today. Owlee went beyond the obvious and included NFC connectivity in the Scroll. Thus, the speaker supports Google Assistant, Siri, S Voice and Android Voice. In addition, the unit’s design features a 3.5mm AUX jack for wired music streaming and a hands-free HD microphone for convenient calling.
  • Stylish and gorgeous construction: The Scroll embodies a rich blend of class and graceful sound performance. Its sleek design, which is then covered with highly durable leather, adds an astounding elegance sense into your space as you enjoy a cool old-fashioned music experience.


  • Ultra-portable unit that you can carry wherever you go
  • Great balance of class, power and style
  • Cool steel casing and leather cover
  • Great low frequency response
  • Easy audio controls


  • Automatically shuts off when not paired with a Bluetooth device and AUX mode is off
  • Some users complain about the flappy leather cover


Owlee Scroll is an ingenious combination of audio brilliance and captivating esthetics. It derives a powerful and luxurious effect from each of your audio listening experiences. Besides, it works with all devices – Apple, Android, or Windows smartphones, tablets and computers.Add Owlee Scroll to your space to score melodic excellence while enhancing the room’s esthetics.

9. Rekome Portable Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Versatility is always welcome, and this Rekome masterpiece doesn’t shy away from being everything good you can find in such a small unit. It functions as a Bluetooth speaker as well as an FM radio. And, it can operate in plugged-in mode or using the power of its rechargeable battery.

Main Features

  • Dual 5W audio-drivers: Two high-performance passive speakers (one on either end) work together to give you loud and clear stereo sound. To put this performance into perspective, 5 watts power output for each speaker means room-filling sound. Users have indicated that the speaker is loud enough at half volume level.
  • Large-capacity battery: Let the dancing souls of your family/guests continue dancing in and out of the house. While running on the built-in 1500 mAh battery, this Rekome radio/BT speaker can keep playing for up to 8 hours. You’ll happy to have it charged before the next barbeque, pool party, picnic, and other outdoor fun activities.
  • Maximized for device compatibility: Are your favorite audio files distributed across multiple devices? Don’t worry. Your new Rekome vintage speaker is designed with multifunctionality in mind. Its Bluetooth V4.2 system connects quickly with a wide variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows smartphones and computers. In addition, there are AUX, micro TF card, and USB ports that allow you to play music from non-Bluetooth devices such as flash drives, memory cards, and others.
  • FM radio (87 – 108 Hz) – Radio fans in the house will be a happy lot when this retro-style radio finally lands on the table. Rotate the FM tuning knob to feel the old days coming back. Noteworthy, it has both manual and programmed channel searching. The retracting aerial helps with radio signal reception. Thus, you can be sure to enjoy a clear signal at home and away.
  • In-built mic: Rekome seems to have thought about all the convenience features you need in a small vintage radio. They added a mic to enable you hold hands-free calls over the radio. This capability is particularly helpful when you want to continue doing other things with your hands as you are talking with someone over the phone.


  • Excellent overall build quality
  • Leather cover and carry handle make for an eye-pleasing old-fashioned look
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Quick and stable connections with a wide array of devices
  • Picks FM stations quickly


  • Leather exterior may get worn out by continuous exposure to outdoor elements
  • No remote control


Modern convenience in a retro package; this is the best description of this Rekome genius. It’s strongly built, eye-pleasing, and highly versatile. Most importantly, its sound quality is astonishingly good for such a small unit.

Make your days livelier with this inexpensive vintage radio and Bluetooth receiver.

10. Master Tailgaters FuseRAD-V1 Vintage Speaker

Master Tailgaters closes our list of 10 best vintage speakers with this exquisitely handcrafted radio and Bluetooth receiver. Weighing in at 7 pounds and measuring 10″ x 6.5″ x 11″, the radio is significantly bigger than most of the vintage radios we’ve seen. You know what that means; the possibility of bigger and better sound. But does the speaker live up to our expectations? Let’s see:

Features of the Fuse RAD-V1

  • Two 3.5” 5W speakers: The Fuse RAD-V1 stands out with its rich bass. Of course, you’d expect nothing less from a dual-speaker system harboring two powerful 3.5-inch speakers. Two vents at the back of the box show that the speaker’s designer was serious with the lows. These vents enhance bass delivery.
  • Functions (AM/FM/Bluetooth): Three easy-reach press buttons allow you to change the unit’s operation mode instantly. Unlike the many FM-only radios we’ve seen, the Fuse RAD-V1 also has AM radio functionality. This is great news to all talk show fans out there. And when you want to listen to audio files from your portable devices, you can connect them to the speaker via Bluetooth or the AUX-in port.
  • Handcrafted real Ashtree wood veneer: The Fuse RAD-V1 showcases the best of Master Tailgaters’ workmanship. You can see the crafter’s attention to detail as they worked on the outer design of the unit. In addition to the elegant look, the radio has four rubberized feet for stability when playing loud and hard.
  • Impressive dial-up light: Lighting isn’t a big deal for some vintage radios and BT speakers. However, the dial-up light on the Fuse RAD-V1 is something you want to consider for a minute. The light illuminates the control area with a luxurious glow that looks great especially when the room’s lights are off.


  • Easy to use operation mode and sound controls
  • Superior build quality
  • High-quality sound drivers
  • Deep, clean bass
  • Convenient modern connectivity features like AUX and Bluetooth


  • Works in plugged-in mode only
  • Lacks micro SD card slot


You don’t have to sacrifice modern convenience when adding a vintage radio or speaker into your space. This Master Tailgaters marvelous sound champion gives you the best of both worlds – great old-school esthetics and premium-quality sound.

Don’t hesitate to try the Fuse RAD-V1 vintage radio and Bluetooth speaker if you love great quality sound.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Vintage Speaker

As audio equipment brands continue to compete for market leadership, the more sophisticated their products are becoming. This is a good thing for audio fans like you because the released products come with increasingly convenient features, as has been the case with vintage speakers. Today, leading brands are designing speakers that deliver high-quality sound while providing significant enhancement to old-fashioned space setups.

While out shopping for vintage speakers, it’s important to keep in mind a few critical factors.

These factors determine the value you get from the product you choose:

i. Looks

The main reason for buying a vintage speaker as opposed to a modern-design speaker is to give your space an authentic old-fashioned outlook. While many manufacturers try to achieve this objective, not all of them meet the expectations. Before clicking that ‘add to cart’ button, inspect the speaker’s exterior to make sure that it has the look and feel you want to add to your space.

Some vintage speakers are made from real wood while others have a leather covering. You make the ultimate decision based on your preferences and the nature of your furniture.

ii. Sound quality

More than anything else, you want the speaker to produce sound that you can look forward to experiencing or using to entertain your guests. A number of aspects will determine the kind of sound you get, including:

  • Sound driver: the bigger the driver, the louder the sound your vintage speaker can give. Also, dual-speaker systems (with separate left and right speaker) tend to produce better quality sound than mono-speaker systems.
  • Build size: it’s the norm to find bigger vintage speakers producing louder and deeper sound compared to smaller competitors. Much of this has to do with the ability of big enclosures to produce bass better than smaller enclosures.
  • Power output: Speakers that can handle more power give more powerful sound. A power handling of 5 watts and above is loud enough to impress.

iii. Portability

Here is the beginning of the differences between vintage speaker models. Some models operate in plugged-in mode as well as battery-powered mode. Such units enable you to carry your music outside the house. Make sure to check a few critical aspects of the battery. How long does it take to charge? How many hours does it last while powering the speaker in different modes?

Other models, however, don’t come with an in-built battery. You can only use them where there are power sockets, and this hinders their portability.

iv. Connectivity

Every user is keen to know how well additional audio equipment can work with their daily use electronic devices. When selecting a vintage speaker, check that it can connect with the devices you use. Most come with Bluetooth connectivity, but you’ve to check how strong the Bluetooth is, and whether there are issues connecting to specific gadgets.

In addition to connecting the speaker via Bluetooth, can you connect other devices via USB, AUX, flash drive, or micro SD card ports? The wider the variety of connectivity options, the greater the number of devices you can use with the speaker.

v. Control features

Antique-design speakers try to meet the old-fashioned look across the design of the unit. However, it’s important to ensure that the efficiency of these controls is not sacrificed in the process of meeting esthetic objectives. Inspect the buttons and knobs. Are they well-built, or are some knobs flimsy so that they could pluck off sooner than later?

Other questions for which you need to seek answers include:

  • Does the radio tuning knob lock in stations well?
  • Can you scan and save radio stations for easier channel searching?
  • Is there a remote control?

vi. Extra features

Other features that might improve your experience with the speaker include an in-built mic, and LED and dial up lights. The inclusion of an in-built microphone allows you to make hands-free calls. Some designers include different LED illumination colors to indicate different operation modes. Dial up illumination can also enhance the visual appeal of the unit while at work.

The above factors make more or less the most critical considerations to make when selecting a vintage speaker.

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Our choice for the best vintage speaker in 2022 is Marshall Stanmore II

The power capabilities of this classic vintage-style speaker are striking. With the help of three amplifiers, it delivers thunderous sound with accurately balanced frequencies. It’s nothing like a boombox or the average Bluetooth speaker, no wonder it has received thousands of positive user reviews.

Secondly, the Stanmore II can connect to two devices simultaneously via Bluetooth. This aspect sets it apart from the majority of the competition. You’ll certainly enjoy the convenience of switching between audio sources in a split–second. And for easier control of your music, you can download for free the Marshall Bluetooth app.

The other unique thing about the Marshall Stanmore II is Qualcomm aptX capability, which offers additional opportunities to connect with more devices.

Finally, the speaker is compatible with Alexa. Thus, it is a great choice for anyone who loves the convenience of different home automation technology.

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