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At Audio Mention, we work hard to ensure that you discover the best audio gadgets you can ever find in the market. Be it car audio systems, marine audio systems, home audio, or any other audio system, Audio Mention is the site to rely on. We have gathered all the information you need to know about different audio gadgets, from reviews to buying guides and DIY tips.

Our team at Audio Mention comprises of qualified sound engineers who are dedicated towards discovering the best audio devices out there and assisting site visitors to learn more about sound equipment. If you’re a homeowner seeking to improve your home audio system, then you’re covered. If you’re a car owner planning to install aftermarket speakers in your car, then you’re also covered. We cover virtually all types of sound gadgets, even for motorcycles, ATVs, and outdoor spaces such as yards and live concerts. Thus, we cover everyone.

DIY enthusiasts have not been left behind. We have tons of content on DIY projects involving sound systems. You’ll learn how to install, repair, and replace different sound systems on your own. Moreover, if you’re planning to buy new sound gadgets, our reviews and buying guides will guide you through and ensure you make a more informed choice.

We continue updating our content as technology changes to ensure that you stay updated with the latest trends in sound technologies and gadgets. Visit our site regularly to be more informed about sound gadgets and how to get the best listening experience at home, in your car, in your boat, or anywhere else.

Team Audio Mention is led by Michael Evanchuk, a San Francisco-based sound engineer with 20 years’ experience installing, troubleshooting, and repairing commercial, automotive, and household sound equipment. Evanchuk owns an auto stereo center, where he offers highly competitive car audio installation and repair services. He has written dozens of articles on different sound engineering topics, all of which have been published in leading journals, blogs, and websites.

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