Best Capacitor for Tweeter: Buying Guide with Our Best Picks in 2022

Best Capacitor for Tweeter

If you’ve already selected tweeters for your sound system, you next need to consider a capacitor to protect the tweeters. The job of the tweeters is to reproduce high frequencies and to achieve it is important to limit the amount of bass or eliminate other things that might affect the high-frequency performance. Additionally, using a … Read more

Best Horn Speakers- Top 5 Reviews in 2022 and Buyer’s Guide

Best Horn Speakers

During the early days of sound production, speakers were designed to produce powerful and loud sound from weak amplifiers. That’s why speaker designers came up with the idea of horn speakers to project sound in a louder and wider manner. Although today’s amplifiers are strong enough to power modern speakers, horn speakers are still a … Read more

Best Super Tweeters: Comprehensive Buying Guide With 5 Top Picks

Best Super Tweeters

Tweeters are one of the first things that audio enthusiasts prioritize when looking to build a custom sound system. These small audio units are designed to reproduce high-frequencies, which lets you enjoy music with sweet details. Super tweeters are modern versions of car tweeters that specialize in the reproduction of ultra-high frequencies in most multi-driver … Read more

Best Horn Tweeters- Latest Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Best Horn Tweeters

Tweeters are essential in any audio system. They’re specially designed to reproduce high frequencies, which are commonly known as treble. High frequencies are mostly produced by vocals, horns, guitars, and other musical instruments. Tweeters resemble standard speakers but are significantly smaller in size. Tweeters are available as either dome or horn tweeters. Horn tweeters are … Read more

The Best Amp for MTX Terminator Subs of 2022 (Tested & Reviewed)

Best Amp for MTX Terminator Sub

MTX Terminator subwoofers are some of the best car subwoofers available today. These subwoofers are designed as 12-inch subs. They’re quite affordable, yet they deliver earth-shaking bass. The subwoofers can hold up a lot of power. However, they can only produce top-quality, loud, and deep bass by connecting them to an appropriate amplifier. Not all … Read more

Yamaha HS5 vs. JBL LSR305-An Unbiased Review

Yamaha HS5 vs. JBL LSR305-An Unbiased Review

Yamaha HS5 and JBL LSR305 are two favorite loudspeakers amongst audiophiles for several reasons. They offer a professional and good mix of for songs, while giving you complete control over audio quality. Yamaha HS5 is a powered studio monitor, designed with HS series monitors exceptional accuracy to give you the best sound quality possible. We … Read more