A Review of the Best 4×6 Speakers In 2024

Imagine your friends inviting you for a car music competition, but you’re afraid to attend knowing that your factory car speakers will disappoint. It goes without saying that factory speakers can never win any serious car music competition. Moreover, they never give an audiophile the best car music experience they need. And why is that so? The answer is simple. In most cars, the stock speakers deliver low-quality audio. The audio is hardly clear, with poor bass or no bass at all. Additionally, you’ll hardly enjoy any highs. You’ll also fail to enjoy full-range sound. You’ll mostly miss out on most of the vocals and instrumentals in your favorite tracks. So what can you do about such a problem? Simply replace your low-quality and poor-sounding factory speakers with new 4×6 automotive speakers. While you’ll come across many 4 by 6 speakers to choose from, not all of them are made equal. Some sound better than others. Luckily, it won’t be much of a challenge for you to choose the best 4×6 speaker upon going through this article. Thus, read on and be more informed about the best 4 by 6 automotive speakers in 2022.

How We Wrote This Review

We have come across many car owners asking several questions on what to look out for when choosing 4 by 6 speakers. They’re always confused about the aftermarket speakers to choose from since they come across dozens of different speaker models in the market. As such, we found it good to come up with a list of the best 4×6 aftermarket car speakers. In our list, we shortlisted 10 speakers and reviewed them one by one. In the review, we focused on their features and benefits, pros, and cons. We also took time to describe the factors that buyers should keep in mind when making a choice. The speakers we have reviewed made it to our list based on their better performance than other models out there. We shortlisted them after making thorough real-life comparisons by testing each one of them and gathering feedback from existing users. Moreover, we used data from their manufacturers to assess their specifications. Based on this thorough review and buying guide, you can rest assured that you’ll make your choice from the best models you can find today.

Top Ten 4×6 Speakers in 2022

If you’re wondering how to choose a 4 by 6 replacement speaker for your car, then you’re on the right page. Read on to know the best models to choose from and give your car music system a major boost.

Comparison Table of Best 4×6 Speakers

[amazon box=”B001P86SQG,B07GZRCYXN,B00026BMBI,B01BLVS3BE,B00FP3IKW2,B01N6Z9PQY,B00NF5EQGG,B01EYCTX7A,B06XBFM6CW,B000P0NJOO” template=”table”]

1. Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch

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Rockford Fosgate is never left behind when it comes to designing quality speakers. No wonder their P1462 Punch model made it on the top of our list. This is based on its unique features and benefits that makes it outshine speakers that didn’t make it into our list. Find out why it tops our list by reading on.

Features and Benefits

  • Butyl rubber surround– The surround of this speaker is made of butyl rubber. Butyl rubber is ideal for dampening vibrations and doesn’t age or weather quickly.
  • Polypropylene cone– This speaker comes with a molded polypropylene cone, making it less prone to distortion and resistant to moisture. The cone is also filled with minerals and this enhances its performance.
  • PEI dome tweeter– P1462 Punch comes as a 2-way speaker with a PEI dome tweeter. The tweeter design and material makes it low in mass and stiff, thereby reducing distortion and delivering clear and accurate sound.
  • FlexFit speaker basket– Its speaker basket is made using the FlexFit design. The design allows for compatibility when installing the speaker in factory holes that have odd shapes.
  • Inbuilt crossover– The speaker comes with an inbuilt crossover. It allows for the correct frequency range to be directed to the correct driver, thereby delivering balanced and full-range sound.


  • Comes with an OEM adapter plate
  • Full-range sound
  • Compatible with most stock speaker holes
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Integrated concealed crossover


  • Higher price range
  • Doesn’t come with wiring hardware
  • They require more power than what most stock head units can handle


The Rockford Fosgate P1462 Punch is a great speaker for music lovers who enjoy listening to full-range sound in their cars. However, you’ll have to pay a little bit more and invest in a good head unit to enjoy its power.

2. Pioneer TS-A4670F

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Pioneer boasts of making some of the most powerful speakers you can find in the market, and that’s the same case with its 4 by 6 TS-A4670F model. It boasts of being a 4-way speaker system with a very wide frequency range. Here’s why you should consider this speaker.

Features and Benefits

  • Extremely wide frequency range– The TS-A4670F Pioneer speaker features a 4-way driver system with a frequency range of 35 to 42,000 Hz. As such, you’ll enjoy full-range sound without missing out on any music details.
  • Heat resistant coils– The voice coil in the speaker is made of heat resistant material. It cannot burn out easily under heavy usage.
  • Mica and carbon reinforced woofer– It woofer cone is reinforced with mica and carbon. These materials increase the stiffness of the cone while still making it lightweight. 
  • PET dome tweeter– The tweeter diaphragm is made of PET material. PET has high tensile strength and withstands high frequencies produced without distorting.
  • Cellulose fiber midrange– Another unique feature and benefit of this speaker is its midrange cone made of cellulose fiber. Cellulose fiber material allows for a natural and wonderful tone that is great for midrange sound frequencies.


  • 4-way driver system
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with ear buds
  • Comes with custom-fit adapters
  • Medium price range


  • The metallic mounting ring that comes with it causes some crackling sound
  • Challenging to equalize
  • Highs may be a bit harsh for some people


Anyone looking for full-range, yet affordable aftermarket speakers should consider the Pioneer TS-A4670F in their shopping list. While equalizing the frequency may be a bit challenging, you won’t miss out on any music details with this speaker.

3. Pyle Stereo PL463BL

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Pyle has designed the Stereo PL463BL model based on a balance between cost and quality. This speaker is designed with low-cost, but good quality materials to ensure that the end product delivers quality sound and remains affordable. Read on to know why this speaker made it into our top 10 list of the best 4 by 6 replacement speakers.

Features and Benefits

  • Triaxial driver system– The driver system of this speaker features a triaxial design. It comprises of three drivers in each speaker, including a tweeter, midrange driver, and woofer cone, thereby delivering full-range sound.
  • ASV voice coil– The voice coil used in making the speaker tolerates high wattage and temperature. It doesn’t burn out easily.
  • Neodymium film midrange– The speaker comes with a 1” neodymium film midrange with a dome design for clear, smooth sound.
  • Butyl rubber surround– Each speaker in this pair features butyl rubber cone surrounds. The material resists UV rays and heat, making it long lasting.
  • Piezo tweeter design– The speaker features a Piezo dome tweeter design. It delivers smooth, high frequencies.


  • Very affordable
  • 3-way driver system
  • Low impedance
  • OEM fit speaker cabinet design
  • Appealing design


  • Sound is decent but not of premium quality
  • Not the best for loud music lovers
  • Tonal clarity is a bit low in midrange


If you’re looking for an affordable replacement speaker for your car, then the Pyle Stereo PL463BL 4×6 speaker is what you should go for. While it may not win you a serious music competition, it will deliver decent full-range sound.

4. Kicker 43DSC4604

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Why should you be holding onto dull-sounding factory speakers yet you can replace them with the affordable Kicker 43DSC4604 2-way speaker? This 4 inch by 6 inch speaker is designed to offer powerful audio that you can never experience with factory speakers. Simply go through its features and benefits below to understand why this speaker can give you the kind of sound you have been missing.

Features and Benefits

  • PEI dome tweeter– This speaker comes as a 2-way pair of speakers, each with a PEI dome tweeter. The tweeter delivers dedicated high frequencies.
  • Zero protrusion tweeter– In addition, the tweeter is designed with zero protrusion. It’s designed to fit within the speaker basket depth and doesn’t protrude outwards, making it easy to conceal the speaker with a grille.
  • Polypropylene woofer– Each speaker comes with a polypropylene woofer cone. It resists weather elements and delivers decent bass.
  • Compatibility– The speaker can work with most factory head units. You won’t have to invest in a new, aftermarket stereo unit.
  • 2-way driver system- Each speaker in the pair comes with a tweeter for reproducing high frequencies and a woofer cone for reproducing midrange and low-range frequencies. As such, you’ll enjoy full-range sound.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with speaker wire
  • Comes with installation hardware
  • Sounds great with stock radio units


  • Doesn’t come with grilles
  • You may have to drill new screw holes
  • May not handle a powerful amplifier


Car music lovers who desire to have affordable and good sounding speakers can consider the Kicker 43DSC4604 speaker. While it might not deliver booming sound, it’ll satisfy basic music needs with a stock radio unit.

5. Infinity Kappa 461.11cfp

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Getting high-quality audio demands having high-quality speakers. This is exactly what the Infinity Kappa 461.11cfp is designed for. It’s designed using modern technologies in sound, making it beat other speakers that couldn’t make it in our list. Read on to find out why this speaker is worth your consideration.

Features and Benefits

  • Soft dome tweeters– Each speaker in the pair features soft dome tweeters. These tweeters deliver clean, high-frequencies.
  • Volume control– The tweeters come with a switch for controlling the volume. You can adjust the volume of the tweeters to your preference.
  • Glass fiber– The woofer cone is made of glass fiber. It delivers quality bass without distorting.
  • Plus One woofer– The woofer is made using the Plus One woofer cone technology. It has a large surface area for enhanced low frequencies.
  • Vented motor assembly– Each speaker in the pair features a vented motor system. It allows for air circulation around the voice coil such that it doesn’t overheat easily.


  • Comes with adhesive gaskets
  • Works well with aftermarket amps
  • Great power handling
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Full-range sound


  • May require an amplifier for better sound
  • Higher price range
  • Doesn’t come with grilles


If you desire to enjoy high-quality audio in your car with full-range sound, then consider the Infinity Kappa 461.11cfp 4” x 6” speaker set. While you may have to pay more and invest in an aftermarket amp, you’ll get to fulfill your audio needs.

6. JBL Club 6420

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Any music enthusiast knows JBL as one of the leading speaker manufacturers. The brand has earned a good name in the world of manufacturing speakers based on designing high-quality speakers. The JBL Club 6420 has not been left behind in the competition. It boasts of being one of the best 4 by 6 automotive replacement speakers. Learn why we considered it in our review by going through its features below.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatibility with stock speaker holes– The speaker framing is designed to fit in most stock speaker holes. It has several holes on the framing for the best fit without drilling new screw holes.
  • UV resistant cone– The woofer cone of this speaker is made of polypropylene material. This cone material delivers great sound and resists weather elements such as UV rays, humidity, and heat.
  • Acoustically dampened– In addition, the woofer cone of each speaker is acoustically dampened. It doesn’t distort easily.
  • Large surface area cone– The cone is built using Plus One technology for a wider surface area. Consequently, it delivers enhanced low frequencies.
  • Balanced tweeters– JBL Club features PEI dome tweeters with a balanced design. They deliver clear and smooth highs.


  • Zero protrusion tweeter
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to install
  • Plus One woofer cone technology
  • Compact design


  • Doesn’t come with grilles
  • The highs may overpower other frequencies
  • Not ideal for bass at the rear deck


Looking for full-range replacement speakers at a very competitive price? If so, then you should invest in the JBL Club 6420 2-way speaker. Its modern technologies won’t disappoint.

7. Pioneer TS-G4645R

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Who doesn’t recognize Pioneer as one of the best speaker makers? The company has been around for many years and never seems to disappoint. Its TS- G4645R model is also one of the best four by six inch speakers from Pioneer. By investing in an aftermarket speaker like Pioneer, you’ll bring your car music experience to a whole new level. Here’s why we considered this speaker in our review.

Features and Benefits

  • Cloth surround with rubber coating– The surround features a cloth speaker surround for enhanced performance. The cloth surround is coated with rubber to make it more durable.
  • Piezoelectric tweeter– It’s good to note that this speaker comes as a 2-way driver with a piezoelectric type of tweeter. This tweeter type is made to withstand high-frequency overloads.
  • Easy to mount speaker framing– The framing of the speaker comes with multiple holes made all along the edges. It allows for easy mounting on most stock holes such that you won’t have to drill new speaker holes.
  • Ferrite magnet– Another key feature of this speaker is that it’s made of a ferrite magnet. This magnet material resists corrosion and is more cost friendly, thereby making the overall price of the speaker more affordable.
  • Conex damper– The speaker features a conex damper. This damper handles a lot of power and offers deeper bass.


  • Expansive voice coil
  • Balanced dome tweeter
  • Comes with adapter rings
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Competitive pricing


  • Doesn’t come with grilles
  • May distort at high volume
  • Base level is a bit low


If you’re looking for inexpensive yet decent sounding replacement speakers, then you should add the Pioneer TS- G4645R to your shopping list. The speaker offers clear highs and midrange, but you may not get booming bass.

8. Polk Audio DB462 DB+ Series

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Polk Audio has managed to build a speaker system with amazing features, including full-range and clear sound. This speaker system is the DB462 DB+ Series. It’s specially designed to fit in all types of automotive including ATVs, boats, motorbikes, cars, and more. It’s built to withstand harsh weather elements, that’s why it’s ideal for use in any automotive and environment. Read on for further details about this amazing speaker.

Features and Benefits

  • Compatibility– The design and frame of this speaker is made to fit in all types of automotive. Thus, you can easily install it in your car or boat without any issue.
  • Marine rated– The speaker is specially designed to tolerate harsh weather conditions such as humidity, saline conditions, and UV rays. Thus, you can use it either in your car or boat in areas with harsh weather conditions without it getting damaged easily.
  • Dynamic balance– Polk Audio has used dynamic balance technology to design the DB462 DB+ Series. As such, it delivers clear and well-balanced full-range audio.
  • High-performance tweeters– The speaker comes with a ¾ inch, 20 mm tweeter. It’s designed for high-performance and delivers balanced highs.
  • Non-resonant materials– The materials making the speaker components are non-resonant. As such, they allow for clear high, mid, and low frequencies.


  • Marine rated
  • Universal fit and easy to install
  • Shallow tweeter
  • Mounting hardware
  • Strong rubber surround


  • Doesn’t come with grilles
  • Not very loud
  • May distort under high volume


If you’re in search of good sounding replacement speakers with balanced full-range sound, then consider the Polk Audio DB462 DB+ Series. While it might not be very loud, it’ll deliver decent sound.

9. CERWIN-VEGA Mobile H746 HED(R) Series

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Cerwin-Vega has designed this speaker model to offer a cinematic listening experience. It’s designed using a combination of elegance, sleek accents, and an attractive finish. It’s made to enhance the listening experience of any music genre for it delivers high-quality and full-range sound. Read on for further details on its key features.

Features and Benefits

  • Vented basket– The speaker features a vented basket for smooth airflow. This ensures that its components don’t overheat when under heavy usage.
  • Steel frame– The speaker frame is made of steel. Steel is strong enough to protect the component it houses.
  • Graphite injected cone– Its woofer cone is injected with graphite. This enhances its stiffness and performance.
  • Balanced tweeters– Each speaker in the pair comes with a balanced dome tweeter. This tweeter design allows for clear and smooth highs.
  • Mesh tweeter grill– The tweeters come covered with a mesh grill. The mesh grill protects the tweeters from damage while still allowing for maximum sound output.


  • Vented basket
  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with most stock holes
  • PEI dome tweeters
  • 2-way driver system


  • Bass is not booming
  • May rattle if driven too hard
  • Midrange is set a bit high by default


Shopping for aftermarket 4” x 6” speakers to replace your old, factory speakers? If so, consider the CERWIN-VEGA Mobile H746 HED(R) Series for well-balanced sound. Although you may not get booming bass, you’ll still get good value of your money with this model.

10. Polk Audio DB461P

[amazon box=”B000P0NJOO”]

You’ll hardly enjoy good sounding music with old, stock speakers. That’s why you should replace them with the amazing Polk Audio DB461P for an improved music experience in your car. And why does this speaker model deserve your consideration? Well, find out by checking its features below.

Features and Benefits

  • Laser imaging technology– The speaker is designed using laser imaging technology. The technology assists in determining the best speaker materials during design and manufacturing, thereby minimizing distortion.
  • 2-way crossover– Another key feature of this speaker set is that each speaker comes with an inbuilt crossover. The crossover ensures each driver receives the correct frequency.
  • Mica and polymer composite cone– Its 4” woofer cone is made of a composite of mica and polymer. This enhances its stiffness and performance.
  • Kapton voice coil– This speaker boasts of having a two-layer kapton voice coil. It’s lightweight and allows for high audio output, coupled with a high melting temperature to handle lots of power.
  • Polymer and silk tweeter composite– The tweeter material is made of a composite of polymer and silk. The composite allows for detailed and clear high frequencies.


  • Marine certified
  • Easy to install speaker frame design
  • Clean highs
  • High power handling
  • Heat sink


  • Not the best for booming bass
  • The speaker frame is made of a weak material
  • Less competitive pricing


Car owners who love more of highs and mid-range frequency without much interest in booming bass would find the Polk Audio DB461P 2-way speaker as their best option.

Factors to Consider Before Buying the Best 4×6 Speakers

Whether you’re an audiophile or not, you definitely want to enjoy the best sound possible in your car. However, that demands to have the best speakers possible. They come in different brands and sizes. Some are superior to others. They’re made differently by different manufacturers. Thus, you can’t invest in just any random speaker you come across and expect to get the best sound. There’re certain things you have to look out for to get the best speaker. And what are these factors? Read on to know the factors to consider before buying the best 4 by 6 replacement speaker.

Intended Purpose

Before buying any speaker, you need to know the kind of sound you want. Do you want just mid-range and highs? Or are you after deep bass? Or maybe you want full-range sound? You need to ask yourself such questions before making any investment in speakers. Once you determine the kind of sound frequency you expect from a speaker, then you can go ahead and choose a speaker that is specially designed to deliver that sound frequency.

For instance, if you want more bass, go for a speaker that can deliver deep bass. If you want to hear clear vocals and instrumentals, then go for a speaker that can deliver the best mid-range. If you love full-range sound, then go for a speaker that has multiple drivers and an inbuilt crossover. Also, if you love loud music, go for a speaker that can deliver loud music without distorting. It should be powerful enough to handle higher volume and more power without any problem. Thus, know what you want from a speaker before spending your money to ensure you get the best value of your money.

Also, think about the environment you’ll be using them. For instance, if you live in a highly-humid region, then consider going for speakers whose materials resist moisture. If you reside in a hot area, then you’ll definitely need speakers that resist heat and UV rays, especially if you want to use them in the dash.


Another crucial factor to consider is the impedance of the speaker. Impedance is usually measured in ohms. It’s basically the resistance of a speaker to the signals sent by an amplifier or head unit. Ensure the head unit or amp you have in your can be able to drive the speaker. If the speaker cannot resist the kind of power it gets from the amplifier, the amplifier will keep driving more power to the speaker and burn it. Speakers with lower impedance need a more powerful amp to drive them. For instance, a speaker rated as 4 ohms will extract more power from an amp than a speaker rated at 8 ohms. Thus, ensure the speaker you’re buying won’t be overpowered by the existing amp.

Speaker Sensitivity

Another key aspect to consider is the sensitivity of the speaker. Sensitivity is usually measured in decibels (dB). Sensitivity is all about the loudness of a speaker per watt. A speaker that has a low sensitivity rating will demand more power to sound louder. A speaker with a higher sensitivity rating will demand less power to sound louder. Basically, low sensitivity ratings range from 80 to 88 decibels for every watt whereas those rated between 89 to 100 decibels for every watt are considered to have high sensitivity. Thus, if you have a head unit or amplifier that is not that powerful and you need loud sound, then go for a speaker with a lower sensitivity rating. If your head unit or amp is extremely powerful, then you’ll be good with a speaker that has a higher sensitivity rating to get loud sound.

Power Handling

Besides the impedance and sensitivity of a speaker, you also need to consider its power handling. Power handling is all about the amount of power that a speaker can handle without getting damaged. If a speaker receives more power than it’s designed to, then it can distort, crackle, and even get damaged permanently. 

Power handling relates to both RMS power and peak power. RMS power is the power that a speaker can handle continuously without being damaged. On the other hand, peak power is the amount of power that a speaker can handle at one instant. What matters more is the RMS power. Ensure the RMS power of the speaker you buy won’t be overpowered by your existing head unit or amp.

Quality of the Materials

Of all considerations, quality should never be ignored. The quality of the speaker you buy will largely determine the extent of time it’ll serve you. If you want a speaker that will serve you for long, then ensure its components are made of high-quality materials. For instance, ensure the surround, cone, and coil are made of high-quality materials to ensure they don’t tear or burn out easily. Also, ensure the speaker basket or frame is made of high-quality materials to keep the interior components protected.

Speaker Design

Go for a speaker design that matches your preferences and automotive. For instance, ensure the speaker depth is suitable for your car door or dashboard before making a choice. Also, choose between protruding and zero protrusion tweeters in coaxial speakers. If you want to cover the speaker with a grille, then a speaker with zero protrusion tweeters will work better for you. If you want your speaker to remain exposed for aesthetic purposes, then any tweeter design in the speaker will work for you.

Ease of Installation

You’ll definitely want a speaker that’s effortless to install. An easy-to-install speaker is one that matches with your factory speaker holes. If you get a matching speaker, you won’t have to drill new screw holes or new speaker holes. You’ll simply fit it right in and screw it in place. Also, consider a speaker that comes with mounting hardware to make it easier for you to install. If you are thinking to install it yourself you can read our guide on How to Install Car Speakers Yourself.

Consider Your Budget

While the price tag of a speaker should not be the main determining factor when choosing, it still matters. You’ll be surprised to find out that a more affordable speaker performs better than a more expensive one. Always ensure that you buy a quality speaker within your budget to create a balance between quality and price. Also, avoid being overcharged since not all expensive speakers may sound great. Once you’re sure of the kind of speaker you want, look for one that fits your budget.

Personal Preferences

In the end, the ultimate factor to consider when choosing a 4” by 6” stereo speaker is your personal preference. The quality of sound is more of a personal judgment. Every individual has their own taste of what they perceive to be the best sound. One speaker may sound awful to one individual and sound superb to another individual. The best speaker is always the one that appeals best to your ears as an individual. Aesthetics may also matter to some individuals. After all, who doesn’t appreciate good-looking items? Thus, your personal preferences should matter when making a choice.

In conclusion…..

As you can see, there’re many 4 inch by 6 inch speakers available today. If it sounded confusing to make a choice at first, you can now see it’s easier to choose the best speaker with this review and buying guide in mind. After all, this review includes the best of the best speakers, such that you’ll be making your choice from speakers that guarantee high performance. When making your choice, ensure you consider the aforementioned factors to get the best 4×6 speakers. Ultimately, the choice you make is up to you. Nevertheless, this review and buying guide makes the work easier for you. Thus, keep it in mind when shopping for aftermarket speakers.

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