The Best 6×9 Speakers Review and Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love music? Almost everyone loves music. Music is entertaining and relieves stress. When your car has a good music system, you also get to enjoy listening to your favorite tracks and even radio. However, most cars come with low-quality speakers. Factory speakers don’t deliver the best music experience. They only deliver basic sound and you end up missing most music details. So what can you do to improve your car music experience? Simply upgrade your factory speakers with new aftermarket speakers for improved sound.

Aftermarket speakers come in many models and sizes. One of the best aftermarket speaker sizes is the 6×9 speaker. This speaker size is large enough for most music needs and can comfortably fit in most cars. Also, there’re many models to choose from. However, how would you know the best 6×9 speaker with all the models available to choose from? Well, don’t worry for we have taken care of that in this review. Read on for a review of the best 6 inch by 9 inch speakers, including a guide on how to choose the best speaker amongst them.

How We Wrote This Review

Most car owners are always confused when choosing aftermarket speakers for their cars. You might have even bought a car speaker and it failed to fit in your car even after doing modifications on the door or dash. The speaker is now lying idle in your home and you wasted time, money, and effort. Also, you may have bought new speakers but they sounded worse than the stock speakers. Such mistakes are common. You can avoid all those mistakes by relying on this review and buying guide. We found it necessary to review the best 6 by 9 aftermarket speakers to ensure that you won’t make such mistakes ever again. We took time to compare dozens of speakers and shortlisted 10 replacement speakers in this review. The speakers reviewed here made it to our list based on their unmatched performance and passing all our tests on quality and performance. We tested the speakers ourselves, interviewed several current owners, and analyzed data from manufacturers. Thus, our review is based on current and unbiased data.

Top Ten 6×9 Speakers in 2022

As you visit various stores looking for replacement speakers, you’ll come across many types of speakers. It’d be quite challenging for you to compare them. For instance, if you’re purchasing them online, there’s no way you’d be able to test them before making a purchase. We’ve made the entire work easier for you by reviewing the top 10 six by nine inch speakers. Check each speaker review below and make a more informed choice.

Comparison Table of Best 6×9 Speakers

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1. Infinity REF-9623ix

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The Infinity X series speakers have been in the market for some years now. The REF-9623ix series is an improved X series model with enhanced audio performance. This speaker boasts of being on top of our review list based on its great performance on all the key features that a car aftermarket speaker should have. Thus, expect clarity when you replace your old speakers with the REF-9623ix. Read on to know its features and benefits.

Features and Benefits

  • 3 way driver system– The speaker is designed as a 3 way speaker, meaning that it has three different drivers. These drivers are a woofer cone for lows, twitter for highs, and a super tweeter for the highest frequencies. As such, you’ll get full range sound and crisp highs from this speaker, such that you’ll get all the music details you’ve been missing.
  • Edge-driven tweeter– The speaker features an edge-driven tweeter and super tweeter made of textile material with a dome design. Edge-driven tweeter technology in combination with textile material is advantageous in that the tweeters can deliver bolder highs than regular cone tweeters.
  • Near-universal compatibility– While buying a speaker, you’d want to get a speaker that’ll fit easily in your car. This Infinity speaker has near-universal compatibility. Its design makes it easy to fit in most car doors without doing much modification.
  • Hi-roll rubber speaker surround– The surround material of this speaker is made of hi-roll rubber. Rubber is a flexible material that responds well to the cone vibrations. Rubber is also long-lasting for it doesn’t decompose. Its hi-roll design means that it has a large surface area but takes small space in the speaker design.
  • Polypropylene woofer cone– The woofer cone in this speaker is made of polypropylene material. Polypropylene resists moisture such that it’s ideal for speakers that are to be used in an environment with high levels of moisture. Its distortion rate is also low, making it a great material for making speaker cones.


  • Comes with grilles and grille frames
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Sounds great without an amp
  • Soft highs that are not fatiguing
  • Smooth treble and clear vocals


  • Not the best for booming bass
  • Doesn’t come with connector clips


The Infinity REF-9623ix is outstanding when it comes to clarity. Grab this speaker right away if you need to hear all the music details. It’s ideal for anyone who prefers clarity and anyone who won’t mind lacking booming bass.

2. New Kicker 43DSC69304

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Kicker has never been left behind when it comes to manufacturing car speakers. If your old, stock speakers are worn-out, then this Kicker DS Series speaker will be a great replacement. The speaker is built to deliver high-quality sound and it’s built to easily fit in most cars. Read on for its review and know why it’s worth your consideration in your shortlist.

Features and Benefits

  • Pair of 3-way speakers– This speaker comes as a pair of 2 speakers, each with a 3-way driver system. The drivers include a woofer cone for lows and midrange, a tweeter for highs, and a super tweeter for super highs. Thus, you’ll enjoy full range sound without missing out on any music details.
  • Polypropylene woofer cone– The cone of this speaker is made of polypropylene material. Polypropylene is a plastic material that boasts of resisting harsh weather elements such as moisture and water. You can even use this speaker in a marine environment and any high-moisture environment without any worries of moisture damage. Moreover, this material keeps distortion at the lowest, thereby enhancing the overall sound quality.
  • Polyester foam surround– The surround that comes with this speaker is made of ribbed polyester foam. The ribbed design allows for brighter sound. It guarantees cleaner and more defined sound. Polyester foam material is flexible such that it increases the efficiency of the woofer. Moreover, polyester is a form of synthetic fiber and doesn’t wear down quickly.
  • PEI dome tweeter design– The PEI dome tweeter design of this speaker allows for accurate highs. This design also disperses highs excellently and precisely. Moreover, you get balanced highs with this design.
  • Zero-protrusion tweeter and super tweeter– The tweeter and super tweeter of this speaker have a zero-protrusion design. This allows for the speaker to be easily enclosed in a grille as the tweeters are not protruding out of the basket. The super tweeter allows for the highest highs that regular tweeters can’t deliver.


  • Grilles are provided
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Speaker wire is provided
  • Thin profile with zero-protrusion tweeters
  • Performs well at high volume with minimal distortion


  • Bass is minimal
  • You may have to add an amp


Anyone looking for replacement speakers with clean, accurate, and full-range sound should consider the 2 New Kicker 43DSC69304 speaker. Although it’s not the best for bass, it delivers great midrange and superb highs.

3. Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime

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If you’re wondering how to tune your car stereo to its full potential, worry no more. Simply replace the old, muddy factory speakers with the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime. This speaker is specifically designed for quality. It’s made of high-quality materials to guarantee you unmatched performance and durability. It got what it takes to be among our top 10 list. Simply read on to learn more about its great features.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated tweeter crossover– The integrated tweeter crossover that comes with this speaker ensures that you’ll get clear and dedicated highs. It filters high frequencies from the stereo or amp and feeds the tweeter with pure high frequency. As such, you get clean highs.
  • Silk dome tweeters– This speaker comes with silk dome piezo tweeters. The silk material has a smooth texture that guarantees accurate highs. Their piezo technology enhances the loudness of the highs. They also disperse sound over a wider area.
  • Vacuum-formed polypropylene cone– Another great feature of this speaker is its vacuum-formed polypropylene cone. Vacuum forming makes the cone thin enough. As such, it’s highly rigid, yet lightweight thereby delivering high-quality midrange and lows. You can easily distinguish the lows without any distortion.
  • Stamped steel basket– A feature you’ll appreciate with this speaker is its stamped steel basket. Using stamping technology to make the steel basket ensures that its design is precise with consistent quality. Moreover, steel is a sturdy material that keeps the speaker components firmly in place.
  • Easy to fit– The thin profile that comes with this speaker makes it easy to install. It also comes with mounting hardware such that you won’t struggle with installation. You can also cover the speakers with the provided grille to keep it protected from external elements that may damage the cone.


  • Speaker grilles are provided
  • 3-way driver system
  • Slim design
  • Durable rubber surround
  • Mounting hardware is provided


  • Not very efficient in power handling


If you’ve been looking for speakers that will deliver full-range sound in your car, then consider the Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime in your shortlist. Although it might not be loud enough for an audiophile, it delivers clean sound.

4. Pioneer TS-A6996S

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Pioneer is never left behind when it comes to sound systems. Its TS-A speaker series comes with enhanced sound features. The Pioneer TS-A6996S comes with enhanced bass and power handling. It also features an attractive design. If you’re looking for something powerful to replace your dull factory speakers, then you’ve found the right speaker. Why not read on to learn more about one of the loudest 6×9 speakers in the world.

Features and Benefits

  • High power handling– One major feature to note about this Pioneer speaker is its high power handling capacity. Each speaker in this peak has a power rating of 100 watts RMS and they both have 650 watts peak power. As such, they can handle a lot of power from your car stereo or amp without distorting.
  • Mica-matrix woofer cone– The cone of this speaker is made of a mica-matrix material. The multilayer mica cone allows for deeper lows. Its multilayer nature increases its stiffness such that it can withstand prolonged usage without any issues. Moreover, it’s lightweight and resists moisture.
  • Elastic polymer surround– The surround that comes with this speaker is made of an elastic polymer. As such, it’s able to flex effortlessly for smooth sound. Its lightweight and flexible nature also enhances clarity. Despite being lightweight and flexible, the polymer is also durable such that it doesn’t wear or tear easily.
  • PET dome tweeter and super tweeters– Another great feature that comes with this speaker is its single tweeter and dual super tweeters that are made of the PET material and dome tweeter design. The PET material resists humidity and is lightweight. Their dome design allows for wider and more effective dispersion of highs.
  • 5-way speaker driver– The Pioneer TS-A6996S boasts of being a 5-way driver system. It features a woofer driver for lows, a midrange driver for mid, a tweeter for highs, and two super tweeters for extreme highs. As such, you’ll be guaranteed of a wide and full-range frequency from this speaker.


  • Two super tweeters
  • Grilles are provided
  • Decent bass
  • Wide frequency range
  • Loud enough


  • Higher price range


Do you prefer full-range sound with clarity? If that’s the case, the Pioneer TS-A6996S is the best choice for you. This 5-way speaker won’t disappoint when it comes to enjoying a wide frequency range.

5. Kenwood KFC-6966S

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Kenwood is a name you’ll always here when it comes to sound equipment. Kenwood is known for high-quality sound equipment, and the Kenwood KFC-6966S speaker has not been left behind in our review. If you can no longer cope with your poor-sounding factory speakers, then read on to learn why you should consider this speaker as a great replacement speaker.

Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene cone– One of the best features of this speaker is its polypropylene woofer cone. This material is great for solid bass, something that will make your music listening experience feel more enriched. Moreover, this material allows for dynamic midrange.
  • Ceramic tweeter– The speaker comes with a ½ inch ceramic super tweeter and a 2 inch PEI dome tweeter. The ceramic super tweeter guarantees more realistic super highs. Ceramic also reduces distortion and overtones. The PEI dome tweeter allows for wider dispersion of highs whereas its balanced design ensures clear and smooth highs.
  • Full-range sound– As a 3-way driver system, this speaker guarantees full range sound. You’ll get lows and mid from its woofer cone, highs from the tweeter, and super highs from the super tweeter.
  • Enlarged magnet circuit– The magnet circuit in this speaker comes with an enlarged design. As such, it delivers clear sound such that you’re able to point out different music details effortlessly.Sound field enhancer– The sound field enhancer in this speaker improves sound quality. Thus, you get a lot of sound with improved quality from the speaker despite its size.


  • Treated cloth woofer surround
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Speaker wire and mounting hardware are provided
  • Grilles are included


  • Clean highs but not very bright


What more would you want if not a great-sounding speaker at an affordable price? The Kenwood KFC-6966S delivers great sound and it’s an ideal replacement that won’t make you break the bank.

6. JBL Stage 9603 420W Max

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JBL is yet another outstanding audio equipment manufacturer. Whenever you hear of the brand name JBL, you expect something good out of it. The same can be said with the JBL Stage 9603 420W Max speaker. If you’ve reached a point where you say you’d rather not turn on your car stereo due to terrible factory speakers, then this JBL speaker will make you appreciate your car stereo. Here’s what it boasts of:

Features and Benefits

  • Responsive woofer cone– The woofer cone that comes with this speaker is made of propylene. This material is highly responsive to vibrations from the voice coil. It delivers bass with a punch, and this is exactly what you may have been missing with your muddy stock speakers.
  • Balanced dome tweeter– Another key feature about this speaker is its PEI dome tweeter. PEI material allows for more power handling and efficiency in terms of power. Moreover, it reduces distortion, thereby allowing for smoother highs. Its dome design allows for spacious highs.
  • Piezoelectric super tweeter– Besides its amazing tweeter, this speaker also comes with a piezoelectric super tweeter. The super tweeter is exactly what you need if you’re looking for a speaker that can reproduce the highest highs. Moreover, its piezoelectric design makes it resist overloads such that it doesn’t distort easily.
  • Easy to install– Who doesn’t love a replacement speaker that is effortless to install? This speaker comes with all the necessary installation hardware such that you won’t struggle with the installation process. You’ll also feel free to protect the speakers with the grilles that are provided.
  • High power output– This speaker can handle a total of 420 watts peak power as a pair and a power rating of 140 watts RMS as a pair. Thus, it can handle more power and you can get more out of it by adding an external amplifier.


  • Mounting hardware is provides
  • Each speaker in the pair comes with a grille
  • 3-way speaker system
  • Great bass handling
  • Affordable


  • May distort when volume is turned all the way up


You’ll surely get value for money if you opt for this speaker. It handles bass quite well with its dedicated woofer cone and you’ll get the best highs from the super tweeter.

7. Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series

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Polk Audio has used the latest laser imaging technology in the design of this speaker. Laser imaging technology ensures that each speaker component is made with accuracy. The result is a high-performance speaker. Thus, if you want to upgrade your low-quality factory car speakers, this Polk Audio pair of speakers have what it takes to be your best replacement speaker. Why not go through its features below to learn why it’s worth your consideration.

Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene and UV tolerant cone– The woofer cone of this speaker is made of UV-treated polypropylene material. As such, you can use the speaker on your dash without minding sunlight for it tolerates harmful UV rays. The polypropylene material also minimizes distortion and guarantee smooth response to low frequencies.
  • Waterproof surround– Both the interior and exterior surfaces of the surround are waterproof. This makes the speaker perfect for a marine environment. Thus, besides it being ideal for your car, you can also use it comfortably in your boat or ATV.
  • Near universal compatibility– The design of this speaker makes it hassle-free to install in just any vehicle. It’s compatible with cars, boats, ATVs, and any other motor vehicle. It comes with installation hardware that makes it easier to fit in place.
  • Silk dome tweeters– Each speaker in this pair comes with a tweeter and a super tweeter. They’re made of silk material for smooth highs. Moreover, their dome design spreads highs widely and with improved precision.
  • Inbuilt crossover– Who doesn’t love listening to well-balanced sound? This Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series speaker comes with an inbuilt crossover than guarantees balanced sound. It does so by ensuring that each speaker driver gets fed with the frequency range it can handle.


  • Marine-rated
  • Comes with well-designed grilles
  • Mounting hardware is provided
  • Easy to install
  • High power handling


  • Higher price range
  • You might have to add an amp


Wondering which speaker would give you great performance and guaranteed durability? Well, the Polk Audio DB692 DB+ Series is designed for power and quality. However, you’ll want to add an amp to realize its full potential.


[amazon box=”B00JDVAOCQ”]

CERWIN VEGA has designed this speaker with budget in mind. It’s very affordable, yet it comes with great features that you’ll surely appreciate. Despite its affordability, you’ll get full-range sound from this speaker, something you’ve been missing with your muddy factory speakers. Let’s look at its key features and benefits that made it feature in our review.

Features and Benefits

  • Curvilinear Poly Cone– This CERWIN VEGA speaker comes with a poly cone material. The cone has a curvilinear design, thereby enhancing its ability to respond to lows smoothly. As sound hits lows, the curvilinear cone responds efficiently to the change in frequency.
  • Butyl Rubber Surround– As the cone moves according to the coil vibrations, the butyl rubber surround of this speaker responds accordingly while still keeping the cone in place. This material boasts of efficient flexibility. It’s also durable and doesn’t wear out quickly.
  • Balanced metal tweeter– The tweeter that comes with this speaker is made of a metallic material for strength. It uses the balanced tweeter dome design for enhanced highs. Moreover, it disperses highs in a wider space such that you’ll experience decent highs throughout your car regardless of your sitting position.
  • Easy to mount– It’s worth noting that this speaker easily fits in most factory holes. If you’re not a DIY handy person, this is the speaker to install on your own for you won’t struggle with cutting new speaker holes. Moreover, mounting hardware is provided for easier installation.
  • High sensitivity– Another great feature that comes with this speaker is its high sensitivity. It has a sensitivity rating of 94 dB. As such, you won’t need a lot of power to drive it, making it efficient. Moreover, you can connect it to your stereo without adding an external amp.


  • Very affordable
  • Decent sound quality
  • High sensitivity
  • Wide frequency range
  • Works with most head units without an amp


  • May distort at high volume
  • Power handling is not very accurate


Any car owner on a tight budget and needs replacement speakers that will work without an amplifier should invest in the CERWIN VEGA XED693 speaker. Since it doesn’t demand a lot of power, you can easily use it even with the weakest stock stereo.

9. Pyle PL6984BL

[amazon box=”B000230LCW”]

Besides this speaker pair looking great, they also sound great. Their Blue Label design makes them aesthetically pleasing, making them an ideal choice for car owners who like showing off their car stereo system. Moreover, this Pyle speaker comes with multiple features all at a competitive price. Why not read on for its unique features.

Features and Benefits

  • Poly injected cone– The woofer driver of this speaker features an attractive injected poly cone with a blue finishing. The injected poly boasts of enhanced stiffness without adding extra weight. As such, it’s able to deliver clean sound with minimal distortion.
  • ASV voice coil– Another noteworthy feature of this speaker is its ASV voice coil. It’s able to operate efficiently at high temperatures such that you’ll be guaranteed of great performance under heavy usage. Moreover, the voice coil is lightweight and responds smoothly to different frequencies.
  • 4-way driver system– If you really want full-range sound, then you’re on the right speaker. This Pyle speaker comes as a pair of 4-way speakers. Each speaker in the pair comes with a tweeter, super tweeter, midrange driver, and a woofer driver. Thus, you’ll experience all the music details you’ve been missing with factory speakers.
  • Butyl rubber surround– The butyl rubber surround that comes with this speaker is long-lasting such that it extends the life of the speaker. Moreover, butyl rubber is sturdy enough to keep the cone in place while still being flexible enough to allow the cone to vibrate smoothly. 
  • High power handling– If you like powerful speakers, this speaker pair can handle a lot of power. You’d actually need to connect them to an external amp to get the best out of them. They can handle 180 watts RMS as a pair and a peak power of up to 400 watts.


  • Non-fatiguing sound
  • Loud and clear
  • Attractive, blue cone
  • Two tweeters
  • Very affordable


  • May not work well without an amp


What more would you want if not a speaker that delivers full-range sound all at an affordable price? Simply consider the inexpensive Pyle PL6984BL in your shortlist and you won’t break the bank.

10. BOSS Audio CH6930

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Another great 6×9 speaker for anyone on a tight budget is the BOSS Audio CH6930. While this speaker is the last on our list, it performs very well. It’s actually one of the most affordable speakers in our review. Thus, you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your old factory speakers with new ones. Here’s why this speaker made it into our list:

Features and Benefits

  • High temperature voice coil- This speaker comes with a voice coil that withstands high temperature while still maintaining its performance. If you like listening to music for prolonged periods of time, then you should invest in a speaker that can handle high temperature, and this speaker does exactly that.
  • Rubber surround- The surround used in this speaker is made of rubber. It endures heavy and prolonged usage without wearing and tearing. As such, you can push it to its limits without any signs of damage.
  • Piezoelectric tweeter- Another notable feature of this budget speaker is its piezoelectric tweeter. The tweeter can resist overloads even without the support of a crossover. Thus, you’ll get clean highs with or without a crossover.
  • Polyurethane cone- The woofer cone driver of this speaker is made of polyurethane material. It’s resilient such that you’ll enjoy great sound for more years to come. Moreover, it’s flexible and strong at the same time, making it respond to lows smoothly.
  • Stamped steel basket– Yet another key feature of this speaker is its fully stamped steel basket. The stamping technique used in manufacturing this speaker basket creates a uniformly-shaped basket, thereby enhancing the overall performance of the speaker components it houses.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Great tones
  • Rich and clean sound
  • Solid build quality
  • 3-way speaker system


  • Bass is decent but not booming


If you’re planning to upgrade your car speakers but working with a tight budget, this speaker will be your best bet. While its bass may not be booming, you’ll enjoy rich sound with great tones.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best 6×9 Speakers

While all speakers are built to produce sound, they’re not built the same. Some sound better than others due to certain factors. Thus, you shouldn’t rush to buy a speaker just because it looks cool to you. There’re certain features you need to look out for before buying a replacement speaker for your car. Consider the factors listed below and stand a better chance of making the best choice.

1. Ease of Installation and Compatibility

After investing your hard-earned money on new speakers for your car, you wouldn’t want to struggle fitting them in your car. Thus, it’s good to consider how easy it will be to install the speaker you choose. The best speaker for you is the one that can fit in the stock holes or at least fit in using some adapters. If you go for a speaker that demands cutting out new speaker holes, then be ready for more work, something you wouldn’t want especially if you’re not DIY handy with modifying your car.

Also, you’d want to invest in a speaker that will be compatible with your existing car stereo. You might find that some aftermarket speakers may not work well with your stock head unit. In this case, you’d be forced to buy a new head unit. If your budget can’t allow you to invest in a new head unit, then buy replacement speakers that will be compatible with a stock stereo.

2. Speaker Design

Six by nine speakers may come in different designs. Choose a design that can fit in your stock speaker holes without much modification. If you love your music system concealed, choose a speaker design that can be covered and concealed by a speaker grille. Such a speaker should be the one with a zero protrusion tweeter. If you like showcasing your car music system, then concealment wouldn’t be an issue and a speaker with protruding tweeters would be a plus for you. Also, an aesthetically pleasing speaker design would be a great option for you to showcase your music system, especially during car music competitions.

3. Construction Materials

The best speaker should be the one built with durable materials. After all, who doesn’t like something that can last long? Thus, ensure the speaker components are made of high-quality and durable materials. For instance, ensure the speaker drivers are made of a material that wouldn’t wear and tear easily. Also, ensure the speaker basket is made of a sturdy material to keep the speaker components in place and protected. Remember to check the voice coil material to ensure you’re investing in a speaker with a coil that won’t burn out easily even under prolonged, heavy usage. High-quality speaker materials will also guarantee you of superb speaker performance.

4. Component or Coaxial

Speakers usually come as component or coaxial driver system. Component speakers are speakers that have a single driver system such as a standalone woofer driver or a standalone tweeter driver. With component speakers, a single driver system will give you one specific frequency range. For instance, a component woofer driver will only give you low-frequency sound. On a similar note, a component tweeter driver will only deliver highs. Thus, to get full range sound with component speakers, you’ll have to invest in multiple, separate component speaker. In this case, you’ll need a separate woofer, midrange driver, and tweeter. This means more expenses and installation work. However, component speakers are the best for a custom sound system.

On the other hand, coaxial car speakers come as multiple speaker drivers built into one speaker basket. Coaxial speakers can be 2 way, 3 way, and even 4 way driver system. 2 way and 3 way coaxial speakers are the most common option. A 2 way coaxial speaker means that it has a woofer driver and a tweeter built in one speaker basket. A 3 way coaxial speaker has a woofer driver, tweeter, and super tweeter all built in one speaker driver. Thus, a single coaxial speaker can deliver full range sound. Coaxial speakers are the best option when it comes to ease of installation.

5. Power Handling

Different speakers have different power handling capabilities. The speaker power rating determines the amount of power it can handle safely without distorting or getting damaged. Speaker power rating is usually rated in Watts RMS and peak power. When making your choice, go for a speaker that can be easily powered with your existing head unit. If the speaker demands more power than what the head unit delivers, then you’ll have to invest in a more powerful head unit or an external car amplifier. Also, choose a speaker that won’t be overpowered by your head unit or amp to ensure it doesn’t distort or even burn out.

6. Your Budget

While budget shouldn’t be your main determining factor, you don’t have to spend beyond your limits. Simply find a speaker within your budget that has all the key features you need. However, don’t comprise the cost over quality. Always avoid buying a speaker just because it is cheap. After all, you wouldn’t mind spending a little more for a speaker that will serve you for many years to come.


As you can see, there’re many great 6×9 car speakers in the market. They all have their own unique features and benefits. While one speaker model may be great for one person, it might not be the best for you. Thus, make your choice based on your personal preferences and the kind of sound you need from a speaker. Also, remember to consider the aforementioned factors to stand a better chance of investing in the best 6 by 9 car speaker. When shopping for replacement speakers, keep this review and buying guide handy to invest your money wisely.

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