A Buying Guide and Review of the Best 5.25 Speakers in 2024

When tuning your car radio to listen to your favorite radio station or when listening to your favorite tracks in your car stereo, you expect to get the best sound quality. However, factory speakers often disappoint. They hardly deliver the best sound. Factory car speakers are surely not what you would want, especially if you’re an audiophile. The best thing to do is to replace them with new, aftermarket 5.25 speakers. These aftermarket speakers will replace factory ones that don’t meet your sound expectations. They improve on quality and performance. Moreover, 5.25 speakers are a perfect size for they can easily fit in most cars, even where space is limited. But how would you choose the best 5.25 car speakers? Well, there’re many brands available in the market today and it can be quite confusing to make a choice. However, you shouldn’t worry about all that for we’ve prepared this review and buying guide to assist you when shopping for your new 5.25-inch car speakers.

How We Wrote This Review

The market is full of many 5.25 speakers to choose from. The latest ones come with great features and are made using the latest sound technologies. As such, it becomes quite confusing to make a choice on the best option. While the choices may seem endless, there’re some unique features to look out for and get the best option. That’s why we wrote this review to assist you in making an informed choice.

We wrote this review by comparing several speakers and shortlisted the top seven 5.25 speakers. We used data from different manufacturers to compare the specifications and features of the speakers. In addition, we tested the shortlisted speakers in local audio stores to have a personalized experience of what each speaker is capable of. Moreover, we interviewed real users about their experience on the shortlisted speakers. We were able to gather more details through an internet survey poll where real users gave their feedback and opinions. Upon gathering all the information and processing it, we were able to shortlist these seven speakers. Thus, you’ll be confident knowing that you’ll be choosing from the best speakers you can find in the market.

Top Seven 5.25 Speakers

While these speakers are the best you can find, not all speakers are made equal. Read on to know the best option for your needs by comparing the features, pros, and cons of each. You can rest assured that you’ll find a great option from these speakers:

Comparison Table of Best 5.25 Speakers

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1. Polk Audio DB522 DB+ Series

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We rank this speaker among the best 5.25-inch car speakers based on its uniqueness and great features. Moreover, it’s affordable despite its high quality. Polk Audio is known to manufacture sophisticated speakers with high-tech sound technologies. Here’s why we ranked this speaker at the top of our list of review.

Features and Benefits

  • Waterproof surrounds– The interior and exterior surrounds of the speaker are waterproof. They keep away liquids and dirt from getting into the interior components. This minimizes corrosion, thereby maximizing on the longevity of the speaker.
  • Universal fit– The speaker is designed to fit into almost any automotive. It allows for easy installation regardless of the space you have in your automotive.
  • Shallow tweeter– The shallow design of the tweeter prevents protrusion. As such, you can easily use the factory grille over this speaker for further protection.
  • Ultraviolet tolerant cone– It’s worth noting that the speaker’s cone is made of polypropylene. The material does not degrade or discolor since it tolerates harmful UV rays.
  • Marine certified– A great feature about this speaker is that it’s IP55 rated. It’s protected against harsh elements for it tolerates humidity, harmful UV, and even saline environments.


  • Comes with non-corrosive grilles
  • Mounting hardware is provided
  • Waterproof surrounds
  • Universal fit for most automotive
  • 2-way driver design
  • Full-range sound
  • Average price range


  • Can only fit in round speaker holes.
  • Clear sound but not very loud.
  • Tends to distort at high volume.


If you’re looking for clean, full-range, and rich sound, then the Polk Audio DB522 DB+ series is worth your consideration. Thus, check it out before it runs out of stock.

2. Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime

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Rockford is famous for designing some of the highest quality automotive speakers. The company has been in the industry for many years. Its expertise in designing high-quality sound systems is evident in the R1525X2 Prime speaker. Its 2-way driver system will surely deliver the kind of sound you’re looking for. Here’re its hits and misses.

Features and Benefits

  • Heavy duty surround– The surround of this speaker is made of heavy-duty rubber. It’s able to offer immense bass while ensuring maximum stability.
  • Polypropylene cones– Its cones are made of polypropylene material. Polypropylene is flexural and strong at the same time and doesn’t rupture easily.
  • Silk dome tweeters– A unique feature about this speaker is its flush-mounted tweeters. The silk dome tweeters allow for clear highs.
  • Integrated crossover– The speaker features a high-pass crossover. It ensures the right frequencies go to the right driver to guarantee sound balance.
  • Has mounting hardware– one great feature about this speaker is that it comes with mounting hardware. The mounting hardware allows for easy and quick installation.


  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Protection grills are provided.
  • Flush mounted tweeter.
  • 2-way driver system.
  • Rubber surround.
  • Integrated crossover.
  • Very affordable.


  • Bass is not booming.
  • There may be some distortion when the gain is too high.
  • The glue that attaches wires to the cone loosens when hot.


Whether you’re setting up your first audio system in your automotive from scratch, or you’re replacing a low-quality factory speaker, then you should consider the Rockford Fosgate R1525X2 Prime in your shopping list.

3. Pioneer TS-A1370F A Series

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Pioneer, for many years now, makes phenomenal sound equipment. The TS-A1370F A Series speaker is specially designed to deliver phenomenal sound. This speaker is designed to offer the best sound solution at an affordable price. It’s designed as a 3-way speaker, meaning that you’ll enjoy high, mid, and low frequencies. Read on to find out its features, pros, and cons.

Features and Benefits

  • 3-way speaker system- The speaker comes as a 3-way driver system. It allows for full-range sound with unmatched clarity.
  • Reinforced woofer cone– Its woofer cone is made of reinforced polypropylene. The result is enhanced strength, resistance to weather elements, and an amazing response to low frequencies.
  • Midrange cone– This pioneer speaker features a fiber midrange cone. You’ll get to enjoy superb midrange frequencies, including music sounds from drums, guitars, and other musical instruments.
  • Dome tweeter– The speaker features dome tweeters made of tough polyethylene. They deliver detailed high frequencies.
  • Streamlined grilles– You’ll surely appreciate the two streamlined grilles that come with this 3-way speaker. The grilles protect the speaker cone from damage, thereby enhancing its longevity.


  • 3-way driver.
  • Fiber cone midrange.
  • Mounting screws are provided.
  • Reinforced cone construction.
  • Free earbuds.
  • Very affordable.


  • Vocals are a bit unclear when the bass is turned high.
  • Buzzing sound when the volume is high.
  • The highs may be a bit harsh at high volume.


If you’re looking for a speaker that will surely deliver full range sound all at an affordable price, then you may want to check out the Pioneer TS-A1370F A Series speaker.

4. Infinity REF-5022cfx

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The Infinity speaker is designed to deliver the kind of sound you’ve been missing in your automotive. This 2-way speaker ensures you won’t miss on highs, mid, and lows. The speaker comprises of a pair of woofers and tweeters, all at an affordable price. Here’re the reasons why this speaker is worth your consideration.

Features and Benefits

  • Textile tweeters– The tweeters that come with this speaker are made of textile material. This material allows for clarity and detailed audio.
  • Tough woofer surround– The surround of the woofer is made of hi-roll rubber. This material is durable and has superb performance.
  • Large woofer cone– It’s worth noting that this Infinity speaker boasts of a large woofer cone. It offers quality and loud sound.
  • Great basket design– The basket of this speaker is designed to fit on most stock speaker holes. This allows for easy and quick installation.
  • Adhesive foam strips– A unique benefit of this speaker is that it comes with adhesive foam strips. The foam strips allow for a tight seal during installation and have cushioning properties for enhanced sound quality.


  • A foam mounting strip is provided.
  • Edge-driven tweeters.
  • Comes as a pair of speakers.
  • Optimized frame size.
  • Large speaker cone.
  • Average price range.


  • Doesn’t come with mounting screws.
  • The highs slightly overpower the bass.
  • A bit raspy at high volume.


Overall, the Infinity REF-5022cfx offers decent full range sound and is a perfect replacement for those dull-sounding stock speakers. Thus, consider this speaker when shopping for replacement speakers.

5. Kenwood KFC-1395PS 5-1/4″

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The Kenwood KFC-1395PS speaker is designed to offer better sound performance than average speakers. It features a 3-way driver system to ensure you receive all frequency ranges. The speaker is built with the latest sound technologies to give you the best sound. Here’re the features and benefits of this speaker that made it qualify in our list.

Features and Benefits

  • Water-resistant speaker cone– A key feature of this Kenwood speaker model is its water-resistant paper speaker cone. It resists water damage, making it ideal for humid conditions.
  • Radial rib cone pattern– The speaker cone uses the radial rib cone pattern technology. This cone technology makes it more responsive to low frequencies.
  • Rubber surround– Another major feature and benefit of this speaker is its rubber surround. Rubber is durable and ensures longevity of the surround.
  • Tweeter and super tweeter– This speaker model features a paper tweeter and another ceramic super tweeter. The two different tweeter designs guarantee the best highs.
  • 3-way driver– What could be better than having a 3-way speaker system in your automotive? With a 3-way setup, you’ll get to enjoy full range sound.


  • Water-resistant cones.
  • Rubber surround.
  • Acoustic sound harmonizer.
  • Combine paper tweeter and ceramic super tweeter.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Comes with grilles


  • They distort a little bit at high volume.
  • The connector for the speaker cable feels relatively flimsy.
  • Bass is decent but not booming.


The speaker performs well through road and engine noise. Thus, if you’re looking for replacement speakers that sound good at an affordable price, then you should keep the Kenwood KFC-1395PS in mind when shopping.

6. Kicker 43DSC504

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If you’re bored of your factory speakers, or they have just blown out and wondering what to do, the Kicker 43DSC504 will make the best aftermarket replacement. The speaker boasts of delivering superb sound at a very affordable price tag. You’ll surely want to know why this speaker made it to our list. Just read on for its key features and benefits, including its hits and misses.

Features and Benefits

  • Polypropylene cone– One of the best features about this speaker is its polypropylene cone. The cone material is rigid for longevity.
  • Polyester surround– The surround of this speaker is made of polyester foam material. This material is strong and durable, making the surround last long.
  • Zero protrusion tweeter– Another great feature that comes with this speaker is its zero protrusion tweeter. This tweeter design makes it easier for the speaker to fit in most automotive.
  • PEI dome tweeter– The tweeter utilizes PEI dome tweeter technology. You’ll enjoy crispy highs with this tweeter technology.
  • 2-way design– This speaker model comes as a 2-way system. As such, you’ll get to enjoy dynamic sound with this speaker.


  • Thin profile.
  • Acoustic foam surround.
  • Mounting hardware is provided.
  • Comes with grilles.
  • Very affordable.


  • Sounds good but not the best for heavy bass.
  • Treble overshadows mid.
  • You may have to drill new holes for them to fit.


Overall, the Kicker 43DSC504 2-way speaker sounds great and its price tag is very affordable. Thus, you won’t have to break the bank to get them and enjoy clean sound.

7. JL Audio C2-525x

The JL speaker is manufactured for impressive audio performance. JL has engineered this speaker to offer value for money for it performs efficiently, especially with regard to mid-range and low frequency. It’s unique in that it offers smooth response. Here’re the reasons why we considered the JL speaker in our review.

Features and Benefits

  • Silk dome tweeter– The speaker features silk dome tweeters for smooth highs. Silk is an ideal material for making tweeter diaphragms for its light and great at damping.
  • Mineral-filled cones– One key feature about this speaker is its mineral-filled polypropylene cones. These cones are highly dampened and resist weather elements.
  • Neodymium tweeter magnets– The tweeter magnets of this speaker are made of neodymium. This magnet material offers superb power while still being small in size.
  • Butyl rubber surround– Another key feature of this speaker is its surround made of butyl rubber. The surround is tough and doesn’t break down easily.
  • Ferrite woofer magnet– The woofer magnet of this speaker is made of ferrite material. Ferrite magnets maintain superb magnetization even at high temperatures


  • Silk dome tweeter.
  • Full range frequency response.
  • Comes with grilles.
  • Built-in crossover.
  • 2-way driver system.


  • Higher price range.
  • The bass is decent but not deep enough to rattle.


The JL Audio C2-525x speaker sounds great for its size. The highs are crisp and the bass is decent enough. Despite being in the higher price range, this JL speaker is definitely worth it.

What You Should Consider Before Buying the Best 5.25 Speakers

While there’re many 5.25 speaker models to choose from, not all speakers are made equal. Some models perform better than others. So what makes one 5.25 speaker model sound better than the other? There’re certain features that make some speakers outperform others. Thus, when shopping for a 5.25-inch replacement speaker for your automobile, it’s important to know the features to look out for. Simply read on to know what you should consider before buying the best 5.25 speakers.

Power Handling

It’s extremely important to consider the power that a speaker can handle safely. You obviously want speakers that will sound great. As such, you should consider speakers that can handle the power of your car stereo or amplifier. If you buy a speaker that can’t handle the power of your amp, then it’ll probably distort or even blow out within no time. If you’ll be using your stock car stereo, ensure the speaker you buy can be powered by the factory head unit to avoid getting low, poor sound. If you’ll also be replacing the factory head unit together with the factory speakers, then buy replacement speakers that can handle the power of the replacement head unit.

Build Quality

Different speaker manufacturers design 5.25-inch speakers with different materials. If you want a long-lasting speaker, then choose a model that is made of durable materials. The cone, magnet, surround, basket, and other speaker components should be made of durable materials. Also, the build quality of the entire speaker should be superb for longevity.

Speaker Driver Design and Frequency Range

Most speakers come as single, 2-way, and even 3-way driver designs. The kind of driver design to go for will depend on the kind of sound you want to get. For instance, if you want just one frequency range, then you can go for a single driver speaker. If you want more dynamic sound, you can go for a 2-way speaker. A 3-way speaker will give you the most dynamic sound to enjoy full-range sound.

Also, consider the frequency range of the speaker. If you want full-range sound, then go for a speaker that is rated to deliver all frequencies, that is lows, mid, and high. Such a speaker should be one with an extremely wide frequency range. If you want more lows, then consider a speaker with low-frequency range. If you want more highs, then consider a speaker with high-frequency range. Thus, your choice should be based on the kind of sound range you want to receive.

Ease of Installation

You’ll definitely want to go for speakers that are easy to install. You won’t want to struggle with making new speaker holes. Thus, consider a speaker basket design that can fit in your stock speaker hole. Even if you might adjust the existing mounting hole to insert the screws, it’ll be easier that way than drilling a new speaker hole. Also, consider a speaker that comes with installation hardware to make it easier and quicker to install when doing a replacement.

Price Range

While price should not be the main determining factor for the speaker to buy, you should definitely consider your budget. You may not get the best performing speaker cheaply, but that doesn’t mean that you should get overcharged. Simply ensure what you’re buying is worth its price tag. Remember to avoid compromising quality over price since your ultimate goal is getting the highest-quality 5.25 speaker.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there’re several 5.25 automotive speakers to choose from. They’re all ideal for replacing your old, dull stock speakers. However, each speaker model is unique in its own way. Each speaker has its benefits and an equal share of shortcomings. Your ultimate choice should be based on the kind of sound performance you want. Thus, use this buying guide and review to your advantage when shopping for the best 5.25 speakers.

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