The Best Amp for MTX Terminator Subs of 2024 (Tested & Reviewed)

MTX Terminator subwoofers are some of the best car subwoofers available today. These subwoofers are designed as 12-inch subs. They’re quite affordable, yet they deliver earth-shaking bass. The subwoofers can hold up a lot of power. However, they can only produce top-quality, loud, and deep bass by connecting them to an appropriate amplifier.

Not all amplifiers are suitable for use with MTX terminator subs. If you want your car audio to sound great, you’ll need to install the best amp for subs. However, it’s quite challenging to find the best amp for MTX terminator subs. The numerous brands to choose from can make your shopping experience quite confusing. Fortunately, we’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best amps for your MTX terminator subwoofers.

Top 7 Amp for MTX Terminator Subwoofers

There’re several manufacturers who make good amps for subs. Regardless, the available amps are not made equal. There’re certain features that set them apart. Let’s review the top 7 amplifiers for MTX terminator subwoofers in detail, including their top features, pros, cons, and what to consider when choosing the best amplifier for car subwoofer.

Comparison Table of Best Amp for MTX Terminator Subs

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1. Best Overall- BOSS Audio Systems R1100M

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Boss Audio Systems manufactures some of the best amplifiers for car subwoofers. The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M is our best overall pick when it comes to top-quality amps for MTX terminator subs. It delivers up to 825 watts RMS and 1100 watts max power at an impedance of 2 ohms.

Although it’s not the least affordable pick in our review, it’s more affordable than our second pick from Rockford Fosgate. Thus, you’ll get the best value for your money with this amp, considering its premium quality features at a competitive price.

Top Features

  • 2-ohm stable amp- The amplifier is designed as a 2-ohm stable amp. It’s able to feed a MTX terminator with enough power at 2-ohms for louder and more powerful bass. To add to that, it features high level inputs for connecting to speaker levels outputs of a factory or aftermarket radio that lacks RCA. It also features low-level inputs for connecting pre-amp signals from other amps, processors, or receivers via RCA.
  • Class A/B amp- Among the features we like most about this amplifier is that it’s a Class A/B amplifier. It features a linear circuit that enhances power output and improves the sound quality. It also allows for reduced distortion while increasing efficiency. It consumes minimal power to output high-quality and powerful sound.
  • Variable input control- Another top feature of this amplifier is its variable input control. This control makes it possible to adjust the sound signal coming from the receiver for optimum amplification and the best sound output.
  • Subwoofer level control- You can easily control the subwoofer level using the provided wired remote control. You can mount the remote control to the desired location for more convenient usage. By controlling the subwoofer level, you can set it to your preferred level for custom sound output.
  • Auto shut-off- It features an automatic shut-off protection mechanism that shuts down the amplifier in case it heats up or when the speakers fail and cause a short circuit. The auto shut-off mechanism keeps the amplifier protected from damage that may result from overheating or short circuit.


  • MOSFET power supply technology for enhanced efficiency
  • Switchable bass boost for boosting low bass by +18dB
  • Backlit BOSS logo that gives the amp an illuminated and decorative look
  • Variable low pass filter for enhanced control of the frequencies that get to the subwoofer
  • Wide frequency response of between 9 Hz to 50 kHz


  • The remote bass control feels a little flimsy

Our Verdict:

The BOSS Audio Systems R1100M will offer you the best value for your money considering its high efficiency and powerful sound output at a reasonable price.

2. Premium Pick- Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime

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The R500X1D Prime amp from Rockford Fosgate is our premium pick. It’s made of premium quality components to allow for efficient performance and longevity. In fact, it feels sturdier than our top pick from BOSS Audio Systems.

It’s rated at 500 watts RMS with an impedance rating of 2 ohms. It’s a single-channel amplifier that makes it suitable for use with car subwoofers such as the MTX Terminator Subwoofers.

Top Features

  • Safety protection- The amplifier comes with two safety protection mechanisms including over current protection and short circuit protection. The over-current protection ensures the amp is protected from damage that may result from excessive current input. The short circuit protection keeps the amp protected from damage that may result from a short circuit caused by speaker failure or a short circuit from the wiring.
  • Cast aluminum heat sink- We like its cast aluminum heat sink. The heat sink absorbs and disperses heat away from the circuit efficiently. The cast aluminum material resists corrosion and has great thermal conductivity properties for maximum heat absorption and dispersion.
  • Phase switch- The amplifier comes with a phase switch for 0 and 180 degrees. The phase control synchronizes the subwoofer output phase to the phase of other installed car speakers. You can set the phase switch the phase between 0 and 180 degrees when listening to a track to find out the phase that sounds best.
  • MOSFET power supply- Also, the amplifier features MOSFET power supply technology. This technology allows the amplifier to run more efficiently, even when used for a prolonged time or under high temperatures. Thus, it allows for the production of stronger bass.
  • High level inputs- It comes with high level inputs. That means you can directly connect it to a head unit via the speaker outputs on the head unit. These inputs are especially useful when connecting an amplifier to a head unit that lacks low-level or pre-amp outputs.


  • Top-mounted controls for easier control in tight mounting locations
  • Remote bass control knob for more convenient bass control
  • Onboard equalizer to isolate or boost sound frequencies as needed
  • +18dB bass boost for enhanced bass output
  • Thermal protection mechanism that senses excessive heat and shuts down the power supply to protect the amplifiers from over temperature


  • The design of the mounting holes makes it a little challenging to install
  • A little challenging to adjust bass with the bass control knob as it switches from high to low and vice versa too fast

Our Verdict:

If you don’t mind paying more for a premium quality product, then you won’t go wrong with this Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime amplifier.

3. Most Powerful Pick- Planet Audio PL1500.1M

[amazon box=”B01C0J7MTU”]

The Planet Audio PL1500.1M is extremely powerful. In fact, it outputs more power than our first and second picks. It has a power rating of 750 watts max at 4 ohms and 1500 watts max at 2 ohms. Also, it has a power rating of 1125 watts RMS at 2 ohms and 563 watts RMS at 4 ohms.

Top Features

  • Switchable input sensitivity- One of the key features of this amplifier that makes it a great choice for use with MTX Terminator subs is its switchable input sensitivity. That way, you can connect the amplifier to any sound source and ensure that the amp reaches its maximum output regardless of the signal strength of the input signal.
  • Protection circuit- It comes with a thermal protection feature that automatically shuts down the amp in case it overheats. Once the amp cools down, it’ll turn itself on. Also, it features short circuit protection that shuts down the amp automatically in the event of an electrical short circuit. It remains in the protection mode until the short circuit is eliminated.
  • Class A/B amplifier- Another reason why you should consider choosing this amp is its Class A/B design. The amplifier outputs premium quality sound with utmost efficiency. Also, it features a special linear circuit that minimizes distortion.
  • Variable gain control- You can take advantage of the variable gain control feature that comes with the amplifier to balance its output with the subwoofer it’s powering. By controlling gain, you’ll ensure there’s no clipping or distortion as too much gain can cause distortion whereas little gain can cause clipping.
  • Line level and speaker level inputs- The amp offers flexibility in the kind of connections you can make. It has both line level and speaker level inputs. You can connect it to pre-amp or RCA outputs of your head unit through the line level inputs. Alternatively, you can connect it to the speaker outputs of your head unit through the speaker level inputs. Thus, you can connect it to any standard aftermarket or factory head unit.


  • 2-ohm stable amp for more powerful amplification and louder bass
  • MOSFET power supply technology for superior efficiency
  • Subwoofer level control for boosting or attenuating the subwoofer level
  • Wide frequency response of between 9 Hz to 250 kHz
  • Low pass filter to cut off undesired frequencies


  • Not ideal for prolonged playtimes as it heats up too soon
  • The remote bass control is not very reliable

Our Verdict:

Looking for a very powerful car amplifier to power powerful car subwoofers such as the MTX Terminator subs? If so, this is the right amplifier for you.

4. Affordable Option- Pioneer GM-A3702

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Pioneer is one of the most popular manufacturers of audio equipment. The company has been around for many years and is known for its top-quality audio equipment. Its GM-A3702 amplifier is designed with functionality and flexibility in mind.

Top Features

  • Flexible design- Its flexible design and compactness make it easy to fit in most cars. It doesn’t take a lot of space for effortless installation. Although it’s compact, it still delivers a massive power output at 500 watts max at 2 ohms and 60 watts RMS at 2 ohms.
  • Automatic turn-on- Another top feature of this amplifier is its automatic signal sensing feature. The amplifier senses an incoming sound signal upon turning on the receiver. Once it detects a signal, it turns on automatically. Thus, you don’t have to manually turn it on or off.
  • Bridgeable- The amplifier supports bridging. You can bridge it at 4 ohms to get a power output of 190 watts RMS from a single channel. Alternatively, you can use it without bridging to get a power output of 95 watts RMS per channel (2 channels in total).
  • Wide frequency response- With this amplifier, you’ll enjoy a sound output within a wide frequency range of between 10 Hz to 70 kHz. Thus, you’ll get to hear much of the bass from your music tracks.
  • Speaker level inputs- It comes with 2-channel speaker level inputs. This means that you can connect it directly to the speaker outputs of your head unit. Speaker level inputs are especially advantageous as you can connect them to most standard OEM head units.


  • Comes with a built-in low pass filter to cut off unwanted frequencies
  • Very low distortion for a better listening experience
  • Produces very robust lows despite its small-sized construction
  • It’s relatively easy to install and set it up
  • You can connect it via speaker level and low level inputs


  • Not very powerful for a bass enthusiast
  • Doesn’t come with a remote bass control

Our Verdict:

If your budget is extremely tight but you need a reliable yet affordable amp for your car subwoofer, then consider choosing the Pioneer GM-A3702 amplifier.

5. Most Stable Performance- Sound Storm EV1500M

[amazon box=”B00EVEIL5M”]

The Sound Storm EV1500M amplifier is specially designed to feed subwoofers with solid bass. It comes as a monoblock Class A/B amp for enhanced efficiency and performance. It has numerous features that allow for customized bass output.

Besides, it features a simple design with clean lines on the casing. Its classic and simple look makes it fit effortlessly in about any car interior finish. Also, its design allows for effortless installation.

Top Features

  • Low and high level inputs- If your head unit has low level inputs (RCA), you can get the best sound out of them when connecting it to an amplifier. However, some OEM head units lack low level inputs. In that case, you can use the high level inputs that come with this amp to connect it to the head unit speaker outputs.
  • Remote control- Another great feature that makes this amp more usable is its remote subwoofer control. You can control the subwoofer level with the wired remote for enhanced usability. In fact, the remote control makes it safer to control the subwoofer level while driving.
  • Powerful power output- The amplifier is packed with a lot of power to drive even the largest car subwoofers. It delivers up to 1125 watts RMS at 2 ohms and a maximum power of 1500 watts at 2 ohms. You can also use it at 4 ohms to output a maximum power of 750 watts.
  • Wide frequency response- Yet another great feature of this amp is its wide frequency response. It delivers an amplified sound signal within the range of 9 Hz to 50 Hz. This frequency range will allow you to listen to the lowest and deepest bass.
  • Bass boost- It comes with a variable bass boost functionality within the range of 0dB to +18dB. With the bass boost functionality, you can cut or boost low frequencies. It works by boosting the speaker’s sensitivity for louder and deeper bass.


  • Variable low pass filter with a range of between 50 Hz to 250 Hz
  • 30-ampere fuse for overcurrent protection
  • Selectable input sensitivity
  • MOSFET power supply for maximum efficiency
  • Great for a bass enthusiast due to its deep bass


  • Doesn’t support bridging
  • Not the best for prolonged playtimes

Our Verdict:

Wondering how to get a stable and powerful bass response from your car subwoofer? Consider installing the Sound Storm EV1500M amplifier for stable sound amplification without cutting in and out.

6. Most Compact- MTX Audio THUNDER500.1

[amazon box=”B00BJF4V9G”]

Although it’s among the smallest amps for MTX Terminator car subwoofers, it’s able to deliver sufficient power. It comes with a power rating of 500 watts RMS at 2 ohms. Upon testing it, it proves to deliver the stated power and performs efficiently. It’s also packed with numerous features that make it one of the best amplifier for car subwoofers.

Top Features

  • Class D amplifier- The amplifier is designed as a Class D amplifier. Its main benefit is enhanced efficiency. In fact, it’s more efficient than a Class AB amplifier. Its efficiency allows for the design of a small-sized amplifier.
  • Durable construction- Another benefit of this amp is its durable construction. Its circuit board and components are designed to resist vibrations for durable functionality. Also, the outer casing is strongly built to keep the interior components protected from physical damage.
  • Subsonic filter- The amp comes with a built-in subsonic filter that can be set on the control panel using the subsonic filter control knob. You can set the subsonic filter from OFF to 50 Hz. It helps by reducing the intensity of the frequencies that your subwoofer may not reproduce. It’s especially useful when using a sealed subwoofer box or when experiencing acoustic feedback or the subwoofer is rumbling.
  • Low pass filter- You can take advantage of the low pass filter (LPF) feature to cut off frequencies within the range of 40 Hz to 220 Hz. There’s a dedicated LPF control knob on the control panel to change the LPF frequency accordingly. It’ll allow you to customize the bass response.
  • Bass boost- Another key feature that allows for more customization of the bass response is the bass boost switch. The bass boost switch can boost the bass output at 0dB, 6dB, and 12dB. Its bass boost functionality is very responsive and makes noticeable bass enhancement for louder bass.


  • Comes with a gain control function that can be set from MIN to MAX
  • It has LED lights at the back that indicate Power ON and Protect Mode
  • Great heat dissipation that allows for prolonged usage
  • Easy to install due to its small footprint
  • Surface-mounted printed circuit board


  • Not very powerful for its price range
  • Its higher price range makes it less affordable for someone with a very tight budget

Our Verdict:

If you’re struggling with space in your car cabin, especially if you own a small-sized car, and you still want to install an amplifier for your car subwoofer, consider this compact MTX Audio THUNDER500.1 amplifier as it can easily fit in tight spaces.

7. Worth Mention- Rockville dB11

[amazon box=”B07FP3649C”]

The Rockville dB11 amplifier delivers a power output of 350 watts RMS at 2 ohms and 1400 watts maximum power. It’s worth noting that Rockville has built a reputation for designing top-quality sound equipment. That’s why this amplifier caught our eye, considering its performance and great craftsmanship in its design.

Top Features

  • Bass remote- Rockville included a wired bass remote control in this amplifier to enhance its usability. The bass remote adjusts the bass level accurately. You’ll notice a smooth change in the bass level when rotating the bass control knob.
  • Optical coupler technology- The amplifier is designed as a Class D amplifier with a MOSFET power supply featuring optical coupler technology. The technology behind this amp allows for the reproduction of punchier bass, unlike typical Class D amps.
  • Less susceptible to noise- The technology used in making the amp makes it less susceptible to noise. It achieves this benefit by separating the preamplifier input stage and the preamplifier output stage in the circuit. That way, the preamp input is less likely to pick up noise. As a result, it’s able to output cleaner bass.
  • Phase control switch- Another notable feature of this car amp is its phase control switch. You can take advantage of this switch to change the subwoofer output polarity without changing the wiring. Just in case you wire the terminals incorrectly, you can switch the phase to change the polarity rather than having to do the wiring all over again.
  • Octave crossover- The amp features an octave crossover that includes a low pass filter with a frequency response ranging between 50 Hz to 250 Hz. It also features a subsonic filter with a frequency response ranging from 15 Hz to 55 Hz.


  • Wide frequency response ranging from 15 Hz to 250 Hz
  • Protection circuitry featuring an IC-controlled mechanism for enhanced reliability
  • LED indicator to indicate the current status
  • Under-voltage protection rated at 10 volts and over-voltage protection rated at 16 volts


  • Lacks gain control
  • The Rockville logo glows too bright and might be an eyesore for some users

Our Verdict:

As an average-priced yet high-performance amplifier, the Rockville dB11 is a worthy purchase that’ll allow your car subwoofer to produce deeper and louder bass.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Amp for MTX Terminator Subs

Although we’ve reviewed the best amplifiers you can find today for MTX Terminator subwoofers, they have several differences. So how do you shortlist your choices to find the best one before making a purchase? Here’re the considerations to make to stand better chances of purchasing the right amplifier.

1. Power Rating

The power rating of a car amplifier determines the amount of power it can feed your subwoofer. Essentially, you’ll find amplifiers with two different power ratings including RMS power rating and peak power/maximum power rating. The RMS power rating is more important as it represents the continuous power that the amp sends to a subwoofer. The peak power or maximum power rating is the maximum power peak in short bursts that an amplifier can reach. Ensure the amplifier has an RMS power rating that can feed the subwoofer with enough power.

2. Remote Bass Control

Although a remote bass control feature isn’t a must-have feature, it’s still beneficial in that it assists in controlling the bass output of the amplifier from the dashboard or wherever you choose to mount it. That way, you can control the bass output while driving rather than struggling to reach the amplifier every time you want to adjust the bass output.

3. Protection Mechanism

Car amplifiers work hard to amplifier sound signals and feed a subwoofer with enough power. Thus, they’re prone to overheating. In that case, ensure the amplifier you’re choosing has a thermal protection mechanism to shut it down automatically in case it heats up beyond safe levels. It should turn on once it cools down. Also, it’ll be an added advantage if it has under-voltage and over-voltage protection. Additionally, it should be fused and have an option for grounding.

4. LED Indicators

LED indicators are useful in indicating the current mode of an amplifier. A good amplifier should at least have LED indicators for Power ON and Protection Mode. That way, you’ll be able to tell whether it’s turned on, off, or has gone into protection mode.

5. Frequency Response

Another important factor to consider is the frequency response of the amplifier. Its frequency response range will determine the sound frequencies that it can amplify. In this case, choose the frequency response depending on the kind of bass response you want.

6. Build Quality

It’s also necessary to consider the build quality of the amplifier. It should be made of durable components and a sturdy outer casing for enhanced longevity. That way, you’ll be assured that you’re spending your money on an amplifier that’ll serve you for a long time.

Final Thoughts

Investing in MTX Terminator subs is one of the best decisions you can make as a car music enthusiast, especially if you love listening to music with intense bass. That’s why you should invest in the best amp for MTX Terminator Subs to get the most out of their bass performance. Hopefully, you’ll find the right amp for your subwoofer from our reviews.

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