An Insightful BOSS Audio R1100M Review

Getting a car amplifier lets you get the most from your car stereo. Whether you’re looking to fill your large SUV with clean and powerful sound or just want to power a compact pair of speakers, you’ll want to get an amplifier that can provide you with enough power to make your music come to life. Powering your system with a good amplifier can mean a world of difference in terms of sound quality and the overall performance of your system.

Boss Audio engineered the R1100M to handle the low-end sounds with tons of power. Generally, it exceeds the recommended power requirement significantly. In addition, it is a premium class A/B amplifier meaning it offers superior power and efficiency. And despite its miniature size, the R1100M puts out plenty of power in a package that will fit almost anywhere.

BOSS Audio R1100M Specifications

Configuration1 channel
Peak output power @2Ω1100 watts
RMS power @2Ω825 Watts
Impedance2 to 8 Ω
S/N ratio102 dB
Frequency response9 Hz to 50 kHz ±1 dB
TopologyClass A/B, Monoblock
Power supply typeMOSFET
InputsHigh and Low Level
Dimensions9.125″(L) x 10.4375″(W) x 2.25″(H)

BOSS Audio R1100M Review

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Boss Audio amplifiers continue to improve day in and day out, and they are a good option when it comes to getting full bass from your system. The R1100M will deliver the power you need, and most people will find it to be sufficient for daily use. One thing that you’ll really like is its tons of tuning features that simplify the setup and tuning process.

Top Features BOSS Audio R1100M

  • Superior class A/B amplifier: As an A/B amplifier, the R1100M offers a special linear circuitry to improve sound quality and ensure high-quality playback. The AB design translates to an amplifier that is more efficient than its class A or B counterparts. In addition, this design is associated with increased power output and much less sound distortion.
  • Remote level control: One of the most unique features of the R1100M is the remote control which makes it easy to customize the settings the way you want. The wired remote allows you to remain in control of virtually every setting, from bass boost and phase gain to controlling clipping and more. Additionally, you can use the remote to customize the subwoofer level for superior sound output.
  • Clean MOSFET power supply: The R1100M utilizes a MOSFET power supply, which allows the amp to run more cleanly even when exposed to high temperatures or currents. The idea behind a MOSFET power supply is to ensure voltage stability while providing protection against overheating, and shorts among other electrical faults. What’s more, the design incorporates a variable low pass filter to give the system full control over the bass frequencies.
  • Convenient high and low-level inputs: Another cool feature that makes this amp unique is the inclusion of both high and low-level inputs. For starters, the high-level input is designed to use signals coming from the speakers as the input source. On the other hand, low-level inputs support pre-amp output signals, which let you connect multiple amplifiers to your factory or aftermarket source unit.
  • Variable gain control: Other than the above inputs, the R1100M offers a variable gain control to allow you to balance the final output based on the subs or speakers you need to run. Too little gain often results in clipping, and when the gain is too high, you might experience some distortion. This is where the gain control function comes in to let you set the exact specs for optimum performance.
  • Automatic short/thermal protection: There are different reasons why your amplifier can run hot, and this can cause a lot of damage to the amplifier. However, the R1100M comes with an automatic shut-off to protect against an electrical short or when things get too hot. When this happens, the user is alerted that there some potential danger that’s needs to be averted before they continue using the amplifier.


  • It is pretty durable
  • The amp is designed to meet the demands of any system
  • Not only affordable but also high-quality
  • Excellent performance in a compact package
  • Stable 2 ohms operation that results in increased power and volume
  • Safe operation thanks to the auto shut-off feature
  • The designs include a switchable bass boost to allow you the low bass at will


  • The amp requires professional installation to ensure optimal functionality

Our Final Take

The BOSS Audio R1100M provides enough power to deliver full and deep bass and accommodate just about any application. Whether you’re looking for something to power your high-performance subwoofer, component speakers, or OEM equipment, this BOSS audio monoblock amplifier will deliver. One notable design detail is the BOSS logo that is backlit in attractive blue to add to the aesthetics. So if you’re looking to ramp up your bass without breaking the bank, the R1100M will get you there.

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