Best Subwoofer Box for SUV of 2023-(Tested & Reviewed)

Newbies spend most of their time trying to adjust their car stereo for a better sound. Getting a good subwoofer box is one of the best ways you can improve the sound level in your car. However, it is not uncommon to find new car owners who after adding a subwoofer, they completely ignore the thought of getting an enclosure for the subwoofer.

Buying a professionally designed sub enclosure will go a long way in ensuring that your sub(s) reproduce the best sound quality possible. Often, the sound you get from your sound is directly related to the enclosure you choose for your sub.

Additionally, improperly matched enclosures can lead to poor performance or make the sub fail altogether. Therefore, it is important to take time and choose a good enclosure to enhance the performance, and life of your subwoofer.

The good thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of time comparing different subwoofer enclosures. We’ve done the research and presented you with the best subwoofer boxes for SUV, or any other vehicle in general.

Read on!

Comparison Table of Best Subwoofer Box for SUV

1. QPower QBOMB12VL- Best overall

When it comes to choosing a good subwoofer box for SUV sound systems, QPower QBOMB12VL stands out. And just like its name ‘Power’, it focuses on the creation of powerful bass when wired correctly. Additionally, it does this with a user-friendly and robust design.

It features one of the best subwoofer box designs for deep bass and it will make a difference in your SUV sound system.

In addition, it will change the entire sound quality, and make your subs produce much richer bass notes that they couldn’t achieve when not placed in a box.

Notable features

I. 3/4″ MDF construction: QBOMB12VL is made with high-quality MDF wood with a bed liner spray finish to create the best sound quality. The material is thick, durable and sturdy enough to minimize any distortion of sound waves.

This box is also not prone to warping, and this is especially helpful if live in areas that experiences bigger shifts in weather conditions. However, it is pretty heavy, but this is not a huge concern, considering that it will just be sitting in the car trunk.

II. SPL vented speaker box: QBOMB12VL uses a port to reinforce your bass response, and to ensure that you’ll get more bass output than you’ll get from a sealed enclosure. It pushes lots of air, and it packs a punch when it comes to the reproduction of the lows and highs. Additionally, the bass is boomy and more louder, and it doesn’t need as much power.

III. Dual enclosure design: This box sports a dual port designs that lets you mount two subs in one box. This means you can enjoy great bass output from your subs without having to buy separate boxes for each sub. Additionally, it is a huge box designed to accommodate power that comes with big-sized subwoofers. This design also allows your subs to achieve deep lows without resulting in sound distortion.

IV. Universal fit: QBOMB12VL is a pretty large box, but it is made to fit most SUVs without issues. What’s more, it works great with different subwoofer models as long as they are 12 inches. Furthermore, connecting the box to the subs is pretty simple thanks to screw-down terminals that allow you to connect to each subwoofer safely.


  • Excellent design
  • The materials seem to be of good quality
  • Great fit for SUVs and trucks
  • Sturdy construction
  • Excellent bass reproduction


  • It does not include the wiring to connect to the sub, but speakers wires are inexpensive and easy to access
  • It is pretty big
  • Not waterproof


Any SUV owner who wants to achieve those really deep low bass lines, and push their sound to the next level should go for QPower QBOMB12VL. It offers all the advanced features in a simplified user design, and it is a good enclosure for the price.

2. Atrend BBox E10SV-Best budget

Just like QPower QBOMB12VL, Atrend BBox E10SV is a vented subwoofer enclosure. However, the latter is a single 10-inch box, making it a perfect match for small vehicles.

With Atrend BBox E10SV you get to enjoy excellent sound reproduction, and it can handle heavy-duty subwoofers. Other benefits of this box include MDF construction, adequate reinforcement, and screwed-down terminal cups.

Key features

I. Sturdy Miter and Dado Construction: The BBox E10SV, just like other Atrend sub enclosures is designed to be the strongest on the market. The design includes the company’s signature Dado and Miter construction on all its panels. The layers act as extra reinforcement, which enables the structure to withstand even the most demanding subwoofers.

Additionally, Miter and Dado joints provide more surface area than traditional Butt joints, which translates to a stronger joints and quality fit.

II. 3/4″ MDF Construction: Just like QPower QBOMB12VL, this Bbox features solid 3/4″ MDF panels to accommodate the deepest bass. However, the front panel is made of 1” thick MDF baffle, to provide a sturdy mounting surface and eliminate panel flex as much as possible.

The only problem with BBox E10SV is that it does not accommodate two subs like QPower QBOMB12VL. So if you’re planning to have more than one sub, avoid this enclosure.

III. Trick Glue: The box is joined using Atrend’s specially formulated wood glue, which helps maintain flexible and durable joints.

That’s not even the best part.

The joints are further reinforced using brad nails to hold the panels when applying the glue. The nails help reduce vibration while ensuring a noise-free environment.

IV. Superior Charcoal Carpet: On top of the premium construction, this enclosure features a superior charcoal carpet, which makes it a perfect match for most SUVs. It is also engineered using state of art precision CNC machine to deliver 100% fit and finish.


  • It comes with Dabo reinforcement
  • Excellent build quality
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Completely braced and glued
  • Carpeted enclosure


  • The terminals are not the best quality
  • Occasional air leaks, but you can easily fix this by replacing the terminal cups


Atrend BBox E10SV is best for budget-minded clients looking for unsurpassed fitness and superior build. It is designed with advanced features for optimum low end performance.

3. American Sound Connection Dual 12″ Vented Stereo Sub Box- Best value

This is a classic looking sub box that’s very much like QPower QBOMB12VL. It is a serious player when it comes to managing and optimizing your SUV sound system. Additionally, it is made using the high-quality materials, so you can feel confident knowing that it will withstand even the most demanding applications.

The sub box gives you a competitive edge thanks to its vented design that offers maximum bass per watt. In addition, this design provides more air circulation that prevents it from overheating, especially when using it for an extended period.

Key features

I. Vented enclosure design: If you enjoy boomy music vibrating your car’s windows, then you may want to consider this ported enclosure. Getting a ported sub box is one of the best ways to get maximum bass output from your subs. This is because it is built to let air move freely which increases sound output in the long run. As a rule of thumb, more air is equals to more bass.

II. Spring loaded terminal cup(s): This box features high-quality spring loaded terminal cups that ensure solid connections. Additionally, the terminals provides for easy installation as well as a better fit. We also liked the idea that it is a dual sub box. This means that users can use more than one sub to deliver the best sound quality possible.

III. High-grade MDF parts: Just like other American Sound Connection subs, this enclosure is made from high-grade MDF parts to help bring out the best performance from your subwoofers. Additionally, the panels are nailed together using liquid nails to achieve unbeatable bonding results, and to ensure that they are sealed completely. This is further reinforced by wrapping the box with a high-quality grey carpet that matches most cars’ interior.

IV. Custom fit: This dual enclosure is designed to fit any 12” sub and it is a perfect fit for almost all subwoofer brands and models. What’s more, this enclosure is made to fit into your car space all while still being able to provide maximum performance from your subs. However, you may want to counter check the proposed airspace needed.


  • Fits almost every SUV
  • It can withstand heavy and beefy subs
  • It is a good looking enclosure
  • It is also quite affordable
  • High-quality materials


  • Occasional rattling, especially when not placed on a sturdy surface
  • Some users reported shipment damage, but their customer care is highly responsive


If you’re looking for a sub box that will add to the sound quality of your subs, American Sound Connection is the sub box to use. It gives you a greater sounding system without taking up much space, making it the best subwoofer box for a car trunk.

4. Atrend Bbox E10S Pro Series- Best sealed

Bbox E10S is a sealed sub box by Atrend that is well made and properly sealed. We’ve included this brand in our list of our best subwoofer box for SUV because it is affordable, easy to connect, and it offers an economical solution to most users’ needs.

The feature that we like most is the fact that it is sealed. The air inside plays the role of a shock absorber making the box reproduce the low end frequencies more accurately when compared to ported enclosures.

Notable features

I. High-grade MDF materials: The Bbox E10S features high-grade MDF parts to provide the best subwoofer box design for deep bass. The panels are designed to stand up to the deepest bass and occasional abuse. Furthermore, the front panel is made using 1” high-quality MDF to provide utmost rigidity and a flex-free structure.

II. Pro tuned sealed sub enclosure: Tuning sub enclosures allows you to enjoy fairly good bass output, and contrary to a common believe, it is not limited to just ported boxes. This 10” enclosure is pro tuned to improve the sound been reproduced for optimum bass response. And with a net volume internal capacity of 0.67 cubic feet, the box allows for tight and accurate bass reproduction, which is perfect for low profile subwoofers.

III. Maximum surface contact: Just like Atrend BBox E10SV above, Bbox E10S features Dado and CNC Miter construction on all major parts to ensure an airtight and precise fitting. This design also helps ensure a noise-free operation, which also helps to reduce undesired flex or vibration. Again, the panels are joined using special formulated wood glue to ensure a tight seal between all parts as well as a durable seal.

IV. Incredible charcoal carpet: The Bbox E10SV also comes with Atrend’s stunning charcoal carpet that will blend with interior of almost all SUVs. The carpet gives your car a factory look, especially when the sub is placed in the car’s trunk. Equally important, its compact construction makes it quite versatile, and you can easily fit it in the trunk without causing any inconveniences.


  • Awesome wedge-shaped design
  • Durable construction
  • Angled to fit your car space
  • It is easy to install
  • Sealed design provides a tight sound


  • Rattling may be noticed when playing at loud volumes
  • There is no room for more than one sub
  • The small size limit use with some subwoofers


Bbox E10S does not take up a great deal of your trunk space, but it does provide excellent sound quality. So, if you want a sub box for a small SUV or just want to test out a sub box and see if it will meets your needs, Atrend Bbox E10S will deliver.

5. Rockville REC97- Best high-end

Rockville REC97 comes in one of the loudest subwoofer box designs. It is an excellent enclosure if you have or planning to get a dual subwoofer sound system.

Something you’ll like when getting this enclosure is the vents, which help provide a better performance from your subs. It guarantees increased bass output by moving more air that fills your car with rich sound. However, like other dual units, this item has larger dimensions, so it may take a great deal of space in your trunk.

Key features

I. Rigid MDF construction: One obvious feature that will make you fall in love with Rockville REC97 is the high-grade MDF parts used to make this subwoofer box. The unit is remarkably strong, and it is designed to protect your subs for years to come. In addition to the durable construction, the panels are finished with an awesome bed liner that guarantees durability.

II. Tested design: Rockville has tried and tested this subwoofer in order to provide you with a more personalized experience. They’ve included extra details to ensure that your subs are able to deliver to their best ability. Besides, the box feels sturdy, and it is designed to withstand wear and tear, and the finishing is also great.

III. Perfect for down firing subwoofers: This subwoofer box is designed to stand and have the subs point downward i.e., down firing. Such subwoofers produce vibrations that are directed in to the ground, which helps to produce a deep-sounding bass. Additionally, it is compatible with multiple subwoofer brands, and it will keep pounding as long as you want.

IV. Made for booming bass: Rockville REC97 has been designed to fit behind the 3rd row seat, a design that makes it outperform other enclosures in this category. The unit is dependable and decent, and it is designed with the bass performance that you have been missing in your subwoofer sound system.


  • It is easy to modify
  • Ported design means more airflow
  • Large enclosure that can fit two subwoofers in it
  • It is made from high-quality materials to provide the best sound
  • Though expensive, it offers great value for money


  • It is not waterproof since it is made from MDF
  • Maintenance is needed to keep the box in tip-top shape
  • It is also pricey when compared to American Sound Connection dual sub box


Rockville REC97 is fantastic dual sub box that works brilliantly to provide you with a fantastic SUV sound system. So, if you want your subwoofers to perform to their best ability, Rockville REC97 will do it.

6. Skar Audio AR1X12V- Best compact

In the world of audio equipment, Skar Audio is a big name. Skar Audio AR1X12V is a complete subwoofer enclosure that is designed to fit almost any SUV. It is a little more expensive than some other models in our list but this is what sets it apart from the rest.

Not only is it a solid enclosure but also very easy to use. All you need to do is to get the wiring right so you can enjoy maximum benefits.

Key features

I. Universal fit: Skar Audio designed this enclosure as a universal fit to provide ground shaking bass that will leave every head turning. It is compatible with several Skar audio subwoofers including, X-12 D2/D4, VD-12 D2/D4, SDR-12 D2/D4, SVR-12 D2/D4, DDX-12 D2/D4, and EVL-12 D2/D4. However, it is not compatible with VXF-12 D2/D4 and ZVX-12v2 D1/D2, but ideally, it will fit most 12-inch subwoofers.

II. Amour coating: The AR1X12V is one Skar Audio’s armored series subwoofer enclosures. This design incorporates an extremely tough coating to not only protect the outer shell, but also the subwoofer inside. It also boosts of modern technological advancements which offer a unit that is capable of withstanding hard-hitting subs without vibrations or any distortion.

III. Straightforward installation: Skar Audio AR1X12V comes with pre-wired push terminals that allows for easy and fast installation. In addition to this, the box sports a 16-gauge wire to make it easy than ever to connect your subwoofer. On top of its easy installation, this box inspires a durable construction that will keep your sub in tip top shape at any given time.

IV. Convenient Kerf port style: One of the greatest features of Skar Audio AR1X12V is 1″ kerf style port, which is designed to offer deeper and more accurate bass response. The port utilizes special curves, a design that is common in high-end enclosures. In addition, it is tuned to 36 Hz to help your subwoofer reproduce deep and thunderous bass.


  • It enhances the quality of the sound that the subwoofer drives
  • The box is well made and it looks amazing
  • It is free from vibrations
  • The fit and finish are one of the best
  • The box is solid and hits really hard


  • It is costly for a single subwoofer box
  • You may need to do some modifications to fit a 12-inch sub


If you’re looking to take your listening experience up a notch high, this subwoofer enclosure is definitely worth it. It perfectly rivals Atrend Bbox E10S above, but you get more options and advanced features with Skar Audio AR1X12V.

What to look in the best subwoofer box for SUV

Most subwoofer boxes offer similar basic features. As such, it can be challenging to choose one that best suits your needs.

But, what makes one subwoofer box better than the other?

I. Material of the subwoofer enclosure

This is one of the primary considerations when buying, or building a subwoofer box. The material used to make a sub enclosure plays a great role in the final output of your speakers, and it can make or break your entire audio system. Overall MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is the best material for making subwoofer enclosures for several reasons. The wood is thick and durable, and it helps bring out the best sound from the sub. Other alternatives that are worth considering include, Plywood, pine wood, fiberglass, Lexan, among others. Ideally, your choice of material will depend on the bass performance, ease of customization, and price.

II. Choosing between ported vs. sealed subwoofer box

Typically, the style of bass you prefer is going to determine type of subwoofer enclosure you get. A ported subwoofer box uses a vent/port to allow free movement of air in and out of the box. This produces bass that is louder, boomy, but less accurate. On the other hand, a sealed enclosure is designed to be airtight, and it is ideal for those who prefer tight and accurate bass. Additionally, sealed enclosures are typically smaller than their ported counterparts, and they require more power to produce louder bass.

III. Size of the subwoofer box

Apart from the type of enclosure, it is also important to focus on sizing. As stated, sealed enclosures are small in size, making them ideal for small cars with limited space to spare. On the other hand, if you have enough space in your car, then you can consider a larger, dual subwoofer box that’s capable of moving more air. Equally important, the size of the sub box will largely depend on the size of subwoofer you have. For instance, if you have a 12-inch subwoofer, then you’ll need to for a box with a 12-inch diameter cutout.

IV. Buying or building a subwoofer box

For most people, getting a premade subwoofer box is more appealing considering the cost, and time it takes to build a box. Building the box from scratch will require you to have the right material, tools, and ample knowledge about planning and building a subwoofer box. Besides, premade boxes are readily available, and they come in different sizes to suit your specific needs.

On the other hand, a custom subwoofer box offers a more personalized experience, but this is going to take some time and expertise. Building your own box also allows you to get the right fitting as well as adjust various components when necessary.

Our Final Thoughts!

We unanimously think QPower QBOMB12VL is the best subwoofer for SUV if want premium features for such a premium price.

On the other hand, American Sound Connection dual 12” vented stereo sub box and Rockville REC97 are quite comparable to QBOMB12VL, and they offer a good value for the money.

You may also want to consider the single units if you don’t have a lot of space for the sound system, or for those with smaller vehicles. They are designed for optimal bass response and when matched with the right sub, they offer an improved listening experience.

We hope you found this review helpful. Please let’s know what you think in the comments section.

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