Best Satellite Speakers 2024- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Typically, satellite speakers are small loudspeakers used as part of a multi-channel sound system, and they are often used for surround sound. These speakers are integrated with various audio components, i.e., speakers, receivers, subs, and amplifiers, to enhance sound within either stereo or home theatre systems. You can also use them with a laptop or TV with built-in speakers to improve the sound quality and complete your overall sound system.

However, due to their small size, they cannot produce immense power, and they cannot be used in place of your tower or floor standing speakers. But still, pairing the best satellite speakers with a separate subwoofer, receiver, or bookshelf speakers helps you develop a complete sound system, and they are a good option if you’re looking for a set of speakers to place in an average room.

As mentioned, the design of satellite speakers helps to deliver an immersive surround effect, so many people use them as the rear, front, left, right, or sometimes as the center channel speaker. Additionally, their compact size allows for easy positioning on bookshelves, the ceiling, or even the wall. This versatility and convenience make them one of the most sought-after options by audiophiles, and they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Comparison Table of Best Satellite Speakers

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1. Logitech Z623 400 Watt

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The Logitech Z623 is a solid entry-level speaker set consisting of two satellite speakers powered by a 135 watts subwoofer. The speakers are rated at 400 Watts Max/200 Watts RMS, and this is enough power to produces some decent and clear audio. Also, the speakers are clearly labelled TXH, meaning they can create some serious home theatre sound.

Key highlights

  • Captivating home theatre sound: This 2.1 speaker system is TXH certified to make your movies, shows and music come to life by offering true home theatre sound. It offers big and bold sound straight from the box so you can sit back and enjoy your favourite classical jams right from your living room. Also, gaming on these small speakers is just incredible and watching or listening to music is as good as from a big screen. 
  • Versatile design: Logitech Z623 offers a versatile setup with multiple inputs that enables you to connect up to three devices simultaneously. Further, you don’t need to disconnect when between any of the devices, so you can plug your TV, console PC, and more. Furthermore, the cables are long enough for most setups, but you’ll need to check if it will fit your specific home arrangement. 
  • Effortless controls at your fingertips: All controls are on the right satellite speaker, including the power, bass, bass, aux input and the headphone jack. Consequently, you can adjust the specs to suit your preference at the touch of a button, and the good thing is they are quick to access. Moreover, the speakers are made from durable materials, which also help enhance the quality of the sound. 
  • 400 watts of powerful sound: Logitech Z623 is rated at 400W Peak/200W RMS power to give you amplified and smooth audio, whether you are watching your favourite action-filled movie or playing your video games. Further, the bass is powerful, and they reproduce sound more accurately. Also, it excels in natural sounds, plus the quality of sound is just pure with low distortion.


  • The sound is rich, deep and dimensional
  • Great for watching movies; provides a cinematic experience
  • The bass is not only strong but also clear
  • You can connect three audio devices at once, including your laptop
  • Decent build quality


  • It does not support Bluetooth connectivity
  • While impressive, it may not be for those who are into heavy bass sounds


For the price, the sound output is absolutely amazing, especially if you are looking to use these speakers for movies and games. However, for music, the highs will not be as crisp, so it may not be ideal if you love to listen to music where detail is more crucial.

2. Polk Audio T15 100 Watt Home Theater

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Polk Audio is never hesitant to impress, and these medium-sized speakers are made to improve your home theatre sound and give you concert-quality music. They suit various applications, and if we were to describe the soundstage, it is present with a clear separation of the frequencies. Additionally, they support Dolby and DTS, are easy to set up, and are compatible with most stereos and home theatre receivers.

Features of Polk Audio T15

  • Dynamic Balance technology: This Polk model is engineered with the company’s proprietary Dynamic Balance technology (5.25 Dynamic Driver), and this translates to great tonal effect and great sound for both movies and music. They are also designed with a one 0.75″ tweeter to enable them to produce well-balanced and natural sound even at low frequencies without fail.
  • Immersive surround sound: The T15 produces great immersive surround sound considering its small size, and it can be used in single or multiple-room setups. They are compatible with almost all home theatre receivers, and you can use them in 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 or with 5.1, or 7.1 configurations for the ultimate immersive experience. Additionally, midrange presence is impressive, making them a perfect match for any home theater. 
  • Durable MDF cabinet construction: The furniture-grade all MDF cabinet construction reduces resonance and distortion for detailed audio minus any muffed noise. This also means that you won’t get clattered disruption found in low-quality audio equipment, so you get clear and rich audio as it is supposed to be heard. The design also includes five-way bidding posts to offer you a variety of secure wire hookup options. 
  • Wide sound dispersion: Other than the immersive effect, the T15 offers a wide sound dispersion to fill a vast area of the listening room with smooth and integrated sound. What’s more, you can use them as rear or front speakers in your setup, and the process of putting them together is super easy. The speakers can also be hung on the wall to save space. 


  • Compatible with several audio devices
  • Explicit sound quality-offers a wide range of sounds
  • Attractive design, good price
  • Works with multiple input devices
  • Easy to mount; keyhole slot is available


  • Vertical placement only
  • Overall, the sound is great, but the bass lacks punch


The T15s are super-clear with accurate full sound reproduction and a bit of bass. They excel in both electronic and acoustic musical elements, and they are also perfect for movies in small to medium-sized living spaces.

3. Yamaha NS-AW150W 2-Way

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The Yamaha NS-AW150WH is a pair of decent speakers that are incredibly reliable and produce good quality sound. Their sealed enclosures are weatherproof, meaning they can withstand water and dust, and they are designed to last for an extended period. Each speaker has built-in feet for easy placing on a shelf or table, and they also come with mounting brackets for wall mounting.

Other features

  • Two-way indoor/outdoor speakers: If you need a good set of indoor speakers that can also be used outdoors, the Yamaha NS-AW150W is an excellent choice. You can bring these speakers in during winter for the ultimate two-way indoor listening. Further, they are water-resistant, so you can leave them exposed outside, and they can also withstand light and other harsh weather elements.
  • The speakers are magnetically shielded: The speakers are easy to install and hold up well, and they come with brackets and mounting bases. They are also magnetically shielded, so you can place them near your TV or other electronic devices without worrying about the magnetic fields interfering with videos or pictures. The speakers can also be placed vertically or horizontally, and they come with cables to get you started. 
  • Acoustic suspension design: Each speaker uses a 0.5″ PEI dome tweeter and 5-inch polypropylene mica filled woofer for clean sound and controlled bass response. Additionally, the acoustic suspension design is well sealed to reduce resonance or dumpy bass inherent in low-quality ported designs. Also, the drivers are optimized for more rigidity, so most amplifiers won’t struggle to drive them.
  • Decent frequency response: The wide frequency response (80 to 40,000 Hz (+/-3 dB) is excellent for music and movie dialog, and it is ideal for the most demanding digital media. Also, with 120 watts max power and 35 watts nominal power per channel, the speakers deliver decent bass output for their small size, although you will not get deep bass from these speakers. 


  • These satellite speakers are magnetically shielded
  • Indoors/outdoors speakers
  • The speakers are water-resistant and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Wide frequency response
  • Mounting bases and brackets are included


  • Not the ideal choice if you like bass
  • Most critics reported a short lifespan, but it is sufficient for the money


The NS-AW150W is one of our favorite indoor/outdoor speakers, and they are such a good value for the specs you get. These satellite speakers are flexible as they are functional, and they deliver consistently high performance in any multi-channel sound system.

4. Bose 301-V Stereo Loudspeakers

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Bose 301 is one of the best satellite speakers in the high-end category that provides you with a well-balanced sound across wide listening spaces. They are versatile and deliver spacious and lifelike sound to your movies and music, and they serve reliably even in conditions with dust or high humidity. They also feature sturdy construction, and they complement any living space design.

Features and benefits of Bose 301

  • Direct/reflecting stereo speakers: The Bose 301 offers a mixture of direct and reflecting sounds to convey a performance similar to a live performance. This means that you’ll hear sounds coming from different directions at different times, and this is exactly what happens in a concert hall. Their sound quality is undisputed, and you’ll also be impressed by their ability to project sound. 
  • Spatial dispersion lens: These versatile speakers use spatial dispersion speaker lens to produce a smooth and high-frequency response resulting in wider sound distribution. The tweeters are also precisely positioned to ensure that you enjoy the sound from anywhere in the listening area and not just a small sweet spot. The spacious sound of the speakers makes them ideal for home theatres, and they blend beautifully into your living space. 
  • Compact bookshelf design: The horizontal design of these speakers fits easily on a bookshelf, and they are effortless to set up in any entertainment center. These speakers perform exceptionally as front (left and right) speakers, and you can match them with Bose 161 surround speakers in your home theatre setup. Other than that, you can also use these speakers as the main or secondary speakers in your entertainment center.                                        
  • Automatic protection circuitry: Another key feature is the automatic protection circuitry that offers protection to drivers and prevents them from being overdriven. This also helps to increase reliability and minimize interference with the sound quality. The speakers also feature a bass-reflex design, which ensures high impact and balanced sound throughout the listening area. 


  • Offers balanced stereo sound
  • Smart speaker design for reliable sound performance
  • Equal sound distribution throughout the listening space
  • The speakers compliments any living space design
  • They can fit comfortably on a shelf


  • Outstanding design, but it does not feel robust
  • Bass output needs improvement


There is nothing much to dislike about these speakers besides thin bass output. They fill the room with rich sound, and they let you enjoy quality stereo sound almost anywhere as well as movie/TV viewing.

5. Polk Audio Signature Series S10

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These satellite speakers from Polk are not on our list just because of their affordability but because they also give the users an incredible listening experience. They are specially designed for home theatres, and they are compatible with different home theatre setups. Moreover, they are certified for Hi-Res, meaning they are ideal for watching movies or even hosting parties.

Key features

  • HI-RES audio performance: The signature series 10 has earned the hi-res certification meaning it has been built for big surround sound right in your living room. They deliver smooth and detailed high-end response for enhanced vocals in your movies and music. Further, the frequency range accommodates the reproduction of the latest high-resolution files as well as more audio extension. 
  • Reliable surround sound: These speakers are mainly used as rear or surround speakers in 5.1, 7.1, 9.1, among other home theatre configurations. They can also be used as front channels in smaller rooms, and they make you feel like you are right there in the concert hall. The S10 also seems to reproduce accurate sound output, and it also offers realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments. 
  • Superior components for reliable performance: The Polk Audio Signature S10 uses a Terylene tweeter and mica-reinforced polypropylene cones to give you a cinematic performance in the comfort of your living room. The design also incorporates a massive ceramic motor structure, making the drivers deliver exceptionally clean bass, low distortion and ultimately improved durability. 
  • Polk’s Patented Power Port Technology: The sound quality and build quality of Polk Audio series 10 is right up on par with those in the high price range. This includes exclusive Polk Patented Power Port technology that delivers more bass than traditional back-ported models. The design also helps minimize distortion and gives you smooth sound for music, movies and even TV. 


  • Keyhole slots are included for easy wall mounting
  • Excellent build quality and modern styling
  • Compact size so it is convenient to use
  • Low distortion and improved mid-range
  • Made for smooth sound


  • Creating a complete home speaker system can get pretty expensive
  • Some users may not be satisfied with the bass output


These speakers sound great and feel very high quality, especially with the grilles off. They are mini monsters, and they deliver a big surround sound at an affordable price, and you don’t need to get extra components to get the performance you want.

6. Leviton AESS5-WH Architectural Edition

[amazon box=”B0018N57OM”]

The Leviton AESS5-WH is mainly used in 6.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems, and it is good at delivering a smooth and precise soundstage. Although you won’t get booming bass, the sound is distributed all through the listening area, and the midrange is also excellent. This model is sold individually, but it blends well with different speakers and surrounds sound systems.


  • Magnetically shielded satellite speaker: If you use unshielded speakers near CRT, you will likely get all sorts of distorted images, interference, and more. The AESS5-WH is a two-way magnetically shielded speaker, so magnetic fields from the drivers cannot affect the pictures if placed close to the TV or computer monitor. Also, they look and feel so solid, and they do their job just fine and do not sound stressed at all. 
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: The speaker has mounting holes, and it comes with one architectural grade mounting bracket intended for wall mounting. There is also a metal bar that secures the pivot ball into position, allowing you to rotate the speaker in the desired direction. Simply swivel the speaker to the left, right, up or down for your desired listening experience. 
  • Advanced surround sound capability: Although you will buy this speaker separately, it easily combines with different speakers and many surround sound setups. Ideally, it is used for a 5-channel speaker system, but it can be upgraded to 6.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems of even more. In some instances, it can be used as a center channel or as a front speaker in a home theatre setup. 
  • Bright and stylish finish: This speaker comes in a bright white finish to complement your existing décor while improving your listening experience. Moreover, you can place this on a bookshelf or a simple table for a cleaner-looking appearance. And although it is not recommended for running the music at audiophile quality, it is a reliable choice if you are aiming to watch a movie at maximum immersion. 


  • Offers smooth and accurate sound
  • These speakers come with adjustable mounting brackets
  • The price is truly impressive
  • Stylish white finish
  • Magnetically shielded satellite speakers


  • Speaker cable management would have been a great idea
  • Volume output is but not the best


The speaker is stylish, and it delivers a fantastic listening experience in the comfort of your living room. It comes with mounting hardware, and it is also light, so you can mount it directly on the wall without attaching it to a stud.

7. Acoustic Audio AA321B Mountable Indoor

[amazon box=”B00KSLX5QM”]

These satellite speakers come in a simple design, and they are perfect for just any application or occasion. The design entails a strong layout that you will love to work with, and they are made with durability in mind, so you don’t need to worry about wear and tear. They are also easy to install, and they are great additions to home theatre systems, surround sound systems, and more.

Unique features of Acoustic Audio AA321B

  • Full range two-way functionality: AA321B comes with a 2.5″ Polypropylene woofer to give you full-range sound and focused sound quality wherever you need it. The woofer has butyl surrounds for extra protection, and the unbeatable price tag makes them a great addition to any indoor sound system. And with a frequency response of 150 Hz to 20 kHz, you can count on these speakers for any application. 
  • Compact yet powerful satellite speakers: Each speaker is rated at 200 watts peak power per channel, which is enough power to bounce sound off the walls and ceiling effectively. Also, they feature heavy-duty ABS construction, and the cabinets are sealed, so you don’t need to worry about durability. Additionally, you can fit them onto any bookshelf, and also you can use them with a stereo sound system. 
  • Simple design, effortless installation: The design of these satellite speakers is simple, and they are suitable for small setups. The design also allows you to integrate them into any location. Besides, they come with quick release and spring-loaded terminals, so connecting these speakers to other components should be a breeze. What’s more, you can tuck them into tight places without compromising the sound quality. 
  • Swivel/pivot wall attachment: A swivel attachment is also included to make sure that you are able to screw your speakers in the ideal location. You’ll also get 4 wall screws to help with the same, so you can mount these indoor speakers to any wall using the custom inserts found on the back of each speaker. That way, you can rotate the speakers to the right, left, up, or down to whatever degree you desire. 


  • These indoors speakers are compatible with any stereo
  • The speakers will fit onto any bookshelf
  • Stress-free installation in any location
  • Solid body helps prevent disruptions
  • The material is also anti-scratch


  • The mounting brackets are sometimes hard to adjust
  • The speakers are not that stylish, but they are highly durable


You’ll be amazed by the sound these small guys produce, and they are easy to integrate into a new or existing system without disrupting the intended style. So, if you need more speakers for your surround sound, Acoustic Audio is worth considering.

8. Fluance SXBP2 Home Theater Bipolar

[amazon box=”B00067OLOS”]

The Fluance SXBP2 uses a premium configuration to deliver a 3D soundstage and expansive surround sound throughout the room. You can place the speakers either behind or beside the listening area for the ultimate surround effect. Also, it uses the current bipolar radiation pattern to produce natural sound and give you quality entertainment at home at each volume level without interruptions.

Key highlights of Fluance SXBP2

  • Immersive bipolar surrounds: The reason why the SXBP2 is so popular is because of its unique configuration of bipolar sound radiation. The speakers are able to create a 3D soundstage resulting in optimal surround sound imaging. Ideally, this is achieved by placing each speaker on the opposing side of the cabinet resulting in widespread and immersive surround sound spread across the listening area. 
  • Premium components/construction: The design and construction of these speakers give off a powerful sound that will make you and other listeners’ heads rotate in your entertainment. This includes neodymium tweeters for the production of full-range sounds and enhancing the cinematic experience. Also, it helps to ensure natural sound and seamless timbre to blend with other Fluance series. 
  • MDF wood cabinetry: The SXBP2 is expertly crafted using MDF for reduced cabinet resonance, so you can comfortably play your music at loud volumes. Again the power output is 100 watts meaning the sound output can get pretty loud while the wide frequency range gives it a bit of detail. The speakers can be placed beside or behind your listening position in 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 surround sound setups.
  • Wonderful level of clarity: Using these speakers as rear speakers brings the rear sound to a whole new level of clarity, and this is replicated even when used as left and right front speakers. Simply put, they make the rear sound feel larger and dispersed across the back wall. Additionally, the 4-inch dual mid drivers replicate the soundstage while enhancing the tones and notes from your favorite movies and films. 


  • Dependable sound output
  • Superb surround imaging
  • Excellent sound quality at each volume level
  • Wide frequency response to add more detail to your audio
  • The black ash finish blends with most appliances in your home


  • The keyholes are a bit tiny; you may need to get small screw heads
  • The design could be better


These are great surround speakers with superior components and dependable output that gives you the cinema-like experience you dream about. They have excellent sound dispersion and offer a fully immersing experience.

9. Bose 161 Speaker System

[amazon box=”B00006I53A”]

This Bose speaker system is packed with 10-100 watts per channel to ensure that you’ll enjoy a rich and full sound from a compact set. The speakers can be mounted on a wall, placed on a desk or bookshelf, and still be able to deliver balanced and spacious sound. This black speaker system is ideal for movies and music, and you can use them as rear speakers or main speakers in a small room.

Features of Bose 161 Speaker System

  • Stereo everywhere: The intriguing design of Bose 161 makes it deliver a performance matching that of a much larger stereo speaker system. The speakers employ the unique “stereo everywhere “technology to deliver rich and balanced sound over a wide area. And unlike other speaker systems that deliver sound in one direction, these speakers radiate sound throughout the room. 
  • Articulated array driver positioning: The speakers use two 2.5-inch Twiddler drivers positioned along the curves to move more air than conventional drivers. As the drivers move air in and out of the enclosures, they create a big sound that you’d expect from much larger speakers. The system also makes the higher frequencies spread out without obstructions, but it lacks a bit in the low frequencies.
  • Automatic protection circuitry: This feature is equally important since it protects the drivers from being overdriven while at the same time heightening their reliability without interfering with the sound quality. It is also designed to blend with direct/reflecting speaker systems, so you should worry less if you intend to use these speakers in a home theatre. Besides, the impedance of these speakers is 4 to 8 ohms, so the audio quality remains consistently high. 
  • Flexible placement possibilities: On top of the excellent design, the speakers are magnetically shielded so you can place them near your CRT monitors. The package includes custom brackets for easy installation, and they can be placed in multiple positions. However, always ensure that you use the proper gauge of wire and the correct length between your speakers and the amplifier. 


  • Compact yet versatile pair of satellite speakers
  • They deliver a big and lasting sound field
  • The curved design of these speakers adds a nice touch
  • Mounting brackets are included for flexible positioning
  • You can place them vertically or horizontally


  • The curved design may not be appealing to all
  • The bass is lacking, but this is expected given their size


In general, Bose speakers are versatile, and they offer a combination of excellent technical features and affordable prices. The Bose 160 speaker system produces excellent audio performance for music and movies, and the build quality is also solid.

10. ELAC Debut 2.0 OW4.2 On-Wall Speakers

[amazon box=”B07B4LXZKJ”]

These satellite speakers by ELAC delivers exceptionally clear surround sound with very crisps details. The speakers are not too big but have good sound dispersion, which is crucial for surround sound. In addition, the drivers are well-tuned, so they do not produce a lot of distortion. However, the speakers are a bit on the heavy side, so you’ll need to secure them tightly while mounting them on the wall.

Key features

  • Total surround sound system: When it comes to sound quality, nothing negative stands out in a negative way, and this model makes no compromise in regards to the surround sound. They work outstandingly well when used as surrounds, and you can pair them with Elac speakers for the center and left/right channels. They also make a good match to Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers resulting in an even more immersive surround sound experience. 
  • Bottom firing ports: The speakers come in a nice low profile that is easy to install, and once installed, they remain flush on the wall. Wall mounting hardware is included, and they also have bottom firing ports that allow for flexibility in placements. All you need to do is add an app-controlled powered subwoofer to complete the two channels or surround sound setup. 
  • Sturdy woofer construction: The woofer comes with a 4-inch woven aramid fiber bass driver that allows you to enjoy a big and balanced sound just anywhere. It also includes a 1-ich soft dome tweeter that enables the speakers to deliver smooth and thrilling highs for both music and movies. Also, the cabinets are braced from the inside, which helps to reduce cabinet vibrations while allowing the speakers to deliver deep and impactful bass. 
  • Wide sound dispersion: At 70Hz – 35 kHz, the frequency response is ultra-wide, ensuring accurate sound reproduction over a wide area. Also, the satellite speakers require a maximum of 80 watts, so you can experience loud audio without cranking up the volume. The drivers are well-tuned, so the speakers do not produce distortion, while a nominal impedance of 6 Ohms helps to eliminate diffraction modes common in most speaker enclosures.


  • The drivers are well-tuned
  • It includes wall-mounting hardware
  • The compact size makes installation on walls a breeze
  • Space-saving design; Wall mounting also ensures that you can save space for other components
  • Aesthetically appealing; pretty slim


  • Sold individually and they are also pretty expensive


This set of satellite speakers does not compromise anything when it comes to total surround sound when space is at a premium. Clarity is perfect and about what you would expect at the price, and they are effortless to install on the wall, whether on the side or rear walls.

11. Micca COVO-S Compact 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers

[amazon box=”B00N8265I8″]

This pair of compact bookshelf speakers use premium components to deliver soaring bass, and it complements any sound system. Its rich sound belies its size, and it is ideal for use in small to medium-sized rooms such as in the kitchen. However, they are not suitable for mounting on walls, but you can place them in the corners of your room for better bass and vocals.

Important highlights

  • Ported enclosure: Micaa’s ported enclosure is a great way of ensuring that the speakers deliver an extended bass response with minimal distortion. Ideally, the speakers should be placed along the wall or near a corner for better bass output. Additionally, they are by far the best small speakers to use when trying to enter the world of immersive audio, and they deliver such an engulfing experience with Atmos. 
  • Patented concentric driver layout: The speakers are built using a superior and sophisticated design that allows them to share the same acoustical center point while maintaining coherency throughout the crossover region. The speakers use a 3-inch wool paper cone woofer with an inbuilt 0.75″ PEI dome tweeter. Further, the woofer is curved, which serves as a waveguide for enhanced tweeter dispersion. 
  • Exceptionally rich sound: This speaker system delivers a surprisingly rich sound for their size, and the speakers are easy to blend in a range of room decors. The front grill protects internal components, including drivers, from dust or accidental splashes while ensuring long-lasting performance. However, it is important to keep in mind that these speakers are not self-powered, so you’ll need an amplifier and speaker cable. 
  • 6dB/octave crossover at 3.2kHz: The crossover rating is quite impressive, and it leads to a seamless transition between the tweeters. The cube-like design is not the best, but it easy to blend with most decors. Also, the five-way bidding posts are a rare feature for speakers at this price, and they make wire connections a snap. However, you’ll need to create a space for the speakers beforehand since they cannot be mounted on the wall. 


  • Excellent sound in a small package
  • Looks stylish, and it easy to place in a variety of places
  • Quite affordable
  • Uses a 2-way design that helps provide a clear audio
  • The black color goes well with most home decor 


  • Speaker wires are not included
  • Cannot be mounted on the wall 


If you enjoy ultra-loud audio, this 2-way speaker is for you and the best option where space is truly limited. You can use them as rear or front satellite speakers in a multi-channel sound system, and they are also a great upgrade for your computer speaker setup.

12. Monoprice 5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite

[amazon box=”B007YLQUWK”]

This speaker system comes with four satellite speakers, a center channel, and a powered subwoofer for the low frequencies, all in one box. That’s not all! The soundstage is stunning, and they come in an attractive black finish and spring–loaded signal connectors for added convenience. The set sounds like a much more expensive one, and you can always add two and make a 7.1 setup if you want to.

Unique features

  • Complete home theatre system: This is a complete set of home theatre systems made up of a center channel for the mid and high frequencies, an 8″ powered subwoofer, and four satellite speakers for the surrounds. The subwoofer is powered by a 60-watt amplifier, and it can handle frequencies between 50 Hz to 250 Hz. It also includes volume balance controls and an adjustable crossover frequency. 
  • Full-spectrum sound: This home theatre system sounds great, and it is designed to fill your home with high-quality, full-range sound despite the small size. Besides, four C brackets are included in the box as well as mounting hardware for mounting your satellites to the wall. You’ll also get a pair of plastic feet for the center channel speaker, and you can comfortably use a 16 gauge wire for the speaker wire connections. 
  • Compact and superior construction: The satellite speakers weigh only about 27lbs, making it easy to install them just anywhere. When it comes to the specifications, the center channel speaker uses two 3-inch midrange cones while the surround speakers use one cone and a 0.5-inch dome tweeter. They are also capable of handling up to 125 watts rated at 8 Ohms meaning that these speakers can get really loud. 
  • Premium surround sound speaker set: Away from the 5.1 surround speaker set, Monoprice has made it easy for you to add their own two-channel system to make it 7.1. They also provide a separate subwoofer if you wish to upgrade to a true 7.2 setup and everything is perfectly matched. For best performance, ensure you have pin-type plugs for the speaker connections and banana-type plugs to connect to the amplifier. 


  • Exceeds all expectations for sound quality
  • Comes with the necessary hardware for mounting the speakers
  • Attractive black finish
  • The best satellite speakers when it comes to setting up a complete home theatre system
  • Easy to mount almost anywhere


  • No individual speaker speakers for replacement
  • Entry-level
  • You’ll need to get your own hardware for mounting the speakers


Don’t let the low price make you doubt these speakers! These speakers fill your room with full-spectrum sound, and you’ll hear details that you may have missed before. And if you love high volume, these speakers should be able to take care of your needs without any noticeable distortion.

Selection of the Best Satellite Speakers

i. Scope of application

Before you start to look for satellite speakers, it is crucial to think about their range of use first. You’ll need to determine if they will be part of a multi-channel stereo system, a home theatre, or only for your TV. It is also important to consider whether they will be used in a closed room or open floor space. Equally important, some speakers sound better in smaller rooms while others are designed to work in larger areas.

ii. Matching with other audio components

For the best results, always match satellite speakers with audio components that deliver the recommended amount of power. Speakers require a range of minimum and maximum watts of power to perform as desired, so it is necessary to follow the manufacturers’ specifications. For surround sound and multi-channel setups, try to go for the same brand of speakers and other components for easy integration. Mix and match may require you to do more fine-tuning.

iii. Size and placement

The placement of satellite speakers is also important, and it is also going to determine the size and shape of speakers to go for. Some speakers come with mounting holes at the back to allow for easy attachment to surfaces such as walls, ceilings, etc. Others are made to rest on desks, on the wall, by the couch, or on bookshelves. Many of these speakers come in a sleek design, but most importantly, they are designed to deliver a natural look and fit into any interior.

iv. Technology

You’ll also need to consider the technology used in the construction. Most satellite speakers use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the best surround sound system in your home. For instance, some use Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection with other devices within the connection range. You can also get one with an inbuilt microphone to help you take calls or one with an aux port to allow you to connect other devices using a cable. These, among other features, give you value for money while enhancing your listening experience.

v. Wired or wireless?

Wired speakers offer precise control over your sound, something that is arguably not possible with a wireless system. On the other hand, wireless sound systems are effortless to install, and they offer a lot of flexibility and user convenience. What’s more, you don’t have to deal with wires which can be a real annoyance, especially when dealing with a huge surround sound system. However, if you want better and don’t mind having wires lying around, always go for wired speakers.

Final Word

Speakers are important components of your stereo system, and as such, it is without a doubt worth the extra time to sample different models before making a decision. Using satellite speakers is a convenient and cost-effective option since they offer an ultimate listening experience without taking up too much space. However, the best satellite speakers alone do not always translate to better results. You’ve to consider other vital elements, including listening space, personal preferences, and other components used to power your stereo.

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