Blam Audio vs Focal- Which is the Best Speaker Brand for You?

As a music lover or movie enthusiast, it is not uncommon to try and test loudspeakers and audio devices from different manufacturers. This is despite the fact that some manufacturers use similar components and technologies.

Blam Audio and focal are two legendary audio brands, and they have a lot in common. This implies that it can become challenging to tell the two French companies apart, especially when comparing similar devices from each brand.

So, before you make a purchase decision, you’ll need a guide with all the information you need about how these popular speaker brands compare and contrast. That said, we’ll compare Blam Audio vs Focal to help you determine which audio is best for your needs. Let’s discuss this further!

Focal vs Blam Audio- What do the brands have in common?

Focal has been in the industry a little longer than Blam Audio. This means that Blam Audio is still a young brand, but it has undoubtedly made a name for itself by manufacturing some of the best-sounding systems on the market.

We can begin by saying that both Focal and Blam Audio are exceptional manufacturers across the board. Both companies are known to develop and manufacture car audio accessories, with each offering a complete line of products, from car speakers and amplifiers to subwoofers and crossovers.

In addition, both brands provide more than just car audio; they have audio products for home theater, professional audio, and headphones as well. However, each brand brings its own sound style characterized by unique and patented technologies.

Both companies are based in France, and their products are well-respected in the audio community. What’s more, the brands were founded with the goal to provide the highest quality audio products possible, while offering great customer service and support. Their products are available worldwide through several audio wholesalers and retailers.

Background of Blam Audio

Blam Audio has been in the industry since 2013. Since then, they have been producing home audio loudspeakers, car audio systems, car, headphones and earphones, and other audio components. Blam’s unique style makes it your go-to brand for music lovers looking to experience a top-notch music performance in their car or at home.

Although modern technology has revolutionized the way we listen to music, Blam Audio has remained true to the ‘French Sound ‘philosophy whose focus is a natural-sounding soundstage. Furthermore, the philosophy focuses primarily on the medium frequencies, and the result of this is a wide and warm soundstage.

Blam product lines

i. Stereo speakers

Blam’s stereo speakers are made for true music enthusiasts. The speakers combine premium components, including carbon fiber woofer cones, neodymium magnets, and synthetic rubber surrounds to deliver an amazing sound experience. Furthermore, every component is optimized to bring out the best in the music you’re listening to.

For instance, BLAM BT30 is a high-end wireless speaker that is designed with the famed ‘French Sound’ in mind. The speaker delivers up to 12 hours of music on end, plus it perfectly suits a wide range of music genres.

The BLAM BT45 is yet another wireless stereo speaker, and just like any other Blam speaker, the BT45 is designed to replicate the ‘French Sound’. Furthermore, the speaker features an integrated subwoofer that allows it to reproduce deep bass sounds.

ii. Car speakers

Whether you’re looking for a 3-way car or shallow-mount speakers that you can fit on your car doors, Blam Audio has a solution. Blam’s car speakers are developed and assembled in France, and they are designed to offer incredible soundstage and refined sound.

Blam has four car speaker lines, which include the high-end Signature/ Multix series, Live series, Relax series, and Express series. Each of these speaker series comes with a wide range of car component speakers, high-performance coaxials, stand-alone tweeters, mid-range drivers, etc.

iii. Headphones and earphones

Blam’s over-the-ear H1 headphones are equipped with high-efficiency 40mm drivers to allow users to enjoy dynamic ‘French Sound’. The drivers also come in a lightweight design and uniquely flat frequency to allow them to reproduce a range of music genres.

The E1 earphones are perhaps one of the company’s greatest inventions. The dual-driver earphones allow your music to come to life and are especially great for listening to high-resolution or uncompressed music files.

Background of Focal

Launched in 1979, Focal is an old name in the world of audio, with its headquarters based in Saint-Étienne, France. Since its inception, the company has been designing and producing car loudspeakers and amplifiers, home audio loudspeakers, and recording studio loudspeakers. Focal has now become a force to reckon with, and it has claimed its place among other leaders in the world of audio.

Recently, the company has ventured into manufacturing world-class headphones, designed by the company’s engineers in France. The headphones boost of technologies and innovations that are exclusive to Focal meaning, you cannot find them anywhere else. All their products stay faithful to 100% Focal style, a design that delivers high-quality products.

Focal product lines

i. Home audio

One area in which Focal has undoubtedly excelled is in the production of loudspeakers and audio electronics intended for home entertainment. Focal loudspeakers are not only designed to fill your room with rich sound but also give your interior the ambiance your desire. The Focal home audio collection includes:

  • High-fidelity speakers– Focal speakers are made using premium components to allow you to enjoy your favorite jams like never before. Notable speakers’ series under focal include the famous Utopia III Evo series, the Sopra speaker series, the Kanta series, Aria 900, Chora, Aria K2, and Chorus 700 speaker series.
  • Home theaters– Focal home theaters are designed to let you bring the cinematic experience to the comfort of your living room. This means that you don’t have to go to the movie theaters to enjoy your movies. In addition, a good number of their home theaters come with Dolby Atmos technology, which lets you experience overhead sound effects in real time. The Focal home theater series includes the Dome series, Sib Evo, Chora, and Aria K2 series.
  • Multimedia and wireless speaker collection– Focal wireless collection offers a range of loudspeakers that are incredibly versatile and easy to install. This implies that you don’t need any type of speaker wire to integrate the speakers into your existing setup.

ii. Car audio

Apart from home audio, Focal also offers high-end car audio components, which are optimized for both your budget and the available car space. Most vehicles come with inferior stock systems, and this is where Focal car audio comes in to let you upgrade your car audio system. The best part yet you can choose from their wide collection of high-fidelity car audio equipment, which includes car speakers, subwoofers, cables, and accessories.

iii. Professional audio

Focal’s professional monitors are designed to reproduce the original sound signal without coloration or altering the frequencies. This means that music producers can reproduce any mix accurately without adjusting the final sound. Furthermore, the studios are ideal for both the needs of a small-scale studio as well as big studios.

iv. Headphones

Focal’s headphones provide an easy way to enjoy music without having to disturb others. They are also helpful in professional applications such as making video calls or recording purposes. The best part about Focal’s headphones is that they come in a sophisticated design to help provide high-fidelity sound than speakers of similar value. Additionally, the company offers headphones for home use, traveling as well as professional applications.

Blam Audio vs Focal- What are the Differences?

We have to admit that both audio brands will impress you beyond any expectations you may have. However, from what we have discussed so far, it is obvious that Focal is more diverse, meaning it offers products for just about every consumer’s need. These include surround speakers, home theaters, car speakers, headphones, etc.

Although Focal can be expensive, its products especially the headphones are amongst the best in the market and offer some of the best features available. Equally important, Focal headphones are made using high-quality components, enabling them to deliver detailed and dynamic sound quality. Furthermore, the inbuilt USB-DAC feature offers unmatched sound quality for headphones of the same price range.

However, Focal speakers are not designed for bass, but they can reproduce decent low-end notes and high-fidelity sound. Regardless of this, the bass performance is fairly executed without overwhelming the mid and high frequencies. That said, portability is perhaps one of the selling points of Focal speakers, thereby making it one of the best speaker brands today.

On the other hand, Blam Audio is known for its incredible stereo speakers and car speakers. Blam home audio speakers come in a wide range of designs, from heavy-duty standalone speakers to compact ones that you can fit inside your backpack.

The BT speaker series is especially premium quality, extremely good-looking, and effortless to use. In addition, the speakers are known for the practicality and versatility they provide, and their ability to satisfy modern users’ demands. And while Blam speakers are somewhat in the mid-price range, they feature high-quality components, and their sound quality is almost equivalent to that of their Focal counterparts.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, it is quite challenging to determine which brand is better, between Blam Audio and Focal. Both companies produce great audio products and accessories, so it comes down to personal preferences and brand loyalty. Some people will swear on the sound of Focal products, while others will insist that Blam Audio sounds the best.

However, you can be sure of one thing; both companies are respected in the industry, and can never go wrong with either brand. Accurate music reproduction calls for high-quality components and a well-thought design. Both brands have both solutions, and this helps ensure that your entertainment system sounds great and lasts for years to come. So, if you’re looking to upgrade your entertainment system or build one from scratch, be sure to check out either Focal or Blam Audio.

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