Best 6 3/4 Speakers 2024- Reviews and Buying Guide

When looking to upgrade the car audio system, most people don’t have an idea of where to start. While going for a new head unit seems like the most viable option at first, replacing the speakers will typically enhance the overall sound quality. Most factory speakers are made from cheap paper and foam surrounds, which deteriorate over time. Replacing car speakers may require modifications during installation, but ideally, they do not interfere with car parts such as windows or car locks.

Car speakers come in different sizes, and the size you choose will determine your listening experience and the changes you need to implement in your car. The 6.75 speakers are a popular size, and they make a great replacement for your factory speakers. They have high-quality components, and they deliver a well-balanced sound. What’s more, you can pair the best 6 3/4 speakers with most amplifiers since they are capable of handling varying levels of power.

Comparison table of Best 6 3/4 Speakers

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These speakers are usually mounted on the car doors, and to help you narrow the choices, we’ve provided you with five speakers that will boost your car’s audio quality.

1. Rockford Fosgate R1675X2 Prime 6.75

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These full-range speakers are designed to withstand a variety of environments, and they offer optimal sound quality at a great value. They also include stylish grilles, so they look great as they sound, and they are easy to install even for a beginner. The mid-tones and the highs are crispy, and they manage the bass so well.

Other features

  • Vacuum Polypropylene cone: Polypropylene cones are quite popular since the material does not absorb moisture and result in minimal distortion. Also, they provide very rich bass, and they hardly break even when pushed hard. Most of the time, the woofer doesn’t require a separate mid-range driver to handle the middle frequencies, and you don’t have to crank the volume to hear the details in the music.
  • The Silk Dome tweeter: The Silk Dome flush mounted tweeter does a great job of shaping the sound on the upper frequencies. This tweeter delivers clear and extended highs that hold up even when the bass gets heavy. As long as you don’t plan to push the tweeter to the point of breaking up, it will make your instruments and high-pitched vocals sound as clear as possible.
  • Built-in tweeter crossover: The integrated tweeter crossover helps to ensure that you don’t have to install a crossover separately. Building the crossover into the woofer basket also facilitates easy installation since you don’t need to find additional space to mount a separate crossover box. Additionally, the frame has multiple slots eliminating the need to redrill the screw holes when factory holes don’t fit.
  • Stamped steel basket: The speakers offer a combination of rubber surrounds and a stamped steel basket, making them one of the best 6.75 speakers you’ll find. This construction allows for linear cone movement while facilitating tighter bass. When it comes to the specs, the speakers can handle up to 45 watts RMS per speaker, and they have a wide frequency response of 52Hz – 20 kHz, so you will get decent sound output. 


  • Overall the sound quality is superb, and the bass is powerful
  • Space-saving design, so it will fit most vehicles
  • Everything you need for installation is provided
  • High sensitivity
  • Excellent components to give you more details
  • Quite affordable


  • The bass performance is not quite impressive; you might need another amp to push them
  • Low power handling


These speakers are made for good sound, and the speaker design is utterly remarkable. They perform just well with any aftermarket unit, and they provide an excellent upgrade for most people.

2. 2 Kicker 43DSC6704 D-Series 6.75″

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Kicker offers quality audio products, and this 6.75″ DS series is no exception. The speakers are really dynamic and offer very clean audio. They’ll sound great when connected to your factory head unit, but the results are even great when paired with an outboard amp. Additionally, they boast a 40Hz to 20 kHz frequency response, ensuring that they give you all the range and power you need.

Key highlights

  • Thin profile: This kicker’s DS series has a low profile that will fit most vehicles without modifying the door panels. Further, they feature a non-intrusive PEI tweeter design that not only stands out but also adds crispness to your highs and tunes. What’s more, the polypropylene cones are stiff and lightweight, and they are surrounded by UV treated foam surrounds.
  • Two-way design: These two-way speakers make a great replacement for your inefficient factory speakers, and they offer the kind of clarity that is out of this world. The design creates dynamic sound while directing the highs to the dedicated tweeter and the lower frequencies to your polypropylene woofer. These speakers will bring out the best even from low-powered radio, so you can confidently play your favorite jams all day long.
  • High-sensitivity DS motor: All Kicker DS speakers come with a high-sensitivity motor design to help deliver increased volume, whether you are using a factory head unit or a high-powered amplifier. The speakers are built to handle up to 60 watts RMS and 240 watts peak power to ensure a long-lived sound. Also, the woofer really shines in conveying the lower frequencies without adding any sound coloration.
  • Drop-In!: These speakers will fit nearly everywhere and in any car right from the box, and you don’t need to make any holes in your vehicle. The best thing is that they come in durable construction, and you can always change the casing if you need something sturdier. Besides, the manual will give you the information you need to build your new system or replace your old factory speakers. 


  • The tweeters sound so clean
  • Designed to fit into a variety of vehicle doors
  • Low profile design- effortless installation
  • Fits many applications
  • The highs and the mids sound great, but the bass is not the greatest


  • The bass is a bit lacking
  • If you love the spacious sound, you might need speakers with more power


The speakers work incredibly well for the price, and they improve your listening experience while mostly making the job a breeze. The design is sure to impress anyone, and when paired with the right equipment, these speakers deliver outstanding performance.

3. Rockford Fosgate P1675 Punch 6.75″

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The P1675 is an excellent drop-in replacement and is one of the high-grade replacements to your factory-installed speakers. The bass is great, but if you are looking for earth-shattering performance, a great sub will work wonders. The speakers also offer probably the most balanced audio clarity for speakers in this class, and with these speakers, it is very easy to distinguish every instrument.


  • Impressive 3-way full-range 6.75 speakers: The Punch P1675 comes with a 3-way speaker configuration making it ideal for audio enthusiasts looking for great sound in an easy to install set. The package comes in a pair, and each speaker is capable of handling 55 watts RMS and 110 peak watts. They also feature a PEI dome tweeter that ensures that the speakers can deliver rich lows and crystal clear mids and highs effortlessly.
  • Injection-molded cone: The high strength injection-molded cone made from polypropylene is rigid yet lightweight, and nothing gets distorted. It is designed to minimize any flex during use to improve the overall sound quality and keep distortion to the minimum. Additionally, the butyl rubber surrounds ensures accurate and high output frequency reproduction with maximum protection.
  • An Integrated Concealed Crossover (ICC): This feature hides the crossover inside the basket, thus creating a tidy look that allows for easy installation. It also eliminates the need to mount additional boxes while ensuring that the right frequencies are delivered to the right drivers giving you the sound you’ve always wanted. The bass is satisfactory, and you can hear the distinction in all kinds of music.
  • FlexFit basket design: The P1675 offers a flexfit basket design to allow the speakers to fit on odd-shaped speaker locations. The design has multiple slots instead of single-sized holes so you can adjust your speakers when aligning with OEM mounting slots. The pair includes grilles, mounting hardware as well as the OEM adapter plate.


  • High-grade replacement for your stock speakers
  • Best 6 3/4 speakers for bass
  • Includes grilles and mounting hardware
  • Reliability and great sound quality in a small package
  • 3-way audio system
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • The price is a little high
  • May not fit some car models


Overall, this set is tough to beat in terms of mid-range sound and overall sound quality. They will exceed your expectations by offering impressive audio output that will leave your ears satisfied.

4. Kenwood KFC-1796PS 6.75 Inch

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When looking to replace your tacky OEM sound system in your vehicle, Kenwood speakers are always a plausible resolution. They are pretty loud and offer plenty of decent bass, so you shouldn’t worry if you are not planning to get a sub. Besides, these3-way speakers are designed with durability in mind while ensuring that you get the greatest sonic value.

Key features and benefits

  • Multi-driver design: KFC-1796PS uses a multi-driver system to give you accurate lows, cleans vocals, and articulate highs. It has also employed the latest technologies to ensure that you’ll get a unique and enjoyable sound. Furthermore, you can power your speakers with any car stereo and still be able to enjoy your music with the desired clarity and emotion.
  • Acoustic sound harmonizer: The special acoustic sound harmonizer is the main selling point of these speakers. The feature helps improve the frequency response from 3,000 to 4,000 Hz, so the speakers are able to play all the low, middle, and high tones correctly. Moreover, the speakers are rated at 100 watts RMS which means they are engineered to ensure a smooth listening experience.
  • Water-resistant paper cone: The KFC-1796PS comes with a water-resistant paper cone that not only increases the speakers’ strength but also allows the speakers to deliver more bass response. When this is combined with a rubber surround, it improves the overall durability so you can enjoy the rich sound for years. Again they are door speakers, and installation is pretty straightforward.
  • The tweeters: The musical details are handled by the 1.56″ tweeter to give you tweeter power like no other. And as if this is not enough they also incorporate a 0.50″ super tweeter to ensure a fierce performance and detailed highs. However, the 88dB sensitivity rating is not going to rattle your windows, but the speakers are certainly capable of delivering great tonal details.


  • The paper cones deliver unique and enjoyable sound
  • The sound is not harsh on your ears
  • The speakers are relatively affordable
  • The bass is really good for speakers this size
  • Grilles are included for customized installations


  • The paper cones are not as durable
  • A bit of punch in the bass area would be much better


The Kenwood KFC-1796PS rock long and hard, and they will exceed your expectations without hurting your bank account. The sound is crystal clear and crisp, and you can crank them up, and they hold the sound really well.

5. Infinity Kappa 60.11CS 6-3/4″

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You can never go wrong with Infinity speakers, no matter the size or configuration. These Kappas speakers are built extremely well, and as long as they are powered by an amplifier, you’ll probably never want to switch again. They also have incredible mids meaning they truly excel at music with instrumentals, especially guitar and genres like rock and classical.

Key highlights

  • 2-way component system: These component speakers somehow expensive, but they produce the cleanest sound you’ve heard from car speakers. You can power them straight from your factory or aftermarket head unit, but an amp is needed to unlock their potential. The sound quality is impressive, and they sound great at low volumes, and the sound is even more stunning at high volumes.
  • Built for power: The system comes with powerful components, and it boasts of outstanding power handling capabilities. The pair can handle a maximum of 540 watts, making these speakers ideal for integrating with a powerful aftermarket amplifier. The mids are unbelievably clear, so you can finally hear your music at its best.
  • High sensitivity: If you are looking for a set of good speakers with high-sensitivity, these speakers are definitely for you. Equally important, they sound remarkably good, no matter the volume level. The tweeters are not harsh to the ears, and they can handle pretty much anything thrown at them. The bass performance is also satisfactorily, and the speakers really come alive with some power as long as you don’t turn it up past distortion.
  • Carbon injected glass fiber cone: The carbon injected cone is hard to beat, and it integrates the Plus One cone technology to offer more cone area than other designs. These are by far the best set of component speakers; they handle power amazingly well, and the clarity these Infinity speakers offer is unmatched.


  • Great for any aftermarket stereo
  • They are built extremely well
  • The mids are incredible
  • The bass is accurate and punchy
  • Sound great at low volumes, and sound even better loud!


  • A little light on bass
  • Most pricey but they are really well-engineered


For sound clarity, look no further. These speakers are built to be sturdy, but more importantly, the system features powerful components and outstanding power handling capabilities. All you need is to give your speakers the power they need, and when paired with a quality sub, you won’t be disappointed.

What to Consider When Buying the Best 6.75 Speakers

Choosing the wrong speakers can cost you immensely in terms of both money and time. Ideally, the included features have a significant impact on the sound as well as tonal characteristics. In addition, you want your speakers to match with your existing car sound system. That said, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when looking to build a 6.75 speaker system.

i. Material and components

There is no doubt that the material used to make the speakers have a huge impact on the overall sound quality. By just looking at the quality of the components included, you should be able to figure out the nature of the sound you’ll get from low frequencies, mids, and highs. For instance, the woofer cones are often made from polypropylene to ensure that they are stiff yet flexible enough even when delivering bass. On the other hand, the surrounds can be made from butyl rubber, which helps improve the speaker’s lifespan.

ii. Power handling

The 6 3/4 speakers require a source of power to work just all other car speakers. The low rating (RMS) represents the amount of power the speaker can handle continuously. In contrast, the peak rating is the maximum amount of power the speakers can take before your risk overheating the speakers. Most speakers in this category can handle up to 200 watts but should be careful not to overpower your speakers. Overpowered speakers often result in distorted sound, and this is the last thing you’d wish for.

iii. Ease of installing a 6.75 car speaker

Most 6.75 speakers are designed to fit right into your factory slots using the factory grilles and brackets. However, some allow for a customized installation, and you can install them directly on your door panels to replace your factory speakers. However, it is important to note that each car has its own installation issues with regard to factory speaker locations, mounting height and depth, and the car’s factory wiring. As such, always use the manual provided and get all the necessary tools to ensure that installation will not take much of your time.

iv. Should you choose a 3-wayor a 2-way car speaker?

A 2-way speaker has only two drivers; the woofer and a tweeter. The woofer controls the low and mid-range frequencies while the tweeter is responsible for the higher frequencies. On the other hand, a 3-way speaker comes with an additional mid-range driver, so the frequencies are divided more evenly. This means that 3-way speakers are more efficient, and they offer more vivid sound. The 2-way speakers, on the other hand, are more affordable and easy to install, but they are inferior in terms of sound quality.

v. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is an important spec of speakers that lets you know the amount of volume you’ll get at a given amount of power. Sensitivity not only affects your choice of speaker, but it also determines the stereo receiver or amplifier you need. If you are not planning to push your speaker to the limit or prefer to play at low volume, then you can get away with speakers that have low sensitivity. However, if you intend to play music at the loudest volume levels, your speakers should have a sensitivity rating of 90 dB and above.

Final Verdict

Car speakers are an expensive investment, so you should choose wisely. Always ensure you get the best set of speakers, after which you can optimize to get the best audio experience in your car. If we were to choose the best 6 3/4 speakers overall, we’d have to go with the Rockford Fosgate R1675X2. These 2-way full-range speakers are out to impress with their simple design and audio excellence. We were also impressed that you can use the slots for precise fitting, making them a perfect choice to enjoy great sound at an affordable price.

When installing these speakers, some of the important tips are installing noise deadeners in places where the sound is likely to rattle. You can also try to angle the tweeter towards you to improve the effect of highs and always play high-quality music files to ensure the best sound reproduction. Additionally, get a good amplifier and subwoofer box to help boost the bass without resulting in distortion. Often, 6.75 car speakers are affordable are sold in a pair to save you money, so getting a nice set should not be a problem.

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