How Much Airspace Do 6×9 Speakers Need?

Many people often overlook the importance of airspace when buying new speakers. Different speakers require a certain minimum airspace depending on their size. How much airspace do 6×9 speakers need? If you are buying 6×9 replacement speakers, you should know the optimal airspace they need for the best performance. Read on for a detailed guide on the optimal airspace for 6×9 speakers.

What is Airspace?

Airspace is a term that refers to the volume within a speaker enclosure. A speaker only reproduces the best possible sound when it has sufficient airspace in the enclosure. Optimal airspace also improves low-end reverbs and high frequencies. But how do you determine the airspace that 6×9 speakers need? Let’s find out.

Optimal Airspace for 6×9 Speakers

To make sure your 6×9 speakers have enough airspace, you need to mount them in a proper enclosure. There are several types of enclosures to choose from. The best enclosures to use with 6×9 speakers are sealed enclosures. These enclosures are airtight such that they do not allow air to escape from the box.

The importance of using a sealed enclosure is that any sound waves produced by the speaker get trapped within the box. If you use a ported enclosure with your 6×9 speaker, it may sound hollow and thin due to letting air out of the box.

Generally, the more the airspace, the better the speakers sound. When determining the amount of airspace, you take into account the shape, size, and power of the speaker. Essentially, larger and more powerful speakers require a lot more airspace than smaller speakers.

So how much airspace do 6×9 speakers need? With all factors considered, a 6×9 speaker requires an airspace of at least 0.5 cubic feet.

How to Calculate the Required Airspace?

When you buy new 6×9 speakers, it is important to know the amount of airspace they will require inside a speaker box. To calculate the airspace of an enclosure, start by calculating its volume in cubic feet. To get its volume, multiply the depth, width, and height of the enclosure.

Then divide the volume by 1728. The figure you will get is the airspace of that speaker box. If you get an airspace of at least 0.5 cubic feet, you can mount a 6×9 speaker in that speaker box. If the airspace is smaller, then get a larger speaker box.

What Happens If 6×9 Speakers Lack Enough Airspace?

There are certain issues you may experience with your 6×9 speakers when they lack sufficient airspace. One of the issues you are likely to experience is reduced sound quality. Without enough airspace, the speaker will not be able to reproduce optimal volume and bass levels.

Another problem you may experience is unwanted noises such as rattling. This is because the speaker lacks enough space to move air and create optimal sound. Also, the sound may be unclear and muffled. In worst-case scenarios, the speaker may get damaged. The reason is that the vibrations may cause the voice coil and/or speaker cone to break.

How Can You Achieve Enough Airspace for 6×9 Car Speakers?

Sometimes, you may not have the luxury to mount an enclosure in your car. Probably, your car does not have enough space for an enclosure. In such situations, you can mount 6×9 speakers on the door panels. To do this, you will need to remove the existing grilles and door panels to check the mounting location where they will get sufficient airspace.

If the factory mounting location does not have enough airspace, you will need to drill a new mounting location where there is enough airspace. When you mount 6×9 speakers in a location with sufficient airspace, listeners will sense stereo sound for an enhanced listening experience.

If the available airspace on the door panels is not enough, consider mounting the speakers in the dashboard. The dashboard often has enough airspace, even for many cars with limited space. Just ensure no metallic or plastic trim blocks airflow behind the speakers.


How much airspace do 6×9 speakers need? For the best listening experience, mount 6×9 speakers in an enclosure with at least 0.5 cubic feet of airspace. If you are installing 6×9 speakers in a car with limited space for an enclosure, ensure you choose a mounting location such as the door panel or dashboard where there is sufficient airspace.

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