Best Wireless Subwoofer 2023- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Improving the amount and quality of bass in a sound system doesn’t necessarily have to mean adding big cabinets and long, space-cluttering cables. Wireless subwoofers are a great option for small spaces. These subs add lively lows to the overall sound while keeping your space free of snaking cables that can be a threat to the safety of your kids, pets and guests. In addition, wireless subs offer more placement flexibility. You can position them anywhere within the length of their power cable. This gives you the freedom to try out different positions until you find the best placement for bass performance.

When choosing the best wireless subwoofer, it’s important to remember that you don’t just want to add boom to the sound. You wish to hear a musical equilibrium after adding the new sub. In other words, the subwoofer should complement your existing speakers, not intimidate them. This review is all about finding such a subwoofer.

Comparison Table of Best Wireless Subwoofer

1. Klipsch R-12SWi 12″ Subwoofer – Best Overall

The R-12SWi comes in strong with 400 watts peak power handling. It’s one of the best wireless subwoofers for big rooms due to its ability to fill larger spaces with a balanced low end enhancement. In addition to designing this sub with incredible bass performance features, Klipsch has made its exterior elegant for esthetic benefits.

Key Features of Klipsch R-12SWi

  • 12-inch IMG woofer: Thunderous bass output completes a home theater experience. Klipsch is not taking any chances here. It has fitted a big front-firing spun copper Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofer that delivers excellent bass response with minimal distortion and cone breakup. Thus, expect room-shaking bass from this power-backed sub.
  • High-fidelity wireless connectivity: Klipsch R-12SWi uses a 2.4Ghz hi-fi pre-paired transmitter, which provides seamless transmission of low-frequency effects anywhere in the room. This transmitter plugs into the sub’s output/LFE on the back of your receiver. Regardless of where the sub sits, it receives the strong bass signals and reproduces them with cutting edge precision.
  • All-digital amplifier: To make sure that you get a truly captivating bass output from your wireless sub, Klipsch has included a digital amp in the sub’s design. By delivering ample power efficiently, this built-in amplifier enhances true-to-source accuracy during bass reproduction.
  • Phase control and low pass crossover: If you plan to add this wireless sub to a system that has other Klipsch speakers, the phase control is something to celebrate. It allows for flawless integration of bass tones into the overall output of your multi-speaker system. Besides, the low pass crossover gives you the means to establish the perfect level of bass that the R-12SWi delivers.
  • Strong, durable, and elegant build: This wireless sub achieves not only premium bass performance but also top-of-the-class durability and aesthetics. The ported enclosure is made of MDF. Besides, a brushed polymer veneer finish and a flexible grille sum up its incredible outlook.


  • Remarkable bass response with less distortion.
  • High power rating.
  • Strong wireless connectivity for uninterrupted high-power bass output regardless of the sub’s placement in the room.
  • Good-looking cabinet that can fit in any contemporary décor.
  • Extensive frequency response (29-120 Hz)


  • The sub can easily overwhelm small speakers at high volumes.
  • No remote control.


If you want to add powerful bass to your audio system, Klipsch R-12SWi does exactly that without introducing the hassles of cable management. This speaker only needs a power output and it’s ready to rock.

Let Klipsch R-12SWi push your system’s overall audio quality a notch higher by integrating precise, impactful bass.

2. Samsung Sound+ SWA-W700 – Best Budget Wireless Subwoofer

Samsung’s SWA-W700 makes attaining deep bass simpler. It’s designed to pair automatically with a variety of Sound+ soundbars including the HW-MS550/ZA, HW-MS650/ZA, HW-NW700/ZA, HW-MS750/ZA, and HW-MS6500/ZA. In addition, you’ll definitely love the subwoofer’s timeless unibody design that renders a great look from whichever angle. Let’s sink in the details of this highly sought after wireless sub.

Highlights of Samsung Sound+ SWA-W700

  • Front-firing 10” woofer: The room shaking bass you get from this sub is attributed to the well-built 10-inch driver working tirelessly to deliver the best quality bass. This speaker handles with accuracy all notes across the frequency range of 27-120Hz. Expect awesome ultra-deep bass to fill your room and spice up your home theater experience.
  • Automatic tuning to Sound+ configuration: Sound+ speakers are becoming increasingly popular among home audio fans. The SWA-W700 offers seamless integration of deep bass into your existing Sound+ setup. When you connect this sub, it adjusts itself to inject the right amount of bass into the overall output.
  • Sealed enclosure for tighter bass: Samsung made this sub’s enclosure considerably more compact. The cabinet measures 13.31″ H x 12.6″ W x 12.6″ D. What’s more important to note is its sealed design, which gives out tight bass ideal for smaller rooms. Watching your favorite videos and movies will be more enjoyable with the extra rumble this sub adds.
  • Samsung’s distortion-canceling technology: Samsung used its exclusive distortion-cancelling technology to further improve the quality of bass you get. It’s the desire of many savvy bass fans to have a sub that delivers clean, distortion-free lows. This wireless sub has everything a speaker would need for such kind of output.


  • 30-feet wireless connectivity.
  • Has a built-in amplifier.
  • Remote control enabled.
  • Seamless compatibility with Samsung Sound+ soundbars.
  • It lets your soundbar focus on the frequencies it can handle.


  • Not compatible with other surround systems apart from Samsung Sound+.
  • Heavier than it looks.


The SWA-W700 makes your music listening and movie watching experiences more immersive and visceral. It is a solid and sophisticated subwoofer that has rightfully earned hi-fi status.

Trust Samsung SWA-W700 to add enlivening bass to your Sound+ system.

3. Bose Bass Module 700

Time and again, the labs of Bose grace the audio world with award-winning sound equipment. Such is the Bass Module 700, a compact wireless subwoofer designed to deliver bass that you not only hear but also feel. The eye-catching finishing of this sub will make you want to have it in your room immediately. More importantly, its exquisite handling of lows and compatibility with surround speakers is what many users consider the real value of owning it.

Key highlights

  • Quiet port technology: Some would-be-great subwoofers produce big bass but at the expense of clarity. Bose has gone great depths to ensure that you get the best of both worlds. The quiet port technology, specifically, ensures that the output isn’t distorted even when volume is turned up.
  • 30 feet wireless range: This subwoofer offers true wireless operation. You can station it anywhere within a 30-feet radius from the receiver. Its strong connectivity ensures that the audio output you get is an accurate transmission from the source. Thus, the Bass Module 700 is perfect for medium to large-sized rooms.
  • Premium glass top finish: While the beauty of sound lies with the drivers and other internal components of the speaker, the exterior showcases exceptional elegance. The glass-top finish catches the eye immediately besides adding great esthetic value to your space.
  • Compatibility: Building a truly satisfying home entertainment system is a feat only the best speaker manufacturers like Bose can attempt. True to this, the Bass Module 700 boasts of extensive compatibility with Bose soundbars including Soundbar 700/500 and Sound Touch 300. The addition of this subwoofer marks the achievement of cinema-like sound. It takes you to the center of every action scene in your movies, and to the core of the soundstage of your favorite jams.


  • Incredible bass depth and clarity.
  • Premium quality drivers.
  • Elegant exterior finishing.
  • Strong, undeterred wireless connectivity over a 30 feet range.
  • You can make bass and treble adjustments in the Bose app.


  • Some users find the subwoofer too heavy.
  • The Bose app doesn’t offer much help for customizing the sound output.


If you’ve been looking for the best sub to pair with Bose Soundbar 700, look no further. The Bass Module 700 is made to satisfy the needs of the most demanding sound enthusiast.

Match your soundbar with this subwoofer to get the best out of your surround sound.

4. REL Acoustics T/7i

One of the things you’ll love most about REL Acoustics subwoofers is the way they enhance the low end without watering down other frequencies. The T/7i generously outputs natural bass to make your home theater sound less superficial and more listener-friendly. Let’s check out the features of this REL Acoustics masterpiece:

Key highlights of the T/7i

  • Multi-driver sound reproduction: REL Acoustics has carefully blended two drivers to ensure a seamless deep bass that integrates well into the overall output of your sound system. These are a front-firing 8-inch long-throw active driver and a 10-inch down-firing passive driver. In both drivers, REL has made an intelligent alloy-to-fiber balance for a flawless bass output.
  • 200 watt Class A/B amplifier: Like all the high-quality REL speakers in Series T/i, the T/7i uses a Class A/B power amplifier. REL Acoustics reports that it has used this amp model in almost 100,000 REL audio components. You can, therefore, rest assured of the amp’s proven reliability in high-current supply and energy efficiency.
  • Perfect balance of bass depth and speaker weight: The holy grail of superb bass response is achieving the best balance of woofer speed and weight. The T/7i has managed to achieve this balance. It delivers deep bass in a moderately-sized package. In fact, this sub ranks among the most balanced RELs of all time.
  • Back panel features: Just the view of the rear panel of this speaker tells you it’s up for some serious business. First, there are both low-level RCA and high-level inputs. These give you two installation alternatives, although many users prefer high-level input installation via the provided Neutrik connector. Also, there is a crossover with 39 increments over the frequency range of 30 to 120Hz. There’s a phase toggle, as well.


  • Dual-driver operation for superb sound staging.
  • Powerful, high-efficiency amplifier.
  • Simple sound customization adjustments.
  • Integrates well with main speakers.
  • Strong, durable build


  • No remote control.
  • Higher price compared to competing wireless subs.


The higher price of this REL subwoofer shouldn’t make you miss out on all the great benefits of having it. It’s among the best lightweight subs for enriching surround sound with natural, powerful bass.

Want a truly high-class bass experience? Try REL Acoustics T/7i.

5. Polk Audio DSWPRO 550Wi

Polk Audio made this wireless subwoofer uniquely to deliver pounding bass from every corner of the room. The company’s superior workmanship, as always, did not disappoint. We’re impressed by Polk’s use of cutting-edge technology and unique driver materials to make the DSWPRO 550Wi the state-of-the-art subwoofer it is. See more on its features below:

Features of Polk Audio DSWPRO 550Wi

  • Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance woofers: Behind the acoustic excellence of the DSWPRO 550Wi is an exceptionally efficient Dynamic Balance woofer. It’s made up of a super-stiff but lightweight composite polypropylene cone and durable rubber surrounds. These design details imply more cone control, free range of motion, and superior damping.
  • Slot-loaded port design: This unique design effectively adds port surface area, with the ultimate goal of achieving a deeper and smoother bass response from small cabinets. In addition, special tuning reduces chuffing and air turbulence at the port’s mouth to ensure distortion-free bass output.
  • Polk’s Feed Forward Distortion Suppression technology: Polk Audio has made further effort to set sound performance levels higher. The Feed Forward technology removes performance restraints even at high volume levels. Thus, don’t limit yourself to small bass while you can enjoy high-quality, undistorted bass even at extreme volumes.
  • Pro Room Optimizer: Having a subwoofer that you can place anywhere in the room and get the same quality of bass is awesome. The DSWPRO 550Wi comes with 4 preset optimizers that allow you to specify a location and define the desired bass settings. This great deal of freedom is priceless.
  • Versatile applications: You can use this sub in a standard down-firing mode or in a front-firing mode. The included rubber foot inserts come in handy when you want to position the sub on its back (front-firing mode). Besides, this sub works well with just about any system. The line level inputs & outputs and LFE make connections with other speakers super easy.


  • 10-inch woofer cone produces thunderous bass.
  • Room optimizer technology allows you to place the sub anywhere.
  • Connects quickly to any sound system.
  • Easy and convenient remote control capability.
  • Rubber feet and carpet spikes for more placement flexibility.


  • Limited frequency range control.
  • Bass is a bit muddy.


Polk Audio DSWPRO 550Wi can bring out the best in your entertainment system, regardless of the type of sound system you have. It offers you some of the best bass reproduction features you’ll ever come across.

You’ll not regret upgrading your system with this well-built and highly reliable wireless subwoofer.

Factors to consider when choosing the best wireless subwoofer

There are several common factors to consider when choosing any subwoofer. These include power, frequency response, sound quality, and ease of installation. Additional considerations to make when choosing a wireless sub include connectivity and compatibility with the existing system.

We discuss these critical factors in detail below:

i. Driver size: The diameter of the woofer influences how loud the subwoofer can get. Wireless subs with 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch drivers give considerably loud sound. Consider the size of your room and the amount of bass you want to add, then choose the subwoofer with the appropriately-sized driver.

ii.Cabinet size: For many users, how a subwoofer fits in the room is of great concern. If you want your wireless sub to have minimal visual impact, go for a compact unit that can discreetly integrate into the décor. Sealed cabinets are the ideal choice as they are considerably smaller than ported enclosures.

On the other hand, if you don’t have any space limitations and want to get the biggest bass possible, you can opt for ported subs.

iii.Power handling: The higher the RMS power handling of a subwoofer, the more powerful the sound it delivers. Any wireless subwoofer with an RMS rating of 100 watts will give you good bass volume.

iv.Frequency response: The main aim of adding a sub is to achieve a better low-frequency response. This means finding a sub that pushes the bass deep. The sub’s frequency response helps to know how deep the bass will get. If the range goes down to about 30Hz, you can expect the sub to hit really deep.

v.Compatibility with other speakers: For a great overall sound experience, choose a wireless sub that blends seamlessly with the existing speakers. The sub shouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the system such that only bass is heard. Rather, it should energize the room with impactful lows that make the soundstage more balanced.

vi.Connectivity: The strength of the wireless connection between the sub and the audio source is critical to your listening experience. You want a wireless sub that plays without sound drops. Subwoofers that use 2.4Ghz transmitters are among the best with regard to connectivity. You can get first hand insights on this issue from other users’ reviews.

Our pick for best wireless subwoofer is Klipsch R-12SWi because…

The R-12SWi is a powerful beast. It kicks out punchy bass with the help of a well-build woofer and an all-digital amplifier. Not many wireless subs can handle up to 400 watts of output power. And it does not just deliver big bass but accurate signals that project audio just as the artist intended.

This sub blends well into systems with other Klipsch speakers. It complements the speakers to allow you to enjoy true surround sound.

Watching movies and listening to music with this subwoofer connected brings a whole new level of dimension to your experience. You get to feel the rumble of every action scene. Also, you feel sweet bass hits in your favorite songs kicking from the heart.

Not to forget, the R-12SWi has one of the most classic looks among all wireless subs. The premium touch of veneer in its finishing makes it a great addition to any classy décor.

Any surround sound fan would be happy to have this incredibly priced wireless subwoofer in their room.

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