Best Power Cord for Amplifier- Top 5 Reviews in 2023

Although there’re numerous kinds of power cords designed today, it’s not advisable to use any power cord you come across with an amplifier. When connecting an amplifier to a power socket, it’s advisable to only use a power cord that’s specially designed for an amplifier. The reason behind this is that power cords differ significantly.

If you use the wrong cable with an amp, unwanted noise such as electromagnetic interference and radio frequency noise will find its way into the current. As a result, your audio system will output low-quality sound. Thus, it’s important to use a proper power cord for an amplifier. In this article, we’ll review and help you find the best power cord for amplifier in today’s market.

Top 5 Power Cords for Amplifiers

Whether you’re music producer, professional DJ, Street performer, or car music enthusiast, you can be frustrated Whether you’re a music producer, professional DJ, street performer, or car music enthusiast, you can be frustrated when there’s background noise in your music. Unfortunately, it can be quite stressful to find a top-quality power cable. Luckily for you, we’ve shortlisted the best amplifier power cords. Let’s review the best options in detail.

Comparison Table of Best Power Cord for Amplifier

1. Best Overall- WAudio 10 AWG Hi-End HiFi

The WAudio 10 AWG Hi-End HiFi is our best overall pick. It has all the desirable properties you’d want in a power cord for amp. It outputs a maximum input of 5500 watts and works with an input voltage of 125 V and a maximum current of 15A.

Top Features

  • Lengthy size- One of the reasons why we ranked this power cord as the best overall on our list is its lengthy size. It measures 6.6 feet (2m) long. Its lengthy design makes it suitable for a wide range of sound system setups.
  • Universal operation- Another top feature of this power cord is its universal operation. Besides using it with an amplifier, you can also use it with other HiFi devices such as turntables, DAC, power filter, and CD player among others.
  • Standard US plug- The cable comes with a standard US plug. As a result, you can plug it directly into any standard US power socket. You won’t need an adapter plug to fit it in a standard socket.
  • Premium shielding- We also ranked this cable highly due to its premium shielding. The conductor is shielded with pure Mylar foil material. The shielding prevents radio frequency and electromagnetic interference for a noiseless listening experience in your audio system.
  • Pure copper conductors- Another reason why you’ll want to choose this power cord is that it’s made of pure copper conductors. There’re multiple wires making up the cord for efficient power transmission.


  • The connectors are tightly fitted at both ends of the cord
  • Its superior conductivity allows for a stable operation
  • The top-quality shielding improves the sound quality of an amp
  • It allows for clean and crisp audio output
  • Can handle a high current of up to 15 amp


  • It feels a little heavy


The WAudio 10 AWG Hi-End HiFi power cord has a wire gauge of 10 AWG. Thus, it’s the best pick for anyone who needs a very thick power cord for their amplifier.

2. Best Deal- Cable Matters 2-Pack

Cable Matters is known for its premium cables and adapters among other products. The Cable Matters power cord handles an input current of 13 amps and a voltage of 120 volts. Its maximum wattage output is 1625 watts.

Top Features

  • Multiple applications- Besides using the cable with an amp, you can use it with most desktop computers, HD TVs, projectors, and LED monitors among other devices. In fact, you can use it with any compatible device that works with a voltage of 120 volts and a maximum wattage of 1625 watts.
  • 3 pronged plug- The cable comes with a standard 3 pronged plug. You can plug it in any standard 3 pronged power socket or extension. Also, the end of the cable that plugs into an amp features a standard 3 pin female connector.
  • Hardy construction- Another great feature to point out in this cable is its hardy construction. The 3-pronged plug and 3-pin female connector are tightly secured in place for a seamless connection.
  • Durable shielding- The conductor in the cable is shielded with flexible plastic. Its flexibility allows you to bend the cable effortlessly depending on your amplifier setup. The shielding doesn’t show any signs of tear or wear despite constant bending.
  • Two-pack- The cable comes in a pack of two. Thus, you’ll have an extra cable to use with another device or as a spare in the unfortunate event that one cable acts up.


  • Affordable price range for a pack of two
  • Supports most common power requirements of amplifiers
  • Highly reliable for reduced noise
  • Grounded for enhanced safety and protection for your amplifier


  • Not the best for monitors as it feels loose when plugged into a monitor


The Cable Matters 2-Pack power cord is an affordable pick for anyone who wants two power cords on a budget.

3. Premium Pick- Pangea Audio AC 14SE

The Pangea Audio AC 14SE power cable is specially designed for use with amplifiers, preamps, powered speakers, receivers, and source components. It comes as a 14 gauge cable that makes it ideal for most power needs.

Top Features

  • Great flexibility- One of the features we like most about this cable is its flexibility. Its flexibility makes it easy to install regardless of the kind of amplifier setup you’re using. Also, it’s lightweight for easier usability in a wide range of applications.
  • Superior conductivity- The cable is made with premium conductors to guarantee maximum conductivity. Thus, your amplifier will get the right amount of current it requires for seamless operation at all times.
  • Noise rejection design- Another key feature of this amp power cable is its superior noise rejection capabilities. The premium shielding doesn’t allow electromagnetic and radio frequency noise to get into the current. Also, the spiraled conductors don’t allow airborne noise to interfere with the current.
  • Superior grade copper- Additionally, the conductor is made of grade one copper. The advantage of grade one copper is that it’s manufactured in a way that allows for superior conductivity of current. Thus, it improves the sound performance of an amplifier.
  • Gold-plated contacts- The contacts on the power cable are gold-plated for more secure and solid contact. That way, there’s uninterrupted transmission of current. Also, the connectors are specially molded for enhanced longevity.


  • Its design allows for a wide range of applications
  • Three conductor grounds for enhanced conductivity
  • Silver-plaited and shielded copper conductors for superior noise rejection
  • US standard connector design for use on any standard US socket or extension


  • Shortest power cord in our review
  • Not the best for Class D amps


Need a premium power cord for amplifier and don’t mind paying extra for superior quality? Then consider the Pangea Audio AC 14SE power cable.

4. Most Affordable- Amazon Basics Computer Monitor Power Cord

The Amazon Basics Computer Monitor Power Cord is one of the best power cord for amplifier. You can either use it as a replacement cable for your computer monitor or as an amplifier power cable. It fits into any standard US socket.

Top Features

  • Durable construction- One of the most outstanding features of this power cord is its durable construction. The conductors and the shielding are made of strong and durable materials for enhanced longevity and usability.
  • Very lengthy- The cord comes in a length of 15 feet. In fact, it’s the longest power cord in our review. Its vast length makes it suitable for installations where you need to place your amplifier far away from the socket.
  • 3-pin connector- Another notable feature of this power cord is the 3-pin connector. Thus, it offers maximum safety due to the earth connector. Also, the connector is designed to fit in all U.S standard power sockets.
  • Numerous applications- You can either use it as a replacement or backup power cord for your amplifier. Besides using it with your amplifier, it also works with monitors, computers, printers, and other electronics that work with 3-prong connectors.


  • Very affordable price range for the length
  • Properly shielded to prevent noise interference
  • Premium quality with notable noise reduction
  • Specially designed with safety in mind to keep your amplifier protected


  • It feels a little stiff and less flexible
  • Not ideal for applications that require current exceeding 10 amperes


Looking for a long but affordable power cable for your amp? If so, this Amazon Basics Computer Monitor Power Cord is your best bet.

5. Best Aesthetics- Audiocrast HiFi Power Cord 125V

The Audiocrast HiFi Power Cord 125V is yet another superior amplifier power cord. It’s cleverly designed with a visually attractive sleeve. It measures 6.6 feet long and works with a voltage of 125 volts and an input of not more than 5500 watts.

Top Features

  • Sturdy construction- One of the most outstanding features of this power cord is its sturdy construction. The cord has a diameter of 17mm, which is thick enough for maximum durability.
  • Pure red copper- The conductors in the cord are made of pure red copper. Thus, you’re guaranteed of reliable conductivity for smooth operation of your amplifier or any other device you wish to use with the power cord.
  • Handles high current- Each core in the cord features a gauge of 10 AWG. Its thickness makes it possible to use the cable in applications that demand high current, especially when using a power-hungry amplifier.
  • Superior noise reduction- The power cord comes with 3 cores within the shielding. The braided red and black sleeve is made of a durable material to prevent tear and wear over time. Also, the shielding offers superior noise reduction for an improved listening experience.


  • Solid copper connectors for tight connectivity
  • Works with a maximum current of 15 amperes
  • The braided sleeve makes the cord more flexible


  • A little hard to pull it out of a power socket


If you’re an audiophile who likes their sound setup looking visually attractive, this Audiocrast HiFi Power Cord 125V will be your perfect choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Power Cord for an Amplifier

If you want the best power cord for an amplifier, then you should take note of the most important considerations to make. Considering there’re many brands to choose from, you may find yourself confused about the best option. Here’re some factors that can help you choose a power cable for your amp.

Best Power Cord for Amplifier

1. Length

The length of a power cord is one of the most important considerations to make. If you’re setting up the amplifier in a large room and you want to place the amp far from the socket, then consider a longer speaker cord. However, if you’re setting up the amplifier near the socket, then you won’t have an issue with the cord length.

2. Wire gauge

Another important factor is the wire gauge. Wire gauge is measured in diameter and denoted by AWG (American Wire Gauge). The smaller the AWG value, the thicker the cable. For instance, a speaker cord with a wire gauge of 10AWG is thicker than the one with a wire gauge of 18AWG.

The best wire gauge to choose will depend on your amp’s power needs. If the amp requires a lot of current to power it, choose a power cord with a lower wire gauge value. If the amp requires minimal current to power it, then a power cord with a higher wire gauge value will suffice.

3. Flexibility

It’ll help to choose a flexible power cord. It should be effortless to bend it around corners since the location of the power port on the amplifier and the socket might require bending the cable. If the cable is too stiff, you’ll find it challenging to bend it around corners.

4. Type of connectors

The connectors on both ends of the power cord should feature a highly conductive material for maximum conductivity. Also, the connectors should be compatible with your socket and the type of power port on your amplifier. That way, there’ll be a tight contact between the cord, socket, and power port on your amplifier for uninterrupted operation.

5. Conductor material

A power cord features several wires within the shielding. Most power cords feature a copper conductor. However, the conductor material may vary in terms of the grade. For instance, higher-grade copper will offer better conductivity than lower-grade copper.

6. Durability

The cord should be made of top-quality materials. That way, you’ll be sure that you’re investing in a power cord that won’t fail any time soon. Also, the connectors should be tightly soldiered in place. They shouldn’t wobble.

7. Shielding

It’s also important to ensure that the power cord is properly shielded. When properly shielded, the cord won’t be prone to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Consequently, you’ll enjoy improved sound performance from the amplifier.

Final Thoughts

It’s important to ensure you choose the best power cord for amplifier. With a proper power cord, there’s less likelihood of getting unwanted background noise from your amplifier. Failure to use a top-quality cable will cause noise in your music. Hopefully, our guide will help you find the ideal power cord for your amplifier.

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