Klipsch Icon Vs Reference: Explained with Examples

Klipsch is a legendary manufacturer of sound systems such as speakers, home audio systems, and headphones. When searching for high-performance speakers for your home or car music system, you’re highly likely to come across Klipsch speakers. However, it can be challenging to choose between Klipsch Icon and Klipsch Reference speakers. In this article, we’ll discuss Klipsch Icon Vs Reference speakers in detail.

Comparison Table

Comparison VariableKlipsch IconReference
Best setup optionsIndividual center channel, bookshelf, and Surround sound speakersSurround sound speakers
Sound qualityHighly preciseDetailed
Best forMovies and musicMovies and gaming

Klipsch Icon Review

Klipsch Icon features several speaker systems. Speakers under this series comprise slim cabinets with a black vinyl finish. The top caps are made of premium quality wood veneer. Overall, this design allows for a stylish and noticeable sound system for any home. Speakers under the Icon series include floor-standing speakers, bookshelf speakers, center channel speakers, and surround speakers.

Klipsch Icon Floor Standing Speakers

There’re several floor-standing speakers under the Klipsch Icon series. Generally, Klipsch Icon floor-standing speakers come with a grill cover extending from bottom to top. The bottom section of the grill features a cutout that reveals the company’s logo. You can detach the grilles as needed and still retain the logo.

Overall, floor-standing speakers under the Klipsch Icon series deliver detailed sound, punchy bass, and crisp highs. They’re ideal for placement in larger rooms. Their finishing is impressive with tight seams. However, they don’t deliver the best midrange.

Klipsch Icon Bookshelf Speakers

Klipsch bookshelf speakers are relatively small and compact but powerful. Their small size means they can fit in small spaces. Despite being small-sized, they can fill a room with powerful sound as long as they’re placed appropriately.

Their vinyl finish makes them adds elegance to any existing décor. Also, they deliver excellent midrange and non-fatiguing sound. They come with paintable grilles, making it possible to match them with any existing décor. However, they’re not ideal for use as main speakers. Although their bass output is decent, it’s not punchy.

Klipsch Icon Center Channel Speakers

If you’re a fan of a home theater sound setup, you definitely need a center channel speaker. The center channel speaker is extremely important in a home theater setup as it reproduces dialogue. The Klipsch Icon center channel speakers are designed for precision and clarity. They feature a wood grain vinyl veneer finish that blends in with any modern interior décor.

Overall, the center channel speakers fill a room with powerful sound. The speakers are ideal for both movies and music. They’re extremely efficient as they produce powerful sound with little input. Despite producing powerful sound, they’re non-fatiguing for prolonged listening. Also, the speakers play loud with little distortion.

Klipsch Icon Surround Speakers

Adding speakers that can create surround sound in your home theater setup will improve your listening experience instantly. Klipsch Icon has some of the best surround speakers. Its surround speakers work impressively with both movies and music. They’re designed to recreate powerful sound effects in a surround sound setup.

The speakers are efficient on power and still produce powerful sound. They work effortlessly alongside any Klipsch Icon speakers. Besides, they output non-fatiguing sound and play loudly with minimal distortion. Besides, they come with a woofer and aluminum tweeters for full-range sound. Their black ash vinyl veneer finish adds to their elegance.

Klipsch Reference Review

Klipsch Reference is a series of speakers that are ideal for creating a 5.1.2 channel setup. Speakers under this series feature a horn-loaded tweeter and IMG woofers. Also, the series comprises a center channel speaker and subwoofer.

The horn tweeters are designed using the patented Tractrix horn technology. This tweeter technology allows for reduced reverb. Also, their design allows for aiming highs at the listener.

Also, the Tractrix technology allows for superb dynamics and clarity in both music and movies. Besides, tweeters in speakers under the Reference series feature an aluminum tweeter with a Linear Travel Suspension. The suspension allows for detailed highs with minimal distortion.

Additionally, speakers under this series feature a woofer cone made of injection-molded graphite. One of the main benefits of this cone material is its lightweight nature. Also, it’s very rigid. Thus, it offers clean, deep bass with minimal distortion.

Klipsch Reference Center Channel Speaker

The 5.1.2 setup in this speaker series comes with a center channel speaker. The center channel speaker comes with a horn tweeter and four 3.5-inch mid-bass drivers. Its size reduces its height and makes placement simpler.

Klipsch Reference Subwoofer

Another speaker in the 5.1.2 setup is a Klipsch Reference subwoofer. The subwoofer features a 10-inch woofer driver. It supports a maximum power input of 300 watts. The subwoofer cabinet is rear-ported. Also notable is the Class D amp that powers the subwoofer.

Klipsch Reference Upfiring Speakers

Another set of speakers in the 5.1.2 setup is the upfiring speakers. These speakers are designed to direct sound upward. The speakers feature a horn tweeter and a 4.5-inch mid-bass driver. You can use the upfiring speakers in the 5.1.2 setup or with other speakers as needed.

Final Thoughts on Klipsch Icon Vs Reference

Both Klipsch Icon and Klipsch Reference have high-performance speakers under their series. However, there’re certain areas where each series outshines the other. For instance, Klipsch Icon is a great choice for individual speakers such as bookshelf speakers, center channel speakers, and surround speakers. On the other hand, Klipsch Reference speakers perform better in a surround sound setup.

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