Best Super Tweeters: Comprehensive Buying Guide With 5 Top Picks

Tweeters are one of the first things that audio enthusiasts prioritize when looking to build a custom sound system. These small audio units are designed to reproduce high-frequencies, which lets you enjoy music with sweet details.

Super tweeters are modern versions of car tweeters that specialize in the reproduction of ultra-high frequencies in most multi-driver speakers systems. Furthermore, the best super tweeter is designed to recreate a more defined and realistic sound field without distortion. These tweeters are often found in high-fidelity sound systems, but you can also use them with car speakers and in home theatre systems.

We have researched and tested some of the top-ranking super tweeters in the market, and narrowed our review to five products for you to choose from.

Comparison Table of Best Super Tweeters

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Best super tweeter reviews

1. Skar Audio VX35-ST—Best overall in 2022

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Skar Audio VX35-ST comes in a pair, and it is one of the best bullet tweeters for car audio. These tweeters are astonishingly clear and heavy-duty.

The best thing with Skar Audio VX35-ST is that they are capable of delivering clean and crisp highs with or without an amp. However, it is always a good idea to get a good amplifier to power your speakers.

Furthermore, they can handle a lot of power (250 W each watts), which is more than most of their competitors in the industry.

Top Features

Titanium bullet tweeters:

These titanium tweeters get their name from their design which features a bullet-shaped dome. This construction allows them to deliver a loud sound output, which will benefit from an audio system with a powerful subwoofer.

The only downside of this design is that it doesn’t disperse sound waves like hard dome tweeters do. That said, these tweeters are ideal for use in confined spaces as well as car tweeters.

Power design: Skar Audio VX35-ST combines the bullet design with a powerful ferrite magnet construction. This enables the tweeters to produce unmatched sound quality that will bring a new dimension to your music. Moreover, the tweeters come in a set of two, and they produce sound similar to that found in a concert hall.

Inline noise capacitor: On top of the durable construction, Skar Audio VX35-ST comes with a capacitor on each positive terminal as a way of protecting the tweeters from excessive noise. The capacitors work by eliminating or reducing the amount of low frequencies that reaches your tweeters.

This will also help protect the tweeters against applications that might produce an exceeding amount of power at low frequencies.

Unparalleled accuracy: The goodness of these tweeters does not stop there. Skar Audio VX35-ST is ideal for high pitched vocals and genres and instruments such as, electric guitar notes, synthetic keyboard sounds, among others. Additionally, the sound accuracy of these tweeters is something to be admired, making them a first choice among audio enthusiasts worldwide.


  • They come in a pair
  • The sound is outstanding
  • Super easy to install
  • Incredible high frequency details
  • They look great too


  • Few buyers complained that the tweeters are not loud enough
  • The large diameter makes installation challenging in limited spaces


If you are looking to put your car audio experience over the top, Skar Audio VX35-ST is good to get started. The set is best for car and home audio systems, but some readjustments may be required depending on your car model.

2. DS18 PRO-TW120B—Best 1 inch

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DS18 PRO-TW120B comes in a pair of one inch super bullet tweeters that sound as good as they look. The tweeters stand out from the rest for their high-quality and durable construction. Additionally, their strengths lie in their robust features including the removable adapter ring that keep the tweeters in place while still producing the highest frequency response.

Other top features includes built in crossover and sturdy aluminum frame. In addition, these tweeters are much smaller, but they still deliver the highest frequency sounds.

Key highlights

Ferrite magnets: DS18 PRO-TW120B uses ferrite magnets to produce power that makes a world of difference. Additionally, the tweeters deliver up to 200 watts RMS and 300 watts max, so you can count on them to reproduce those upper range sounds that other weak models cannot reproduce.

Premium aluminum frame and diaphragm: Good sounds require excellent sound reproduction, and this calls for a sturdy construction. These aluminum tweeters are strong, light, and they offer a good compromise between, price, sound quality, and overall performance. Additionally the set is professional- grade tweeters that will take your listening experience to the next level while delivering the details that you have been missing from your stock radio.

1 inch super bullet tweeters: DS18 PRO-TW120B sports the famous bullet design, and they are among the best 1 inch tweeters you’ll find. The tweeters specifically designed for great volume, improved power handling, and brighter sound at high frequencies. Again, the handy bullet dust cover helps to cushion the voice coil while ensuring that the highs are not affected by both road noise and deep bass notes.

Built-in crossover: Another key PRO-TW120B’s functionality is the inbuilt crossover. This feature helps to protect your tweeters while at the same time, it blocks bass power from damaging the tweeters. This is achieved by reducing the amount of power been applied as well as filtering out bass that might find it way to the tweeters.


  • Great power rating
  • Robust frequency range at the price range
  • Sold in pair just like Skar Audio VX35-ST
  • The small size means they will fit almost all vehicles
  • Easy installation


  • Some feels that it isn’t as loud as they would have wanted
  • The package does not include mounting hardware


DS18 PRO-TW120B is best for newbies and budget minded users assince it offers a lot of user-friendly features. Other models will find DS18 PRO-TW120B smaller diameter a better option, but the low power handling capacity would be a downside.

3. PRV AUDIO TW350Ti-4—Best sensitivity

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PRV AUDIO TW350Ti-4 is a classic titanium bullet tweeter specially designed to deliver excellent high frequency performance. The 4,500 – 20,000 Hz frequency response enables thethem to reproduce consistently strong highs with greater speed and accuracy.

The other feature that makes PRV AUDIO TW350Ti-4 stand out is the slim design that is not only easy to mount but also astoundingly attractive.


Extremely smooth frequency response: The PRV Audio TW350Ti-4 is designed with an exceptionally smooth frequency response that offers a wide sound dispersion, especially for mid-range and high range frequencies. Additionally, they deliver a sharp smooth sound, which is perfect for applications that do not demand larger compression drivers.

Durable construction: With TW350Ti-4, you get a pair of solidly and durably made tweeters that can be used for long play applications. The design includes a titanium diaphragm that not only makes the tweeters durable but also more versatile. Besides, the frame is made of cast aluminum to ensure long lasting performance in any environment.

High SPL super tweeter: TW350Ti-4 belongs to the popular class of high SPL tweeters, and is a small sibling of TW350Ti. These tweeters not only boast of the amazing sound quality, but they are also designed to play at extreme volume levels, which equates to a loud audio and bass system. This will also means that you never have to miss any detail in your favorite jams or movies.

Excellent sensitivity: The higher the sensitivity, the louder the tweeter will play. Both tweeters have a sensitivity rating of 104 dB which ensures superior sound fidelity, while allowing them to reach extremely high levels of performance. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about adding an external amplifier to get the best out of your system.


  • Premium sounding tweeters at a great price
  • Crystal clear high end sounds
  • Low profile design that is easy to install
  • Efficient power handling
  • Strong and precise highs


  • They may require expert installation in some vehicles
  • 60 watts RMS power may not be ideal for some sound systems


PRV AUDIO TW350Ti-4 is great for users looking for a super bullet tweeter that is not only inexpensive but also great at high volumes. The tweeters have numerous features for different audio systems which will ensure you’ll enjoy clean and fuller sound.

4. Timpano TPT-ST2—Budget pick

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If you are a fan of Timpano car and home audio products, then the TPT-ST2 is the way to go. It is well-designed, and the best part is that it comes in a pair to ensure perfect sound distribution. What’s more, the high-end sounds are not overpowering, so the pair will add some dynamic high notes to your favorite music.

Adding these super tweeters to an existing car audio system will breathe a new life to the high sound notes plus, they deliver brighter highs than what you would get from standard car tweeters.

Key features

Slim profile: Timpano TPT-ST2 comes in a compact design that features a 1.38-inch mounting depth to let you install your tweeters in the most convenient way. Coming at only 3.75 inches in diameter, TPT-ST2 does not take up much of your space in your car’s trunk, and it is also amongst the best super tweeter for home audio.

Crystal clear sound: The tweeters are rated at 250 watts max power each, which is more than enough power for most average users and applications. They are capable of delivering crystal clear highs to allow you keep up with the demands of high SPL environments. This amount of power will also ensure that you won’t miss any vocals and instrumentals even when playing at the loudest volumes.

Built-in crossover: Another characteristic that makes these tweeters reproduce dynamic high sound is the inbuilt crossover. The capacitor helps to eliminate a majority of low end sounds that might interfere with the tweeters, and this enhances their performance even further.

High-efficiency design: Apart from power handling efficiency, Timpano TPT-ST2 is one tough stereo tweeter too. It features an aluminum diaphragm that is efficiently designed to keep it stable while maintaining crystal clear sounds. Provided that installation is done properly and supplied with the required power, these set ofthe tweeters will add life to your sound system.


  • Multiple mounting options
  • Very affordable
  • Stylish design
  • The tweeters are super sensitive for enhanced performance
  • Durable aluminum diaphragm


  • Just like PRV AUDIO TW350Ti-4 above, it can be challenging to install in car sound systems
  • Low power handling


Timpano TPT-ST2 is a well-thought super tweeter that is perfect for pronounced high end sounds. The performance of these tweeters will not only sweep off your feet, but it will also allow you to experience expanded high frequency sounds the way they are meant to be.

5. Audiopipe ATR-4061—Best heavy duty

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The ATR-4061 is a relatively expensive, but an interesting product from Audiopipe. It is an upgraded version of the ATX-4060 car tweeter which aims to provide more power for premium audio systems. Additionally, the ATR-4061 is super sensitive for unmatched high-frequency sound playback.

What’s more the tweeter works at a maximum of 600 watts and 300 watts RMS, making it the strongest in its range of tweeters.

Key highlights

2” High temperature kapton voice coil: ATR-4061 uses a 2-inch high temperature kapton voice coil instead of the famous aluminum voice coil. Kapton voice coils feature high-quality polyimide material that provides a more detailed and dynamic high range with less coloration and distortion. The voice coil is also not affected by heat meaning you can play music for an extended period. Besides, the use of Ferro fluid helps to prevent the coils from burning out and enhance their performance.

12 Oz magnet structure: The ATR-4061 comes with a heavy duty 12 Oz magnet structure to ensure precise sound reproduction. Moreover, this magnet generates a strong magnetic field that helps ensure that the voice coil will vibrates efficiently for a prolonged performance.

Mylar crossover capacitor: One reason that made us choose this tweeter is the included Mylar crossover capacitor. The capacitor acts as a filter that helps to block both low and midrange frequencies that might otherwise distort the high frequencies. Additionally, it offers a generous high end sound reproducing range that falls between 2 k – 25 KHz.

Heavy-duty super tweeters: The construction of this tweeter features a die cast aluminum frame which is not only proven to be more durable but also effective against vibrations. It is a stylish tweeter too with a very smooth look that is easy to install, and it will definitely compliment any factory or aftermarket car audio system.


  • Extended high frequency sounds
  • It is loud and crystal clear
  • Super-efficient design
  • Impressive power handling
  • High sensitivity


  • One tweeter only
  • It is pricy, but you get value for money


If you’re looking to build a powerful and loud audio system, then this tweeter is one for you. ATR-4061 will not only let you experience exceptional high notes, but also in a clearer and crisper manner.

What to look for in a good super tweeter

When deciding to get super tweeter for your sound system, there are a few details that you will want to take into consideration. They include;

Materials of construction

The best tweeter design incorporates lightweight materials, which makes it easy to reproduce high frequencies. Ideally, the type of material used determines the level of stiffness and ultimately, the responsiveness. Super tweeters feature a wide range of materials including, cloth, poly, silk, but the most commonly used materials are aluminum and titanium. These materials are sturdy and they help the tweeter to reproduce clear and crisp audio at high frequencies.


Supper tweeters are relatively larger than regular tweeter. Their their diameter can range from 1-inch to 3 inches or more, but this will vary from one model to the Supper tweeters are relatively larger than regular tweeters. Their diameter can range from 1-inch to 3 inches or more, but this will vary from one model to the other. The difference in size will ultimately determine the frequency response, which varies from a low of about 2 kHz to a high of 20 kHz or even more. Bigger tweeters also tend to be louder than small tweeters with low power ratings.

Power ratings

Just like regular tweeter, super tweeters are rated based on their RMS power, and maximum power handling. However, super tweeters have higher power ratings than regular tweeters, which translate to a more powerful sound. This also means that the tweeter can be driven by a more powerful head unit before failing. However, it is important to match the speaker power rating to that of tweeter since too much power can damage them or reproduce corrupted audio.


Other than power rating, the impedance of the tweeter should be a primary consideration when choosing a super tweeter. We recommend tweeter with a rated impedance of either 4 Ohms to 8 Ohms. Remember the lower the impedance rating, the higher the amount of current needed, and this will eventually make the amplifier overheat. For you to get the most out of your system, ensure that the impedance is high enough, but it should match with that of your amplifier.

Wrap up!

Installing tweeters is one of the best ways of upgrading your factory stock audio system, and selecting the best super tweeter will a go a long way in ensuring the sound is clear and free from distortion.

If you’re looking for a good all-in-one super tweeter, you can go with Skar Audio VX35-ST.

On the other hand, if you don’t want something big and want only a high-end tweeter, DS18 PRO-TW120B is up to the task, and it also excels power handling.

We hope you found this review helpful. It’s up to you now to make an informed decision by weighing different features.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments sections.

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