Best Speaker Stands 2024 Review and Buying Guide

Of the various speaker placement options, mounting a speaker on a stand offers more benefits. A speaker secured in the right position on a stand is able to deliver better quality audio than when the speaker is placed on a table or shelf. Mounting a speaker also helps to reduce floor vibration for better response. Strong speaker stands hold the speaker stably off traffic areas, which helps to avoid damages that may result from frequent contact with people or pets.

What factors determine the quality and performance of a speaker stand? 

Which is the best speaker stands for particular speaker sizes and types?

There are a number of pieces to bring together to complete the puzzle of selecting the right speaker stand. This review is a good place to start. You get introduced to top 10 best performing speaker stands on the market. Also included is a brief guide for choosing speaker stands, which offers a few insights into the evaluation process.

Let’s dive right in, right away.

Comparison Table of Best Speaker Stands

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1. Pyle Universal Speaker Stand

Pyle PSTND2 is our favorite speaker stand for home entertainment and studio recording settings. With their extraordinary balance and sturdiness, they can withstand thunderous vibrations of loud, blasting sound. These speaker stands have also proven themselves reliable for supporting studio monitors, PA speakers, and everything along the lines of On Stage and In Studio use.

Key features of Pyle PSTND2

  • Tripod leg design with anti-slip feet: The stand’s base features tripod legsconnected to the center brace for increased stability. Anti-slip rubber at the bottom enhances the stand’s stability when placed on smooth surfaces. Further, the legs can be spread apart to different levels to suit different application situations. And, of course, the tripod leg design is collapsible to allow for easy packaging and transportation.
  • Height adjustment:The PSTND2 is designed with an adjustable telescoping center column, which can raise your speaker from 40” to 71”. Every height level is secured with a sturdy pin and screw locks. Besides, the rugged and highly durable outer metal tubing is reliable for safe speaker mounting.
  • Tension locking mechanism: Pyle has designed the PSTND2 with a knob-style tension locking system. This helps to support the weight of the mounted speaker. Thus, the speaker stand cannot collapse as long as the speaker’s weight is within the carrying capacity of your stand (132 lbs.).
  • 35mm compatible insert: The insert is locatedon the holder mount and serves to support compatible speakers. This means you can mount any speaker with a 35mm compatible insert.


  • High carrying capacity of 132 lbs.
  • Reinforced engineered tubing.
  • Perfect for a wide variety of speakers with 33mm compatible insert.
  • Tripod leg design and even length distribution for enhanced stability.
  • Attractive glossy black finish.


  • The plastic used on the knob tension locking system is not durable.
  • Lacks wire channel.


Do you have a passion for musical instruments and want to build an advanced home entertainment system? If yes, you’ll love Pyle PSTND2 speaker stand.

ChoosePyle PSTND2for an enjoyable home entertainment and studio recording experience.

2. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

Does your sound system use satellite and small bookshelf speakers? This set of two Sanus HTBS-style adjustable height speaker stands adds unique style and functionality to such sound systems. It’s built with many placement options, making it ideal for small speakers from Bose, Polk, Klipsch, JBL, Sony, Harmon Kardon and more.

Outstanding features of Sanus HTBS-style speaker stand

  • Three different mounting methods: Sanus has provided three mounting platforms – top plates, L-shaped brackets, and keyhole slot adapters. Virtually any small satellite and bookshelf speaker can fit any of these mounting methods, including the bottom-bolt and back-bolt types. Each stand can support one speaker weighing up to 3.5 lbs.
  • Stability features: The speaker stand assumes an ergonomic design that provides excellent support for your small speaker. It looks well-balanced and up to the task even when your speakers are operating at full volume. Aheavysteel base enhances stability further.
  • 10″ of height adjustment: A collar has been added to the design of the stand to make height adjustments easier. Thus, you can change the height of your mounted speakers effortlessly between 28 and 38 inches. This allows you to customize the ear-level height of your speakers to optimize your listening experience.
  • Built-in cable management channel: An integrated wire channel serves to keep speaker wires away for a tidier outlook. Many speaker stand manufacturers are continually embracing this development in a bid to make their products cleaner. Combine this with the monochromatic colors of the stand and the result is an esthetically-pleasing speaker mount setup that looks great in any room.


  • Compatible with many small speakers.
  • 10” height adjustment opportunity for optimized audio performance.
  • Integrated wire channel.
  • Sturdy and stable construction.
  • Assembly takes a short time.


  • Limited weight capacity.
  • Wire channel can be too narrow for some wires.


Our say: These sleek Sanus HTBS speaker standsoffer an inexpensive way to raise satellite and bookshelf speakers. Theyfit well in small spaces and will accommodate most small speaker models.

This Sanus HTBS-style speaker stand offers an affordable deal that you cannot miss.

3. Atlantic Adjustable Height Speaker Stands (PN77305018)

Are you planning to boost the audio performance and appearance for your home audio accessories? The PN77305018 is a technical marvel that’s suitable for satellite speakers. It comes as a set of two, with each stand holding up to 5lbs. of speaker weight.

Features of Atlantic PN77305018

  • Cast-iron construction: Cast iron is among the strongest and most durable metals for the construction of speaker stands. It’s no wonder that Atlantic has decided to use this metal to design a strong structure that will offer long-standing support for your speakers. You can rest assured that you won’t need to purchase other comparable satellite speaker stands any time soon.
  • Pole and base designed to conceal speaker cables: A cable management system is incorporated in the pole and base design to conceal cables. You run your wires through the pole and out of the base to maintain a tidy environment.
  • Three-sided base for stability: A triangular base is preferred by many not only because it’s a stylish design but also because of its good stability. They provide decent support for a variety of speakers. Besides, the feet have rubber pads to prevent the stand from sliding.
  • Height adjustment 27 inches to 48 inches: Whichever type of audio you are listening to, you can adjust the speaker height accordingly. Unlike some low-quality stands that use unreliable height adjustment mechanisms, the PN77305018 uses a collar that makes adjustments easy and secure.
  • 5 lbs. combined weight holding: Many high potential satellite speakers weight around 2 to 2.5 lbs. With this speaker stand set able to carry up to 5 lbs., it provides just the right solution for satellite speaker mounting.


  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • Easy height adjustment.
  • Elevated cast-iron base for utmost stability.
  • Stylish design.
  • Concealed wire handling for a more organized entertainment setup.


  • Relatively lower weight limit.
  • Some speakers don’t fit well, which may cause the mounting bar to stick out.


This Atlantic speaker mount is a graceful addition to any décor, modern or vintage. Coming with extraordinary stability and convenient wire concealment, this speaker stand seems like a great deal for the price.

Maintain the fidelity of your home sound setup by mounting your satellite speakers on these Atlantic PN77305018 stands.

4. Pa Speaker Stands Pair Pro Adjustable

Which is the best speaker stands for public address systems?

Starument may have provided the answer to this question when they designed their pro adjustable PA speaker stands. Available as a pair, these stands cover a wide ground to support far-reaching sound delivery.

Key highlights of Starument PA speaker stand

  • Telescopic center column with 5 height adjustment levels: Fivepredrilled holes and a locking pin allow for speaker height adjustment from 44” to 77”. At any height level, the stand can comfortably hold in place speakers weighing up to 110 lbs. The center column is sufficiently sturdy and it slides unobstructed up and down the metal tube.
  • Center-braced tripod legs with anti-slip feet: 110 pounds isn’t an easy load to carry and that’s why Starument has decided to use a properly-supported base design. A foldable tripod leg design connected to the center column is up to the task. Meanwhile, the anti-slip feet grip on the surface for additional stability.
  • 50-pack 8 cable tie straps: Cable tie straps with a loop-through slotare provided to facilitate the setup of a neat and efficient professional setup. These straps help to secure power and audio signal cables so that they are not interfered with and to also make sure that the entire setup is clean.
  • Portability: Even though the speaker stand has a substantial weight, its collapsible legs make it easier to carry. You’ll love this design aspect when packaging the stand for an outdoor gig. With the legs compressed, the stand takes less space and is easier to carry around.


  • 5-level height adjustment mechanism with locking pin.
  • Sturdy structure that handles very heavy speakers.
  • Center-braced tripod base provides ample stability.
  • Easy cable management.
  • Rubber feet for traction on stages and dance floors.
  • Foldable leg design.


  • Plastic knob adjustment is brittle.
  • Not ideal for speakers wider than 12 inches.


This Starument speaker stand competes only with the sturdiest stands on the market.It’s a valuable asset for professional sound experts. Users are delighted by its ability to hold up heavy speakers without shaking or wobbling even during high volume instances.

Fortify your professional sound system with this heavy-duty speaker stand.

5. VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club

Now, VideoSecu might not appear in everyday mentions but this stylish black steel speaker stand got us interested, just as many customers. Extending 26.5” to 47”, this elegant stand can spruce up any interior décor. More importantly, its well-built shaft supports speakers up to 30 pounds heavy.

Features of VideoSecu heavy duty speaker stand

  • 20 inches of height adjustment: While other speaker stands limit height adjustment to only a few inches, VideoSecu gives you up to 20 inches extension. You can thus fix your speakers at your most desired height for customized and optimized sound.
  • Ultra-duty construction: The other aspect that pleasantly surprised us is the quality of material used to build this speaker stand. The extendable heavy steel column holds the speakers up effortlessly and won’t rust. You are sure of long-lasting service as long as the carry weight limit isn’t exceeded.
  • Side clamping top plate with adjustable width: The side clamping plate can be adjusted from 5.5 inches to 11 inches to allow for appropriate speaker fitting. Besides, the top plate can tilt +/-10 degrees and rotate 180 degrees for speaker angling. All these speaker mounting and adjustment options allow the speaker to work with many different speakers for perfect sound production.
  • Adjustable screw-in rubber feet: These come in handy when the stand is placed on a hard floor or carpeted surfaces. The rubber pads ensure that the stand sit stably on the floor, without sliding or sinking. Screw-in means you can remove the rubber pads when not needed.
  • Concealed wire management: Like other high-class speaker stands, this VideoSecu masterpiece prides in having advanced cable management. Cables run through the central hole in the provided brackets.


  • Sturdy steel construction.
  • Adjustable height and speaker rotation & angling enabled.
  • Mounting versatility; stand can work with many speakers.
  • Impressive carrying capacity of 30 pounds max.
  • Neat cable management.


  • Base is small and may be tipsy at times.
  • Not suitable for commercial applications.


 This VideoSecu speaker stand is ideally built for satellite surround speakers. It is universally compatible with most leading speaker brands including Sony, Bose, Acoustic Energy, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable speaker stand to hoist speakers under 30 lbs, consider this VideoSecucontender.

6. VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands(STAND-SP02B)

Hot from the VIVO factory is a universal speaker stand for surround sound and bookshelf speakers. The SP02B fashions a unique design that stirs the curiosity of many users. More importantly, the stand facilitates significant audio quality improvement and can support speakers weighing up to 9.98 lbs.

Features of VIVO STAND-SP02B

  • Sturdy, versatile support: A burly aluminum pillar carries the weight of the speaker while the spiked basesecures the entire structure on contact with soft and carpeted floors. If you are using the stand on a hard floor, you can opt to use rubber pads to prevent the base from scratching the floor.
  • Glass shelves: VIVO took the less travelled route in designing platforms on which speakers rest. The company used glass to construct shelves that hold your speakers, with the top shelf (measures 8” X 8”) raised 23 inches from the base.
  • Cool appearance: Undeniably, this VIVO speaker stand looks really good. The aluminum pillar married with tempered glass shelves make for a very attractive structure.Besides, the wide base further enhances the appearance of the speaker stand. Whether for home or office use, this speaker stand offers great esthetic dividends.
  • Universal compatibility: Whatever makes up your surround sound system, this speaker stand can work with it. It has proven universal compatibility with satellite speakers, bookshelfs, and more.
  • Integrated cable management: The speaker stand’s concealed wire management is mention-worthy. It saves you the headache of messy cords in the listening area. You’ll be amazed at how clean and organized the space looks after installation of the speaker stand and a compatible speaker.


  • Very stable stand.
  • Visually appealing stylish metal + glass structure.
  • Tempered glass is strong and long lasting.
  • Inbuilt spikes in the base offer unique stability enhancement.
  • Rubber inserts for secure non-slip placement on hard floors.


  • Height is not adjustable.
  • Spikes can cause minor damage to the floor if rubber pads are not used.


Overall, this speaker stand offers good value for the money. VIVO has built it with unmatched creativity to ensure that the end product is ergonomic, stylish and efficient on sound output improvement.Grabthis VIVO universal speaker stand to enjoy your audio in style.

7. Bose UFS-20 Series II Universal Floor Stands

You have Bose cube speakers that you want to elevate for the optimum sound performance. A pair of the UFS-20 series II speaker stands is the perfect choice for these speakers. What about other brands of speakers? You are still covered. The Bose UFS-20 stands are also fit for use with a variety of other speakers thanks to the different mounting brackets provided.

Bose UFS-20 speaker stand features

  • Elegant and fashionable: It’s not every day that you find a speaker stand that does a fantastic job of supporting your speakers adequately and at the same time fitting flawlessly in the existing furniture. But this is what buying Bose UFS-20 actually means – elegance and functionality at their best.
  • Optimal height for optimal listening: The slender metal standslift your pair of speakers up 38 inches. This height is roughly the average ear listening level when one is seated. You get better sound quality from your speakers compared to when they are placed in other sub-optimal locations like on the ground or table tops.
  • Space-saving design: These speaker stands take very little space. They won’t eat up too much space dedicated to other home entertainment components or furniture. The hidden wire channel, especially, is a significant space-saving aspect. It functions to avoid the presence of wires hanging or lying about and also prevents slipping and tripping hazards.
  • Compatibility: Bose says that the UFS-20 is a universal floor speaker stand, which is true. The universe of speakers that can work with these stands is wildly extensive. We are talking all Bose 2 speakers and 5-speaker home sound systems, Cine Mate 520 and Cine Mate Series II home theater systems, and Sound Touch JC Series II music system.


  • Sleek metal stands make an elegant and space-saving setup.
  • Well-built base for stability.
  • Ideal for all Bose 2 speakers and a variety of other speakers.
  • Very neat appearance thanks to the hidden wire installation.
  • Easy assembly.


  • The height is fixed.
  • Requires special mounting attachments to use with some speakers that are not of the Bose brand.


Bose is a leading sound equipment brand which rarely disappoints. The UFS-20 is one of thebest speaker stands not only for Bose’s cube speakers but also for other compatible speakers. It is stunning in design and stellar in performance.

Choose this strong and elegant stand to give your home entertainment system a special uplift.

8. PERLESMITH Speaker Stands Extend 30-45 Inch

Here’s another alternative speaker stand for satellite and small Bluetooth & bookshelf speakers. It holds up to 8 lbs. and can extend 30-45 inches. This pair of PERLESMITH speaker stands works well with most common speaker brands including Vizio, JBL, Polk, Bose, Sony and Samsung. What’s more?

Highlights of PERLESMITH Speaker stand

  • Strong and stable cast iron triangular base: Although the entire stand is made with heavy-duty metal, the triangular base is outstanding. The sturdy base keeps the stand well-grounded to ensure that speakers are held securely off the ground. Even on carpeted surfaces, the stand remains stable. However, attaching rubber pads (for tiled/concrete floors) and fixing nails and nuts (for wooden surfaces) won’t harm.
  • Improved cable management: PERLESMITH has gone a step further in wire management. The company has widened the diameter of the column to allow the fitting of as many cables as possible. Thus, you can hide wires more comfortably to achieve the cleanest installation desired.
  • Different mounting configurations: You have three diverse mounting options from which to choose – keyhole (horizontal placement), top plate (for speakers that don’t have mounting holes), and L-shaped configuration (for vertical placement). These options enable you to fit varying models of satellite speakers, small bookshelf speakers, surround sound speakers and any home theater.
  • Ease of installation and use: First, all the accessories you need to fully install the stand are provided in the package. Secondly, the stand can move easily around the space. Whenever you need to, you can lift it to use in different spaces – the living room, study room, and bedroom.


  • Customizable height to allow you enjoy the best quality sound.
  • Larger cable hole that’s perfect for speakers that use RCA connectors.
  • Non-slip heavy triangular base.
  • You can mount speakers using three different attachment options.
  • Easy and quick to assemble.
  • Less expensive compared to other alternatives.


  • Maximum carrying capacity is on the lower side.
  • Mounting bracket may need modification to fit some speaker models properly.


ThisPERLESMITH speaker standis quickly noticeable for its unparalleled cable management mechanism and sturdily built base. Also, it ishighly versatile, making it an ideal choice of speaker stand for a variety of speaker brands and types.

Consider this favorably-priced set of speaker stands for your speakers.

9. Pair Rockville RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ

Rockville rocks at number 9 with this pair of tripod speaker stands that can support up to 132 lbs. The stand has an adjustable height range to match different users’ listening preferences. Itsstrongly built column will impress you as much as its carrying capacity.

Features of Rockville RVES1

  • High-strength build: Premium quality steel material is used to make most parts of the stand. A steel tube of diameter 1.38 inches is strong enough to secure your heavy speakers perfectly off the ground without wobbling. Besides, a nylon clutch is fitted to enhance the stand’s sturdy support. 
  • Tripod-leg base spreads from 0 to 32 inches: Rockville has opted to use collapsible tripod legs for the stand’s base. 32 inches makes for quite a wide base, and this means more stability. Carrying up to 132lbs. is no joke, and Rockville has made sure that every aspect of the stand’s stability is well handled.
  • Portability: From the user reviews we analyzed, this speaker stand is preferred mostly by individuals who need to use the stand in different locations. Therefore, the portability issue is of crucial concern to many. Luckily, the stand is structured in a way that it’s easy to carry around. Features that make this possible include the collapsible tripod-leg base and the included carrying bag.
  • 47.25-78.75 inches height adjustment: About 31.5 inches of height adjustment range give you freedom to choose the most appropriate listening height for your situation. You can use the stand in different settings including home entertainment, home recording studio, and professional DJ & concert applications.


  • Wide height adjustment range.
  • High quality steel construction.
  • Sturdy, collapsible tripod-leg base.
  • Carrying bag included.
  • Stand can also be used as a lighting stand.


  • Prone to slipping on very smooth surfaces.
  • No cable channel or other concealment mechanism.


This heavy-duty speaker stand from Rockville is the best speaker stands for heavy loudspeakers and PA systems. Expandable legs make sure that the stand remains stable. It’s also designed with high durability in mind.

If you are looking for high-capacity speaker stands, don’t hesitate to try Rockvile RVES1.

10. ECHOGEAR Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

ECHOGEAR closes our review with one of their masterpieces – a universal stand for small speakers weighing up to 4 lbs. All the design features show ECHOGEAR’sdedication to giving you the best listening experience.

Key features of ECHOGEAR speaker stands

  • Built for quality acoustics: The design of these solid steel stands supports the delivery of quality sound. In addition to offering cutting-edge stability, the steel tubes have energy absorbing properties. They absorb any vibrations that would otherwise deteriorate the quality of sound.
  • Adjust height on demand up to 13 inches: Adjusting the height of this stand is easy and does not require any tools. You just have to turn the conveniently placed collar and pull the inner column to increase the stand height. Once the collar is fastened, your speaker remains secured at the perfect height for the desired audio performance.
  • Diverse cable management: Small wires can be run through the stand while thicker cords can be looped along the exterior of the stand’s tube. Whichever types of cables your speakers use, you’ll find a way to manage them to ensure a clean look.
  • 3 mounting options:  Since small speakers come with different attachment interfaces, ECHOGEAR has included 3 attachment modes. The top plate options suits speakers with no mounting holes; L-shaped bracket is for vertical speaker installment; and the keyhole adapter suits horizontal placement.


  • Stand comes with rubber pads and metal spikes that provide extra stability.
  • Cable loop helps to manage cables that are too thick to pass through the center column.
  • Simple installation.
  • Suitable for most small speakers.
  • Mounting hardware and installation manual for all compatible speakers is included in the package.


  • Cannot work with bigger speakers due to the limited weight carrying capacity.
  • Screws need to be checked regularly to make sure that they don’t loosen.


 Don’t underestimate what this lightweight speaker stand can do. It supports satellite speakers effortlessly, and it has all the important features one would look for in a speaker stand.

Let this ECHOGEAr satellite speaker stand help you to improve the quality of sound from your home audio system.

Factors to consider when selecting the best speaker stands

Your choice of speaker stand is largely influenced by the speakers you use. Some stands can only work with small, lightweight speakers while others can hold heavy loudspeakers and PA systems.

To ensure that you make a comprehensive evaluation of the capabilities and suitability of a speaker stand, consider the following factors.

i. Weight capacity

Manufacturers indicate the recommended weight of speaker that the stand can handle. Choosing the right stand ensures speaker’s stability and safety.

A stand that’s too lightweight and weak for the speaker is a risk even to the people living in the house for it can fall and injure someone or damage items. So, if you plan to place your mounted speaker in a high-traffic area, be sure that the stand can hold the weight sufficiently. Actually, it would be wise to choose a stand with a weight carrying capacity rating higher than the weight of the speaker just to be on the safer side.

ii. Mounting platform

Your speaker’s aspects determine the appropriate top plate for them. If your speaker is rectangular, a rectangular top plate is better fitting than other shapes. Another consideration is the top plate’s size. For a cleaner and more esthetically pleasing installation, the plate should be bigger than the speaker’s bass.

Top plates assume different designs – studs, rubber pads, or holes for screws.

Rubber grips the speaker very well. Besides, it helps to reduce vibrations produced when the speaker delivers bass notes. Speaker studs are good for show as they offer a crisp appearance. However, they don’t hold the speaker as tightly as rubber. In addition, studs can scratch the speaker’s surface. Holes are a different kind of animal. You might need to drill holes in your speaker to attach it to the stand.

iii. Height adjustment

If you have to mount your speaker on a stand, you want to make sure that sound drivers are directed to the right places for the ultimate listening experience. Essentially, the tweeters should be kept at ear level. The height of the speaker stand will determine whether or not this

is achieved. Height-adjustable speaker stands are preferable because you can adjust the sound projection. Ear level differs with the height of chairs.

iv. Material

The material used to construct the speaker stand influences the stand’s strength, stability, and durability. Tubular steel is the best material for the pole. You can fill the hollow center with high-density materials like sand for improved stability.

v. Cable management

Do you want to leave the speaker cable exposed, or you need a channel to hide the cable? Both alternatives are available, so it’s just a matter of choice. There are speaker stands that have poles wide enough to allow wires pass through. Other stands are designed with cable loops that help to fasten thicker cables along the pole. It’s important to think about the width of your cables when considering the cable management mechanism a stand uses.

vi. Base design

The wider and heavier the speaker stand’s feet and base, the more stable it is. If you plan to mount big and heavy speakers, you’d better choose a big base. Also noteworthy, different feet designs are suitable for different surfaces. Stands with rubber feet are suitable for flat floor surfaces while spikes are fit for carpeted floors.Wooden base grips for most floor types, thus reducing the chances of speaker tipping over.

Why Pyle PSTND2 is the best speaker stands

The PSTND2 is one of Pyle’s best releases. It fashions a universally compatible design that makes it suitable for use in diverse applications. For home use, the stands are ideal for home theater systems as well as surround sound. Meanwhile, professional sound experts are excited to mount PA speakers and studio monitors on these stands. The list of speakers that are compatible with the PSTND2 is long.

Superior strength, stability, and durability are behind the attractiveness of these stands. The tripod legs are reinforced by the center column, which ensures that the base doesn’t strain when taking the weight of the speakers above.

What about the price? It’s unbelievable! You get tremendous value for quite a pocket-friendly price.

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