Kenwood Car Stereo Volume Problem – Causes and Solutions Explained

Every car music enthusiast loves listening to music on their car radio. However, if your car stereo volume is misbehaving, you will feel frustrated since you cannot enjoy listening to music or your favorite radio station. If you have installed a Kenwood car stereo and you are experiencing problems with the volume, this guide is meant for you. We will discuss the Kenwood car stereo volume problem in detail, including the causes and possible solutions.

Problem #1- Kenwood car stereo volume is going up and down

One of the most common volume issues with Kenwood car radios is the volume going up and down uncontrollably. If you are experiencing this volume problem with your Kenwood stereo, here are the possible causes and fixes.

1. Loose or damaged wiring

If you have connected your Kenwood stereo to an amp, the volume may go up and down due to loose or damaged wiring with the amplifier. In this case, check the wiring connecting your stereo to the amplifier. If any cable feels loose, reconnect it tightly. Also, if you notice any damaged wire, replace it with a new one and check whether the issue is resolved.

2. Blown fuse

If a fuse is blown, it may interfere with the car stereo volume. To check whether a blown fuse is the cause of the problem, open the fuse panel of your car. Check your car’s manual in case you are not sure where to locate the fuse panel. It is often located underneath the dashboard, usually on the driver’s side.

Essentially, most cars come with two fuse boxes. One fuse box is located in the engine compartment whereas the other one is located under the dashboard. The car stereo fuse is the one under the dashboard.

To check for a blown fuse, look out for a fuse that lacks a continuous U-shaped silver filament. A blown fuse will have two parallel silver metals rather than a U-shaped filament. If the fuses look okay, then you are dealing with another issue.

3. Shorted wiring

If a wire connecting your Kenwood car stereo to a speaker or amp shorts out, it may cause erratic operation of the stereo. Sometimes, a wiring short may cause the volume control inoperable. In this case, check the wiring for any shorting. Replace any worn-out car stereo wiring.

Problem #2- Weak Kenwood car radio volume

If you are trying to listen to your favorite radio station on your Kenwood car stereo but the volume is weak or cutting in and out, you are likely dealing with certain problems with the antenna. These problems may include:

1. External interference

The radio antenna picks up radio waves in the air. If the volume decreases or disappears, it is probably being distracted by obstacles such as hills and tall buildings. To fix this issue, you will need to move your car to an area where it is not distracted by physical obstacles. Alternatively, you can install an antenna booster to strengthen the reception of radio waves.

2. Internal interference

Your Kenwood radio may lack volume due to a problem with the antenna. If the antenna is damaged, it will not receive a radio signal properly. As a result, the volume level of the radio will sound low due to poor reception. If the antenna is damaged, consider having it fixed or replaced.

If your car has a traditional manual antenna, it will fail to receive radio signals properly if it is pushed in. As a result, the radio will output low volume. If it is pushed in, pull it up for proper radio signal reception. That way, the radio will output decent volume from your favorite radio station.

3. Faulty alternator or battery

If your car battery is dying, your Kenwood car stereo may experience a low-volume problem. If the battery is dying, it will fail to provide enough power to all the accessories. As a result, the stereo will produce low volume and the lights may dim. You should replace a dying battery to fix this issue.

Also, if the alternator is faulty, it will fail to charge the car battery sufficiently. Consequently, the car battery will fail to feed electrical accessories with enough power, including the car stereo. Hence, you may experience a low-volume problem with your Kenwood car stereo. If the alternator is failing, consider rebuilding or replacing it.

4. Faulty speakers

You are likely to experience low volume despite turning the volume up due to faulty car speakers. If there is only low volume from one specific speaker, it is likely the speaker has worn-out components. Thus, it may produce low-volume sound before it fails to work altogether. The best remedy is to fix or replace the faulty speaker.

Problem#3- Kenwood car stereo volume knob not working

If you are trying to turn up the volume of your Kenwood car stereo and it is not getting any louder, or you are trying to turn the volume down but it is not turning down, you are likely dealing with a malfunctioning volume knob. You can try to reset the stereo to fix the problem. If the problem is mechanical, you may have to get your stereo checked by a specialist.

Final Thoughts

If you have tried the aforementioned fixes and nothing seems to work, you may have to add an amp to fix the Kenwood car stereo volume problem. An amplifier will boost the strength of the audio signal for louder sound output. However, if adding an amp fails to fix the issue, you may have to replace the car stereo.

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