Best Subwoofer Box- Top 5 Reviews and Buying Guide

Your car audio setup may not be complete without investing in a subwoofer. Subwoofers deliver deep bass in any sound system. It can be very exciting to feel deep and chest-pounding bass, especially if you’re a bass enthusiast. Besides, a subwoofer improves the sound quality of your car sound system regardless of the music genre you’re listening to.

However, maximizing the performance of your car subwoofer requires adding a subwoofer box. While a subwoofer can deliver a specific amount of bass, it can’t output the best bass quality without a properly constructed subwoofer box. Essentially, the sound coming from the back of the subwoofer cone cancels out the sound coming from the front of the subwoofer cone. As a result, you won’t get the best bass output. A subwoofer box prevents this problem by ensuring that the sound coming from the front of the cone won’t be canceled out, thereby enhancing the bass output.

Also, a subwoofer tends to vibrate a lot. By mounting it directly on a car panel, it’ll vibrate a lot when playing music loudly. The vibrations may cause a lot of noise that’ll interfere with your listening experience. Also, the vibrations can damage the subwoofer. Enclosing a subwoofer with a subwoofer box, assists in containing the vibrations, thereby reducing noise and preventing the subwoofer from getting damaged.

Although you can build your own subwoofer enclosure, getting the size and design right can be a big challenge. Luckily enough, you can buy a factory-manufactured subwoofer box. However, you need to choose the best subwoofer box for the best performance. Here’s a guide on how to choose the best subwoofer enclosure for your car.

Top 5 Subwoofer Box

Subwoofer boxes come in different sizes, shapes, and types. Also, there’re dozens of brands to choose from. Thus, you can find it quite confusing to make the right choice. We’ve reviewed the best sub-boxes available today to make your shopping experience smoother. Read on for detailed reviews.

Comparison Table of Best Subwoofer Box

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1. Our Top Pick: Q Power QBOMB12VL 12″ Dual Vented Ported

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This subwoofer box from Q Power is our top pick, thanks to its numerous features and benefits that outshine competing brands. Its unique design allows for deep and powerful bass output that can guarantee a direct win in a bass competition.

It closely competes with the Q Power QBOMB12VL SINGLE 12-inch ported Speaker Box. However, our top pick is more affordable and bigger in size. Thus, if you’re searching for a big sub box to fit in your large trunk, then this Q Power Dual Vented Ported subwoofer box would be a better choice than the smaller Q Power QBOMB12VL SINGLE Side Ported Speaker Box.

Top Features

  • Textured finish- By simply looking at this sub box, one of the first major details you’ll notice is the textured, black finish. The textured finish prevents the box from moving around while driving and playing loud music. As a result, the textured finish enhances the durability of the subwoofer box and the enclosed subwoofer.
  • Dual enclosure design- The subwoofer box features a dual enclosure design. Each port has a diameter of 12 inches. The dual enclosure design means that you can mount two subwoofers in the box. Thus, you can enjoy massive bass output from two subwoofers all from one subwoofer enclosure. As such, you don’t have to buy two separate subwoofer boxes if you have two car subwoofers.
  • High-quality construction- The enclosure is constructed with a top-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) material. The MDF wood panels making up the enclosure are strongly built for enhanced longevity. Also, the MDF material measures ¾ inches thick for stronger pounding bass output and longevity.
  • Screw-down terminals- The enclosure features screw-down terminals for connecting the speaker cable. The terminals are conveniently located on either side, with each terminal dedicated to each subwoofer. This type of speaker cable terminal is advantageous in that they allow for a simple and quick speaker cable connection. Also, they allow for a tight connection.
  • Distortion-free lows- The subwoofer box is tuned to reach lows of up to 47 Hz. Its design allows your subwoofer to reach deep lows without distorting. Also, its design allows for enhanced amplitude and improved bass output.


  • The black liner spray finish gives the enclosure a sleek, unique style
  • Its design and construction allows it to move a massive volume of air without overwhelming a subwoofer
  • It works perfectly with different subwoofers
  • The slot ported design assists in dampening any unwanted cone excursions
  • It’s large enough and strongly built to handle the massive power that comes with big subwoofers


  • It’s quite large and not the best option for cars with a small interior space
  • It’s relatively heavy, making it less ideal for removing from your car on and off when trying to create space for luggage

Our Verdict:

Shopping for a large sub-box to fit two subwoofers and deliver chest-pounding bass in your car? If so, this Q Power QBOMB12VL 12″ Dual Vented Ported subwoofer box is the best pick for you.

2. Best Value: American Sound Connection Car Audio Single 12″ Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box

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This subwoofer box from American Sound Connection offers you the best value for your money, thanks to its affordable price range and outstanding build quality. In fact, it’s more affordable than our top-pick subwoofer box.

Although it’s smaller than our top pick, it’s larger than our third pick, the BBox E10SV Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure. It also features a slot-ported design, just like our top pick. Its design allows the subwoofer to maximize bass per wattage.

Top Features

  • Spring-loaded binding post terminals- The subwoofer enclosure comes with binding post terminals for attaching speaker wire. These terminals are advantageous in that they can fit spade speaker wire terminals, bare speaker wire, and banana plugs. Thus, you have more freedom of choice on the kind of speaker wire terminals to attach.
  • Universal fit- Although you may already have the best car subwoofer at hand, it might not be your last subwoofer. You might want to upgrade to a more powerful subwoofer in the future. Luckily, with this subwoofer box, you can enclose any subwoofer brand or model that can fit in. Thus, if you decide to upgrade your subwoofer in the future, you can use the same subwoofer box without issues.
  • Enhanced air movement- The subwoofer box features a vented slot port that allows for air to flow in and out of the enclosure freely. As a result, the subwoofer driver can move more air. Consequently, you’ll enjoy enhanced bass output.
  • High-quality build- Another notable feature of this subwoofer enclosure is that it’s constructed with high-precision cut MDF panels. The panels are liquid glued and nailed together to create a perfectly sealed subwoofer box. Thus, the joints don’t allow any air into or out of the box. Air is only moved through the vent. As such, there’s no sound cancellation for enhanced bass quality.
  • Carpet-wrapped exterior- The exterior of the subwoofer enclosure is wrapped with a top-quality carpet material. The carpet material keeps the MDF panels concealed. It also matches with the interior of most cars, thanks to its dark-grey color. Thus, it’ll easily blend into almost any interior car design.


  • The spring-loaded terminals allow for a tight and simple speaker wire connection
  • It’s the second most affordable option on our list, making it a great choice for anyone working with a tight budget
  • Has an airspace of 1.6 cubic feet for enhanced bass response
  • The wide circular cutout fits any 12-inch car subwoofer regardless of the brand
  • Compact cuboid shape that fits in most cars, including hatchbacks and sedans


  • The interior of the vent is carpeted, thereby making the carpet prone to tearing and shifting
  • The carpeting isn’t heavy duty

Our Verdict:

Want a decent yet affordable subwoofer box for your car subwoofer? If so, consider this American Sound Connection Car Audio Single 12″ Vented Subwoofer Stereo Sub Box.

3. Best 10-inch: BBox E10SV Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure

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BBox E10SV subwoofer box comes as a 10-inch vented enclosure. It closely resembles the BBox E12SVPro subwoofer box. E10SV stands out for being more compact than the E12SVPro. They both feature a vented design. The E10SV is perfect for 10-inch subwoofers while its close model, the E12SVPro is perfect for 12-inch subwoofers.

Its construction design also stands out when compared to our first and second picks in that the panel housing the speaker terminals sits a few inches inward. Thus, you can fit in the subwoofer box in your trunk in a way that the speaker terminals are concealed. Also, this design means that the speaker terminals can’t get damaged easily as they’re recessed inward.

Top Features

  • Advanced construction- Its advanced construction and design make it one of the best subwoofer boxes. It features a Miter and Dado design that allows for tight precision of the panels. Also, this design allows for a noise-free enclosure environment for smoother bass output. The Miter and Dado design also enhances the integrity of the enclosure structure.
  • Recessed side panel design- A unique feature of this sub-enclosure that makes it a great choice is the recessed design of the side panels. The recessed design enhances the structural integrity of the enclosure. Also, this design reduces vibrations and prevents the panels from flexing.
  • Leak-free air chamber- The MDF panels making up the enclosure are fitted together with glue. In addition, they’re held in place with brad nails. The brad nails are nailed in place using pneumatic pressure, making them pull the panels tight together. As a result, the tight construction means that the air chamber is leak-free for deeper bass output.
  • Thick front panel- Another top feature that makes this enclosure stand out is its thick front panel. The front panel is constructed using a 1-inch MDF panel. Its thickness allows for an effective front baffle. Also, the thick panel allows for solid mounting of a heavy subwoofer. The side panels feature ¾ inch MDF panels that can withstand loud and deep bass without rattling.
  • Premium carpet- The exterior of the subwoofer is fully wrapped with a premium-quality charcoal grey carpet. This color matches with the interior of most cars, especially when installed in the trunk. Thus, it won’t seem off in most interior aesthetics.


  • The reinforced construction of the MDF panels allow for enhanced durability
  • Its precise finish makes it easy to fit in about any 10-inch car subwoofer
  • The tight construction of the enclosure allows for a rattle-free performance, even when pushing your subwoofer to its limits
  • The thick front baffle reduces flexing, especially when using a very powerful subwoofer
  • Its 2-way push-type speaker terminals allow for an easy push and release mechanism for connecting bare speaker wire


  • The speaker terminals feel a little flimsy
  • The company logo on the bottom right corner peels off and leaves a glue marking

Our Verdict:

If you’re shopping for a perfect subwoofer box to mount your 10-inch subwoofer for louder bass, consider the BBox E10SV Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure.

4. Our Premium Pick: Q Power QBOMB12VL SINGLE 12-Inch Side Ported Speaker Box

[amazon box=”B00NG38V8G”]

This is yet another top-quality subwoofer box from Q Power. It differs from our first pick in that it comes as a single ported speaker box whereas our top pick from the same manufacturer features a dual-ported speaker box. It also differs from the Q Power dual-ported speaker box in terms of the price range. Although it’s in the higher price range, it features a premium-quality construction.

Just like the Q Power QBOMB12VL 12″ Dual Vented Ported sub box, this subwoofer box also features a textured finish with a bed liner black spray. Its finish allows for enhanced durability as it prevents the enclosure from moving back and forth while driving.

Top Features

  • Screw-down terminal cups- The subwoofer enclosure comes with screw-down terminal cups. These terminal cups make it easier to hook speaker cables than spring post terminals. Their screw-down design allows for a secure and tight connection. As such, they allow for optimal signal transfer to prevent cutting in and out, especially when driving on rough terrain.
  • Side ported design- It features a side ported design. This design allows the enclosure to enhance the bass output with minimal port noise. Also, the side ported design minimizes air resistance, making it easier for the subwoofer driver to move air. Besides, the side port allows for a cleaner look. When you look at the enclosure from the front, it’ll give you the impression of a sealed enclosure.
  • Rhino layer finish- Another top feature of this sub box is the black bed liner spray finish that gives it a sleek and luxurious look. As such, it enhances the visual appeal of your car trunk. The liner spray also gives the enclosure a more durable construction.
  • Great airspace- The enclosure features a single chamber. The chamber is vented and features an airspace of 1.8 cubic feet. This airspace is large enough to allow high-performance 12-inch subwoofers to perform to their maximum ability.
  • Reduced vibrations- The panels making up the enclosure are joined tightly together, leaving no gaps between the joints. Also, the panels are properly finished, both on the interior and exterior. As a result, there’s reduced vibration and flexing when pushing a subwoofer hard.


  • Its design allows for the reproduction of deep, chest-thumping bass
  • Features a premium build quality for increased durability
  • Comes in a ¾ inch MDF construction for enhanced performance and strength
  • Its black finish blends in most car interiors such that it won’t interfere with the interior décor of your car
  • The side ported design allows the manufacturer to keep the box depth shallow, thereby allowing for a high performance yet compact enclosure design


  • It’s set at a frequency of 38 Hz, which isn’t very ideal for playing high-end bass notes
  • The terminal for connecting the speaker cable isn’t flush in the panel, thereby causing some air leak

Our Verdict:

Looking for a premium quality subwoofer box? Well, if you can pay extra for premium quality, then consider this Q Power QBOMB12VL SINGLE 12-Inch Side Ported Speaker Box.

5. Most Affordable Option: Atrend Bbox E10S Pro-Series 10

[amazon box=”B0013N0UCQ”]

This E10S Pro-Series 10 subwoofer enclosure is yet another great sub box from Atrend Bbox. It’s specially designed with affordability in mind. In fact, it’s the most affordable subwoofer enclosure in our reviews. However, it has the least mounting depth and airspace in our list of reviews.

It’s designed for attaching 10-inch subwoofers, just like our third pick, the BBox E10SV Single 10″ Vented Carpeted Subwoofer Enclosure. However, this Atrend Bbox E10S Pro-Series 10 is the only sealed subwoofer box in our review. It’s a perfect choice for anyone looking for a sealed subwoofer box.

Top Features

  • High-grade front baffle- One of the most outstanding features of this subwoofer box is the high-grade front baffle. It’s made of a 1-inch MDF panel that enhances the structural integrity of the baffle. Also, the thick baffle doesn’t flex when pushing a mounted subwoofer to its limits.
  • Tight bass- The enclosure features an airspace of 0.67 cubic feet. Although this airspace may sound minimal, it’s advantageous in that it allows for the reproduction of accurate bass. The reason behind this is that the sealed enclosure design keeps air trapped within the enclosure. Thus, the air works as a shock absorber that allows the subwoofer driver to move air in a controlled way, thereby delivering accurate bass.
  • Airtight precision- The panels are attached to each other using a special Miter and Dado design. The design ensures that all the panels fit together with high precision. Consequently, the enclosure allows for airtight precision for noiseless and rattle-free performance.
  • Special wood glue- The MDF panels making up the enclosure are joined together using special wood glue. This glue creates an airtight seal between the panels. Also, the internal joints are completely glued together. The glue seals the joints in a way that guarantees zero air leak.
  • Premium carpeting- Another great feature of this subwoofer enclosure is its premium quality carpeting. The carpeting wraps the entire exterior surface of the panels. The carpeting comes in a charcoal grey color to match with almost any car interior.


  • Its affordable price range makes it a worthy consideration for anyone working with an extremely tight budget
  • The recessed side panels eliminate vibrations and unwanted flex for noise-free bass output
  • The sealed enclosure design allows a subwoofer to reproduce tight bass
  • Its ¾ inch side panels withstand deep and tight bass


  • Only ideal for use with low profile subwoofers
  • The terminal housing leaks some air

Our Verdict:

Is your budget extremely tight but you still need a reliable enclosure for your car subwoofer? If so, this affordable Atrend Bbox E10S Pro-Series 10 subwoofer enclosure is your best bet.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Subwoofer Box

Although subwoofer boxes are designed to enhance the bass output of your subwoofer, they differ in terms of design and performance. Thus, it’ll help to know the considerations to make when choosing a subwoofer box to stand a better chance of buying the best subwoofer box. Here’re the main factors to consider when shopping for a subwoofer box.

1. Type of Subwoofer Box

Subwoofer boxes are available in three main categories including ported boxes, sealed boxes, and bandpass boxes. To start with, a ported subwoofer box has a hole on the side or at the bottom. This hole is known as a port. The port allows some air to move out of the enclosure when the subwoofer cone moves air back and forth. As a result, there’s equalized air pressure on the front and back of the subwoofer. As a result, the subwoofer driver doesn’t work very hard, thereby reducing power requirements. Also, a ported box allows for loud bass output. However, the port makes the bass output less accurate. The design behind a ported box requires a larger subwoofer box, meaning that it takes up more space in a car.

On the other hand, a sealed subwoofer box is fully enclosed. Thus, it doesn’t allow air to get into or out of the enclosure when the subwoofer driver moves back and forth. As a result, there is tight air pressure within the subwoofer box, thereby resulting in tight bass output. However, the bass output is not as loud as that of a ported enclosure. Also, the high pressure within the enclosure means that the subwoofer driver works harder, thereby demanding more power from the amplifier. The design behind a sealed subwoofer box allows for the construction of a compact box, thereby taking less space in a car.

Bandpass subwoofer boxes feature a design that combines both ported and sealed subwoofer boxes. In this design, there’re two air chambers in the enclosure. One of the chambers is sealed and houses the subwoofer. The other air chamber is ported and is set in front of the chamber housing the subwoofer. This design allows for enhanced bass boost, louder bass, and enhanced efficiency.

Considering the differences between these types of subwoofer boxes, anyone whose car has limited space should consider investing in a sealed subwoofer box. Also, if you love tight bass, a sealed subwoofer box would be your best bet. On the other hand, if you prefer loud bass or your car is spacious, then consider investing in either a ported or bandpass subwoofer box.

2. Size

Subwoofer boxes are available in a wide range of sizes, with the most common sizes being 8-inch, 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch subwoofer boxes. 8-inch subwoofer boxes are ideal for small cars due to their small and compact design. 10-inch boxes are ideal for most family cars. 12-inch boxes are perfect for luxury cars while 15-inch boxes are ideal for trucks. Thus, choose a subwoofer box that can fit in the available car space.

3. Construction Material and Build Quality

Most subwoofer boxes are made of materials such as MDF, fiberglass, standard wood, and plywood. Ensure the material used is of premium quality such that it doesn’t cause noise or distortion. Also, the panels should be sturdy to ensure they don’t vibrate or flex. Additionally, the materials used should be of top quality for enhanced longevity.

The subwoofer enclosure should be well-built. The joints where the panels meet should be properly sealed to ensure they don’t come apart and to prevent air from flowing through the joints. The enclosure should be structurally sound for enhanced longevity,

4. Mounting Depth

Ensure the subwoofer box you’re choosing has sufficient mounting depth for your subwoofer. The mounting depth of the box should be more than the mounting depth of your subwoofer. This means that there should be a sufficient gap between the back panel of the subwoofer box and the subwoofer itself.

5. Airspace

The airspace of a subwoofer box is the amount of space within an enclosure in cubic feet. Essentially, more airspace delivers deeper bass while less airspace delivers tighter bass. Ensure the airspace of the subwoofer enclosure is sufficient for the specific subwoofer you want to enclose. Check with the manufacturer of your subwoofer for details regarding the recommended airspace.

6. Aesthetics

Some enclosures have a spray finish while others are carpeted. Just ensure that the finish and design will complement your car interior décor. It should match with the existing décor and have an appealing look, especially when installed in a more visible location.

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Final Thoughts

There’re numerous benefits that come with adding a subwoofer box. A subwoofer box allows for optimal subwoofer performance by reducing sound cancellation and allowing for the output of stronger, deeper, and louder bass. Also, investing in the best subwoofer box will protect your car subwoofer from damage. Besides, enclosing your subwoofer in a sub box will make your car interior look very classy. With all these benefits, why not pick a subwoofer box from our reviews?

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