Why Does my Sub Rattle? [Solved]

Subwoofer rattling is a common challenge found in this sound enhancement equipment. When the rattling starts, a common question on the mind of its user is, why does my Sub rattle? Before adequately diagnosing the cause of your sub rattle, you need basic knowledge about your Subwoofer.

A subwoofer, also known as a Sub, is a sound device that comprises a cone, spider, voice coil and former, surround, voice gap, and backplate. A subwoofer is used at home and attached to car speakers to enhance a pleasant listening experience.

Hence, a subwoofer enhances the sound of the stereo speakers and adds heavy bass to your music, causing you to enjoy the space around you. However, what are the causes for this rattling?

Hang on. Here are four primary reasons.

Why is my Subwoofer rattling?

When your Subwoofer starts to rattle, it steals away the enjoyment of your listening experience. Possible reasons why your subwoofer might be rattling includes;

Loose parts

Loose parts are one of the primary reasons why your Subwoofer might be rattling. Once the elements in the Sub are no longer firm and intact, your Sub begins to rattle and produce unpleasant sounds.

Overpowered Subwoofer

Every Subwoofer has its capacity and power frequency. For instance, when you increase the volume of a subwoofer beyond its voltage limits, the cone of the Sub might move forward and cause the subwoofer rattle at high volume. When the Subwoofer rattles at high volume, it may destroy the components of your Subwoofer.

Overpowered Subwoofer

Faulty Amplifier or Underpowered Subwoofer

Is there a likelihood of underpowering subwoofer? Yes, it is very likely when you use a faulty amplifier that cannot handle high voltage. When you play lower sounds than the standard RMS ratings, and your Amplifier sends clipped signals, your Subwoofer damages itself. The damage causes the Subwoofer to rattle and affects the sound quality it produces.

Wrong positioning and placing of objects on the Subwoofer

When you place your Subwooferclose to things on a shelf, the vibration from the Subwoofer causes the objects to vibrate, thereby creating rattles. Placing objects on top of the Subwoofer can also cause it to rattle.

Now that you know the significant reasons for your sub rattling look at possible ways to stop it.

General ways to stop sub rattling

  • Inspect your Subwoofer, turn it on its side, check its feet and tighten every loose part of the Subwoofer. After reviewing and tightening all the loose parts and discovering the sub rattling continues, you may need to replace the voice coil.
  • Before using your Subwoofer, check its manual for safety instructions and voltage ratings. Follow the RMS ratings for the safest use.
  • Ensure that you use an amplifier in an excellent working condition capable of handling high voltage or reducing the audio volume of your Subwoofer.
  • Watch out for the positioning of your Subwoofer and ensure you position it slightly far from objects on the shelf to avoid vibrations. Do well to remove any object placed on top of the Subwoofer.

How to stop rattling in car from subs

  • Your car subwoofer might get blown while blasting loud music. If you discover that your car subwoofer has blown or broken, to stop the sub rattling in your car, you need to replace it. Remove the speaker and fix the Subwoofer.
  • If you discover that the Subwoofer has no problem, the rattling sounds may come from the loose items or parts in your car. To fix this problem, play a piece of music at a high volume and figure out where the rattling comes from.
  • To stop rattling in cars from subs, you can soundproof your vehicle after checking and ensuring that all parts are firm and rattling persists; soundproof your vehicle by installing a sound deadening material, insulating your car doors, and changing your car tires.


A subwoofer is crucial because it enhances a good listening experience. However, once a subwoofer becomes faulty, it damages the soothing experience of the Subwoofer. Before you start using your Subwoofer, ensure you read the manual for instructions and follow all instructions to the letter. You now know the causes of sub rattling and how to fix it.

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