Best Horn Speakers- Top 5 Reviews in 2024 and Buyer’s Guide

During the early days of sound production, speakers were designed to produce powerful and loud sound from weak amplifiers. That’s why speaker designers came up with the idea of horn speakers to project sound in a louder and wider manner. Although today’s amplifiers are strong enough to power modern speakers, horn speakers are still a great option among many audiophiles.

Essentially, the horn funnel of a horn speaker works by guiding the motion of sound waves, just like how ears work. As a result, the horn improves the effectiveness and sensitivity of sound waves. Thus, a horn is the most natural way of amplifying sound. The best thing about horn speakers is that you can increase the volume of the sound system without the speaker sounding harsh. The sound output remains undistorted and clear at a high volume.

The loudness of horn speakers makes them ideal for high-powered audio systems where loud sound is needed. If you like playing loud music in your car, these are the best speakers for you. Also, they’re ideal for use in PA systems as their sound production covers a wide area.

In this article, we review the best horn speakers you can find today. We’ll also share some important tips that can guide you when choosing the best car horn speakers. That way, you’ll stand better chances of making a more informed decision. Read on for the reviews.

Comparison Table of Best Horn Speakers

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Top 5 Horn Speakers Review

When shopping for horn speakers, you’ll come across numerous designs and types of horn speakers. Considering the dozens of models to choose from, you may be spoilt for choice. That’s where this review comes in handy. We’ve shortlisted and reviewed the best options you can find in the market today. That way, you’ll find it easier to make an informed decision. Let’s look at the top 5 horn speakers in detail.

1. Best Overall- Pyle PMP20

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The Pyle PMP20 is a high-powered horn speaker that’s specially designed for PA sound projection. It’s our best overall horn speaker, thanks to its numerous features and premium performance. Its design allows it to deliver sound projection with a range of at least 400 yards.

It’s designed with affordability in mind. In fact, it’s the most affordable horn speaker in our review. Thus, any budget shopper should consider it in their shopping list. Besides, its mini design and lightweight construction make it ideal for use by most people.

Top Features

  • Multipurpose design- The design behind this horn speaker makes it ideal for multipurpose use. You can use it for both outdoor and indoor public addresses such as addressing fire officers, sports activities, law enforcement officers, and event organizers among other uses.
  • Voice amplification feature- It’s among the best horn loaded speakers, thanks to its voice amplification feature. After testing it, it proves to amplify the voice of a speaker through the microphone and the horn. It amplifies voice to output up to 20 watts of audio that can cover an area of at least 400 yards.
  • Battery-powered- Another benefit of this horn speaker is its battery-powered design. It’s battery-operated such that you’ll only need to load it with the right type of batteries to get it working. Thus, you can use it anywhere as long as the batteries have enough charge. It works with 4 C-type batteries.
  • Portable and lightweight- Its lightweight design makes it highly portable. It only weighs 1.44 lbs. Thus, you can easily carry it by hand without getting tired quickly. The attached conveyor strap also makes it easier and safer to carry it around. Also, it only measures 5.4 inches in diameter and 8.6 inches in length for enhanced portability.
  • Siren mode- The horn speaker is unique in that it features a siren mode. The siren mode can be activated with the help of a switch. By turning on the siren mode, you’ll find it easier to notice the audience of an emergency for quick action as needed. Also, you can use the siren mode to get the attention of your audience.


  • You can adjust the volume level using the onboard volume control
  • It has a switch for different modes including SPEAK, OFF, and SIREN
  • Features an ergonomic pistol handle for more convenient use
  • You can collapse the pistol handle for easier transportation
  • It comes with a very affordable price range


  • Tends to produce a screeching sound at the highest volume level

Our Verdict:

The Pyle PMP20 is most suitable for anyone who needs a multipurpose and versatile horn speaker at a very affordable price range.

2. Widest Sound Range- Croove 733

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The Croove 733 megaphone horn speaker boasts of delivering loud sound that can cover a wide sound range of at least 800 yards. Thus, it can be used to address a larger gathering than our top pick from Pyle. It also delivers more power output at 30 watts maximum than what our top pick delivers.

Top Features

  • Volume control- One of the top features of this horn speaker that makes it highly usable is its volume control feature. It has a button at the back that you can adjust to either increase or decrease the volume level as needed. For instance, you can increase the volume when addressing a large crowd or when making an address in a noisy environment.
  • User-friendly- The design behind this horn speaker makes it user-friendly for most people. It has well-labeled and separate buttons for various modes such as SIREN, MUSIC, and ON/OFF. You only need to press the necessary button to activate the required mode.
  • Foldable handle- Another top feature of this horn speaker is the foldable handle. You can collapse the handle to make the horn more compact for easier transportation when not in use. Also, the design of the handle allows for a tight grip.
  • Built-in sound effects- You’ll also appreciate the built-in sounds that come with this horn speaker. For instance, it has siren sounds that can be activated by pressing the SIREN button. The siren feature can be used to alert your audience. Also, it has a musical sound that can be activated by pressing the MUSIC button. You can take advantage of the musical sound to hype your audience before addressing them.
  • Versatile- Another reason why this horn speaker is worth your consideration is that its design makes it ideal for use by both kids and adults. Also, both males and females find it convenient to use it. It’s lightweight such that your hands won’t feel tired quickly.


  • It comes with a carrying strap for enhanced portability
  • Affordable price range for anyone with a tight budget
  • Energy-efficient design as it uses very little battery power
  • Ideal for use in both small and large events
  • The horn structure is made of durable ABS plastic


  • A little challenging to open the battery compartment. You may need a screwdriver to pry it open.

Our Verdict:

Are you looking for a horn speaker that can output sound with enough volume to address a large gathering in a large venue? If so, you won’t go wrong with this Croove 733 megaphone horn speaker.

3. Most Powerful Pick- Pyle PHSP5

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The Pyle PHSP5 is the most powerful horn speaker in our review. It delivers a power output of up to 65 watts maximum. Its design makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. You only need to mount it on a solid surface such as a wall with the provided mounting hardware.

Top Features

  • Swiveling design- One of the features we like most about this horn loudspeaker is the swiveling design. The mounting bracket is designed to swivel at an angle of up to 180 degrees. As a result, you can adjust the horn speaker by angling it towards your audience or a certain listening position without un-mounting and mounting it all over again. That way, it becomes more usable.
  • Loud sound output- Another reason why we like this horn speaker is its loud and clear sound output. It can amplify music or your voice loudly to become more audible to a larger audience. It has a high sensitivity rating of 101 dB for louder volume and a maximum power rating of 65 watts for a more powerful sound output.
  • Wide frequency range- Also, the horn speaker has a very wide frequency range. It supports sound amplification with a frequency response of between 500 Hz to 5 kHz. Thus, your audience will hear most of the audible frequencies from both vocals and music.
  • Heavy-duty construction- Another reason why this horn speaker is worth your consideration is its heavy-duty construction. The horn is made of premium ABS material that resists weather elements. Thus, you’re guaranteed of investing in a durable horn speaker.
  • 2-way speaker system- It’s among the best 2-way horn speakers you can find in the market today. It features a bullet horn driver that produces both high and mid-range frequencies for a great listening experience, especially when playing music and amplifying vocals.


  • Its high power rating makes it ideal for high-powered applications
  • The horn features a water-resistant construction for safe outdoor use
  • It’s versatile and works with most receivers, radio units, and amplifiers
  • It has a high impedance rating of 8 ohms that allows it to be connected to both low and high-powered amplifiers
  • A mounting bracket and mounting hardware are included in the packaging for easier installation


  • Not ideal for portable applications as it requires mounting
  • Not very ideal for a bass enthusiast

Our Verdict:

The Pyle PHSP5 horn speaker is most ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require sound to be heard loudly and widely at longer distances.

4. Best Weatherproof Pick- Workman 4334421690

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Although the Workman 4334421690 horn speaker is the least powerful option in our review, it emerges as the best weatherproof pick on our list. As a result, you can use it outdoors without worrying about the dangers of harsh weather elements.

Top Features

  • AUX plug- One of its top features is that it comes with a 10-feet speaker cable. The lengthy speaker cable makes it possible to mount the speaker far away from the audio source for enhanced usability. Also, the cable has a 3.5mm male AUX plug at the end for plugging into a 3.5mm AUX port.
  • High impedance- Another feature we like most about this horn speaker is its high impedance. It has an impedance rating of 8 ohms. Thus, you can use it with most audio sources, including low-powered radios, and still output decent sound. You won’t need a very powerful amplifier to drive it.
  • Durable housing- The speaker is unique in that it’s made with durable housing. The housing keeps the interior components protected from weather elements such as heat, rain, wind, and ice. Thus, you can safely use it outdoors without worrying about damage by weather.
  • Easy to mount- Additionally, the loudspeaker is designed for effortless installation. The mounting bracket has 3 holes for installing mounting screws. Also, you can mount the speaker on any flat, solid surface.
  • Compact design- The loudspeaker has a horn opening of 5 inches. It’s very compact for easier installation in most indoor spaces. Also, you can mount it on your vehicle without taking a lot of space in the cabin.


  • Great clarity of the incoming audio transmissions
  • The black finish makes it easy to blend with most vehicle colors
  • Can be mounted outside the cabin, thanks to its weather-resistant construction
  • It works with most CB radios


  • Not ideal for high powered applications and public addresses
  • It only outputs mono sound, making it less ideal for listening to music. You may only like it for vocals.

Our Verdict:

The Workman 4334421690 is most ideal for use with CB radio and ham radio applications or any other two-way radio application.

5. Premium Pick- SPECO ASPC20

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The SPECO ASPC20 is designed as an amplified public address horn speaker. It has a power rating of 20 watts maximum. It’s our premium pick, thanks to its durable construction and premium sound output. It’s the most expensive option on our list. Regardless, its premium quality makes it worth its higher price range.

Top Features

  • Weatherproof construction- One of the most outstanding features of this horn speaker is its weatherproof construction. The housing resists weather elements. Also, the housing is constructed to keep weather elements away from sensitive interior components.
  • Amplified design- Another top feature of this PA horn speaker is its amplified design. It has a built-in mechanism for amplifying sound. Thus, you won’t have to connect it to a dedicated amplifier. You can connect it directly to a sound source and enjoy loud sound output.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket- The mounting bracket is designed for enhanced usability. Upon mounting the speaker on a flat surface, you can adjust its angle to project sound toward a preferred listening position for an enhanced sound experience.
  • Compact size- It’s designed as a 6-inch PA speaker. It measures 6.25 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 6 inches high. It’s very compact for easier installation in locations with limited space.


  • It’s constructed with premium ABS plastic for enhanced longevity
  • Can be used for Digital Deterrent applications
  • It supports a wide frequency response range of between 500 Hz to 5 kHz
  • 8-ohm speaker impedance for enhanced usability with low-powered audio sources


  • May produce some humming noise at higher volume
  • Its higher price range makes it less affordable for someone with a tight budget

Our Verdict:

The SPECO ASPC20 horn PA speaker is most suitable for anyone willing to pay more for a premium quality product.

What You Need To Know When Choosing the Best Horn Speakers

The design behind horn speakers makes them ideal for producing louder sound without demanding a lot of power from the input. However, these speakers are not made equal. Thus, you should be cautious when shopping for a horn speaker. Here’re some tips that can assist you to choose the best horn loaded speakers to get the best value for your money.

1. Power rating

It’s very essential to check the power rating of a horn speaker. The power rating of the speaker will determine how loud the speaker can get. If you’re looking for a horn speaker to address a large gathering or project loud sound to a wider area, then consider a speaker with a higher power rating. If you only need a horn speaker to project sound in a smaller area, then a speaker with a lower power rating can serve the purpose.

2. Speaker size

Horn speakers vary in size and shape. Some have rounded horn openings while others have rectangular or square-shaped horn openings. Just ensure the speaker size you choose can fit in the preferred installation location.

3. Portability

If you’re looking for a horn speaker that can be used to address events or audiences in different locations most of the time, then consider a portable horn speaker. It should have a handle for enhanced user-friendliness and be battery-powered for enhanced portability. Also, it should be lightweight to make it easier to hold in your hand. However, if you want a horn speaker that’ll be used in one constant location or venue, then portability won’t be an issue.

4. Durable construction

You definitely want to invest your money in a horn speaker that will give you many years of use. Thus, ensure the speaker is made of durable material. Also, it’ll help to invest in a weatherproof horn speaker, especially if you’ll be using it outdoors where it’s exposed to harsh weather elements such as heat and rain.

Final Thoughts

Although horn speakers are designed using relatively old technology, they’re still great for use in numerous applications, especially where louder sound is needed without necessarily using a powerful external amplifier. Since horn speakers are not made equal, take advantage of our reviews to stand better chances of getting the best horn speaker for your needs.

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