Best 5×7 Speakers Review & Buyer’s Guide

The factory speakers that come with new cars are often low quality. They’re designed for basic performance and not what any car music lover desires. Also, they’re often made of low-grade components. As a car music lover, you definitely want car speakers that can reproduce high-quality music details. Thus, it’s necessary to upgrade factory speakers with new aftermarket speakers. There’re several aftermarket speakers to choose from. Among these speakers, 5×7 replacement speakers are a great choice. By choosing the best 5×7 speakers, you’ll enjoy clear and full-range sound. 

A majority of 5×7 speakers are coaxial speakers. This means that they comprise two-way or three-way speaker systems. Two-way coaxial speakers comprise a tweeter and woofer driver while three-way speakers comprise a tweeter, mid-range, and woofer driver. Thus, most 5×7 replacement speakers are designed to offer better sound with reduced distortion than factory speakers. Besides, their size makes them mountable in about any car and mounting location.

We’ve prepared this guide to assist you in choosing the best 5×7 car aftermarket speakers available today. In this guide, we’ve selected the speakers based on their real performance. We’ve included their pros and cons for your comparison. Read on to find the best replacement speakers for your car.

Comparison Table of Best 5×7 Speakers

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Top Five 5×7 Speakers Reviews

Not all 5×7 speakers are made equally. They differ in terms of performance and quality. Thus, you need to make your choices wisely. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money on low-performance speakers. With our reviews, you’ll find it easier to make a more informed decision. Here’re the best 5×7 aftermarket speakers.

1. JBL Club 8620 5×7/6×8 2-Way Coaxial

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The JBL Club 8620 5×7/6×8 2-Way Coaxial speakers come with a tweeter driver and a woofer driver. They come as a pair, with each speaker featuring an RMS power rating of 55 watts and an impedance of 3 ohms.

Top Features

  • PEI balanced dome tweeter- Each speaker in the pair comes with a PEI balanced tweeter. The tweeter is edge-driven and extends high frequencies. It’s able to deliver high-frequency details that are hard to reach with factory speakers. 
  • UV-resistant cone- The woofer driver in each speaker features a UV-resistant cone. It’s able to deliver optimum performance even under extreme weather conditions. Also, the woofer driver is made of polypropylene material. It’s highly dampened for the best bass reproduction. Besides, the material has high uniformity for smooth sound reproduction.
  • Patented woofer cone- Another top feature of these speakers is that they come with a patented Plus One woofer cone structure. The cones are designed with an extended surface area for enhanced mid-bass reproduction that other 5×7 speakers may not easily achieve. 
  • Low impedance- The speakers come with a low impedance rating, which is rated at 3 ohms for each speaker. Thus, they’re able to get more power from the car receiver. Thus, you can easily drive them with a low-powered factory receiver. Consequently, you’ll get sound with more punch. They can also withstand being driven by an external amplifier.
  • Compact design- The speakers are extremely compact. They feature a low mounting depth. As a result, you can easily fit them in almost any car. If your car has limited space, these speakers would be a great choice for you.


  • Enhanced low-frequency output.
  • Advanced musical character.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Excellent dispersion of high frequencies.
  • Smooth sound reproduction


  • The bass is not deep enough.
  • Not the best for the rear deck


These JBL Club 8620 5×7/6×8 2-Way Coaxial speakers are great for installation as front speakers. If your front speakers are old or low-quality factory speakers, these speakers from JBL will be a perfect replacement.

2. Pyle PL573BL

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Pyle stocks a wide range of sound equipment. If you’re looking for the best 5×7 speakers, these Pyle PL573BL speakers won’t disappoint. They’re available as a pair of coaxial speakers with attractive blue cone drivers.

Top Features

  • Powerful speaker system- These coaxial speakers come as a pair of 5 by 7 inches speakers. They’re packed with a peak power rating of 300 watts and an RMS power of 150 watts. Their ability to handle a lot of power input makes them ideal for powering with an external amplifier for deeper and louder sound reproduction.
  • ASV voice coil- Each speaker in the pair comes with a one-inch ASV voice coil for enhanced performance and unmatched output of high frequencies. The voice coil is made of a high-temperature material. It’s able to perform optimally at high temperatures. This makes the speakers ideal for heavy-duty usage. 
  • Three-way coaxial speakers- These speakers are designed as powerful 3-way coaxial speakers. They comprise a 1-inch midrange driver, a ¾ inch tweeter, and a woofer driver. Thus, you’re assured of getting high-quality full-range sound.
  • Butyl rubber surround- You’ll love the clear and loud sound reproduction that comes with these speakers, thanks to their butyl rubber surround. The surround is designed to be non-fatiguing. It’s also designed for enhanced durability.
  • Piezo tweeter- The speakers feature a ¾ inch piezo tweeter. This type of tweeter boasts of high power efficiency. Besides, it doesn’t have a voice coil such that it doesn’t experience resistive heating issues. Also, it doesn’t lose a lot of acoustical power. Consequently, you’ll enjoy top quality highs.


  • Neodymium dome midrange.
  • 20 Oz magnet structure.
  • 90 dB sensitivity and 4-ohm impedance.
  • Easy to install the speakers.
  • Comes with mounting hardware and grills


  • They distort easily at high volume.
  • Not the best midrange


If you’re a car music enthusiast who needs high-performance 5×7 speakers at an affordable price range, then you won’t go wrong with these Pyle PL573BL speakers. They’re designed for those on a tight budget.

3. Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch 5″x7″

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If you’ve been shopping for sound equipment, you’ve probably come across products from Rockford Fosgate. Most of their products offer the best value for money. The Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch 5″x7″ speakers are not left behind in the market of 5 by 7 inches speakers, thanks to their superb performance.

Top Features

  • Inbuilt crossover- Each of these speakers comes with an integrated crossover. Additionally, the crossover is concealed such that it’s not visible from the outside. The crossover eliminates the need to use an external crossover. That means you’ll have fewer components to deal with, making it easier to set up a complete car sound system.
  • Flex Fit basket- The speakers come with unique Flex-Fit speaker baskets. This basket design makes them compatible for installation in odd-shaped speaker locations. Thus, you won’t have to make new mounting holes in most cars.
  • PEI tweeter- The speakers are designed as two-way speakers, comprising of a PEI tweeter and a woofer driver. The PEI tweeter delivers accurate highs, even when the volume is turned up. This type of tweet is especially ideal for anyone who likes bright highs.
  • Injection-molded cone- Another top feature of this speaker is that it comes with an injection-molded cone made of polypropylene material. The cone is lightweight yet rigid. Its design reduces flex when using the speaker. Thus, you’ll enjoy improved sound quality with reduced distortion.
  • Butyl rubber surround- These speakers come with a butyl rubber surround. The surround is made of superior quality for durability. They retain their shape and performance for a prolonged period for optimum performance. 


  • An OEM adapter plate is included.
  • Comes with mounting hardware.
  • Available as a pair.
  • 120 watts peak power and 60 watts RMS.
  • 89 dB sensitivity and 4-ohm impedance.


  • Higher price range.
  • Doesn’t come with grills.


The design of these Rockford Fosgate P1572 Punch 5″x7″ speakers makes them ideal for anyone looking for replacement speakers that can fit in odd-shaped speaker mounting locations. This is made possible by their Flex Fit basket design and the provided OEM adapter plate.

4. Polk Audio DB572 DB+ Series 5″x7″

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If you’re setting up a new sound system in your car, and you’re looking for some of the best 5×7 speakers, then consider Polk Audio DB572 DB+ Series 5″x7″. The speaker is specially designed to fit in almost any vehicle. You can install it in your car, ATV, or boat.

Top Features

  • Silk dome tweeter- The speaker comes with an ¾ inch silk dome tweeter. Its design makes it break up gently. Thus, it delivers highs that are more pleasing to a listener than other types of tweeters.
  • UV tolerant cone- The speaker features a polypropylene cone. It’s designed to resist UV light, humidity, dirt, and salt fog. The speaker also features a water-resistant surround. As a result, you can use the speaker in harsh environments without worrying about its performance and durability.
  • High power handling- Another notable feature of this speaker is that it’s designed to handle a lot of power. It has an RMS rating of 75 watts and a peak power rating of 225 watts. If your car has an external amplifier, you can hook up the speaker to the amplifier and enjoy playing loud music.
  • Wide frequency range- The speaker has a frequency range of 35 Hz to 22 kHz. As a result, you’ll enjoy listening to all music details including highs, midrange, and lows. This means that it’s able to reproduce full-range sound.
  • High performance- The speaker is constructed with industrial-grade materials. It’s engineered to offer durable performance regardless of weather conditions. It’s also designed to offer high-performance and fuller sound than factory speakers. 


  • Mounting hardware is included.
  • A speaker wire is provided.
  • 2-way speaker system.
  • Marine certified.
  • Simple installation


  • Grills are not included.
  • Doesn’t hit deep lows.


The Polk Audio DB572 DB+ Series 5″x7″ speaker is marine certified, making it suitable for installation in off-road cars, ATVs, and boats.

5. Alpine S-S57 5×7 Inch Coaxial Speaker

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The Alpine S-S57 5×7 Inch Coaxial Speaker comes as a pair. Each speaker has a power rating of 75 watts RMS and 230 watts peak power. This makes them a powerful upgrade for factory speakers. Besides, Alpine is known to manufacture quality sound equipment.

Top Features

  • Carbon-reinforced cone- The woofer cone of this speaker is made of a plastic material that’s reinforced with carbon fiber. This makes it very rigid for enhanced performance and reduced distortion. Besides, the cone material is lightweight such that it’s highly responsive.
  • Enhanced accuracy- Alpine’s patented technology of high amplitude multi-roll is integrated into this speaker. This technology enhances the excursion of the speaker and allows it to maintain sound linearity and accuracy.
  • Smooth high-frequency response- The one-inch silk dome tweeter that comes with the speaker reproduces smooth high frequencies. It’s non-fatiguing for the best listening experience. Also, the tweeter delivers a wide high-frequency response.
  • Large voice coil- Another notable feature of this speaker is that it comes with a large voice coil. It’s able to offer enhanced sound quality and push the woofer cone powerfully to hit deeper lows. Also, it’s designed to withstand prolonged music playtime.
  • Two-way speaker-The speaker is designed as a 2-way speaker system. It has a tweeter driver and a woofer cone. It’s able to reproduce sound in a frequency range of 73 to 22,000 Hz. As such, you’ll enjoy full-range sound. 


  • 4-ohm impedance and 88 dB sensitivity.
  • Crips highs.
  • Great midrange.
  • Decent loudness with little distortion.


  • High price range.
  • Doesn’t come with grills.
  • Not the best for the low base.


Do you love listening to loud, smooth music with little or no distortion at high volume? If so, the Alpine S-S57 5×7 Inch Coaxial Speaker is the right option for you.

How to Choose the Best 5×7 Speakers

As you can see, there’re several 5×7 speakers to choose from. They all have their advantages and some disadvantages. Thus, it’s important to choose the speakers wisely for the best value for your money. We’ve prepared some tips to assist you in making the right choice. You should consider factors such as:

1. Power Rating

The power rating of a 5×7 replacement speaker is an important factor to consider. The power rating will determine the amount of power that a speaker can handle from the receiver or external car amplifier. Most importantly, check the RMS power rating, which represents the continuous amount of power that a speaker can handle safely. Ensure the speaker you choose can be powered by the existing car receiver or amplifier. Under powering the speaker may cause distortion and probably damage the speaker. Also, avoid overpowering the speaker.

2. Component vs. Coaxial Speaker

When shopping for replacement speakers for your car, you’ll come across component and coaxial speakers. Each type of speaker system has its pros and cons. To start with, component speakers are standalone speakers comprising of one speaker driver such as a tweeter, woofer, or midrange speaker. Thus, if you need full-range sound with component speakers, you’ll need to install separate tweeters, woofers, and midrange speakers. While component speakers offer great sound customization, they’re a costly investment and challenging to install since you need to install several components.

On the other hand, coaxial speakers come as 2-way or 3-way speaker systems. This means that a coaxial speaker has 2 or 3 different types of drivers. For instance, 2-way coaxial speakers come with a tweeter and woofer driver built as one speaker component while 3-way coaxial speakers come with a tweeter, midrange driver, and woofer driver. You can also find 4-way coaxial speakers that have similar drivers as a 3-way speaker but with an extra driver known as a super tweeter. Coaxial speakers may not offer customized sound but are more affordable and easier to install than component speakers.

3. Construction Materials

The kind of materials used in making the speaker will largely determine its performance and durability. Ensure the speaker you choose is made of durable materials, especially the cone material, surround, and voice coil. The cone should be rigid but lightweight for the best sound reproduction with minimal distortion. Also, the surround should be flexible. On the other hand, the voice coil should be able to withstand high temperatures.

4. Impedance

It’s also necessary to consider the impedance of a speaker. Impedance determines the amount of current that flows through a speaker. Impedance is measured in ohms. A speaker with a higher impedance rating requires less power from an amplifier while a speaker with a lower impedance rating requires more power. Thus, if you want to connect a speaker to a factory head unit, consider a speaker with a higher impedance rating. On the other hand, if you’re using an external amplifier, then you can use a speaker with either a low or high impedance rating without issues.

5. Frequency Response

The frequency response of a speaker is a measure of its frequency range. It’s expressed in Hertz (Hz). If you want to listen to more music details, then consider a speaker with a wider frequency range. If you want more of highs than lows, consider a speaker that can hit extremely high frequencies. On the contrary, if you want more lows than highs, consider a speaker that can hit extremely low frequencies.

6. Mounting Hardware

Speakers that come with mounting hardware will be easier to install. They should at least have mounting screws. It would be an added advantage if the speakers come with adapter rings, especially if you want to mount them in factory locations. Also, it will be a good deal if the speakers come with grilles for added protection.


When shopping for the best 5×7 speakers for your car, remember to consider the aforementioned tips. That way, you’ll make a more informed decision and enjoy better sound in your car music system. Also, have a budget in mind when shopping and go for the best speaker within your budget. Hopefully, our reviews and buyer’s guide will assist you to find high performance and durable 5×7 replacement speakers for your car.

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