Best Soundbar under 100: Achieving True Surround Sound on Tight Budget

Soundbars are the most preferred sound system upgrade for anyone looking for better sound on a tight budget. They improve the sound delivered by in-built TV speakers, which is often wanting in quality. Some users enjoy pairing their smartphone, tablet, computer, gaming console and other devices with a soundbar to get more fulfilling audio. Whichever reasons you might have, adding a soundbar to your entertainment system is a good idea.

Soundbars are significantly cheaper than complete surround sound or home theater systems. Surprisingly, they deliver dynamic, room-filling sound that completely transforms your listening experience. The availability of great-sounding soundbars means you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars on a home theater to enjoy great quality music. Besides, the slim design of these speakers makes them the ideal sound upgrade for small rooms.

After spending many hours researching and testing a huge batch of soundbars, the following speakers proved themselves to be the 10 best soundbars under 100. We’ve reviewed each one of them to help you make your ultimate choice.

Following are detailed accounts of the features, pros and cons of each of these soundbars.

Comparison Table of Best Soundbar under 100

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1. VIZIO SB2920-C6 29-Inch – Best overall soundbar

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Many soundbar manufacturers claim that their soundbar model can deliver something close to surround sound. For VIZIO SB2920-C6, this is not just a claim but a proven capability. Thanks to VIZIO’s application of superior sound technology, the sealed and powered 2-channel soundbar comfortably produces 95dB of clean, room-filling, non-distorted sound.

Award-winning features of VIZIO SB2920-C6

  • Expansive audio: With two full-range stereo speakers, this soundbar upgrades the TV’s output to premium audio. It has a frequency range of 70Hz – 19000Hz, which means that the output is a nice blend of all frequencies. You hear every detail in music and dialogue, and the bass is also significantly improved.
  • DTS TruSurround: As stated earlier, the SB2920-C6 is among a few soundbars that can deliver something close to true surround sound. This is made possible by the application of DTS TruSurround and DTS TruVolume solutions. Both are revolutionary solutions that help to create an environment and experience similar to that of a realistic surround sound system.
  • Flawless Bluetooth streaming: Sit back and enjoy your music and other audio files wirelessly. This soundbar connects easily with mobile devices. And since it maintains a strong connection for as long as you need, you enjoy the convenience of streaming your favorite playlists from your comfortable position.
  • Coaxial audio cable for wired connections: Devices such as computers, video games, AV receivers, and DVD players can be connected to the full-range speaker via an included audio cable. This cable functions in a similar fashion as an optical cable. It is efficient in transmitting digital audio, meaning it preserves audio quality better than other cables (except optical cable).


  • Gives a theater experience without disturbing neighbors.
  • Remote control included.
  • Compact design that can be wall-mounted.
  • Automatic shutoff after extended periods of inactivity.
  • Works with a universal programmable remote.


  • Doesn’t support Dolby Atmos or DTS X.
  • No HDMI. 


Amazing audio quality from a compact, lightweight and easy to install soundbar sums up our perspective of the SB2920-C6. The soundbar fits well right under the TV and you can wall-mount it if it looks good that way.

2. Vmai Sound Bar

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This 36-inch soundbar is built for exceptional sound performance. It sets itself apart from competition with 110dB of clear audio, bringing significant improvement to the sound your TV produces. The soundbar supports a myriad of inputs, which makes it a wonderful addition to home theater.

Features of vmai 36-inch soundbar

  • Sound drivers: A well thought-out combination of speakers and tweeters are behind the soundbar’s ability to offer immersive sound. Inside the slim enclosure are two 6” midrange speakers and two 1” tweeters. The entire speaker structure is put together using exclusive Power Bass technology that enhances low-frequency reproduction.
  • Bass-optimized enclosure: vmai engineers took their time to design an enclosure that supports the bass reproduction capabilities of this soundbar. Evidently, the bass reflex ports on either side of the speaker facilitate the delivery of deeper and more powerful bass.
  • Stable wireless transmission: You get to enjoy the fastest transmission speeds thanks to vmai’s use of the latest wireless technology (Bluetooth 5.0 & DSP). Bluetooth connectivity remains strong over a 50-feet length. Feel free to play your music or listen to your favorite audiobooks from anywhere in the house.
  • 4 entertainment modes: This soundbar truly gives you an extraordinary listening experience. Explore four modes (music, movie, news, and 3D) using the remote control. The “movie mode” transforms your movies into a wholesome home theater experience; “music mode” adds clarity and melody to your music; “news mode” clears dialogue; and “3D mode” rounds up the sound into a dynamic output.
  • Easy to set up input connections: Supported wired connections include HDMI ARC, Optical, AUX input, and USB. These input connections make the soundbar compatible with a wide variety of components, including TV, projector, Blu-ray player, computer, tablet, PS4, XBOX, amplifier, and more.


  • Captivating black matte finish.
  • Ultra-slim design that’s wall-mountable.
  • Faster and stronger 5.0 Bluetooth connections.
  • The soundbar enhances music and movie effects.
  • 4 listening modes for personalization of your listening experience.


  • Red light at the middle of the soundbar is too bright for some users.
  • Equalizer issues. 


Despite the few shortcomings of this vmai soundbar, it is a great bargain at the current price. You have no reason to put up with your TV’s or computer’s small, weak sound.

3. BESTISAN 28 Inch Soundbar

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From the labs of world-renowned soundbar manufacturer MEGACRA comes this 28-inch full-range, wall-mountable soundbar. It stands tall at #3 in our list of best soundbar under 100, boasting a combination of sound performance features that showcase MEGACRA’s expertise in sound engineering.

Unique features of BESTISAN 28-inch soundbar

  • 360-degree sound: The soundbar uses 3” full-range drivers to give out well-balanced high-end audio. Detailed mid-range sound combined with rich bass fill your room with undistorted sound. MEGACRA intelligently added dual patented bass ports in the speaker’s make to help push the low end to deeper levels, ultimately yielding booming bass.
  • High-sensitivity remote control: This BETISTAN soundbar is operated with a remote control that has above average capabilities. In addition to turning the unit on/off and regulating volume, the remote can adjust bass and treble settings as well as return the soundbar to factory settings. The remote’s advanced functionalities give you more control over the speaker’s performance.
  • Strong Bluetooth 5.0 transmission: Here’s the other feature that makes this soundbar unbeatable by many alternatives. MEGACRA has used superior Bluetooth technology with anti-interference. You can move with your connected smartphone to various locations around the house without experiencing any loss of audio quality or volume. That’s how strong the Bluetooth connection gets.
  • DSP technology: You have a chance to optimize the soundbar’s performance to suit your situation thanks to the use of DSP technology. An in-built equalizer lets you use one of three modes at a time – movie, music and dialogue. Only a few soundbars on the market offer the unique convenience of fine tuning your soundbar depending on what you are listening to.


  • Multiple inputs – RCA, Bluetooth, and even TosLink.
  • Impressive bass response.
  • Remote has advanced control functions.
  • The soundbar can also use your TV remote or a universal remote.
  • Equalizer modes significantly enhance the sound for a particular mode.


  • Reset button returns the soundbar to factory setting with a blaring sound.
  • Does not work with Bluetooth-compatible laptops.
  • No IR learning.


The BESTISAN 28-inch soundbar fits perfectly the purpose of a TV speaker or Bluetooth speaker for smart devices. Despite its inability to connect to all commonly-used devices, it does perform its job well when connected to a compatible device.

4. RIF6 Sound Bar – 35 Inch

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If you are looking for a soundbar that can connect to a whole lot of devices, this 35-inch soundbar from RIF6 is a good bet. Its flawless Bluetooth 5.0 connections allow for lag-free wireless streaming, and it uses inbuilt subwoofers that produce decent bass. The soundbar is priced slightly higher than most of the competitors (still under $100), but it’s worth the price.

Features of RIF6 35-inch soundbar

  • TV Connection: This soundbar can connect with your TV via HDMI, optical cable, RCA, or Bluetooth. Whichever option you choose, you get to enjoy a theater-like experience as you watch your shows and movies or stream your favorite music online.
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity: Using the multifunction button on the soundbar, you can easily pair the unit with your smart devices to play MP3 music. As with other soundbars that use Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the RIF6 speaker maintains a strong connection over a range of up to 33 feet. 
  • Remote control with EQ: All the power to control your soundbar lies in your hands. The remote control provided by the manufacturer has equalization functions. With it, you can choose from 4 modes (Music, Movies, News or 3D) when you want to customize the soundbar’s output to your listening situation.
  • Flexible mounting options: This is a slim model measuring 35.43 by 3.07 by 2.75 inches. You won’t get any trouble finding space to place it. Besides, the soundbar supports wall or bracket mounting, so you can explore your installation options for an elegant home entertainment system setup.


  • Wide compatibility – it works with most TV brands, Amazon 4K Firestick, and Bluetooth-enabled portable devices.
  • Rich sound at all volumes.
  • Built-in subwoofer for higher quality bass.
  • Lightweight and slim to allow for a variety of placement options.
  • Easy setup


  • Unit keeps going into “sleep” mode if there is no input.
  • USB music setting doesn’t give you a way to organize your MP3 files so it chooses files randomly.


This soundbar wins the hearts of many sound fans with its high-quality performance. Having inbuilt subwoofers and 4 equalization modes, the soundbar comes across a really good option for great room-filling sound.

5. WOHOME 38-Inch

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You have a great TV and you love watching videos on Netflix. However, the TV’s sound is disappointing. WOHOME has a simple solution that will make your watching moments a whole new experience. The solution is the S11 model, a 38-inch soundbar for TVs sized 42 inches and above.

Features of the S11 soundbar from WOHOME

  • 2.1 design: WOHOME has built the S11 with two 3-inch speakers and a subwoofer. Together, these drivers deliver 105dB of great surround sound. Notably, you receive deep, crisp bass that juices up your experience when watching movies/TV shows, gaming, or listening to music.
  • DSP technology: This technology adds clarity and precision to the soundbar’s sound output. It also facilitates 4 equalization modes (movie, news, music and default sound). In addition, you can adjust treble and bass. All these functionalities place sound customization at your fingertips. You tweak your listening experiences as you desire.
  • Multiple inputs: Wireless connections are supported by Bluetooth 5.0 technology while wired connections are through AUX, coaxial, USB, or optical cables. AUX and optical cables are included in the package.
  • Remote control: Most of the soundbar’s incredible audio performance functions can be controlled using the high-efficiency remote control provided. Volume, equalization, and treble and boost gain are all in your hands. You don’t have to keep moving to and from the soundbar’s location to change input or make other adjustments.


  • Very satisfactory bass during heavy bass music and action movies.
  • Ultra low-profile design.
  • Super-easy to mount on the wall.
  • Well-built remote.
  • Plastic front reduces dust collection inside the soundbar.
  • Fast switching between inputs.


  • Not compatible with TV remote or universal remote.
  • Doesn’t support Dolby and DTS.
  • Soundbar resets to default volume (very loud) every time it’s turned off.


The S11 fits perfectly on the shelf below the TV. It can improve the sound your TV produces 100 times. It comes with a favorable price tag, and we think that it’s a solid buy considering its ability to produce clean, dynamic sound.

6. BESTISAN 34 inch

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Here comes another BETISTAN model with a promise of a truly immersive experience. It’s a 34-inch soundbar that makes a great alternative to headphones or flimsy inbuilt TV speakers. This soundbar checks all the boxes of a dependable upgrade. Check out its features below:

Highlights of BETISTAN 34-inch soundbar

  • 2 full-range speakers and 2 tweeters: Rest assured of stereo crisp and clear sound when you connect this soundbar to your entertainment system. In addition to these speaker types, the unit also features 2 bass reflex tubes that help to deepen the low frequency response. The overall power handling of the soundbar is 80 watts, which is fairly high for a small full-range speaker.
  • Integrated DSP Technology: DSP works for both wired and optical connections to the TV. Three sound modes are provided – movie, dialog, and music. These listening modes make your hearing experiences much better than what your TV speakers could ever achieve.
  • Installation flexibility: The 34-inch soundbar pairs neatly with TVs sized between 42 and 55 inches. So, you can mount it on a tabletop for a nice symmetrical match. The other option is to mount it if you want to save space or complement your décor.
  • Wired and wireless inputs: The soundbar works perfectly when connected either wired or wirelessly. You can connect it to the TV or other compatible device using Optical, RCA, and AUX inputs, or pair it with Bluetooth 5.0-enabled devices. Bluetooth connectivity range is up to 10 meters.


  • Enough bass and treble for a fulfilling experience.
  • Smooth MP3 music streaming through Bluetooth.
  • Sleek modern design.
  • Fairly durable rubber on the bottom side to prevent the soundbar from damaging soft surfaces or sliding on slippery table tops.
  • Perfect sound sync.
  • Efficient equalizer functions


  • Turning on the soundbar requires that you hold down the start button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Has issues pairing with Samsung TVs.
  • To use the remote you have to stand no more than 2m in front of the soundbar.


This soundbar will add stunning surround sound to match the great video quality delivered by the TV. You’ll enjoy great mid-ranges and hear every detail of dialogue in TV shows and movies. Needless to mention, your music listening experience will receive a major boost as well.

7. Sanwo 5W Compact: Best portable soundbar under 100

Coming in at #7 with an unbelievably affordable price (under $50) is this Sanwo 2-channel soundbar. It’s a lightweight and portable TV speaker that delivers an awesome surround sound experience. The soundbar is suited for wired connectivity with digital devices that have 3.5mm AUX/RCA output but it can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Key highlights of Sanwo 5W compact soundbar

  • 3D surround sound: Two premium mid-range speakers and two built-in speakers are the gear behind the soundbar’s stellar performance. Together, the speakers give out the kind of sound that lets you feel the energy and thrill of action movies and dramatic shows. When it comes to music, the soundbar fills your room with dynamic audio that makes your music listening moments refreshing.
  • Stylish, lightweight, portable design: This soundbar looks great when placed under the TV or wall-mounted. Users are blown away by the fact that the speaker has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that lasts about 8 hours. Feel free to carry your music along wherever you want to go – camping, to the beach, outdoor yoga, family out day, etc. 
  • Connectivity: When in Bluetooth mode, the soundbar pairs quickly with devices such as smartphones, laptops, MP3/MP4 players, and TV. It supports wired connections with TVs that have either 3.5mm AUX or RCA output. In addition, you can plug in a microSD CARD or a TF card to play music.
  • Remote control: There are smoothly-functioning buttons on the right side of the soundbar. Sanwo has also provided a remote control for easier operation of the speaker unit. Remote control functions include turn on/off, Bluetooth mode initiation, and skip back and forward (music only). And, get this! You can answer and hang up a phone call using the soundbar remote. Isn’t this remote a great deal of convenience?


  • Works with any sound system.
  • Fantastic all-round sound experience.
  • Also works as a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  • Sophisticated remote control with advanced functions.
  • Easy and intuitive setup


  • Doesn’t work with LG TV and Roku TV.
  • Remote control distance is only 1 meter from the soundbar.
  • There’s no way to improve bass or treble via the buttons or remote control.


The versatility, unique design, and exemplary sound performance of this Sanwo soundbar makes it seem underpriced. You get so much value for such a price. We highly recommend it.

8. TaoTronics Soundbar 32-Inch

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Do you feel like you need to upgrade your entertainment system for more relaxing and energizing moments? TaoTronics has made an incredibly cheap 32-inch soundbar that can transform your humble TV sound into a powerful, spirit-lifting experience. See below the features that enable this soundbar to enliven your sound.

Highlights of TaoTronics 32” soundbar

  • At the core of sound production: This soundbar runs on four full-range speakers and two passive radiators. This unique combination of sound drivers promises you not only louder mid-range sound but more powerful lows that inject life into your audio experience.
  • Wireless and wired connections: Although TaoTronics has not come out as the most innovative player with regard to Bluetooth connectivity; you still get to enjoy cutting-edge RCA and optical cable connections. For wireless streaming, this soundbar supports Bluetooth 4.2, which is still reliable despite being slower than Bluetooth 5.0.
  • 3 equalizer modes: Not many soundbars come with sound quality adjustment features. We were impressed with the inclusion of 3 different equalizer modes (games, music, and movie) in the soundbar’s design. Using your remote control, you can quickly shift from one mode to the other when listening to different types of audio pieces.
  • Décor-enhancing modern design: The general outlook of this soundbar pleases the eye. Its slim, long design, stylish finish, and digital displays make it a great addition to the modern home décor. Imagine tapping your finger to the tune of your favorite music coming from an eye-catching speaker. It’s more than fulfilling.


  • Works with almost any device thanks to its AUX, RCA optical and coaxial connectivity options.
  • The 3 equalizer modes make the soundbar user-friendly.
  • Efficient touch and remote control.
  • Space-saving, wall-mountable design.
  • Elegant contemporary finishing


  • Shorter Bluetooth range.
  •  You have to keep reconnecting Bluetooth every time the speaker is turned on.


If you are not ready to purchase an expensive set of home theater components, this TaoTronics soundbar provides a quick sound upgrade. Also, adding the soundbar is an intelligent idea for preserving the in-built speakers of your expensive TV.

9. VIPEX Sound Bar

Bouncing proudly across the review stage is one of VIPEX’s best offers – a versatile Bluetooth speaker that you can use with your TV, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is for anyone in need of a small Bluetooth speaker under a tight budget. The majority of users are impressed the most by the ease with which the soundbar connects to peripheral devices. What’s more?

Features and benefits of VIPEX sound bar

  • Powerful 5W speakers: This unbelievably inexpensive soundbar uses two uniquely-built sound drivers to offer incredible sound quality. If you are tired of the TV’s fuzzy or unimpressive distorted sound, this soundbar will give you the break you need.
  • Cable & wireless connectivity: Merely any device you use around the home can work with this VIPEX soundbar. Notably, the speaker’s support for Bluetooth 5.0 technology has been noted by users as its greatest advantage. It pairs quickly with compatible devices, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted high-quality wireless streaming. Secondly, the Bluetooth functionality is super-fast and stable. There are minimal chances of facing any operation of compatibility issues with this soundbar. Further, the soundbar has a 3.5 mm AUX input for wired connections.
  • Easy installation and operation: This soundbar is probably the easiest model to operate. It has a very simple control interface, and the buttons are smooth to press. In a matter of seconds, you can hook it up to your TV or computer to start enjoying better sound output.
  • Stylish, ultra-slim build design: As it turns out in the hundreds of user reviews we have analyzed, many users love the way this soundbar fits in a small working space. Its small size helps to keep the desk organized. This aspect makes the soundbar the most preferred choice for office, work-from-home, and at-home study applications.


  • Bluetooth picks up with lightning speed.
  • Wall mounting holes on the back of the soundbar.
  • Bottom has rubber spots that prevent the speaker from sliding on smooth surfaces.
  • Small, impressive green light indicator for AUX or Bluetooth connection.
  • Easily accessible top-placed control buttons.


  • A bit of distortion is experienced when volume is turned up.
  • Doesn’t have a remote control.
  • Loud beep sound when soundbar turns on/off or connects to device via Bluetooth.


It’s important to appreciate that this is a low-budget soundbar that may not produce wall-shaking bass. However, it won’t disappoint if you are looking for better quality audio when watching TV, using your computer or playing music from your portable devices.

10. Bomaker Sound Bar, 37-Inch

Do you have a 38-inch or larger TV and are looking for a reliable upgrade for the TV’s unsatisfactory sound output? Connect this Bomaker 37-inch TV soundbar to start getting amazing surround sound characterized by enhanced bass and clearer dialogue. More about this TV speaker is explained in the features below:

Features of Bomaker 37-inch soundbar

  • Optical/AUX/RCA/USB connection plus wireless streaming: Whether you are dealing with an analogue or digital audio source, this soundbar takes care of all your sound amplification needs. If you like a cleaner setup with minimal wires, the soundbar supports seamless Bluetooth wireless streaming within a 10-meter distance.
  • Slim design, fine-tuned, full-range speakers: The slim design of this speaker conceals unbelievably powerful mid-range drivers and a subwoofer. Bomaker has rated the soundbar at 120dB and 60-80 RMS peak power handling. On top of this, the soundbar has a frequency range of 50Hz – 20 KHz. These numbers imply a perfect blend of clear mids, non-piercing highs, and deep bass – making a room-filling home theater experience.
  • Four quick pre-set sound modes: Using the provided Bomaker remote control, you can choose between four modes (higher treble, heavy bass, louder voices and general equalizer). Not many comparable soundbars allow you to regulate bass and treble to your preference. With this soundbar, however, you can customize your music and movies.
  • Strong, highly-durable build: A strong silver mesh complements the well-built aluminum housing, and both make a sturdy speaker structure that can last for ages. By installing this soundbar, you don’t only add great sound to your room but also an eye-catching sound accessory that improves your home décor.


  • Volume goes all the way up without distorting the sound.
  • Perfect bass and treble mix.
  • Excellent home-theater experience.
  • The soundbar is compatible with most TV brands.
  • Unique sound customization using the remote control


  • Not compatible with any other remotes.
  • No HDMI.


The soundbar’s multiple inputs facilitate for easy connection with smartphones, laptop, PC, DVD Player, Amazon Fire Stick, PS4, USB driver and SD card. Across all inputs, the sound is rich, crisp, and deep.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Soundbar

Undeniably, most soundbars are sharp-looking. However, you’d miss the most suitable option for your system if you went after looks only. Details on the engineering and technologies used to make a particular speaker significantly affect how the speaker performs. These are the details you want to look at keenly as you make your selection for the best soundbar under 100.

After in-depth research on the performance of soundbars, we found the following to be the most critical factors to consider:

  • Number of channels/sound drivers

Soundbars are viewed as a cheaper all-in-one alternative to complete surround sound. Experience informs that not just any soundbar will provide the much desired surround-sound-like audio. Those that have a more differentiated speaker setup deliver higher quality sound. For example, a soundbar with more than one mid-range speaker, tweeters, and an inbuilt subwoofer may produce more dynamic and better room-filling sound compared to another soundbar that uses mid-range speakers only.

  • Sound performance

Pay attention to the speaker’s power handling, signal-to-noise ratio, and frequency range. The higher the power handling (indicated in watts) the louder the soundbar can get. Also, higher signal-to-noise rations (indicated in dB) are more preferable. For frequency range, go for soundbars with an extensive range. Such a soundbar can reproduce frequencies across a wide range. This means you get fuller sound with balanced highs and deeper bass.

  • Connectivity

What inputs does the soundbar support? Here, the more the inputs, the better. More importantly, however, check to ensure that the soundbar can connect flawlessly with all the devices you need it to connect. AUX, RCA, optical cable and USB are the most common inputs for wired connections. Seamless Bluetooth connectivity is immensely important for wireless connections. Thus, take your time to verify that the soundbar you intend to buy can work perfectly with your devices.

  • Control

Modern soundbars come with multiple control features. Some have a simple set of press control buttons on top or the right/left side of the enclosure. Others have an advanced set of touch control buttons. Most come with a remote control. The remote control can be simply designed or sophisticated.

Notably, the efficiency of the remote control is something to think seriously about. Also, consider what level of control the remote provides? Do you want a remote that only adjusts volume in addition to turning the soundbar on/off, or do you need one that can do more? And can the soundbar work with your TV’s remote control or a universal programmable remote?

While your choice of soundbar control mechanism depends on your preference, most users seem to like soundbars that have sophisticated remote control in addition to press/touch buttons.

Other important considerations include:

  • Equalization: Some top-ranking soundbars come with sound equalization capabilities. You can adjust bass and treble and set the output to modes that suit different listening situations. While equalization isn’t a must-have capability, it’s an added advantage that could really spice up your entertainment experiences.
  • Portability: If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker that you can use anywhere (including outdoors), consider a lightweight option like Sanwo 5W compact soundbar which can run on a rechargeable battery for up to 8 hours.
  • Installation ease and flexibility: Where do you want to place your soundbar? Most models fit well just below the TV. Some are wall-mountable and this makes them a better option for users who prefer having the TV and its external speaker mounted.List ElementList Element

Now you have every bit of information you need to choose the best soundbar for your listening needs. Go ahead and pick your best option.

Our best pick for best soundbar under 100 is VIZIO SB2920-C6

The SB2920-C6 scores highly in the most crucial aspects of a good-quality soundbar. First, its build feels solid and sturdy. Few competing models can beat the soundbar’s build quality and design. Secondly, set up was easy. The soundbar length matches a 32-inch TV. During installation, one needs less than 5 minutes to plug in the provided digital cables and get the speaker going. Also noteworthy, the remote is super easy to use, and it has a range about the same as Amazon Echo.

Coming to sound quality, we were amazed at the SB2920-C6’s loud and clear output with deep bass, which is astonishing for such a small speaker. And although it doesn’t have a subwoofer, you can tweak the audio settings to compensate for the lack of a sub.

The fourth reason we chose VIZIO SB2920-C6 for the #1 position is its Bluetooth connectivity. We were able to connect our phones easily and play music with no lag issues. Besides, the soundbar supports DTS and VT s TRU surround.

In conclusion, we think this soundbar is dependable and would make a great addition to any small sitting room, bedroom, college dorm, etc.

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