Expensive Car Speakers are Best: Right or Wrong Concept?

Nowadays, every audio enthusiast is looking for ways to add new life to their cars. You can use several methods to improve the sound quality, but getting new speakers often is one of the quickest ways to upgrade music in your car.

Car speakers are perhaps the most underrated component of the car audio system, but they play the most significant role in reproducing great sound. You could be having the best head unit or a great amplifier, but without the right speakers, you still won’t get the best out of the system. As such, choosing the right speakers is critical in building a premium system over time.

In most cases, people prefer to go for entry-to-budget level speakers, and generally, the price tends to be less of a concern. However, the amount you spend on the speakers has a direct impact on sound expectations, and the higher the expectations, the higher the cost.

Ideally, expensive car speakers ensure better sound reproduction as well as a long-lasting performance—no doubt about it.

When you step up the cost, you are directly stepping up the quality of construction materials, which translates to efficient use of power.

So the question is, are expensive speakers right or wrong idea, and what value do the big spenders get from the speakers that budget users may be missing? Here are some of the benefits you get when you spend more on your speakers;

i. Build quality

speaker Build quality

The build quality plays a significant role in sound quality. Most cheap speakers are usually held in fragile structures that tend to vibrate when playing, resulting in enclosure resonance. This resonance is a big enemy to good sound. High-end speakers utilize dense materials such as aluminum to minimize the resonances and to improve sound quality.

The enclosures also feature a complex internal bracing to absorb as many vibrations as possible. Besides, most materials used to make these speakers are lightweight, but they are designed to deliver fine sound quality at the end of the day.

Other than this, the materials used to make high-end speakers are high-grade, making them more durable than standard cheap options. So for every dollar, you spend to buy an expensive model, you are assured of extended service, and you don’t have to keep on replacing your speakers often.

ii. Better speaker drivers

The quality of the drivers also plays a significant role in the speaker’s overall performance. Inexpensive speakers are often equipped with small and low-quality drivers, and they don’t reproduce excellent sound as compared to more expensive drivers. On the other hand, a well-designed speaker uses a combination of tweeters and bigger drivers to ensure that each driver focuses on the frequencies it can reproduce accurately. Also, the big drivers are designed to put out earth-shaking deep bass since they can move more air.

iii. Great power handling capacity

One of the factors that prevent a speaker from performing optimally is less power handling capacity. The power handling capacity lets you know the amount of power your speakers can handle continuously without distortion. High-quality speakers often feature better technologies and more prominent voice coils that enable them to handle more energy without overheating.

Excessive heat is a great enemy to your speakers, and that’s why it is critically important to consider their thermal capacity. Cheap car speakers tend to overheat when handling too much power, leading to distortion and poor sound performance.

iv. Decent bass

Expensive speakers are usually large, which means more bass. Although it is still possible to get a decent-sounding pair for fewer bucks, larger woofers generally reproduce louder and deeper sounding bass than small speakers.

More bass means you can enjoy exciting music and realistic movies while allowing you to tune the bass just as you want it. Additionally, you can crank the volume up to the maximum without resulting in any distortion. This means expensive speakers often deliver the best sound clarity at any volume level, which is the desire of every audio enthusiast.

Also, most priced speakers feature complex crossovers that enable them to produce good quality sound. As the price goes down, the quality of the crossover also goes down. And although the sound may still be acceptable, it will not be great when playing at high volume or playing for long.

v. Great Appearance

speaker appearance

Most audiophiles regard aesthetics with equal weight as the sound quality, and they always go for a component that gives a sense of pride of ownership. The high tech in high-end speakers goes hand in hand with aesthetics, and they generally look better than a cheaply made speaker enclosed in wood veneer.

When you spend more on speakers, you’ll definitely see some changes concerning fit and finish, and the good thing is that you can go for a custom finish that will blend with your car interior and décor. However, it is essential to note that the lovely finishes and veneers do not necessarily make your speaker sound better, but most are designed with performance and aesthetics in mind.

Simply stated, expensive car speakers are best. By getting expensive car speakers, you are assured of outstanding performance and durability, plus it is a long-term investment. So, if you’re wondering whether breaking the bank to buy speakers is a worthy choice, then we can confidently state that it is all worth it. Besides, there’s nothing that surpasses the feeling of cruising in your car with some really good sound from your favorite tunes. As it turns out, car audio may be expensive for budget users, but it is the experience that comes with it that makes it worth the cost


There is no guarantee that getting the most expensive speakers will always lead to better sound. However, the engineering and premium components that go into designing the speakers often create a huge difference in terms of sound quality and other expectations.

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