Will 6×9 speakers fit in 6×8? Expectations vs Reality!

At first glance, 6×9 speakers look similar to 6×8 in terms of physical dimensions. Both speakers’ sizes are a popular category for audiophiles and newbies alike, and they are designed to replace factory car speakers.

Typically, 6×8 speakers are slightly smaller than 6×9 speakers, which means that the former is relatively cheaper. Upgrading your car with a pair of 6×8 speakers helps elevate your overall listening experience, and they look way better than factory speakers.

On the other hand, 6×9 speakers are more advanced, and they perform better across the sound spectrum range. Additionally, they have a better power handling capacity than their 6×8 counterparts. They also offer a deeper bass response thanks to the extra cone surface area. Overall, they are excellent all-around performers.

Will 6×9 speakers fit in 6×8?

Replacing car speakers is relatively easy, but the ease of installation will vary depending on the size of speakers and modifications needed. The 6×8 inch speakers are often used as door speakers, but you can install them just anywhere. However, installing speakers on door panels is relatively easy and takes up less space.

Aftermarket speakers are generally designed to fit right into stock speaker mounting holes, but most will require you to use factory mounting grilles or brackets. So, what happens when you need to upgrade your 6×8 speakers with a set of 6×9 speakers? Can I install 6×9 speakers in 6×8 speaker mounting slots? This can be a big puzzle to some people considering that each car is different.

Naturally, it is practically impossible to fit 6×9 models into 6×8 factory mounting slots. However, you can still try and fit your speakers by performing some minor modifications or using a special adapter. You’ll however need to be extremely careful when fitting the speakers as installing them in tight areas might limit the free movement of the cone.

The easiest way to install 6×9 speakers in place of 6×8 speakers is by drilling new holes that can accommodate your new speakers. If the space is limited, you can attach cardboard or even a piece of plastic to make room for the new speakers. Make sure to measure the speaker dimensions to ensure that they will fit exactly into the new mounting locations. You can then use an electric drill with self-tapping to drill and add screws in the new mounting holes.

The second method you can use to fit 6×9 speakers in 6×8 slots is by utilizing specially made speaker mounting adapters. Speaker adapters are designed to let you install a different speaker size in place of the original. They fit precisely in the place of the OEM speakers, but they provide extra mounting holes for use with different speaker sizes.

Most adapters are made of ABS plastic, but it is not uncommon to find one made of MDF. Some speakers may include the adapter in the package, but you can always buy one separately. You may also want to use the mounting adapter together with an adhesive to keep the speakers in place.

Parting Shot!

Mounting 6×9 speakers in 6×8 slots might seem an impossible project at first but it can be done with a bit of effort. 6×9 is one of the largest speaker sizes you can buy, and they are ideal for high-power systems. The main argument against mounting 6×9 speakers in place of 6×8 is the labor involved, but it can serve as a great opportunity to bump up the listening experience without breaking the bank. If you run into mounting problems or are unsure about the installation process needs, consider consulting a professional before mounting your car speakers.

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