Best Floorstanding Tower Speakers Guide & Review of 2023

Soundstage extension is a critical concern for every home owner or audio installer aiming at an excellent audio experience. Usually, the challenge is creating a system with sound drivers that deliver frequencies across the entire range.

There are many means to this end, but only a few are inexpensive and convenient for many people. For instance, you can choose to install separate speakers for high-frequency, mid-range, and bass. While you might achieve balanced audio following this way, you’ll probably have hurt your bank account, and the many speakers would take a lot of room space.

Floorstanding/tower speakers were designed to eliminate the need to install many speakers in an audio system. They are unbeatable in extending the soundstage. You cannot compare them to any other audio setup when it comes to enhancing the energy and passion of the original performance, whether it’s music or film. Besides, they offer an inexpensive solution to the old-school problem associated with installing multiple speakers.

We’ve organized our top picks for the best floorstanding speakers in the quick comparison table below. Detailed reviews of each speaker follow shortly after the table.

How We Selected Top Picks for the Best Floorstanders

We always delight in evaluating the performance of sound equipment. Quality audio is something the Audiomention team is passionate about. We feel obligated to support the ambitions of anyone who desires to enjoy good-quality sound from their entertainment systems.

Reviewing floorstanding speakers has been a worthwhile endeavor as we have been able to weed through the forest of great speakers on the market and find the best among them. We did not expect the research project to be a walk in the park. However, we were confident that our dedicated team of sound experts would step up to the task as always.

After the initial shortlisting of available offers from reputable brands, we got into the most interesting part of testing the speakers. The testing phase helped us to narrow down our selection list. We then analyzed reviews from real users to understand the applications and general perspectives about each speaker model.

And the process ends here; where we document our findings in an elaborate manner for you to get the most useful information on tower speakers.

Let’s see the best of what the market has to offer. Shall we?

Comparison Table of Best Floorstanding Tower Speakers

1. Polk T50 – Overall Best Tower Speaker

You desire to amplify your music, movie or gaming experience but your small or medium-sized room won’t let you install big speakers. Polk’s T-series speakers know no limitations to great audio. The T50 will help you to roll the good times with pleasurable audio. This floorstander packs up to 150 watts of output power and boasts a frequency response of 38Hz – 24kHz. Explore more on this highly-rated speaker below:

Unique Features of Polk T50

  • Rich, detailed audio: Polk T50’s immersive and high-resolution surround sound gives you a superior home theater experience. Polk’s proprietary Dynamic Balance technology is behind this exemplary performance because it’s used to make the speaker’s most crucial components – a 1” tweeter, one 6.5” driver, and two 6.5” bass radiators. The two bass radiators deserve special mention because they complement the main woofer thus supporting the production of a natural, warm and well-balanced sound.
  • Compatibility: This speaker works with almost all stereos, home theater processors, and receivers. It also supports Dolby and DTS. Whether you are augmenting a simple 2.0, 2.1, 3.1 system, or you are targeting an immersive 5.1, 7.1.2, or 9.1 sound setup, Polk T50 will fit in any arrangement option. In addition, it is easy to set up, a reason many users site as a key consideration when choosing a floorstanding speaker.
  • Eye-catching and space-saving design: Being one of the best-performing budget speakers, Polk T50 was smartly designed with a flat pedestal base that takes up less space. Its enclosure measures 36 inches high, featuring MDF wrapped with vinyl to make a handsome finish. The look of this speaker gives the idea of an above average floorstanding speaker model.
  • Gateway to a full-fledged home theater setup: If you are planning to build your entire system with Polk’s high-quality T-series speakers, the P50 sets you off on a good start. All the speakers in the series are competitively-priced and aimed at giving you spectacular home theater experience. With Polk T50, you are assured of top-notch acoustics, high-quality construction, and easy setup.


  • Great sound at a highly discounted price
  • Perfect high end notes and strong, clear lows
  • Durable MDF enclosure attractively-finished with vinyl
  • Removable grill protects drivers
  • Radiators amplify bass energy thus better bass quality
  • Easy to install


  • Not suitable for larger rooms
  • Cannot produce loud bass


Without a doubt, Polk T50 provides great value for your dollar. You will hardly come across a highly-acclaimed floorstander with it’s price range.

Take this incredible offer by Polk Audio and run. Thank us later.

2. Klipsch R-625FA

Klipsch has upheld the high-performance principles of acoustic design for many decades now, and the R-625FA is befitting evidence for that. This tower speaker stands tall to win the place of the best tower speaker for immersive and impactful all round Dolby Atmos listening experience. Take a sneak peek into the highlights of this outstanding speaker.

Klipsch R-625FA Highlights

  • Two speakers in one: As expected of all speakers in Klipsch’s Reference series, the R-625FA offers superb home theater goodness in an intelligently-designed compound speaker. In addition to a regular forward-facing speaker, the floorstander has an elevation channel on top that integrates sound reflected off the ceiling. The result is sound output that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the soundstage, an awesome place to be especially when watching movies.
  • Tractrix Horn Technology: This tower speaker sets you up to enjoy the benefits of Klipsch’s exclusive 90º by 90º Tractrix horn technology, which reduces artificial reverb resulting from sound reflections from the walls. This technology is responsible for the speaker’s delivery of clear, dynamic and detailed sound. Besides enhancing audio performance, the proprietary technology improves airflow in the rear side of the speaker, thus helping to minimize sound distortion or turbulence.
  • Linear Travel Suspension (LTS) Tweeter: A tweeter made of Kapton (an exceptionally lightweight and rigid material) facilitates high-efficiency and improved detail and resolution in sound performance. LTS tweeters are recognized worldwide for their remarkable frequency response. They are part of the reason a good number of Klipsch speakers rank among the best speakers.
  • Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofer cones: Klipsch spared no effort to ensure that the R-625FA achieves the highest levels of speaker efficiency. The company coupled the LTS tweeter with a spun copper IMG woofer cone. This cone type is associated with great low frequency response, minimal distortion, and minimal cone breakup.
  • Sleek, polished, modern design: For the aesthetics of this speaker, Klipsch decided to include in the design angled feet, exposed fasteners, low-profile magnetic grilles, and a scratch-resistant, textured wood grain vinyl MDF cabinet. The speaker really looks stylish. You’ll be proud to complement you décor with it.


  • Provides good quality and quantity of sound
  • Maintains high fidelity to highs and midrange in CD music
  • It’s an ideal standalone for smaller rooms
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • It pairs well with center channel and sub speakers


  • A bit limited in production of deep bass
  • Fragile screws used to install plastic feet


If you are looking for excellent speakers with ATMOS built in, look no further. Klipsch R-625FA provides the ultimate convenience and value for audio lovers who want to build next-generation surround sound at a reasonable budget.Get a pair of these excellent floorstanding speakers today and revive your home theater for good.

3. Pioneer SP-FS52 – Best Budget Tower Speaker

Who said that you have to spend a fortune building a praiseworthy home theater? Industry leader Pioneer has made it possible for you to raise the standards when it comes to surround sound. The SP-FS52 embodies Pioneer’s over 70 years’ experience in audio design and engineering. See below reasons why you should consider buying this floorstander.

Why Pioneer SP-FS52 is the most ideal budget floorstanding speaker?

  • Professional-quality sound: The SP-FS52 champions the work of Andrew Jones, one of the most respected speaker designers in the sound industry. The speaker performs exemplarily especially in the delivery of detailed sound. It will add premium-quality sound to your living room, letting you enjoy the sweetness of an immersive listening experience.
  • You said you want to feel the bass: Pioneer used oversized magnets and a vented pole piece to improve bass response. Further, the woofer has been enhanced with a structured surface to boost its rigidity. When you have the SP-FS52 hooked up to your home stereo, you press the play button assured of deep, beautiful, accurate bass.
  • Increased tweeter efficiency: Being an improved version of earlier SP series models, the SP-FS52 boasts of a 1” high-efficiency soft dome tweeter. The designer engineered a custom wave guide to extend the tweeter’s sweet spot. Also, an 8-element complex crossover is included for perfect blending of sound between the tweeter and woofer.
  • RF Molded Curved Cabinets: The curved design of these speakers reduces internal standing waves. This stiffer design not only enhances the speaker’s audio performance but also makes it more aesthetically attractive. Something else noteworthy about the design of these Pioneer SP-FS52 floorstanding speakers is that they are taller than earlier versions by 3 inches. This is good news as the speaker is now located nearer to the ear, which translates to better sound quality.


  • Thumping bass blended with clear highs; exciting listening experience
  • Very reasonably price thus affordable to most customers
  • Perfect for home and theater use
  • Bigger size >> better sound
  • Can give loud sound without losing quality


  • Deficient mid-range makes sound not perfectly balanced
  • Cabinet may rattle at high volumes


The SP-FS52 is an interesting offer from Pioneer. Its budget-friendly price, decent size, and fancy design makes it a worthy competitor among other high-end floorstanding speakers.

Take your listening experience to the next with this incredibly affordable tower speaker.

4. Sony SSCS3

A 3-way, 4-drive tower speaker, Sony SSCS3 is the most versatile speaker in this list. Imagine feeling the passion in your favorite jams. What about having a soundstage that remains in harmony with your existing living space? That’s the experience the SSCS3 provides.

Features of Sony SSCS3

  • High-resolution, undistorted audio: The SSCS3 marvels at giving uncompromised audio quality thanks to its rigid Mica Reinforced Cellular (MRC) fiber woofers. Unlike paper cones used by other speakers, this floorstander uses an MRC cone that holds its shape even when under the highest audio reproduction pressure. Let your speaker hit hard without worrying about sound distortion.
  • New high-precision super tweeters with wide directionality: Featuring polyester fiber, the 0.98” soft dome tweeter extends the soundstage to let your music unfold to all corners of the room. These super tweeters are also known for precise acoustic tuning and balance, which is why they deliver faithful and authentic audio.
  • 5.12” woofer for deep, stable bass: Unlike some floorstanding speakers that fall short of users’ expectations regarding bass depth, Sony SSCS3 is a bass champion compared to other tower speakers. This is made possible by its 5.12-inch woofer and a foamed mica-cellular diaphragm that aid the production of powerful bass.
  • Tapered faceplate edges to suppress edge diffraction: The slightly tapered faceplate edges help to eliminate unnecessary noises from the cabinet and baffle board. Suppressing edge diffraction is essential for the creation of a natural soundstage and for enhancing sound clarity.
  • Modern and sleek design: The SSCS3 is solid yet effortlessly portable. This depicts ease of use as well as durability. It matches well with other audio components and contemporary themed interiors due to its black finish. The use of wood veneer ensures that the speaker retains its shape in different climatic conditions, thus sound quality remains unaffected.


  • Excellent sound quality for all your entertainment needs
  • Elegant design
  • Solid and durable build
  • Great value for the price
  • Highly portable and easy to install


  • Needs an amplifier to perform at its best
  • High frequencies are too shiny


This decent-looking speaker captures perfectly any kind of audio you are playing. It is reliable for adding powerful bass to your system without having to buy a subwoofer.

Sony SSCS3 is a promise of a truly amazing listening experience. Check its current price.

5. Dayton Audio T652

Dayton Audio T652 is a dual 6.5″ 2-Way floorstanding speaker that delivers room-filling sound and beautifies your audio tracks for more pleasurable entertainment moments. Its design incorporates two woofers into a compact tower cabinet, an ideal configuration for an expansive soundstage. Dayton Audio tried to give you the most value for your money as the features below show.

Most distinguishing features of Dayton Audio T652

  • Sweet, balanced sound: We tested this floorstander eager to experience the kind of bass the dual woofers give. To our amusement, the T652 delivered a sweet tone, with its pleated ribbon tweeters boastfully showcasing their high-frequency prowess as the 6.5” woofers gave out superb bass power.
  • Slim-profile tower cabinet: Just 30 inches high, the speaker’s slim cabinet won’t overwhelm your living room. If you are particularly looking for a high-performing tower speaker that is less visually imposing, you cannot go wrong with the T652. Nevertheless, the speaker’s finish is quite eye-pleasing.
  • Black ebony pica vinyl finish: The speaker’s cabinet has a clean finish that gives the speaker a modern look. Also, the designer made sure that the speaker looks sturdy and classy even with its low price. Anyone looking for simple and inexpensive floorstanding speakers would love these speakers on first sight.
  • Integrated, non-marking rubber feet: While this might not be a significant performance feature, it is an important concern for users with hardwood floors. The rubber feet allow for better isolation from the floor, which in turn means less vibration and better sound. Dayton Audio recommends placing the speaker at least 6 inches away from walls.


  • Deep and wide soundstage with precise imaging
  • Crisp and detailed audio
  • Space-saving design
  • No performance issues standing on hard floors
  • Affordable price


  • Not the best for movie watching
  • You might need to elevate the speakers


Maybe you have a spare receiver that you would like to use, or a workshop that needs decent sound. Dayton Audio T652 offers amazingly high sound fidelity at rock-bottom prices.You won’t regret trying out this tower speaker before considering more expensive models. It might be just what you need and it’s quite a steal for the price.

6. ELAC Uni-fi UF5

ELAC may not be a name you hear every day in the sound industry but you’ll be surprised to learn of its leadership in advanced sound technology. The Uni-fi UF5 offers you high-tech aluminum-cone drivers and a concentric high-frequency/midrange transducer. It supports a 3-way, bass-reflex design whose audio delivery is incredibly impressive. More on the features below:

Unique attributes of ELAC Uni-fi UF5

  • Custom-designed concentric driver: Experience sonic perfection birthed by the harmonic precision of a rigid aluminum 4” midrange cone and an excellently-designed 1” soft dome tweeter. You cannot resist the sweet symphony of this combination.
  • Oversized magnet and sophisticated triple aluminum woofers: The UNI-Fi series’ design objective was to achieve higher power handling and accurate bass frequencies. The large, heavy magnet and sophisticated aluminum woofers have achieved this objective in the Uni-fi UF5. As evidence, this speaker delivers clean and powerful bass, which is a challenge for many tower speakers of its size.
  • Balanced 3-way design: By assigning different drivers to their respective frequencies, the speaker’s crossover enables the speaker to perform well throughout the frequency range. It also increases the durability of the speaker as drivers do not go out of their way to handle frequencies they are not best suited to tackle.
  • Custom-designed terminals: The custom binding posts make speaker connections flawless and highly efficient. These terminals ensure there is optimal electron transfer between the speaker cables and the speaker itself.
  • Outrigger base design with molded knobs: Whether the speaker is placed on a soft or hard floor, the design of its base assures a stable footprint. The molded knobs help to level precisely the four corners of the speaker.


  • Well-composed, detailed and beautiful sound
  • Clean and plentiful lows
  • Outstanding vocal clarity
  • Flexibility in terms of placement on hard and soft floors
  • High quality wire connections


  • Bass might get distorted at high volumes
  • Price on the higher side compared to other tower speakers in this selection


ELAC Uni-fi UF5 packs some really cool and intelligent features. It is undoubtedly exceptional in several ways. By an assessment of the speaker’s sound performance features, we think that the speaker will give you great value for your money.Have a taste of what advanced technology can do in sound reproduction. Try ELAC Uni-fi UF5.

7. BIC Acoustech PL-980L-PL-980R

First, it’s important to get it clear that this floorstander comes as a pair – one to the right side and one to the left. The 3-way speaker pair is a perfect addition to an audio system in dire need of refined mid frequencies. You will love Bic Acoustech PL-980 for its performance in both home theater and music applications.

Features of Bic Acoustech PL-980

  • Warm, 3-dimensional sound: The three-way design enhances mid frequencies for a more dynamic range and better sound imaging. For low-frequency output, the speaker uses two 8-inch active woofers and two 8-inch passive radiators. You enjoy the benefits of extended but uninterrupted bass, thanks to the radiators. The ultimate result of these drivers working together is a delightful 3-D sound, the kind you would not get in a 2-way system.
  • Magnetic shielding: The PL-980 lets you decide where you want to place it. Being magnetically shielded, the speaker can stand next to other audio devices like the TV and perform perfectly. Magnetic shielding also gives you peace of mind as you do not have to worry that something may get damaged due to magnet fields’ interference.
  • Durable, scratch-resistant finish: These PL-980s will serve you years and years as they are designed to last. The enclosure features hand-rubbed lacquer tops and bottoms. This finish is more scratch-resistant than most finishes used on speakers.
  • Superb audio performance: With a remarkable sensitivity of 98dB, high-power woofers, and top-notch build materials, the PL-980s gives nothing less of impressive performance. These speakers are among the newest models by Bic Acoustech. Thus, they feature improved crossovers for better sound dispersion throughout the listening area.


  • 3-way design delivers a surreal sound experience
  • Goes a down as 22Hz, even better than some subwoofers
  • High power handling up to 750 watts
  • Magnetic shielding
  • More harmonized frequency response


  • Big size so they require more space than other smaller speakers


The PL-980L-PL-980R is yet another extraordinary floorstanding speaker from a reputable speaker manufacturer. This model fulfills your desire for a perfectly balanced soundfield with radiant bass.The demand for PL-980s has been on the rise recently. Check out its current price so that you don’t miss out on a great offer.

Guide for Choosing the Best Floorstanding Speaker

Floorstanding speakers are a special type of speakers. Their uniqueness is mainly due to the way they combine drivers of different sizes to serve the overall purpose of soundstage extension.

While elaborate reviews of different speakers (like the ones above) can be helpful in your search for the best tower speaker, a deeper understanding of factors to consider when assessing these speakers is more important. From sound quality and amp matching to enclosure design and sizing, several considerations are critical to finding a great floorstander.

1. Desired sound quality improvement

Most users cite sound quality as the number one reason for looking for floorstanding speakers. A good guess would be that you are also after improving the audio quality of your system.

For you to achieve this objective, you need a tower speaker that delivers the kind of sound you are looking for.

  • If you are looking for fidelity, tower speakers that are big on neutrality and clarity are your best bet.
  • If you are searching for speakers that can give a boost to your bass, focus your search on floorstanders whose design emphasizes low frequency production. 

Whichever range of frequencies you want to enhance, you can find floorstanding speakers that satisfy your needs.

2. Size Considerations

Consider the dimensions of your room, and then match them with an appropriately sized floorstanding speaker. If size limitations were non-existent, the ideal decision would be to get bigger speakers as they are often louder. However, you have to make sure that the speakers you choose don’t impose too much on your space.

There are no standard rules on what speaker size fits what size of room space. Your choice should be informed by what you feel fits in your room. If you are a fan of loud sound and you live in a small apartment, there is nothing wrong with getting big tower speakers.

Noteworthy, size does not always imply bigger volume. There are smaller speaker that can give out satisfactory volume even for audiophiles. How loud a speaker can get is a product of many factors, including sensitivity.

3. 2-Way vs. 3-Way Tower Speakers

A two-way speaker has three drivers while a three-way speaker uses four sound drivers. When you are seriously after sound quality and balance across the frequency range, more drivers are preferable.

A 3-way tower speaker is more likely to deliver fuller sound than a 2-way speaker. This is not to say that 2-way floorstanders are inefficient. They, too, perform well. But if you really need that extra soundstage extension, then 3-way or even 4-way speakers take the day.

As you compare speakers with different numbers of drivers, also consider the frequency response of each speaker. The broader the range the fuller the sound delivered by the driver.

For instance, if one speaker has a frequency response of 100 Hz – 20000 Hz, its performance is not as good as one with frequency response of 20 Hz – 30000 Hz. The latter has a more extended soundfield, which translates to fuller sound, all other factors held constant.

4. Quality of cabinet Construction

Floorstanding speakers are capable of loud volume. However, they cannot perform to their best potential if the cabinet enclosure is poorly made.

Cabinet material has significant influence on the speaker’s quality of construction, performance and longevity. Also, the cabinet’s finish and footing matters as it affects the room’s aesthetics as well as the stability of the speaker. Sturdy enclosures keep the speaker anti-resonant so that sound won’t get distorted when volume is turned up.

With the persistent technological advancements in the sound industry, speaker design and materials are continually advancing. Sound designers and engineers working for reputable speaker brands such as Polk, Klipsch, Pioneer, Sony, and ELAC are keen to make cabinets that are robust.

MDF is one of the most common materials used for top speaker cabinets. Technologies like resonance chambers, internal baffles, and acoustic tuning are now available at affordable prices. You just have to check that the speaker you are planning to use is well-made.

5. Speaker sensitivity

As mentioned earlier, the sensitivity (measured in dB) of a speaker is an indication of how loud the speaker can get at a specific power level. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the speaker can get.

Our experience testing speakers informs that anything above 90dB means some really great volume. When your speaker has a sensitivity rating as high as 98dB, you don’t need to pump the volume hard as the speaker’s high sensitivity allows it to get loud with small volume adjustments.

6. How many speakers do you need?

The number of tower speakers you need depends on the type of your audio system. For a home theater setup, you may need two or more towers in the front channel. Two floorstanders will give an awesome boost to the surround sound.

If you are dealing with a music stereo setup, one floorstanding speaker is enough. A well-chosen tower will add significant value to the quality of your music. An exception here would be if your listening environment is a large area. You might need to add a second tower speaker to make sure that the sound covers the entire area.

Our top pick is…Polk T50

Polk T5O is considerably the perfect gateway to richer and more detailed audio. It might not be among the biggest floorstanders in the list but its specifications put it first in many ways. The medium-sized speaker can deliver frequencies as low as 38Hz and as high as 24000Hz, which is quite an impressive range.

What’s more interesting about the T50 is its versatility. The speaker can work with almost all audio systems. In addition, it supports Dolby and DTS, the hallmarks of audio quality today.

This speaker can fit in small as well as big rooms, a very likeable trait according to the user reviews we analyzed. We cannot fail to mention the speaker’s eye-catching appearance. If you love elegance in you décor and you are keen to give your interior an eye-catching finish, the T50 fits the bill. These features convince us that Polk T50 rightfully wins the position of overall best floorstanding speakers in 2022.


Nothing beats the joy of sitting back and enjoying high-quality music from a well-equipped system. What about the relaxation that comes with immersing yourself in the action of new blockbusters? Well, these experiences are within your reach. Incorporating tower speakers in your audio system is a crucial step toward living the experiences. Hopefully, this review of top floorstanding speakers will help you to find what best suits your entertainment needs.

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