Best Horn Tweeters- Latest Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Tweeters are essential in any audio system. They’re specially designed to reproduce high frequencies, which are commonly known as treble. High frequencies are mostly produced by vocals, horns, guitars, and other musical instruments. Tweeters resemble standard speakers but are significantly smaller in size.

Tweeters are available as either dome or horn tweeters. Horn tweeters are mainly preferred for their high efficiency and dispersion control. They’re ideal for wider dispersion of high frequencies. They operate at a wide frequency range, making them ideal for reproducing much of the treble in an audio track.

If you’re shopping for horn tweeters, you’ll come across multiple models of these tweeters. Thus, your shopping experience can be quite tough if you’re not sure where to start. In this article, we’ll review the best horn tweeters available today in detail. We’ll also discuss the factors to consider when choosing horn tweeters. Read on to make your shopping experience smoother and easier.

Top 7 Horn Tweeters

Considering the many horn tweeter models to choose from, your choices are almost unlimited. However, these tweeters are not made equal. Thus, it’ll help to shortlist your choices until you find the best option. But that would take much of your time, right? Luckily for you to have landed on this page, we’ve done the tough work of shortlisting for you and reviewed the top horn tweeters in the market today. Here’re the detailed reviews.

Comparison Table of Best Horn Tweeters

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1. Best Overall- PRV AUDIO WG270Ph

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PRV designs innovative audio products. The PRV AUDIO WG270Ph is one of the best horn car tweeters. In fact, it’s the best overall horn tweeter in our review. It delivers superior high frequencies, thanks to its exceptional build quality.

It’s more affordable than our second option, the Audiopipe APHC6278. It comes with a power rating of 75 watts RMS and 300 watts peak power.

Top Features

  • High-temperature voice coil- The horn tweeter features a high-temperature voice coil. It’s made of copper wire that’s wound over a Kapton former. Thus, it’s able to operate under extreme operating temperatures without experiencing any problems. Thus, you can drive it to its limits for prolonged music play times without overheating.
  • Phenolic diaphragm- It comes with a phenolic diaphragm for high power and reliable performance. It supports a wide frequency response in the range of 600 Hz to 8 kHz. Thus, it reproduces much of the high frequencies in an audio track.
  • Compact driver- The tweeter features a compact driver design. Its compactness makes it easier to install, especially for a front mount installation. You won’t have to detach the tweeter driver from the horn during installation.
  • Improved design- Another top feature of this horn tweeter is its improved design from previous models. Its new design features modern technology that allows it to deliver clear sound output for both vocals and mid-range frequencies.
  • Durable diaphragm- Besides tolerating high operating temperatures, the phenolic diaphragm of this tweeter is almost indestructible. It’s made of premium quality materials for enhanced performance and durability. Also, the material resists harsh weather elements for enhanced longevity.


  • Great vocal reinforcement for three-way car speaker systems
  • Its frequency response covers all the crucial high frequencies
  • Ideal for high power applications
  • Ideal for installation in areas where space is limited
  • Great construction material for enhanced durability


  • Its loudness may be fatiguing when close to it

Our Verdict:

If you’re looking for a horn tweeter that can deliver very loud high frequencies and make your car music system sound super crisp and clear, consider investing in this PRV AUDIO WG270Ph.

2. Premium Choice- Audiopipe APHC6278

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The Audiopipe APHC6278 horn tweeter is our premium choice. Despite being the most expensive option in our review, it delivers premium quality highs for the best experience when listening to soundtracks with vocals and instrumentals.

It delivers a maximum power of 400 watts and has a power rating of 200 watts RMS. Thus, it delivers more power than our top pick, the PRV AUDIO WG270Ph.

Top Features

  • Wide frequency response- The tweeter has a frequency response of between 1 kHz to 20 kHz. Although our top pick horn tweeter reaches a frequency of as low as 600 Hz, this tweeter has a wider frequency range. Thus, you’ll get to hear more details from your soundtrack.
  • Titanium diaphragm- Another top feature that we like most about this tweeter is its titanium diaphragm. The titanium diaphragm offers a smoother frequency response than phenolic, fabric, and poly diaphragms. That’s why it’s able to deliver premium and more extended highs of up to 20 kHz.
  • 33 Oz magnet- It comes with a heavy-duty 33 Oz ferrite magnet structure. The magnet creates a very strong magnetic field to drive the tweeter for smooth reproduction of high frequencies. The strong magnet allows for high power and prolonged performance.
  • Kapton voice coil- The tweeter comes with a 2-inch Kapton voice coil. Kapton is a special polyimide material that remains stable at extremely high temperatures. Thus, this voice coil can be used for extended music play times without affecting its performance.
  • Aluminum horn- Another outstanding feature of this tweeter is the aluminum horn. The aluminum material makes the tweeter more acoustic efficient for the best sounding treble. Besides, the aluminum horn resists corrosion.


  • Excellently designed exit throat with a diameter of 2 inches
  • Strong ferrite magnet for powerful performance
  • 7.3-inch mounting depth for easier front mounting
  • 6.2-inch compression driver for higher output and efficiency
  • Crisp high frequencies that balance heavy bass


  • High price range for a single horn tweeter

Our Verdict:

Want a horn tweeter that’s both loud with crisp highs and the ability to produce a wide range of high frequencies? If so, you can bet on this Audiopipe APHC6278 horn tweeter as your best choice.

3. Heavy Duty Pick- Pyramid TW28 (Pair)

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The Pyramid TW28 bullet horn tweeters are designed with durability in mind. Besides installing them in your car, you can also use them for marine applications. The tweeters come as a pair, with each measuring 3.75 inches.

As a pair, the tweeters have total RMS power handling of 120 watts and a peak power handling of up to 300 watts. As a pair, you can install one of the tweeters on the left side and the other one on the right side to complement the left and right speakers.

Top Features

  • Heavy-duty construction- One of the most outstanding features of these pair of tweeters is their heavy-duty construction. They feature a heavy-duty housing that gives them a strong structure to protect them from damage. Also, the horn is made of premium aluminum material that resists corrosion.
  • Swivel housing- The tweeters guarantee ease of installation and usability. The swivel housing means that you can rotate the tweeters towards a preferred listening positioned for a better listening experience. That way, you don’t have to reinstall them every time you want to direct the sound to another listening position.
  • Aluminum horn- Another notable feature of these tweeters is their aluminum horn. The aluminum horn enhances the efficiency of the high frequencies produced by the titanium diaphragm. Thus, you’ll enjoy louder vocals and instrumentals.
  • Titanium diaphragm- The tweeters feature a highly stiff titanium diaphragm. The stiffness of the titanium material allows for high power applications. It produces smooth high frequencies, especially at very high volumes.
  • Ferrofluid cooling- Another unique feature of these tweeters is their ferrofluid cooling mechanism. Ferrofluid is a form of a magnetic liquid. The magnetic liquid enhances heat transfer and dissipation for enhanced cooling of the voice coil. Thus, the tweeter handles a lot of power without overheating.


  • Wide frequency range of between 2 kHz to 20 kHz
  • It resists high temperatures, thanks to its advanced thermal cooling
  • 1-inch tweeter with a 3.75-inch bullet horn for maximum efficiency
  • Affordable price range for a pair of tweeters
  • High power handling with minimal distortion


  • It may sound a little harsh if not properly set up with a crossover
  • The ferrofluid may dry out over the years

Our Verdict:

The Pyramid TW28 pair of tweeters are most suitable for marine applications, thanks to their weather resistance and hardened construction. You can also use them in your car audio system.

4. Loudest Highs- Timpano TPT-DH2000

[amazon box=”B07M5R54ZG”]

The Timpano TPT-DH2000 tweeter comprises an aluminum horn and ferrite driver. It has an impedance rating of 8 ohms and can deliver a peak power of up to 200 watts and an RMS power of 100 watts. Although it’s among the most expensive horn tweeters in our review, it’s able to deliver great value for money, thanks to its reliable performance.

Top Features

  • Pleasant highs- The design behind the tweeter’s compression driver allows for high sensitivity of up to 110dB. Its design makes it possible to reproduce mid to high vocals. The titanium diaphragm is built in a way that guarantees pleasant high frequencies.
  • Extreme highs- The tweeter comes with a titanium diaphragm featuring a 2-inch voice coil. The tweeter hits extreme mid to high frequencies with a frequency response of between 1 kHz to 20 kHz.
  • Easy to mount- Although it has a larger mounting depth than other tweeters under the TPT-DH series, it’s still easy to mount. It has a mounting depth of 7.32 inches and a mounting cutout of 5.25 inches but a relatively small diameter. As such, you can easily install it without detaching the tweeter driver from the horn.
  • Ferrite magnet structure- The tweeter driver features a ferrite magnet structure. The ferrite magnet offers an optimum magnetic field even at high temperatures. Also, the ferrite magnet structure resists corrosion for enhanced durability and reliable performance.
  • Outstanding horn design- PRO Audio has specially designed the exit horn that comes with this tweeter. The outstanding design behind this horn allows for maximum reproduction of high frequencies. Also, the horn is made of durable aluminum material.


  • Great build quality for longevity
  • Pleasant vocals and instrumentals across most music genres
  • Very loud with very little distortion at high volume
  • A very wide frequency response range to cover most high-frequency music details


  • High price range for a single tweeter
  • The throat is a little long to fit the horn in tight mounting locations

Our Verdict:

With a sensitivity rating of 110 dB, the Timpano TPT-DH2000 is among the loudest horn tweeters you can find today. Thus, if you love listening to very loud high frequencies, this is the right tweeter for you.

5. Most Affordable Pick- Nippon America NTX-1004PZ

[amazon box=”B00Q71VEW4″]

The Nippon America NTX-1004PZ tweeters are some of the best horn tweeter speakers, thanks to their affordability. They come as three pairs of piezo horn tweeters at an affordable price. Thus, you’ll get six tweeters in total. Each tweeter has a square horn measuring 3.25 by 3.25 inches.

Top Features

  • Flush mount horn design- One of the key features of these tweeters is their flush mount horn design. The top of the horn fits flush when installed into an opening. This is especially important for car owners who like clean installations. Also, the tweeters won’t get into the way of any object as they fit flush on the surface of the installation location.
  • Piezo tweeters- The tweeters feature a piezo tweeter design. They’re able to resist overloads that may otherwise destroy other types of tweeters. In fact, you can use them without a crossover without risking them to damage.
  • Variable impedance- A unique feature that makes these tweeters some of the best high-powered horn tweeters is their variable impedance. You can use them with either a 4-ohm or 8-ohm setup.
  • Great sound output- Despite being so affordable, these tweeters deliver precise high-frequency response for the best-sounding treble. Also, they’re able to output immediate response to any variations in the input signal.
  • High-grade construction- The horn structure of the tweeters is made of premium-grade plastic. Despite being made of plastic, the horn enhances the efficiency of the tweeter driver. Also, the horn structure withstands weather elements.


  • The affordable price range makes them ideal for budget buyers
  • A wide frequency range of between 4 kHz to 20 kHz
  • Easy to set up as you don’t need a crossover
  • Looks great when installed, thanks to the flush mount horn design


  • Sounds a little muffled at high volume
  • The plastic horns can break easily

Our Verdict:

Are you looking for budget horn tweeters that can still offer reliable performance? If that’s the case, then you won’t go wrong with these affordable Nippon America NTX-1004PZ horn tweeters.

6. Largest Horn- Pyle PH391

[amazon box=”B000K8IW66″]

The Pyle PH391 horn tweeter features a large horn structure measuring 4 by 10 inches. It’s quite large for most applications, especially where loud volume is required. It’s most suitable for complementing heavy bass car subwoofers and midrange speakers to get full-range sound.

Top Features

  • High-powered- The tweeter delivers a maximum power of 200 watts. Thus, you can play your music loudly without distortion. Also, the horn design assists in projecting high frequencies more widely towards the listening position.
  • Crisp highs- Another top feature of this tweeter is that it’s able to hit high frequencies within the range of 1 kHz to 15 kHz. It’s able to reproduce crisp highs for the best experience when listening to all kinds of high-frequency sounds.
  • Easy wiring- The tweeter’s high sensitivity, which is rated at 102 dB, and a high impedance rating of 8 ohms make it possible for the tweeter to work with undersized speaker wire. Thus, you don’t have to replace the existing undersized wiring in your car.
  • Sturdy housing- You can rest assured that the tweeter will serve you for a long time, thanks to its strong foundation. It’s built using premium materials and a heavy-duty housing. Thus, it won’t get damaged easily and resists harsh elements.
  • 20 Oz magnet structure- This Pyle PH391 tweeter comes with a 20 Oz magnet structure. The magnet enables the tweeter to produce detailed and smooth highs. Also, it allows for sufficient power to produce loud highs.


  • Superb projection of high frequencies
  • It’s easy to install the tweeter in most cars
  • Doesn’t distort even when pushing it hard
  • 25mm voice coil for powerful reproduction of treble


  • Doesn’t sit flush when mounted as it’s not flat across the top surface of the horn
  • The magnet may require regluing in place as it snaps easily from the tweeter

Our Verdict:

If you’re shopping for a tweeter that can deliver loud volume, the Pyle PH391 horn tweeter won’t disappoint.

7. Lowest Mounting Depth- VOYZ PET-1919

[amazon box=”B01LYHM15S”]

The VOYZ PET-1919 is one of the best small horn tweeters in the market today. The tweeters come as a pair of piezo super horn tweeters. Each tweeter measures 3.5 by 3.5 by 3.5 inches. Although they’re lightweight, they’re well-built and reliable.

Top Features

  • High-powered- With this tweeter, you won’t have to worry about any significant distortion when playing music at high volume. It can handle a power of up to 200 watts RMS and 400 watts maximum power. Thus, it’s a superb choice for high-powered applications.
  • Outstanding design- If you value the interior design of your car and wouldn’t want to destroy its attractiveness, these tweeters would be a great choice. They have an outstanding and attractive design.
  • Sturdy housing- The tweeter is housed in a durable and sturdy ABS plastic. The housing is extremely tough with superb dimensional stability. It resists high impact to keep the interior components protected from damage. Also, it resists tearing and scratching.
  • Integrated capacitor- Another reason why this horn tweeter is worth your consideration is that it comes with a capacitor that works as a high pass filter. It blocks low and midrange frequencies while allowing high frequencies to pass through. Regardless, you’ll have the freedom to bypass the capacitor when wiring the tweeter.
  • Premium voice coil- The tweeter features a premium quality voice coil that guarantees enhanced current passage and durability. Also, it features an aluminum diaphragm that produces well-defined high frequencies.


  • The tweeter performs superbly even when pushed hard
  • It’s lightweight and effortless to install
  • Works on both 4-ohm and 8-ohm setups
  • Wide frequency response at 3 kHz to 16 kHz


  • Not very loud despite the power rating
  • Sounds a little static at high volume

Our Verdict:

The VOYZ PET-1919 horn tweeter has a shallow mounting depth and only requires a cutout of 2.75 by 2.75 inches, making it ideal for installation in tight locations.

How to Choose the Best Horn Tweeters Today

As you can see, there’re several horn tweeters to choose from. They all have their hits and misses as they’re not made equal. Thus, it’ll help to figure out how to pick the best one for your car music system. Here’re some of the factors that can help you make a more informed decision.

1. Power rating

Just like regular car speakers and subwoofers, horn tweeters also have a power rating. The power rating is described as either peak power/maximum power or RMS power rating. The RMS power rating represents the continuous amount of current that the tweeter can take. This is the most important power rating as it determines the kind of amplifier you can connect with the tweeters. Ensure the amplifier is powerful enough to supply the RMS power needed by the tweeter. If you need a more powerful output of high frequencies, consider a horn tweeter with a higher RMS power rating.

2. Impedance

All horn tweeters have an impedance rating, which is represented in ohms. A lower impedance rating means that the tweeter will demand more power from an amplifier. Thus, powering a 4-ohm horn tweeter would require a more powerful amplifier than powering an 8-ohm horn tweeter. Thus, if your amplifier is less powerful, consider choosing an 8-ohm tweeter. If your amplifier is very powerful, then it can drive both 4 and 8-ohm tweeters.

3. Sensitivity

The sensitivity of a tweeter is represented in decibels (dB). A tweeter with a higher sensitivity rating means that it’ll sound louder than that with a lower sensitivity rating. Thus, if you need louder sound, consider choosing a horn tweeter with a higher sensitivity rating. This means that if you have a less powerful amplifier, you’ll need to choose a horn tweeter with a higher sensitivity rating to sound loud enough. If the amplifier is very powerful, then you won’t have problems with a horn tweeter with a lower sensitivity rating.

4. Construction materials

It’s also important to check the construction materials used in making the tweeter. The voice coil, diaphragm, horn, and housing should be made of durable materials. The voice coil should be made of a high-temperature material to remain efficient under high temperatures and prolonged playtimes.

5. Frequency response

The frequency response of a horn tweeter determines the range of sound frequencies it can reproduce. Here, your choice will depend on your personal preferences. If you want a horn tweeter that can hit the highest frequencies, choose one that supports the highest frequency response. If you want a horn tweeter that’ll reproduce a wide range of high frequencies, then ensure you choose one with a very wide frequency response.

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Final Thoughts

Horn tweeters are a great addition to a car audio system. If you’ve already installed a car subwoofer and midrange speakers in your car, it’ll help to add horn tweeters to the setup to enhance your listening experience by adding horn tweeters. They’ll allow you to listen to high frequencies that subwoofers and component midrange speakers cannot manage to produce. That way, you’ll enjoy listening to your soundtracks with a full-range sound experience.

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