How to Connect Vizio Soundbar to TV

Vizio manufactures some of the best soundbars today. Their soundbars are available in different options for various audio needs. Some come with just a soundbar while others have separate speakers and a subwoofer.

Vizio soundbars come with 2 to 5 audio channels. Regardless of the Vizio soundbar you choose, you’re assured of getting a great sound experience. By connecting a Vizio soundbar to your TV, you’ll transform a common TV show, movie, or music video into an extremely entertaining watching experience.

Setting up a Vizio Soundbar

Before connecting your Vizio soundbar to the TV, you’ll need to set up the soundbar. Generally, the process of setting up different Vizio soundbar systems is the same. Here’s how to set it up for first-time use:

Step 1- Check the rear panel of your soundbar for two analog audio jacks. The jacks are labeled INPUT1 and INPUT2. Plug 2 audio cables into the jacks.

Step 2- Again, check the rear panel for a yellow connector that’s labeled SUB OUT. Plug in the sub into the SUB OUT connector. If the soundbar came with surround speakers, connect them to the sub with the provided speaker cables.

Step 3- If your soundbar is a HD version, plug in the HD S/PDIF cable into the S/PDIF jack on the rear panel.

Step 4- Plug in the power adapter that came with the soundbar into the DC jack on the soundbar. Next, plug in the other side of the power adapter into a wall socket.

Step 5- Switch on the wall socket. Next, press the power button on the soundbar. If the soundbar has a separate subwoofer, connect it to the wall socket and turn it on as well.

Step 6- Once turned on, press the input button to select the preferred input source.

Connecting a Vizio Soundbar to TV

After setting up your soundbar successfully, it’s now time to connect it to the TV. You can connect the two through HDMI, RCA, or optical.

Method 1- Connecting Vizio soundbar to TV through HDMI

The easiest method to connect your Vizio soundbar to a TV is using a HDMI cable. For this method, your TV must have a HDMI port. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1- Get a functional HDMI cable. Any regular HDMI cable will get the job done.

Step 2- Check for the HDMI port on your TV and plug one end of the HDMI cable into the TV.

Step 3- Insert the other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port of the soundbar.

Step 4- Power on your TV and the soundbar.

Step 5- Check for the input button on your soundbar and set the input option to HDMI.

Step 6- Enjoy listening to audio from your TV via the soundbar.

Method 2- Connecting Vizio soundbar to TV through RCA

If your TV doesn’t have a HDMI port or you don’t have a HDMI cable, you can connect your TV to Vizio soundbar through RCA. Just ensure your TV has RCA ports. Here’s how to go about it:

Step 1- Get a functional audio RCA cable. The cable usually features two cords, with one having a red RCA jack and the other having a white RCA jack.

Step 2- Plug the red RCA jack into the red RCA Audio Out port on your TV. Plug the white RCA jack into the white RCA Audio Out port on your TV.

Step 3- Plug the other end of the RCA cable into the Audio In port of your soundbar. The red jack should be plugged into the red RCA input while the white jack should be plugged into the white RCA input.

Step 4- Turn on your TV and soundbar. Set the input option on your soundbar to AUX or AV.

Step 5- Turn off the TV speakers to prevent echo such that sound will only be produced by the soundbar. To do this, press the MENU button of your TV remote once the Vizio menu bar gets displayed on your TV. Check the audio option on the Vizio menu. Click the TV speaker icon on the audio menu to turn off the TV speakers.

Method 3- Connecting Vizio soundbar to TV through Optical

Another option to connect your TV to a Vizio soundbar is via an optical cable. In this case, your TV should have an optical port. Here’s how to make the connection:

Step 1- Check for the optical port on your TV. It’s typically covered with a protective plastic cover. Uncover it and plug in one end of the optical cable.

Step 2- Uncover the optical port on your soundbar. Plug in the other end of the optical cable to the soundbar.

Step 3- Switch on your TV and soundbar.

Step 4- Turn off the TV speakers such that sound will only be produced by the soundbar. Also, set the TV digital audio out to either Dolby Digital or Bitstream.

Step 5- Set the soundbar audio input to optical.

Fixing Connection Issues

If you’ve connected your Vizio soundbar to the TV but there’s no sound, you should troubleshoot the two devices to fix the problem. Here’re some possible fixes:

1. Hard reset

If you’re not sure whether the problem is with the soundbar or TV, you can hard reset both devices. To do this, turn off the soundbar and TV. Unplug any devices connected to the two. Also, unplug them from the wall socket.

Once done, hold the power button on the soundbar for 30 seconds. Also, hold the power button on the TV for 30 seconds. Allow for a few minutes before plugging them into the wall socket. Reconnect them and turn them on to check whether the problem is fixed.

2. Update your soundbar

Ensure your soundbar is running on the latest firmware. If not, update it to the latest firmware. Updating it will fix any bugs in the firmware that may be causing issues with audio connectivity. You can press the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons on your soundbar simultaneously to check the version it’s currently running. Use the SmartCast app or a computer to update your Vizio soundbar.

3. Factory reset

If the above fixes fail, factory reset the soundbar to return it to original settings. To do this, press and hold the Bluetooth and Input buttons simultaneously for about 6 seconds or until it restarts. If this button combination fails to make the soundbar reset and restart, press the Input button together with either the Volume Up or Volume Down button. The button combination for factory reset may differ depending on the model of your soundbar.

4. Unplug other devices

If the connection problem persists, it might be resulting from interference from other connected devices. Unplug other devices from the TV and try to connect the soundbar alone.

5. Check the cables

In case you’re still having a connection issue, check whether the cable you’re using is tightly connected between the TV and the soundbar. You can also test the cable with other compatible devices. If the cable is faulty, replace it with another cable.

6. Check the settings

Ensure you’ve set the audio input on your soundbar to the correct input option. Also, check whether the volume is turned up on your TV and soundbar. It’ll also help to check whether you’ve turned on the Mute button on your soundbar or TV. If Mute is turned on, disable it.

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Final Thoughts

In this guide, we’ve shown you how to connect Vizio Soundbar to TV. As you can see, it’s something you can easily do. If there’s an issue with the connection, try the troubleshooting options we’ve outlined above. Upon making a successful connection, you’ll enjoy listening to improved sound quality from your Vizio soundbar while watching your TV.

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