Best PA Speaker Stands– Review & Buyer’s Guide (2024)

Whether you’re a mobile DJ, street performer, motivational speaker, or hosting a party, sound quality plays a huge role when using PA speakers. When PA speakers are placed on the ground, they often sound terrible and the setup looks unprofessional. You should avoid such a scenario at all costs. PA speaker stands to make it possible to keep PA speakers off the floor. By mounting PA speakers off the floor, they’ll project sound more evenly across a room or outdoor area.

However, you need to invest in solid PA speaker stands. They need to be strong enough to support the weight of your speakers without wobbling. The best PA speaker stands should have a stable base and accommodate speakers of different sizes. Additionally, they should be made of a handy material.

Top 10 PA Speaker Stands

Although there are several brands of PA speaker stands, they’re not made equal. They differ in construction quality and strength. If you don’t know what to look out for, you may find it very challenging when shopping for these stands. We’ve compared and reviewed good PA speaker stands to make your shopping experience easier and smoother. Without further ado, let’s discuss the top 10 PA speaker stands today.

Comparison Table of Best PA Speaker Stands

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1. Best Overall- Pyle PSTND2 Universal Speaker Stand Mount Holder

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Pyle PSTND2 tops our list because it offers the best overall value when compared to other speaker stands. It’s an upgrade of the older Pyle PSTND1 speaker stand.

Pyle PSTND2 comes with upgraded features such as support for heavier speakers. For instance, Pyle PSTND2 supports a weight of up to 132 pounds while the older Pyle PSTND1 only supports a weight of up to 100 pounds.

Another notable upgrade is that its telescoping column can be extended further than that of the older model.

Top Features

  • Adjustable column: One of the features we like most about this speaker stand is the telescoping center column. You can easily adjust the height of the column. Unlike the older Pyle PSTD1 which is only adjustable from 59.1 inches to 82.7 inches, this new Pyle PSTD2 column can be adjusted from 40 inches to 71 inches. This means that you can adjust it several inches longer than the older model.
  • Tripod stand design: We like its tripod stand design for enhanced stability. The tripod stands are connected by a center brace. Furthermore, you can collapse the tripod legs effortlessly for increased portability when transporting the stand.
  • Stress locking functionality: It features a stress locking mechanism that utilizes a knob locking mechanism. Once locked, the stand is able to hold the weight of the mounted speaker. The lock prevents the adjustable center column from collapsing back due to the weight of the speaker.
  • Rubber feet: The tripod legs are designed with rubber feet. The rubber used is non-slip to ensure that the stand doesn’t slide due to the speaker cone vibrations, especially when mounting a very powerful speaker.
  • 35mm insert: We also noted that its 33mm insert is compatible with most PA speakers. In fact, this insert works with almost any PA speaker and studio monitor. The insert is perfect for mounting powerful speakers for enhanced stableness when playing music at maximum volume.


  • Its strong construction makes it hold a weight of up to 132 pounds without wobbling
  • The legs of the stand are designed with equal length distribution that enhances its stability
  • Its affordable price range makes it a perfect option for anyone with a tight budget
  • It reaches a height of up to 6 feet when fully extended for wider sound dispersion
  • The tubing is metallic and rugged for enhanced durability


  • It’s a little challenging to remove a speaker from the stand after mounting
  • The folding supports that hold the tripod legs in place are prone to flexing


We recommend the Pyle PSTND2 Universal Speaker Stand Mount Holder for anyone who is looking for an affordable PA speaker stand.

2. Best Adjustability- VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand

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One of the reasons why we like this pair of speaker stands is that the design allows for mounting loudspeakers from the most popular manufacturers.

There’s a lot of engineering that has been integrated in its design, from stealth cable management to a rotatable and tilting top plate.

While the Pyle PSTND2 features a collapsible tripod stand design, these VideoSecu stands feature adjustable rubber feet.

Top Features

  • Steel support: The speaker stands look very stylish. They’re made of steel with a black finish that makes them stand out. The steel support is firm and can support a speaker with a weight of up to 30 pounds.
  • Tilting and adjustable top plate: After assessing these speaker stands, we like their tilting top plate. You can tilt the top plate plus/minus 10 degrees to ensure that the mounted speaker is level, even when the stand is standing on an unleveled surface. Also, you can rotate the top plate to an angle of up to 180 degrees.
  • Adjustable clamping: The adjustable clamping on the top plate allows you to mount speakers of different widths. The width of the clamp mechanism can be adjusted from 5.5 inches to 11 inches. The clamping mechanism keeps the mounted speaker tightly in place for a more secure mounting.
  • Stealth cable management: You can easily conceal those unsightly speaker cables through the central hole. That way, you can pass speaker cables through the hole rather than letting them hang down the stand. As a result, you’ll have a neat-looking speaker setup.
  • Adjustable feet: Each stand comes with adjustable rubber feet. You can adjust them to keep the stand level, be it on a hard or a carpeted floor. This prevents the entire setup from toppling over when placed on an uneven floor as you can adjust the level.


  • These stands are compatible with a wide selection of speaker monitors from popular brands
  • The rotatable top plate means that you can rotate the mounted speaker towards a certain direction without lifting off the stand
  • You can adjust the height of the stand from 26.5 inches to 47 inches depending on your preferences
  • The wide base allows for enhanced stability by reducing wobbling
  • Rubber pads are provided for attaching to the clamps when clamping the speaker in place for more secure mounting


  • The stands can only support a weight of up to 30 pounds, making them unsuitable for mounting heavier speakers
  • They’re not the best for mounting professional speakers


After assessing its top features, we recommend this VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty PA DJ Club Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stand for PA systems and club environments.

3. Best Ease of Transportation: Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands

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Unlike our first two picks, this Rockville RVES1 tripod speaker stand comes with a carry bag. You can fold them and put them inside the bag for easier carrying.

When compared with Pyle PSTND2 (our first pick), this Rockville pair RVES1 stands out in that it’s sold as a pair while Pyle PSTND2 is sold as a single tripod stand.

We also compared the Rockville pair RVES1 with its rival model, the Rockville pair RVSS2. We noticed that the Rockville pair RVES1 has a wider base spread than the Rockville pair RVSS2, making it more stable.

Top Features

  • Steel construction: One of the top features we noted about these stands is their steel construction. The steel metal columns are sturdy enough to handle massive weight without bending or flexing. The clutch where the tripods and the column are attached is made of a sturdy nylon material.
  • Extensive height range: We found it very impressive to adjust the height of the stands. You can adjust the height in a range of up to 71 inches. Thus, you can mount the speakers high for wider sound dispersion, especially in large venues.
  • Wide base spread: It features a tripod stand design with a wide base spread. The tripod legs can be spread out up to 32 inches when fully extended. Their wide base spread increases their stability, especially when mounting heavy speakers.
  • Large weight capacity: You can comfortably use these speaker stands for mounting professional speakers, thanks to their large weight capacity. Their sturdy construction makes them handle speakers with a weight of up to 100 pounds.
  • Nylon base: The base of the tripod legs is made of a nylon material. The nylon material protects wooden and carpet floors from damage when the tripod is placed on such floors. Also, the nylon base features a non-slip design to prevent movement when playing loud music.


  • The heavy-duty construction enhances their durability
  • Classic black color for a stylish look
  • The tripod legs are quite long for more stability
  • The creatively designed carrying bag makes it easy to carry the tripods during transportation
  • Large tube and leg diameters, both measuring 1.38 inches


  • You need to raise the height of the stand with a speaker on it, else it becomes challenging to collapse it on its own without the weight of the speaker
  • The carry bag is not made of a very durable material


With all factors considered, we find this Rockville Pair RVES1 Adjustable Tripod DJ PA Speaker Stands great for mounting PA speakers in large venues and outdoors.

4. Best Heavy Duty Pick: Pyle PSTND32 Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand Mount Kit

[amazon box=”B076X9C7H1″]

We’ve known Pyle as a manufacturer of some of the most prominent PA speakers. The manufacturer is also a leader in manufacturing speaker stands.

When compared to the Pyle PSTND2, this Pyle PSTND32 stands out for its heavy-duty construction. It looks and feels extremely strong and sturdy for enhanced stability.

Pyle PSTND32 comes as a pair of speaker stands, unlike Pyle PSTND2 which comes as a single speaker stand.

Top Features

  • Collapsible tripods: One of the reasons why we picked this pair of speaker stands is the collapsible tripods. You collapse them for easier and safer storage. Also, collapsing them makes it easier to transport them to your performance venue and back to your studio or home.
  • Firm and steady: The heavy-duty construction of these speaker stands allows them to hold heavy speakers in a firm and steady position. In fact, they can handle a weight of up to 90 pounds. The column and tripod legs are very strong such that they don’t flex even when holding their weight limit.
  • Effortless adjustment: We like the effortless adjustment of the telescoping column. You can easily adjust the column from 34 inches to 54 inches high. Upon adjusting it to the desired height, you can secure it safely in place with the safety pin.
  • Non-slip pads: Each tripod leg comes with anti-slip rubber pads. The rubber pads grip onto the floor surface to prevent the stand from slipping back and forth.
  • Metallic base plate: The base plate is made of a metallic platform that spans 8.9 inches by 8.9 inches. Besides, the base plate features a thickness of 2mm for enhanced strength. Thus, it’s able to support heavy speakers without any problems.


  • The tripod legs are designed to distribute the weight equally for more stability
  • Can be collapsed easily to fit in a carry bag during transportation
  • The tripod legs are designed to keep the entire stand well balanced for enhanced safety
  • Its safety support pin allows for structural strength to prevent the column from collapsing
  • The wide base plate makes it easier to mount speakers


  • Challenging to level them when placed on an unlevelled floor
  • The screw holding the base plate is not very secure


We consider the Pyle PSTND32 Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand Mount Kit as the most suitable for DJ performances and studio recording.

5. Our Premium Pick: HPS-600MS PAIR of Studio Monitor Speaker Stands by Hola! Music

[amazon box=”B07F3XLPNL”]

The design behind these stands makes them perfect for mounting both monitor speakers and PA speakers. Their overall quality and heavy-duty construction make them our premium pick in our selection.

If you run a professional music studio, these speaker stands are what you should have. When compared to the older HPS-200S model, these newer HPS-600MS speaker stands are better in that they come with a platform for mounting monitor speakers while the HPS-200S doesn’t have a platform.

Top Features

  • Wide platform: Among the best features of this speaker stand is its wide platform base. It measures 9 by 9 inches in terms of length and width. The wide platform allows for the mounting of monitor speakers of several sizes.
  • Adjustable column: You can adjust the central column depending on the height you want to raise the mounted speaker. It can be adjusted to a height of between 29 to 53 inches. The spread of the tripod legs can also be adjusted.
  • Safety pin: The central column has a safety pin mechanism that prevents the column from collapsing after adjusting it. The column and safety pin are able to support a weight of up to 80 pounds without flexing or collapsing.
  • Isolation pads: Also, the platform has two non-slip pads that enhance the security of the mounted monitor speaker by ensuring it’s mounted tightly in place. The pads measure 4mm in thickness for a more secure fitting.
  • Dual usage: You can use the stand to mount a monitor speaker by placing them on the platform. Also, you can remove the platform and use the stand to mount a PA speaker upon removing the platform.


  • The upper shaft has a diameter of 35mm for enhanced strength
  • You can collapse the tripod legs for enhanced portability during transportation
  • They feel very solid for enhanced durability
  • You can use them in tight spaces as you can adjust the spread of the tripod legs
  • They’re well-constructed and offer great value for money


  • The higher price range may not attract buyers with a tight budget
  • The clamping collar at the center column is not of the best design


Overall, the HPS-600MS PAIR of Studio Monitor Speaker Stands by Hola! Music is most suitable for use with professional speakers.

6. Best Weight Capacity: PRORECK Tripod Speaker Stands

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We included the PRORECK Tripod Speaker Stands in our review due to their heavy-duty construction and strength. The column is made of an anodized tubing to guarantee stability.

The stands come with great safety mechanisms to ensure that the mounted speaker is safely supported without the risk of falling over.

Top Features

  • Foldable tripod design: One of the features we like most about these speaker stands is their foldable design. We found that you can fold all three tripod legs, making it easier to store them. Also, you’ll find it easier to transport them when the legs are folded.
  • Telescoping column: The stands feature a telescoping column whose height can be adjusted as needed. You can adjust the height from 4 to 6 feet for enhanced sound effects as per your preferences and the size of the venue.
  • Standard fit: Another likable feature of this speaker stand is that it has a standard fit design. It can fit any speaker with a hole diameter measuring 35mm. Thus, you’re assured that it can fit most standard PA speakers.
  • Anodized construction: The stands are made of a steel column and steel tripod legs. The column and tripod legs are all anodized. This construction enhances their strength such that they’re not affected by the weight of the speaker so long as you don’t exceed their weight limit.
  • Non-slip design- The feet of the tripod legs have non-slip caps. Their non-slip design guarantees stability when holding the speaker. They ensure the stand doesn’t slide along a slippery floor, even when the speaker is pushed to its limits.


  • The locking pin ensures the adjustable column is locked in place
  • The knob design for the lock mechanism makes it easy to lock and unlock the adjustable column
  • The heavy-duty construction of the stand guarantees safety and durability
  • They support speakers with a weight of up to 143 pounds
  • As a pair, the price range is quite affordable


  • The threads on the plastic tightening knob wear out quickly
  • The plastic brackets and plastic clamps are not of the best quality


Wondering how to raise the height of your heavy PA speakers? We find these PRORECK Tripod Speaker Stands great for mounting heavy DJ and PA speakers.

7. Best Tripod Legs: Amazon Basics Adjustable Speaker Stand

[amazon box=”B07S62HZR7″]

The Amazon Basics Adjustable Speaker Stand comes as a single speaker stand, with a capacity of holding a speaker of up to 110 pounds.

The upper column has a diameter of 35mm. Its wide diameter increases its strength to reduce the chances of flexing when a speaker is mounted.

Top Features

  • Long tripod legs: One of its most outstanding features is the long tripod legs. The long legs mean that you can spread them out to form a wider base area. That way, they enhance the stability of the stand.
  • Extremely extendable: Another great feature of this stand is that it’s easily extendable. You can extend the height of the column within the range of 4.1ft to 6.6ft. Raising the stand higher allows the mounted speaker to stand tall on the stage for better sound quality.
  • Durable tube construction: The entire column structure and legs are made of top-quality steel material. They feel very strong and hardy. You can rest assured that your PA speaker will be mounted on a safe stand with minimal risk of collapsing.
  • Safety pin: There’s a safety pin on the central column that secures the adjustable column in place. You can loosen the column by turning the knob accordingly to adjust the height of the column. Once adjusted, you can turn the locking knob accordingly to lock the column in place with the safety pin.
  • Black finish: The stand features an all-black finish. The black finish allows for easier matching with other sound equipment in your PA sound system. Thus, it’ll easily blend with other equipment.


  • Its design allows for effortless speaker mounting
  • You can place it on any kind of floor without affecting its stability
  • The tripod legs have non-slip caps that reduce the chances of sliding
  • It works with most standard small and medium PA speakers
  • It’s well built with a heavy-duty construction


  • Its price range for a single stand may not be friendly to someone on a tight budget
  • It’s not the best for mounting very large speakers


With all factors considered, we recommend the Amazon Basics Adjustable Speaker Stand for use in your home, studio, or stage.

8. Best for DJs: Alphasonik PRO Universal Adjustable Height DJ PA Speaker Tripod Stand

[amazon box=”B01MR7ZXAR”]

This speaker stand from Alphasonik is designed with top-quality parts and innovative technology to give you the best value for your money.

Its design makes it perfect for mounting several kinds of speakers including PA speakers, loudspeakers, studio monitors, and stage monitors.

Top Features

  • Solid construction: The entire column and the tripod legs are made of a steel frame structure. The steel structure stands the test of time. You won’t have any worries about breakage or bending when under the weight of a speaker.
  • Lightweight: Despite featuring a solid construction, this speaker stand is lightweight. Its lightweight design allows for easier transportation from one location to another, making it suitable for use by performers who are always on the move.
  • Rubber boots: Each of the three tripod legs is covered with rubber boots. The rubber boots are rugged and non-slip. They prevent the stand from sliding when placed on slippery floors, especially tiled and wooden floors.
  • Screw lock: You can rest easy knowing that your mounted speaker won’t collapse on the adjustable middle column, thanks to the screw lock mechanism. The screw lock can be tightened by hand for easier setup.
  • Perfect speaker positioning: You can easily adjust the height of the speaker, thanks to the adjustable central column. That way, you can position the height of the speaker to output enhanced sound quality for an improved listening experience.


  • The glossy black finish makes it match with most speakers
  • It comes with a security pin lock that increases the safety of the mounted speaker
  • It features a 35mm compatible insert that makes it possible to mount most standard PA speakers
  • The tension locking mechanism increases the safety of the mounted speaker
  • Its knob style locking system makes it easy and quick to adjust its height


  • Not recommended for mounting heavy speakers
  • It wobbles a little when playing extremely loud music due to its lightweight


We recommend this Alphasonik PRO Universal Adjustable Height DJ PA Speaker Tripod Stand for mounting DJ PA speakers, thanks to their mobility and ease of setup.

9. Affordable Pick: On-Stage SSAS7000B Mini Adjustable Speaker Stand

[amazon box=”B013TPHICA”]

On-Stage boasts of manufacturing outstanding stands for speakers and microphones, among other accessories. They have designed this speaker with affordability in mind.

The design behind this speaker makes it perfect for light-duty applications in any venue that uses small PA speakers.

Top Features

  • Great balance: The design behind its tripod legs allows the base to maintain a low COG. As a result, it’s very stable when mounted with a speaker within its weight limit of up to 60 pounds.
  • Easy to carry: Another feature that makes it one of the best PA speaker stands is its portability. It’s lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Also, the tripod legs are foldable for enhanced portability.
  • Small footprint: The legs can be expanded to maintain a footprint of up to 12.5 inches. Its small footprint means that it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. As a result, it’s perfect for use in tight spaces.
  • Ergonomic knob: Its height adjustment mechanism is controlled by a dedicated knob. The knob features an ergonomic design that makes it easy for the user to adjust the height of the stand as needed.
  • Height adjustment: You can adjust the height of the telescoping middle column. The height is adjustable from 27 to 46 inches as needed. It remains stable even when adjusted to its maximum height.


  • It’s compact and you collapse the legs when transporting or storing it
  • It’s made of a durable aluminum material
  • Compatible with almost all pole-mount PA speakers
  • Outstanding black finish


  • Only suitable for mounting light speakers
  • The tightening sleeve is not of the best quality


Are you working with an extremely tight budget and wondering whether there’s a stand you can afford for your PA speaker? We recommend this On-Stage SSAS7000B Mini Adjustable Speaker Stand for anyone with a very tight budget, thanks to its affordability.

10. Worth Mention: ASC (2) Pro Audio Mobile DJ PA Speaker Stands

[amazon box=”B00IGGSFQG”]

These stands from ASC are designed to keep your speakers mounted high with guaranteed security. We like their design and sturdy construction. They have a tube diameter of 35mm, which is the standard diameter for PA speaker stands.

Top Features

  • Standard pole mount: This pair of speakers comes with a standard pole mount that measures 35mm in diameter. The standard size allows for mounting most PA speakers. You can actually mount about any PA speaker brand as long as it’s within the stand’s weight limit.
  • Extensive adjustability: The stands are designed with a telescoping column. Its telescoping design allows for adjusting the height of the mounted speaker. You can adjust the height of the telescoping column from 4ft to 6ft.
  • High load capacity: If you have some heavy PA speakers, they’ll probably get supported safely by these stands. Each of the stands has a load capacity of 110 pounds. Thus, they can support small, medium, and large speakers without wobbling.
  • Iron construction: The entire column and tripod legs are made of high-quality iron material. The iron material is lightweight but strong. Its strength allows for the safe support of PA speakers without the risk of collapsing.
  • Nylon bag: A nylon bag is provided with the stands. You can store the stands in the bag while on the move. The bag is black in color to match the color of the stands and other sound equipment.


  • They have a safety pin that increases the security and safety of a mounted speaker
  • The bag is made of a high-quality nylon material and features a shoulder strap for more portability
  • Their lightweight construction makes them great for use in events


  • The tripod legs are a little stiff to open up
  • The plastic stoppers are not of the best quality


Upon assessing these ASC (2) Pro Audio Mobile DJ PA Speaker Stands, we recommend them for use in events, especially for DJ PA speakers.

Considerations to Make When Choosing PA Speaker Stands

Considering there’re numerous PA speaker stands to choose from, it’ll help to know the features to look for to make the best choice depending on your needs. As you can see, these stands differ in certain features and functionality. Here’re some useful tips that can guide you when buying PA speakers.

1. Weight limit

The first factor to consider is the weight limit of the stand. Stands differ in their strength. If you exceed the weight limit by mounting a heavier speaker than the stand can hold, it can wobble when playing music or collapse and fall, thereby risking your speaker to damage. Ensure the stand you’re choosing can safely hold the weight of your speaker. For instance, if your speaker weighs 100 pounds, ensure the stand has a weight limit of at least 100 pounds.

2. Construction material

Another important consideration to make is the material used in making the stand. Most high-quality stands are made of metallic columns and metallic tripod legs. Ensure the stand has a strong metallic construction to avoid problems such as flexing and bending when under the weight of a mounted speaker.

3. Safety locking mechanism

It’ll help to ensure that the stand you’re choosing has a safety locking mechanism. Some come with a locking pin while others utilize a clamp. The locking mechanism should be reliable and easy to use.

4. Adjustability

Preferably, choose a speaker stand with adjustable height. That way, you can adjust the height of the speaker as needed for enhanced sound projection. A speaker stand that can be tilted to a certain angle would be an added advantage, especially when mounted with monitor speakers

5. Foldable tripod legs

Most speaker stands come with tripod legs. A stand with foldable tripod legs is more preferable since you can collapse them for easier storage and transportation of the speaker. When the legs are collapsed, the stand takes less space.

6. Non-slip caps

The feet of the tripod legs of a speaker stand should have non-slip caps. Some non-slip caps are made of rubber while others are made of rugged plastic. Non-slip caps increase the safety of the speaker stand by ensuring that it doesn’t slide, especially when placed on smooth floors.

Final Words

Investing in PA speaker stands will allow for enhanced sound quality since you’ll set up your speakers above the ground for enhanced sound projection. Besides, they’ll make your sound system look more professional. Thus, investing in the best PA speaker stands is something that every live performer should do. Also, choosing the best speaker stand will give you the best value for your money.

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