Do You Need 1 Or 2 Subwoofers in a Car?

As you take that drive on a dull Saturday afternoon, nothing beats crisp, clear sounds with low bass frequencies from your car audio. Realism and depth will help you snap out of your crazy day. And there’s no better way to enjoy the resounding audio without a subwoofer.

You might have been using your car stereo for some time now, but to tell the truth, you’re missing out. Quality subwoofers will give you great dynamic ranges. But what’s the best choice for your car–is it 1 or 2 subwoofers?

While everyone prefers their number of subwoofers, several factors will define your options. Stick around as we demystify and help you know what works for you.

Why 1 Subwoofer Might Be the Best Choice For Your Car Audio System?

Like your house, your car too is a special place. Did you know people spend an average of 4.3 years in cars? That’s quite a long time to spend in a non-comfy car seat and poor quality car audio. Why choose one subwoofer?

What Is the Space in Your Car?

Though subwoofers in the past were massive and took lots of space, they are smaller and lighter today. Because of this, they’re no longer just relegated to the trunk of your car. Many people install them in the rear seats of their vehicles.

Now, as you may prefer two subwoofers in your car, you must check the available space—in the trunk or under the car seats. Best Subwoofers are about 10 to 12 inches. With minimal space, especially when your vehicle is small, you may not manage to have massive subwoofers let alone two.

What Are Your Sound Needs?

Different people have various sound needs. Maybe you want balanced bass, no sound distortions, and unidirectional sound. Well, that might define your options.

For instance, a single subwoofer bass ranges from 20 to 200Hz. And at such a frequency range, you’re okay. So, check what you need and make a choice.

What About Your Budget Allowance?

Subwoofers provide a more immersive experience. It provides a deeper, richer sound than speakers alone.

However, subwoofers can be costly. How much are you willing to dig in your pocket? The amount budgeted will dictate whether you can get 1 or 2 subwoofers.

Still, some subwoofer brands are expensive and, therefore, more pocket friendly to have only one high-end sub.

Benefits of Installing 2 Subwoofers in Your Car

Are you looking for a real kick or softer bass for your car? You’ll likely vibrate several cars next to you with two subwoofers, especially if you have high-quality subwoofers. Well, not to scare you, two subwoofers are an excellent choice for several reasons, as stated below:

Superior Bass

Two subwoofers provide much better bass than one. If you have only one subwoofer, it will only produce the low frequencies, not the deep low frequencies required for a full-bodied sound.

It is also important to note that installing two subwoofers in your car will help increase the bass output. And you will be able to hear the beat of the music much better than before when listening through just one set of speakers.

Besides, the low-frequency sound can help improve your music’s bass response and overall loudness.

Better Stereo Imaging

With two subwoofers, you’ll get a wider stereo image because it can reproduce frequencies lower than what can be produced by just one subwoofer. You’ll hear sounds from the sides and behind your couch or seat—therefore, better sound equalization since there are two speakers instead of one.

Improved Response Time

Since both subs work together, you’ll get quicker response times than just one subwoofer. The bass will start playing immediately as soon as you turn on your car and before the music starts playing!

Exceptional Sound Quality

If you have an old car and have been using just one set of speakers, you will know how muffled the sound can be when listening to music or watching movies on your car stereo system.

However, installing two subwoofers in your car will allow you to enjoy a much better sound quality. Since each speaker is tuned differently, it will produce different frequencies depending on its placement with other speakers. And you’ll enjoy the exquisite sound.

Quality at Low Pricing

High pricing of excellent subwoofers should not stop you from experiencing breathtaking audio. Why? It is possible to get renowned sound system brands that offer discounts on dual subwoofer sets. You can make your car a true powerhouse with state-of-the-art subs. Check out your preference. You might get lucky!

What to Consider When Choosing the Number of Subwoofers for Your Car?

If you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your car’s audio system, installing subwoofers in your car is a great way to do so. But what do you need–is it 1 or 2 subwoofers?

Consider the enclosure size when choosing a subwoofer for your car. The enclosure needs to be big enough to hold the subwoofer, and it’s best to find one that has a little extra room in case you want to add more equipment or use two subwoofers later.

How much power does your system need? If you plan on running multiple subwoofers, you’ll want to ensure they have enough power available. It means that if you have a receiver with two channels that only has 500 watts of power available, then any additional amps will not be able to power those subwoofers correctly.

Apart from the subwoofers, are there other components in your system, such as rear speakers, that need driving? And if so, how much drive capacity does each one have? You might want to use only one subwoofer if you have various components to include in your car audio system.

Which is Right for You?

Are you yet to choose what will work for you? Here are more insights:

For serious Hi-Fi music production, two subwoofers are better than one. But, you must be competent in your car stereo connection. A good example is to connect the subs in the crossover at 80 Hz or below or make connections at an 18dB octave or more. It is a perfect way to ensure anyone cannot find the location of the subs. And the results–an even-out sound for a smoother response.

Dual subs are vibrant, balanced, and with perfect ambiance. However, one subwoofer is easy to fit in your car, can be cheaper to procure, and most brands have the sound features you want.

It can get confusing to select subwoofers and allow you to customize your vehicle’s sound. But, you can choose different subwoofers depending on how much bass you want to hear. Now, I’d pick a dual subwoofer for my car for its excellent qualities with low pricing. You could too, but the choice is yours!


There is a lot of debate on whether installing two subwoofers in your car is worth the effort. Many believe one subwoofer will be sufficient for your vehicle. It could be a big mistake. Analyze what you have and settle for the best!

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