7 Reasons Why My Jeep Wrangler Radio Keeps Shutting Off

Seamless sound from your radio on an extended off-road drive is terrific. As you listen to your favorite radio station, the sound does more than entertain you–it keeps you company.

Sometimes the radio fails to keep the mood. It might shut off. If you were not attentive to the songs played, you might not notice sudden quietness.

But the shutting off may be due to a variety of reasons. For instance, you might think the road is causing harm to your radio. However, the Jeep Wrangler is an excellent vehicle with a rugged outward look, a comfortable interior, and the ability to run offroad. It also has a powerful stereo system.

Therefore, something’s wrong when the jeep radio cuts in and out. Stick around to unravel this mystery.

Why Does My Jeep Wrangler Radio Shut Off?

Jeep Wrangler Radio Shut Off

While an on-and-off radio is frustrating to listen to, there are several reasons for what’s causing it. Below are some issues you may be facing:

1. Low Battery Voltage and Poor Connections

The battery voltage is the electrical potential difference between two points on the vehicle’s power supply circuit. The radio shuts off when the battery voltage drops below 12 volts. The radio doesn’t shut if the battery voltage exceeds 75% of the required battery power.

Besides, poor connections are the most common reason the Jeep Wrangler radio keeps shutting off. The connections start between the radio and the electrical system in your Jeep Wrangler. If the voltage goes through these poor connections, they will cease to work. Always keep your battery charged to acceptable power rates and have perfect connections for a smooth music time.

2. Malfunctioning Charging System

Power is vital for any electrical system to run. So, is your sound system charging, or is there something faulty? A malfunctioning charging system will drain the battery if you use the radio, lights, or other high-current-draw accessories while driving. And if the charging system is not connected correctly to the alternator, the battery may not have enough charge to keep the radio powered, making it go off.

3. Failed Alternator

Radios have alternators, and the alternator is the system’s brain. Although the charging system comprises numerous components, the battery recharges when the engine operates. An alternator converts mechanical energy (from the machine) into electrical energy. And the alternator design helps it to convert mechanical energy into electricity at a constant rate. If the alternator fails, the battery voltage decreases, causing the radio to shut off.

4. Faulty Ignition Coil

Your car might not be able to start if it just has a faulty ignition coil. If the battery has a full charge and all you hear when you turn the key or press the button is a clicking sound, you may have an ignition coil that needs replacement. The engine won’t start properly if the spark plugs aren’t getting the charge required, and your radio won’t start.

Also, when the ignition coil is defective, the radio will turn off if the battery voltage falls below the required voltage.

5. Defective Power Distribution Module

A single power source can supply electricity to several circuits using the known low voltage (12 to 30V AC/DC) power distribution module. It is available in models with three or five courses that can connect to create additional circuits.

A power distribution module (PDM) distributes power throughout the vehicle. A PDM is under the hood and contains fuses and relays to protect the vehicle’s electrical components. If a fuse blows, the radio will shut off.

6. A crashed Head Unit

AM/FM radio, satellite radio, DVDs/CDs, cassette tapes (although these are now rare), USB MP3, dashcams, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, are all accessible through the head unit’s user interface. A head unit controls the operation of the radio. If it malfunctions, the radio will shut down.

7. Amplifier

Every automobile audio system needs an amplifier. Without an amplifier, a car stereo wouldn’t function well. Most automobile audio systems and upgrades don’t come with a separate amplifier. So, an amplifier amplifies signals. If the amplifier fails, the radio will shut off.

How to Fix My Jeep Wrangler Radio When Cutting in and Out

While some people experience the jeep wrangler radio shutting off, others have theirs’ cutting in and out. It interferes with the flow of what you’re listening to. Here are some reasons why this keeps happening and how to fix it.

Low or Extremely High Temperatures

Are you cruising around an area with low temperatures? Frost sometimes is a significant cause of your radio cutting in and out. Extreme temperatures severely damage the chemistry of a battery. Heat speeds up the chemical process, whereas cold slows it down. And a faulty battery will not turn on the jeep wrangler’s radio. But when it’s not too cold, try adjusting settings in the Uconnect to avoid activating heat on the seats and steering, yet it might not be the cause. The driver or passengers can access the Uconnect stereo system, apps, and services through the vehicle’s display screen and controls.

Electric Interference

Your Jeep Wrangler radio keeps shutting due to interference caused by other electronic devices in your vehicle. These include cell phones, Bluetooth systems, pacemakers, and other electrical devices. Remove any items close to the radio that might be causing the interference.

Overloading Your Electrical System

The circuit breaker fails when the rated load for the circuit wiring exceeds, cutting off electricity to the entire circuit. If the circuit had no breakers, an overload would cause the wiring to heat up and melt the wire insulation, which may cause a fuse to blow out or a short circuit. Try reducing the number of items plugged in to avoid your radio going off.

Is Your Fuse Blown Or Not in Place?

Check the fuse box for blown fuses. A burnt fuse can cause variant issues, so it’s a good idea to check all the fuses when you’ve got an electrical problem. If you get a blown fuse, replace it with one of the same ratings. Also, maybe the fuse is not well placed. Check and see whether it is fully seated.

Circuit Board Issue

Is the fuse repaired, yet the problem persists? You may have a circuit board issue that needs addressing. The circuit board is behind the glove box and contains all the electronics that make up your radio.

If you’re having problems with your radio, try removing it from its mounting point and blowing compressed air into each hole on the circuit board to clean out any dirt or debris that may interfere with its operation. It should fix any issues related to dirty terminals or faulty connections between components on the circuit board.

Fix Your Rear Windshield

Have you checked your rear windshield? When you experience your jeep wrangler radio cutting out every 10 or 15 seconds, you may have a windshield wiper that’s not plugged in. Check and repair if this is the issue you’re facing.

In Summary

Jeep wrangler radios have a history of shutting off or cutting in and out. But there are various solutions for this–try the answers above. When the problem persists, contact jeep wrangler experts to check or get a replacement of the radio.

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