SVS Vs Klipsch: Detailed Comparison

SVS and Klipsch are known to be longtime rivals in the world of audio equipment. These two companies are always fighting for a larger portion of consumers in the audio market. They specialize in manufacturing top-quality speakers and subwoofers. But which brand offers better audio equipment between the two?

In this article, we compare SVS vs Klipsch to help you make an informed decision when shopping for new speakers. We will evaluate each brand in terms of its uniqueness, including its strengths and weaknesses.

Quick Comparison

Comparison VariableSVSKlipsch
High frequenciesDetailedBright
Sound outputSmoothPowerful
Build qualityGreatSuperior
PricingMore affordableAverage to high

SVS Company Overview

SVS was founded in 1998. The company started by producing audio devices with the aim of being a better choice over pricey subwoofers and speakers from rival companies. Simply put, SVS aimed at making it easier for more people to enjoy the immersive sound.

SVS is headquartered in Youngstown, Ohio. The company focuses on producing top-quality subwoofers, speakers, and audio accessories. Their audio equipment is designed with affordability and premium performance in mind.

The company values its customers by offering reliable customer service through social media, chat, email, phone calls, and live events among other communication channels that audio enthusiasts prefer. SVS is known for participating in discussions regarding its products. They listen to feedback from their customers. Also, they host fun events with their key retail partners.

Overall, SVS offers superior customer service by ensuring they offer prompt support to consumers who own their products. Also, their products are designed for different age groups and music lovers. Thus, every audio enthusiast can find an audio product that matches their needs. Besides, their pricing meets the budget of most people.

Klipsch Company Overview

Klipsch was founded in 1946 by Paul Wilber Klipsch in Hope, Arkansas. Klipsch started by hand-building the Klipschorn speaker with the aim of adding live music into his home’s living room. Over time, Klipsch speakers have become the ultimate choice for legends.

Today the company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Klipsch specializes in producing loudspeakers and enclosures. Also, they manufacture speakers for personal computers, public address systems, and Hi-Fi sound systems. Their speakers are still assembled by hand. They do not involve robotics in the assembly process for enhanced quality.

SVS Speakers Overview

SVS designs its speakers with top-notch technology and unmatched engineering. Their products undergo real-world testing for the best user experience. The team at SVS works extra hard to make sure that their speakers, subwoofers, and audio accessories are of consistent performance.

For instance, the SVS Prime Tower is one of its best speaker systems. It features a sturdy build quality, featuring a 3.5-way coaxial speaker system. The tower speaker delivers detailed sound with deep bass. This tower speaker can be used as a home theater speaker.

However, its detailed sound output often lacks warmth. Also, the rear dual bass ports need a clearance of at least 1 foot from the wall for improved bass performance.

Although SVS speakers do not sound too harsh, they lack intense intimacy with vocals. In case you prefer more fun and warmer vocals, you may want to try Klipsch towers.

Klipsch Speakers Overview

Klipsch speakers have been around for quite longer than SVS speakers. Although they are a little more expensive than SVS speakers, they are worth the superior quality.

With Klipsch speakers, there are many options to choose from. Thus, you are certain to find a speaker of your choice.

Another area where Klipsch speakers stand out is their superior high frequencies. If you love listening to instrumentals and vocals, Klipsch speakers are a better option than SVS.

SVS vs Klipsch Sound Quality

SVS works extra hard to ensure their devices deliver superior sound quality. Their speakers deliver smooth and mellow sound output. They are designed to reveal the emotion and full depth of audio content. Also, SVS is known for designing speakers using complex prototyping, acoustic simulations, and testing. Besides, their speakers are made of top-quality driver materials, crossovers, and enclosures.

On the other hand, Klipsch boasts of making Hi-Fi and high-end loudspeakers that deliver bright, powerful, and accurate sound. However, they may sound a little harsh to some people. Klipsch mainly focuses on horn-loading speaker technology to ensure they produce a clear and loud sound. However, the company is now trying to design speakers with reduced harshness and distortion by employing a wider dynamic range.

Klipsch vs SVS Tweeter Technology

Klipsch has been trying to design hard-dome tweeters like SVS with minimized sound distortion. Dome tweeters featuring horns have proven to offer more efficiency than other types of tweeters. Also, SVS tweeters are made of hard-dome tweeters. Their tweeters are made of aluminum for enhanced heat dissipation and power impedance changes for reduced sound distortion.

SVS vs Klipsch Durability and Build Quality

Klipsch designs speakers with superior quality for enhanced durability. However, Klipsch speakers tend to lose ultra-fine details of some forms of music.

SVS also builds its speakers with strong materials for enhanced durability. That is why its speakers are popularly used in large gatherings, theaters, and auditoriums. However, their domes are a little harsh for some people.

Which is better between SVS and Klipsch?

When comparing SVS and Klipsch, one brand may be the best for person “A” while the rival brand may be the best for person “B”. Ultimately, both speakers have unique features that make them stand out. Thus, the better brand between the two depends on your personal preferences.

Overall, if you prefer speakers that deliver more detailed and full highs, SVS speakers are your best bet. On the other hand, if you prefer speakers with brighter details and more powerful performance, Klipsch speakers are ideal. Thus, consider your preferences when making your final choice.

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