Martin Logan Vs Definitive Technology- A Complete Analysis

Today, there’re dozens of manufacturers that specialize in making a wide range of audio equipment. Thus, most consumers find it quite challenging to choose between different brands in today’s market. Some of the leading manufacturers in the audio industry are Martin Logan and Definitive Technology. In this article, we’ll discuss Martin Logan vs Definitive Technology in detail.

A Brief History of Martin Logan

Martin Logan boasts of being a leading American/Canadian company that specializes in manufacturing subwoofers, wall-mounted speakers, in-wall speakers, and floor-standing speakers. Their devices are popular for their planar magnetic technology. The company was founded by Ron Logan and Martin Sanders in the 1970s. The company is headquartered in Lawrence, Kansas.

Martin and Logan had different educational and job backgrounds. While Martin was an architect and advertiser, Logan was an electrical engineer. Regardless, they had a mutual love for sound systems. As they discussed electrostatic speakers, they resolved to design, build, and sell electrostatic speakers as a team.

A Brief History of Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology was founded by Sandy Gross, Ed Blaise, and Don Givogue in 1990. The company was acquired by Directed Electronics in 2004. In 2008, Directed Electronics was restructured to form DEI Holdings. In 2013, the company joined Boom Movement and Polk Audio to become Sound United. Sound United signed deals with other brands in 2015 to distribute Definitive Technology products across several markets.

Martin Logan vs Definitive Technology Differences

Martin Logan and Definitive Technology differ in numerous ways including their design, features, and performance. Let’s discuss their differences in detail.

Martin Logan

Martin Logan designs its speakers with a classic décor featuring three different color finishes. These colors blend with a wide range of home decors. That way, you can easily find a color option that matches the existing décor in your home. Also, the color can blend with other audio equipment.

Its speakers as specially designed to work effortlessly with Martin Logan Motion 20 and Motion 25 systems. Also, you can use the speakers independently and still get premium-quality sound output. Although their speakers are great, they require an amplifier for the best audio experience.

Martin Logan speakers are flexible and work with most sound systems including home theater receivers and turntables. The speakers are great for customizing a home audio setup. Their performance allows for minimal distortion at high volume.

Definitive Technology

Definitive Technology has numerous loudspeakers patented under its name. One of its most popular speaker systems is the Demand D17 series. Speakers under this series feature premium components made with modern technology. Some of the unique technologies integrated into their design are poly metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors.

The company’s bipolar speaker systems come with front and rear drivers in the enclosure. Having front and rear drivers allows the sound to radiate toward the front and back for a deeper and wider sound stage in the room.

Definitive Technology integrates Class D amps in its speakers. The reason behind this is to deliver smooth sound output throughout the listening space. Another unique feature of these speakers is that they come with multiple subwoofers. The aim of integrating multiple subwoofers is to reduce nulls in audio reproduction.

However, bipolar speakers from Definitive technology lack pinpoint sound imaging. Hence, the speakers should be positioned some inches away from the wall to enhance their performance. Also, they’re relatively expensive.

Choosing Between Martin Logan Vs Definitive Technology

When choosing between Definitive Technology and Martin Logan speakers, you should take note of the room size. For instance, most Definitive speakers are compact. They easily fit in smaller rooms. However, Martin Logan speakers only perform best when placed in sizeable rooms. Also, Martin Logan speakers require the room to have little absorption and sufficient reverberation.

If you have a smaller room, Definitive Technology speakers would be your best bet whereas Martin Logan speakers are ideal for larger spaces. The size requirement for Martin Logan speakers is a room measuring at least 20 by 15 feet.

In regard to compatibility, Definitive Technology speakers work well when paired with a receiver that supports fewer channels. Also, the receiver should have a highly functional equalizer to work well with speakers from Definitive Technology. They’re perfect for reproducing sound that feels natural. On the other hand, Martin Logan speakers work best when matched appropriately with a receiver or amplifier depending on the listening condition.

With respect to balance in sound frequencies, Martin Logan offers a better balance between bass and mid-range than Definitive Tech. On the contrary, Definitive Technology is more neutral while Martin Logan has a better transient response.


When comparing speakers from Definitive Technology vs Martin Logan, it’ll help to make your choice depending on your budget, sound preferences, the size of the listening space, and the power source. Overall, Martin Logan speakers are more affordable but require an external amp for the best performance. On the other hand, Definitive Technology speakers don’t require an external amp as they come with a built-in amp. Also, Definitive Technology speakers are more expensive than speakers from Martin Logan.

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