Is It Safe To Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle?

We’ve seen it in the movies – our favorite characters ride their motorcycles while listening to music all the time, and it looks cool. But, this is real life. A motorcycle already makes enough noise (about 70-80 decibels). Adding music to the mix might put your ears under too much stress depending on the loudness of the music.

Listening to your favorite tunes is an excellent way to make the ride enjoyable, relax, and improve one’s mood. The only problem comes when you put too much volume. Listening to extremely loud music while riding a motorcycle may not be such a good idea since one may easily get distracted. It also makes it nearly impossible to hear warning signs from other vehicles and oncoming trucks. Deafening music makes it difficult to concentrate on the road, and this may lead to a series of catastrophic events.

Is It Legal To Listen To Music While Riding A Motorcycle?

Many people believe that riding while listening to music is illegal despite there being no laws against it. Headphones and earphones have brought an endless discussion among road users since some states completely ban these devices when operating any vehicle. However, motorcyclists are allowed to listen to music while riding.

Listening to Music While Riding

Music adds life to the journey. It helps you maintain focus on the road and keep sleep at bay. However, you need to understand that listening to music on a motorcycle is not the same as listening to music in your car. While driving, you can simply turn on the radio and listen to your favorite shows hassle-free. With a motorcycle, things are different in that you have to account for the loud noise and the wind blowing past your ears.

Safety also comes first, not only for other road users but also for your ears. Here are a few safe ways to listen to music while riding.

Use a Stereo System

Stereo systems have found most applications at home. But did you know that you can add one to your motorcycle?

When choosing a stereo system, you want to look at the design first. Different designs determine how good the system will look when mounted on the bike. Next, you want to look at the available features. Stereo systems combine CD players and FM Tuners, among other features. Consider buying a Bluetooth-enabled stereo system for easier compatibility with your audio input devices.

Next, consider the output power. A two-set system delivers decent quality audio, but you want to check in with the brand’s specifications for more details. So, if you don’t mind other people on the road listening to your playlist, you can opt for a stereo system that suits your style. You can find many stereo system designs and brands on Amazon.

Bluetooth Helmet

Modern technology has enabled motorcycle helmets to be fitted with high-quality speakers and intercoms technology for communication with other riders. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, you can now listen to your favorite music using different devices and at the same time enjoy hands-free calls.

Creating a balance between the noise outside and your playlist is essential while listening to music on a motorcycle. That’s mainly because the same technology used on noise-canceling headphones can also be used in Bluetooth helmets. This creates an immersive experience that drags your mind into the music and makes you forget about some of your senses.

To protect the safety of other road users, you need to find a balance between the external and internal sounds. Apply the right volume settings that allow you to listen to music and, at the same time, pay keen attention to the road.

Handlebar Speakers

As the name implies, handlebar speakers are installed on your motorcycle’s handlebars. They’re easy to mount without expert skills. Handlebar speakers can be adjusted in the direction of choice. Some handlebar speaker brands also include amplifier systems for better quality sounds and experience.


Riding a motorcycle with music playing in the background can redefine your experience. Forget about earbuds and headphones; handlebar speakers, stereo systems, motorcycle soundbars provide a much safer option for listening to music while riding a motorcycle. This way, you can safeguard the safety of other road users, including pedestrians, drivers, and fellow riders.

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