Your Ultimate Guide on the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers Today

Are you wondering how you can listen to music while wakeboarding? May be you’ve thought about hooking portable Bluetooth speakers or shower speakers around your belt, but you’re worried they’ll get damaged by the salty sea water or even lose them in the deep sea when dropped accidentally. Well, we have a great solution for you in this article.

Wakeboarding is truly an exciting watersport. Your wakeboarding experience can be made super exciting and fun by wakeboarding while listening to music. Music can motivate you to perform superb aerial maneuvers and unique moves while wakeboarding alongside your favorite playlist. However, this can only be made possible by installing the best wakeboard tower speakers in your motorboat.

Although you may already have a complete music system in your motorboat, the wakeboarder behind you won’t hear the music playing with regular marine speakers. Wakeboard tower speakers are the best solution to allow a wakeboarder to enjoy music just as the boat riders. These speakers are specially designed for mounting on boat towers. Their design allows them to project sound over a long distance. Let’s discuss the best choices in the market today.

Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers- Top 5 Reviews

Wakeboard tower speakers are available in several types. However, we don’t want you to struggle or spend too much time and effort when comparing dozens of brands. We’ve made it easier for you by comparing dozens of brands and shortlisting the best ones. The best wakeboard speakers should be able to project sound over a long distance without the sound being affected a lot by background noise. Also, they should be waterproof and marine-rated as they’re used in the harsh ocean environment. Let’s go straight to reviewing our top 5 picks.

Comparison Table of Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

1. Most Affordable: BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System

Do you focus on buying high-quality products at an affordable price? BOSS Audio is known to produce some of the best audio and video equipment. These waketower speakers from BOSS Audio come as an affordable pair of full-range speakers, each with a power rating of 100 watts. In total, they deliver a massive 200 watts of power.

Top Features

  • Sturdy surround- The rubber surround that comes with this speaker system can withstand extreme abuse and punishment without showing any signs of deterioration whatsoever. They’re able to handle massive power from a marine amplifier without being susceptible to tear and wear.
  • Handles extreme temperature- The voice coil that comes with this speaker can handle high temperature without losing its efficiency or getting damaged. It’s able to handle prolonged playtime without losing its strength. The voice coil doesn’t develop any fatigue regardless of how hard you push the speakers.
  • Polymer cone- Another feature that makes this speaker system our top pick is its poly injection speaker cone. The cone is made of a flexible yet durable and strong material. It’s extremely resilient and can produce great sound in the tough marine environment.
  • Specially coated- All the major components of this pair of wake tower speakers that are exposed to weather elements are specially sealed and coated. The coating is designed to protect them from damage by weather elements. Thus, they’re not susceptible to corrosion despite being used in the salty and highly humid sea environment.
  • Weatherproof design- The speakers are designed to keep the interior components protected against weather elements such as humidity and water. Their weatherproofing design makes them suitable for use in the sea.


  • The full range design allows a wakeboarder to enjoy full range sound.
  • The durable design makes it possible for these speakers to serve you for many years to come.
  • These speakers are easy to install. You’ll not have to do any modification to install them.
  • They feature a frequency response of 130 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • 94 dB sensitivity.


  • They can’t swivel around. You can’t adjust the angle to which they project sound unless you reinstall them to a new angle.
  • The mounting clamps should have had a better design.


Looking for high-performance wakeboard tower speakers without breaking the bank? If so, this BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System will be your best bet as the most affordable option in our picks.

2. Best Off-Road Pick: Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Dual Waterproof Off-Road Speakers

If you’re on this page searching for speakers to install on your boat, quad bike, ATV, or off-road vehicle, then you’ve landed on the right product. These wakeboard tower speakers from Pyle are specially designed for all off-road applications.

Top Features

  • Sleek look- The speakers come as a pair of sleek speakers with a glossy finish. Their sleek look makes them a great addition to any motorboat and off-road vehicles. If you wouldn’t want to destroy the sleek look of your boat, these speakers will blend in effortlessly.
  • Powerful sound output- Another area where these speakers stand out is their powerful sound output. They can handle up to 800 watts of power. They’re loud with impressive bass output despite their size.
  • Full range sound- Also, these speakers boast of delivering full-range sound within a frequency range of 85 Hz to 20 kHz. Each speaker in the pair comprises 0.5-inch neodymium tweeters and 4-inch poly woofer cones. They also feature an aluminum voice coil for enhanced audio reproduction.
  • Marine-rated construction- The speakers feature an IPX5 waterproof rating. This is to mean that you can submerge them in water to a depth of up to 1 meter for half an hour without getting damaged. Also, they’re able to resist consistent water sprays. As such, they’re a perfect choice for wakeboarding.
  • Effortless mounting- The design behind these speakers allows for effortless mounting. They feature a universal mounting system. You can mount them on support bars, frames, or on the roll bars. They come with mounting pads for tight mounting and wire butt connectors for easy speaker wiring.


  • The butyl rubber surround is strong and flexible.
  • The 2-way speaker system features a woofer and a tweeter to deliver full-range sound output.
  • These speakers delivers high-quality sound output with enhanced clarity.
  • The dome tweeter design allows for wider sound dispersion.
  • 1-inch voice coil.


  • Mounting brackets are not adjustable.
  • The mounting bolt is not long enough for some installations.


If you’re searching for wakeboard speakers that can be installed on a motorboat or any off-road vehicle, then these Pyle PLUTV41BK 2-Way Dual Waterproof Off-Road Speakers are the best pick.

3. Best Mid-Price: Pair Rockville RWB70B Black 6.5

Rockville is known to manufacture high-end audio equipment for home stereo, marine audio, and car stereo. The Rockville RWB70B pair of wakeboard speakers deliver a total power of 300 watts. They’re designed as 2-way speakers.

Top Features

  • Hi-Fi sound- The design behind these speakers allows for the reproduction of high-fidelity sound. Each speaker features a 1-inch tweeter and a 6.5-inch woofer driver. Together, they deliver full-range sound within the frequency range of 70 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Sealed terminals- The speaker terminals are sealed with rubber gaskets. Sealing them ensures that they’re not exposed to weather elements. Thus, they’re not prone to corrosion over time despite being used in the harsh sea environment.
  • Inbuilt crossover- Each speaker has an inbuilt crossover. The crossovers ensure that the tweeter and woofer drivers only reproduce their respective frequency ranges. This allows for sound output with enhanced clarity.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket- The speakers feature nylon mounting brackets. The mounting brackets are adjustable such that they can fit on bars of a wide range of diameters. Thus, you won’t have to do any modifications when mounting them.
  • Kapton voice coil- Another great feature of these speakers is their Kapton voice coil. The voice coil can handle a lot of heat without losing its efficiency. Thus, you can use the speakers for a prolonged time without them getting fatigued.


  • The 360 degrees swivel mounts make it easier to adjust the angle to which they project sound.
  • Marine-rated construction. The construction design makes these speakers great for use in the harsh sea environment.
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware. They’re corrosion and rust resistance.
  • High-density speaker magnets for enhanced power.
  • Polyamide dome tweeters.


  • Not the best bass. You wouldn’t like the bass output if you’re a bass enthusiast.
  • Slight rattling at high volume. Turning the volume all the way up introduces unwanted rattling noise.


This Pair of Rockville RWB70B Black 6.5 speakers are among the best wakeboard tower speakers. They stand out for their swivel mounting design as you can direct them to the best listening position.

4. Premium Pick: BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge

The BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6 comes as a set of two marine wakeboard speakers, a marine antenna, and a marine-rated receiver. It’s a complete sound system for marine applications.

Top Features

  • Weatherproof design- The two speakers and the receiver are IPX6 rated to keep them protected against water. Their weatherproofing design makes them safe for marine applications, including wakeboarding where a lot of water splashing is involved.
  • Radio receiver- It comes with a radio receiver that supports AM, FM, and Weather Band radio. The radio tuner is switchable such that it can be tuned to receive radio frequencies in both the US and across Europe.
  • Inbuilt equalizer- The speaker system has an inbuilt equalizer in the receiver. You can adjust the EQ using the available EQ presets. That way, the speaker system delivers the sound matching the playing music such as Pop or Rock music.
  • USB port- The receiver that comes with the speakers has a USB port that supports flash drives of up to 32GB. Thus, you can play music from USB flash drives. Also, you can charge your smartphone or tablet through the USB port.
  • AUX input- You can play music from devices that support AUX connections such as an MP3 player or smartphone. The speaker system also supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless music streaming through Bluetooth-enabled devices.


  • Media playback. You can play music from USB devices and MP3 players via the receiver.
  • The subwoofer outputs allows you to add marine subwoofers to these wakeboard speaker system.
  • You can control the subwoofer output level from the receiver.
  • You can connect this speaker system to a pre-amp for enhanced amplification.
  • The RDS tuner on the receiver allows for the radio to receive informational content about radio stations.


  • Its higher price range makes it less appealing to buyers on a tighter budget.
  • The display screen on the receiver is not fully weatherproof.


The BOSS Audio Systems MCKGB350W.6 Weatherproof Marine Gauge speaker system is the best pick for someone looking for premium wakeboard tower speakers with extra features.

5. Best for Remote Control: Belva BWT8LED Pair of 600W 8-inch Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Do you get excited by listening to music in a party-like environment or a sound system that illuminates while playing music? If so, you’ve just found the right product. To start with, these pair of speakers from Belva are designed for installation in both UTVs and boats, thanks to their weather-resistance construction. You can use them in just about any environment.

Top Features

  • Weather resistance- Just like garage speakers, these wakeboard speakers feature a weather-resistance design. They’re able to withstand harsh elements in the sea such as salt and humidity. This makes them safe for use in boats and off-road vehicles.
  • Easy installation- These wakeboard speakers are very easy to install. They come with installation brackets that make them easy to install. The mounting brackets have lengthy bolts that allow for installation on both wide and narrow mounting bars.
  • LED illumination- You can make your wakeboarding or boat riding experience more fun by creating a party-like environment with the LED lights on the speakers. You can adjust the LED illumination to your liking with the provided remote control.
  • Durable construction- The speakers are made with a heavy-duty ABS enclosure to keep the interior components protected from damage. The tweeter is made of titanium while the voice coil is made of high-temperature material.
  • Powerful sound output- Another top feature of these speakers is their powerful sound output. The speakers deliver a power output of 300 watts as a pair. They’re designed to output sound within the frequency range of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.


  • The 8-inch woofer driver is large enough for louder sound output.
  • The included speaker grills keep the surround and cone protected from damage by foreign objects.
  • The remote control makes it easy to adjust the LED lightning brightness, color, and other variables.
  • Titanium dome tweeter.


  • They don’t swivel around, making it hard to change the angle of sound projection.
  • The provided speaker cable is not very sturdy.


The Belva BWT8LED Pair of 600W 8-inch Wakeboard Tower Speakers are a great choice for anyone who likes wakeboarding while listening to music in a party-like environment.

Our Best Pick

The BOSS Audio Systems MRWT40 Marine Waketower Speaker System is our best pick. First, its affordable price range makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for budget wakeboard speakers at a budget. In fact, it’s the most affordable option in our reviews.

Another reason why we consider it as our best pick is its design and construction. While other speakers in our review have some protection against corrosion, this speaker system from BOSS Audio has a more superior coating that protects all its components from corrosion.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers

Wakeboard tower speakers differ a lot from home and car speakers. Thus, it’s important to make your choice wisely. There’re certain important factors you need to consider before spending your money to ensure you’ve made the right choice. Here’re some of the factors to consider when shopping for wakeboard tower speakers.

1. Weather Proofing

One of the factors you must consider is whether the speakers you’re choosing are weatherproof. Remember you’ll be using the speakers in the sea environment where humidity, water, and salt are the order of the day. Thus, you need to make sure the speakers will survive the harsh sea environment. Ensure the speakers are marine-rated to ensure they can’t get damaged by harsh UV rays and salt. Also, they should be waterproof to ensure they’re not damaged by humidity and water splashes.

2. Ease of Installation

You should be able to install the tower speakers easily. They should come with mounting brackets for easier installation. Preferably, the mounting brackets should be adjustable for easier installation in mounting bars of different diameters. It’ll be an added advantage if the mounting system can swivel 360 degrees.

3. Construction Materials

The speakers should be made with durable materials. Most importantly, the speaker basket, woofer cone, tweeter, voice coil, and speaker surround should be made of durable materials to serve you for a long period.

4. Power Rating

Also, you should take note of the power rating of the speakers. They should be powerful enough for your sound needs. However, your marine receiver should be powerful enough to power the speakers you’re choosing. Thus, keep the power rating of your receiver in mind when choosing wakeboard tower speakers. If the speakers have a higher power rating than the receiver, you’ll find it quite challenging to power them.


Installing wakeboard tower speakers in your boat can be the game changer you need to make your wakeboarding experience more fun. However, you need to install the best wakeboard tower speakers to achieve this goal. While choosing these speakers may not be a walk in the park, our reviews have made it easier for you. Thus, keep this buying guide in mind to stand a chance of buying speakers that’ll give you the best value for your money.

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