Mid Bass Vs Midrange- A Detailed Guide

midbass vs midrange

Sound comprises a wide frequency spectrum. Due to the wide frequency spectrum of sound, there’re several classifications used to describe certain sound frequency ranges. Among these frequency ranges are mid-bass and midrange. In this article, we’ll discuss mid-bass vs midrange frequencies and speakers in detail. Mid Bass Frequency Mid-bass is a sound frequency in the … Read more

Pioneer AVH-120BT Wiring Diagram : Made-easy for you!

Pioneer AVH-120BT Wiring Diagram

Today, it is almost impossible to find a car without a touchscreen. One advantage of having a touchscreen in your vehicle is the simplified operation while allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. The Pioneer AVH-120BT offers simple yet compelling features designed to enhance your in-car entertainment. It lets you access features such … Read more

When One Battery Isn’t Enough: How to Install Second Battery for Improved Car Audio

How to Install Second Battery for Improved Car Audio

The factory battery that comes with a new car cannot provide enough power in some circumstances. Users who like listening to music while the car engine off quickly realize that the factory battery doesn’t last long. Camping enthusiasts know too well that if they have to use the car’s electrical system as a power source, … Read more