Common Issues in PA Speakers and How to Fix Them

Common Issues in PA Speakers and How to Fix Them

Public address speakers, commonly known as PA speakers, are specially made for addressing public gatherings. They spread sound widely in public gatherings, unlike regular speakers. These speakers come in different sizes and power ratings. Some are only ideal for use in small-sized gatherings while others are powerful enough for use in large gatherings such as … Read more

Center Channel Speaker vs. Passive Soundbar; Different or the Same

Center Channel Speaker vs. Passive Soundbar

A Center channel speaker is often confused with a passive soundbar. Both sound items receive an amplified speaker level, and they are positioned above or below your TV. However, they are not substitutes, and they have substantial differences. As such, you’ll need to differentiate between the two pieces of equipment to help you choose the … Read more

Home Theater Speakers vs Soundbars– Which Is Better?

Home Theater Speakers vs Soundbars

When watching a TV series, music videos, or gaming, you definitely want the best sound experience. However, TV screens have poor sound quality. Thus, you’d need adding external speakers for better sound quality. You can choose between home theater speakers and soundbars. But which is better between the two options? Let’s discuss these two options … Read more