Difference between 2 Way, 3 Way, and 4 Way Speakers

Difference between 2 Way, 3 Way, and 4 Way Speakers

There’re many types of speakers available today. They’re all designed to reproduce sound from a sound device, be it an instrument or an audio player. When shopping for aftermarket speakers, you may come across terminologies such as 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way speakers. These terminologies define the number of speaker drivers that come in one speaker … Read more

10 Common Problems and Solutions of Your Car Stereo System

Common Problems and Solutions of Your Car Stereo System

Everyone loves listening to their favorite radio station or music when driving, especially when going out for a road trip or a long-distance drive. However, it can be quite frustrating when your car stereo system starts malfunctioning and you’ve already started the journey. There’re many things that can go wrong with your car stereo, especially … Read more

How to Install Car Speakers Yourself

Install Car Speakers Yourself

Stock or factory car speakers are hardly pleasing to listen to, especially if you love listening to high-quality music. Even if some car speakers may sound a little bit good, you’ll still fail to get the kind of loudness and quality you need. Most factory speakers in cars have a minimum frequency range such that … Read more

Why Do We Prefer Aftermarket Car Speakers Than Factory Car Speakers?

Aftermarket vs Factory Car Speakers

Most cars are manufactured with poor-sounding speakers. You’ll hardly get clear music details with factory car speakers. Moreover, most stock speakers are designed to deliver a minimal sound frequency range. They hardly deliver any bass; when they do, it’s often distorted. Also, the highs are not what you’d ever want to listen to. The vocals … Read more

Can Speakers Be Wired In Series?

Can Speakers Be Wired In Series

When setting up an audio system, you’ll need to wire the speakers the right way, especially when wiring multiple speakers to an amplifier. There’re various methods of wiring speakers. You can choose to wire them in parallel, series, or combine the two methods. The method you choose will depend on the overall impedance of the … Read more

How to Keep Home Speaker Cables Neat, Organized, and Concealed

Speaker Cables Neat Organized Concealed

Speaker cable management is an aspect that is often overlooked by many homeowners. Disorganized cables make a room look extremely cluttered and untidy. If you have multiple speakers and audio sources at your home, then you most likely have several cables running across the room, especially in a home theater or home studio. You might … Read more

How to Prevent Audio Distortion

Prevent Audio Distortion

Distortion is the last thing that anyone wants to hear from their speakers. It destroys the entire audio experience, be it when listening to music at home, listening to your favorite tracks in your car, or setting up for a live performance. Audio distortion usually occurs when a speaker is fed with a sound signal … Read more