CCA Vs OFC- Which Speaker Wire Is Better?


The kind of speaker wire you use when installing a car subwoofer, amplifier, or car speakers largely determines the kind of sound quality you’ll have from your car audio system. There’re several types of speaker wire that you may use. However, they differ significantly in terms of efficiency and reliability. The main types of speaker … Read more

Dolby Atmos Speaker Placement 5.1.2

Dolby Atmos Speaker Placement 5.1.2

Dolby Atmos is the new norm of sound technology. This advanced sound format has in recent years changed the way we listen to music and enjoy movies. For starters, Dolby Atmos utilizes the traditional surround sound setup, but with additional overhead or up-firing speakers for a more immersive listening experience. The additional height layer adds … Read more

NAD vs Marantz- A Detailed Comparison

NAD vs Marantz

If you’ve been an audiophile for quite some years now, you have probably come across NAD and Marantz. If it’s your first time coming across these brand names, there’s a lot you’ll learn here on why they’re some of the greatest manufacturers of powerful amplifiers, AV receivers, and other audio gear. But which brand should … Read more

Bowers and Wilkins Vs Klipsch- A Detailed Comparison

Bowers and Wilkins Vs Klipsch

There are several manufacturers who specialize in designing and manufacturing audio devices. Bowers and Wilkins and Klipsch are some of the most renowned audio device manufacturers. They specialize in manufacturing a wide range of sound systems including headphones, bookshelf speakers, floor standing speakers, soundbars, and subwoofers among others. Essentially, Klipsch designs sound systems that offer … Read more

Will 6×9 speakers fit in 6×8? Expectations vs Reality!

Will 6x9 speakers fit in 6x8?

At first glance, 6×9 speakers look similar to 6×8 in terms of physical dimensions. Both speakers’ sizes are a popular category for audiophiles and newbies alike, and they are designed to replace factory car speakers. Typically, 6×8 speakers are slightly smaller than 6×9 speakers, which means that the former is relatively cheaper. Upgrading your car … Read more

PCM Vs Dolby: A Detailed Comparison

PCM Vs Dolby

It’s always enjoyable to watch movies or play video games, especially when using a surround sound or home theater setup. Sound effects from a home theater system or surround sound speakers can make your movie watching or game playing experience more exciting. However, getting the best quality sound output requires superior audio recording, conversion, compression, … Read more