Importance of Enclosure in The Sound Output of Shallow Mount Subwoofer

Is An Enclosure Important In The Sound Output of A Shallow Moun Subwoofer

Shallow mount subwoofers are ideal for use where space is limited. At the same time, a subwoofer enclosure is important for optimum bass response. However, an enclosure increases the overall mounting depth of a subwoofer, yet a shallow mount subwoofer is meant for shallow mounting depth. As such, the question of whether an enclosure is … Read more

Estimating the Number of Ceiling & In-Wall Speakers Required in a Room

How to Estimate the Number of Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers Required In a Room Google Image Result for httpslive.staticflickr.com1048845520594_c07ade48b1_z.jpg

Ceiling and in-wall speakers are ideal for a neat and hidden sound system. They make it easier to install a whole-house sound system without interfering with the existing décor and furniture arrangement. You can easily camouflage in-wall and ceiling speakers to make them less visible. Their grills can be painted to resemble the color of … Read more

Common Issues in PA Speakers and How to Fix Them

Common Issues in PA Speakers and How to Fix Them

Public address speakers, commonly known as PA speakers, are specially made for addressing public gatherings. They spread sound widely in public gatherings, unlike regular speakers. These speakers come in different sizes and power ratings. Some are only ideal for use in small-sized gatherings while others are powerful enough for use in large gatherings such as … Read more

Center Channel Speaker vs. Passive Soundbar; Different or the Same

Center Channel Speaker vs. Passive Soundbar

A Center channel speaker is often confused with a passive soundbar. Both sound items receive an amplified speaker level, and they are positioned above or below your TV. However, they are not substitutes, and they have substantial differences. As such, you’ll need to differentiate between the two pieces of equipment to help you choose the … Read more